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A quarterly publication for members of the Scott & White Health Plan

                                                                                                In This Edition...
                                                                                         Allergy season takes a toll: PAGE 2
                                                                                         Tips to lower blood pressure: PAGE 2
                                                                                         Medication safety tips: PAGE 3
                                                                                         Yoga - For the mind and body: PAGE 4
                                                                                         Why is it such a headache?: PAGE 5
                                                                                         Pork Loin BBQ : PAGE 6
                                                                                         Healthy skin tips: PAGE 7
                                                                                         How much caffeine is in your drink: PAGE 7
                                                                                         New leader at the SWHP: PAGE 8

              OBESITY:                         THE NEXT DEADLY EPIDEMIC
By: Scott Clark                                and cardiovascular disease, including           increase in muscle mass as well. The
                                               strokes. Obesity also is a major factor for     National Institutes of Health says anyone
      Obesity is crowding more than just       increased risk of developing diabetes,          with a BMI of 25 or above is considered
Texas waistlines; it is quickly overtaking     which the CDC says is the sixth leading         “at-risk” of being obese. An example would
tobacco as the number one avoidable cause      cause of death.                                 be someone who is 5 feet 4 inches in
of death in America. Inactivity and                  If there is any doubt about how inac-     height and 145 pounds. At that height any-
unhealthy eating habits are leading to         tivity and poor diet choices affect our         one with a BMI of 30 and higher is consid-
more and more deaths each year, accord-        health, a doctor who has conducted med-         ered obese.
ing to a study released this year by the       ical missions in China for a decade has               Here is the good news: we can
Centers for Disease Control and                seen the results first hand in that country.    change our behavior and reverse this
Prevention.                                          “In the 10 years I have been going to     trend.
      How large is the problem? The CDC        Beijing (the capital city of China), I have           Choose low-fat, lean foods from the
reports that over two-thirds of adults in      seen the people become more and more            five major food groups. Eat sensible por-
this country are overweight.                   Westernized,” says Don Wilson, M.D.,            tions, and use fats, oils, sweets and salt
      For Texas the news is particularly       chair of Scott & White’s and The Texas          sparingly. Exercise moderately on a regu-
disappointing. Of states that report on the    A&M University System College of                lar basis. Learn about the food you eat
prevalence of obesity, Texas is fifth from     Medicine departments of pediatrics, who         and the positive effects you can receive
the bottom. Only Mississippi, West             is just back from his most recent medical       from maintaining some simple physical
Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana had obesi-      mission to China. “With the combination         activity.
ty rates greater than Texas.                   of fast food and lack of exercise, and                The Scott & Health Plan now offers
      “This is tragic,” says Julie             because they are getting rid of the bicycles    members a tool on the web site that can
Gerberding, M.D., director of the CDC and      and taking mass transit and cars, I think       help you understand weight control (refer
one of the authors of the study. “Our worst    their problem with cardiovascular disease       to page 7 for Balance® weight loss pro-
fears were confirmed.”                         is going to go way up, and diabetes has         gram). According to the Lifestyle
      The Rand Corporation, a non-profit       already started.”                               Management Program “successful weight
research organization, released findings             Texans are learning new terms when        management follows when you under-
from a separate study and is calling this      tackling the issue of healthy weight as         stand how to balance the three basics:
weight gain trend an epidemic. Rand            opposed to overweight. The “body mass           mind, body, and food. It’s about under-
found that as the whole population             index” (BMI) is the ratio between your          standing how your body uses calories,
becomes heavier, the extreme category—         height and weight, and is a quick indicator     then balancing calories consumed and
the severely obese— is growing the fastest.    of appropriate weight for a person. BMI is      energy spent.” Go to and select
This study found that one out of every 400     a reliable indicator of a person’s total body   the Lifestyle Management Program to reg-
men was severely obese. Rand says the          fat, which is related to the risk of disease    ister and learn about ideas to help attain
typical man in this group weighs 373           and death.                                      and keep a healthy weight.
pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall.                 What is the difference between over-      Sources:
      The danger for Texans is threefold;      weight and obese? Obese implies excess     
like tobacco use, obesity and inactivity       body fat, where simply being overweight    
increase the risks for heart disease, cancer                                              
                                               (for height/age/sex) can result from an

