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This brochure - High Point Public Library by wangnianwu


									FIRST    SECOND    THIRD 
What’s going on                                                              Non-Fiction
As you might have noticed there have been a lot of changes at the High       The non-fiction collection has been moved into the second floor expan-
Point Public Library. This brochure will answer some of your questions       sion area in a temporary arrangement. New non-fiction is on the shelves
about what is available and what areas of the library are accessible in      to the right of the seating area directly in front of the stairs.
this time of change. Please feel free to ask any staff member for addi-      Computers
tional assistance.                                                           The Public Computing Center is in its permanent location on the sec-
When will this be finished?                                                  ond floor to the right as you exit the elevators or main staircase.
While most of the major work is done, there are still some changes that      Heritage Research Center (formerly North Carolina Room)
will occur as the library winds down renovations. Library materials will     The HRC is located in its new space, which is the room to your left as
continue shifting into each completed area.                                  you exit the elevators or main staircase on the second floor.
First Floor                                                                  Reading Connections
Drive-Up Reserves Window                                                     Literacy tutors are available through Reading Connections, now located
Once our automated notification system has called you or you have            on the second floor to the far left as you exit the stairs or elevators.
received notice through the mail that your reserve items are available,      Third Floor
you can save time and pick them up at our drive-thru window.
Lending Desk
Checkout, renewals, and card registration are now located in the new
                                                                             The fiction collection is on the third floor, to the far back left as you
                                                                             exit the elevators or stairs. New fiction is ahead on the left behind the
                                                                                                                                                           Current Map
lending area, which is right next to the new entrance. Reserved items
should be picked up at the new lending desk.                                 Readers’ Services desk, as you exit the elevators or main staircase.           For The Move Into
Returns                                                                      Young Adult                                                                    Renovated Areas
Returns are located to the right of the entrance before entering the secu-   The Teen Garage and the Young Adult section are behind the balcony
rity gates.                                                                  to the right.
Customer Service and Security                                                DVDs and Music CDs
The Customer Service and Security desks are now in the lobby opposite        DVDs and music CDs are on the third floor to the right in the non-print
from the lending desk.                                                       section.
Children’s Services                                                          Readers’ Services
The Children’s Room is on the first floor to your left as you face the       Readers’ Services desk is located on the third floor as you exit the eleva-
elevators and the main staircase.                                            tors or main staircase. Their staff can help you with fiction, DVDs,
                                                                             audiobooks, and other media.
Second Floor
Research Desk                                                                Miscellaneous
General Research Services, Business Research, and the Public Comput-         Restrooms
ing Center help desk have all combined into one desk, which is to the        Restrooms are available on all floors. The restroom in the children’s
right when coming off the stairs or elevator.                                section is for children only.
Reference and Business Reference                                             Baby-Changing Stations
The reference and business reference collection are to the far right as      Baby-changing stations are located in all the restrooms.
your exit the elevators or staircase.                                        Seating and Desks
Foreign Language collection is located along the wall to the left as you     Most seating is still available. There are tables and study carrels located
enter the expansion area.                                                    throughout the library.

Career, College, and Test Prep collections are to the far right beyond       Copiers
the Research Desk in the east corner of the building.                        Black and white copiers are located on the first and second floors. We
                                                                             no longer have a color copier available. Color printing is available in the
Periodicals                                                                  Public Computing Center on the second floor.
Current issues of magazines are available on the second floor surround-
                                                                             Wi-Fi Coverage
ing the skylight. Back issues of magazines are available; ask at the
                                                                             Wi-Fi coverage is available throughout the library.
Research Desk on the second floor.

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