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                               TRANSIENT OCCUPANCY TAX RETURN

1. Enter total number rental rooms, suites, etc. at this address.

2. Enter number of rooms which were available for use during the month.

3. This is your business name and mailing address as it shows in our files. Make any
   corrections or changes as necessary.

4. This is the address which is subject to the Transient Occupancy Tax. A separate
   return must be filed for each business address.

5. Enter the number of rentals during the month. Not the number of rooms, but the
   number of times or days the rooms were rented.

6. Enter the rates you charge for the various types of rooms. If you wish, you may
   attach a copy of your rate schedule.

7. Enter your gross rental receipts for the quarter covered by this return.

8. An individual who leases a personal residence for a consecutive 22 days period or
   more is exempt from this tax. An individual who resides over 22 consecutive days on
   a weekly or daily rate becomes exempt from this tax after the first 22 days of

9. Federal and State of California employees on official business are exempt from this
   tax. Also exempt are officers or employees of a foreign government when on
   government business. Exemption forms must be completed and attached with this
   return for each claim of exemption. Employees of local governments, cities, counties,
   school districts, are not exempt from this tax.

10. The total of Line 7 minus Lines 8 and 9.

11. The Transient Occupancy Tax due is 12 percent of Line 10.

12. The tax collected during one quarter is due by the end of the following month (i.e.:
    first quarter ending March 31 tax due by April 30.) Add a ten- percent penalty if
    payment is not made according to this schedule. If the tax becomes two months past
    due a second ten percent penalty is due (total penalty, 20%) plus interest of 1% per
    month past due.

13. The total of Lines 11 and 12, this is the amount owed.

Failure to file a Transient Occupancy Tax return is a misdemeanor. An additional
penalty of twenty-five percent (25%) shall be added if fraud is found in the reporting of
this tax.

If you need assistance in preparing this form, please call the City of Alhambra Revenue
Division at (626)-570-5021.

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