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ocÈober 1, 1992
Bob Rossi, o.s.c.
r^r. Rob sell, chancell,or of the Dfocese of Lafaye¿te ln rndtana, called   on
SepL. zg lo update me on developments about ex-çrosler Fa¿her Jerry
zuncheon. (Bob's telephone nunbers are

Jerry wa6 at the moment wlth his mother but will be reportlng to st.
ulchael's, a treatment cenÈer of' the ParacLe'te Fathers ln st- l,ouis on oct
5. Thls was Jerry's choice, wÍth whlch hls sishop concurred. Jerry ls
expected to me fn treatment at least 5 nonth6.
rn a conversãtlon wfth the Bfshop, Jerrf lndlcated that there may be around
so vlctlms with who¡n he engaged in nutual masturbatlon or lmproper touch
which the6e young men were between the age6 oÉ ro and to.' Bob seli
indlcated that Jerry was ipving a hard tine seeing improper touch as sexual

I askeci Bob whether he had pursueci the complaÍnt receÍveci by the order ln
MÍnnesota via the anonymoì.Js caIL on the hot line to the radio station. He
spoke with Jeffy about that in ¿he iight or the above information. sob
said that he was going to insist that .terry write me a .l-etter, personaliy
inf'orming me or his situation at this time. (r later spoke with nevLn
Hugþss about how I should pursue tha¿ conplaint with.rerry. He agreed that
it is best Èo leave it now in the hands of the Diocese or f,aiayette with
their assurance that it is being deait with. )
E\¡aluating psychologist ron Drummond (tew r-ife æn¿er, The Pl-alns,
Virg1nia) reporteci that .rerry's celibate litestyie in the last ten years
should not be discounted as an indication or sone sex:al healing and growth
al¡eady. But Èhe need for therapy at. this time remains imperative.
soU åff asked whether he could personally review the ctosier rile on Jerry
or at Least be sent copies of docr¡¡ents relative to sexual misconduct.-oe
Jerry is aware ot'this reguesÈ. sob safd that the lnformatlon would         for
hls eyes oniy and that all such copies would be stredcied lrnmeriiately at'rer
his reading them. f agreed to go through lterry's file and make coples of
pertfnent docu¡ents.
Bob also asked about the statute or r.imitations in t'llnnesota. slnce I
could not answer his question, ¡ reierred him to Fr. Kevin t'tcDonough of' the
Archdiocese oi st. raul trom whom he was seeking advice about handlÍng
Jerry's alleged sexual misconduct:
t again at-t-irmeci the erosier order's ciesire to be as helpÊul to ¿he Dlocese
of l¿f-ayetLe aa possible. I gave Eob the ttevin Hughes'nane anci teiephone
nunber. He gave me the name, aciciress and telephone m¡mbers of his
dioeese's counsel: ¿ohn Bodel, aor r.ife Bldg., La)rfayette, IN 479ozi

 6*¿'*r.       -::-

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