Insights, June 2004                                  
         Allergy season takes a toll on the population
                                                                                                   spores are light and microscopic in size,
By: Scott Clark                                    immune system eventually creates and
                                                   releases a number of chemicals. One of          and the plentiful breezes across our region
                                                   these is histamine, which may cause             move them about. Spring through fall
                                                   inflammation in the nose and airways,           is recognized as the typical mold allergy
                                                   itchy and red eyes, sneezing, and other         season.
                                                   symptoms.                                            How to tell the difference between
                                                          Outdoor allergies are generally a                    an allergy and a cold
                                                   hypersensitivity to airborne pollens from             According to David R. Weldon, M.D., a
                                                   grasses and trees, as well as molds. Indoor     Scott & White allergist and the director of
                                                   allergies can include sensitivity to animal     Allergy and Pulmonary Lab Services at the
                                                   dander, house dust mites and molds. For         Scott & White Clinic in Bryan/College
                                                   this article, we will discuss outdoor           Station, there is a clear difference between
                                                   allergies.                                      an allergy and a cold. “A cold is an infec-
                                                           Seasons for outdoor allergies           tious condition caused by a virus that
                                                          In Central Texas, we experience sea-     starts with a scratchy sore throat and then
                                                   sons for many common allergies.                 produces lots of clear drainage but without
                                                          Hay fever, perhaps the most common,      itching,” says Dr. Weldon. “In both situa-
                                                   is sensitivity to the light, airborne pollens   tions you can have a cough, sore throat and
      Like complaining about the weather,          from the different varieties of ragweed and     runny nose, but the cold will go away in a
more and more Central Texans are com-              grasses. It is most prevalent in the spring     week or so. Allergy symptoms will continue
plaining about allergies. With the season-         and fall.                                       for several weeks.”
al change from winter to spring and now                   The notorious cedar fever strikes its          Dr. Weldon points out that several
to summer, many of us will be experienc-           victims anytime from October to May but         allergies can develop that carry from one
ing symptoms of allergies.                         is most vicious from December to                season to another, causing some people to
            What are allergies?                    February, when mountain cedar hits a peak       have allergic reactions throughout the
      Allergies are generally a hypersensi-        in its pollination cycle. The mountain          year.
tivity to some type of allergen, a sub-            cedar is the most allergenic tree in Central          With proper care from your physician
stance that may cause sneezing, watery             Texas. When the pollinating season is in        and by educating yourself about the cause
eyes, itching, rashes, coughing and                full swing, the male plant releases large       and effects of allergies particular to you or
wheezing.                                          amounts of pollen. When a breeze blows          your family, you can take steps to reduce
      When working properly, the immune            through the branches it is common to see        your exposure to airborne allergens. For
system fights illness by attacking harmful         the pollen rise into the air in what looks      more information on allergies, visit the
bacteria and viruses that may be invading          like a cloud of smoke.                          Scott & White Health Plan website at
                                                          From February to late May, oak trees
the body. However, the immune system of
someone suffering from allergies identi-           can shed an amazing amount of pollen.           Sources:
fies a normally harmless substance, such           Early April is often the peak portion of the
as pollen or dust, as a harmful intruder           oak allergy season.
that must be destroyed. In the complex                    Airborne Mold spores round out the
process of fighting this “threat,” the             top four of our outdoor allergies. Mold

                                                                               Tips to lower high blood
            Vitamin E – Tocopherol                                             pressure – Hypertension
       Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to protect body tis-       ✱ Maintain a healthy weight.
    sue from damage from free radicals (unstable sub-              ✱ Consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat
    stances). It also aids in the formation of red blood        dairy products.
    cells and use of Vitamin K (needed for blood clotting          ✱ Reduce sodium (salt) intake to 1,500 mg daily (1,200 mg of sodium is
    and maintaining strong bones).                              about a half a teaspoon).
       The latest in research indicates that Vitamin E may         ✱ Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day (5 days a week).
    help in slowing down the advancement of macular                ✱ Limit alcohol consumption. For men limit to 2 drinks per day (24 oz
    degeneration in the eyes, prevent coronary heart dis-       beer, 10 oz wine, or 3 oz 80-proof whiskey) and 1 drink per day for women (12
    ease and reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.           oz beer, 5 oz wine, or 1.5 oz 80-proof whiskey).
       Sources of Vitamin E include: spinach, other leafy          ✱ If you smoke, stop.
    vegetables, olives, wheat germ, corn, nuts, asparagus          ✱ Know your blood pressure goals.
    and vegetable oils (such as corn oil, sunflower oil, cot-                                  Systolic              Diastolic
    tonseed oil, and soybean oil).                                      Normal                 <130                  <85
       Recommended daily allowance for adults per day is                High Normal            130-139               85-89
    15 milligrams for both men and women.                               High Blood Pressure
      Source: Time A to Z Health Guide, Special Reference                       Stage 1        140-159               90-99
                          Edition 2003.                                         Stage 2        160-179               100-109
                                                                                Stage 3        >180                  >110

                                                                                             Insights, June 2004
                                                                                                   Don't let back pain
     Medication safety tips                                                                       get in the way of the
By: Sharon Clark                                          If your refill medication looks
David Hackethorn, M.D.                                    different, do not take it until you
                                                          can verify with the pharmacist if
                                                                                                   things you enjoy!
    Due to the risk of medication errors, it               it is correct.
is very important to become an active par-                Know the cost of your medica-              Scott & White Health Plan is pleased to
ticipant in your medical care. Your doctor                 tion(s).                              invite you to participate in HealthMedia®
can safely prescribe medications only if he               Ask about any prescription sav-        Care™ for Your Back, a revolutionary back
or she understands what you are taking.                    ings through drug company dis-        pain management program from
    Participate actively in your healthcare                count plans.                          HealthMedia®. This program will take a
and medication safety by:                         ✱ Doing the Do’s                               look at your experience with back pain,
    ✱ Informing your doctor about all med-                Try to get all prescriptions filled    your risk factors, how your job and daily
ications you are taking including:                         at one pharmacy. Most pharma-         activities affect your back, and your con-
           Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs,                   cies have computer systems that       cerns about back problems. After getting
such as pain medications, cold prepara-                    store your medication informa-        to know you, Care for Your Back will cre-
tions, laxatives, etc.                                     tion. The pharmacist can counsel      ate a one-of-a-kind back health plan just
           Vitamins                                        you better if (s)he knows what        for you.
           Herbal products such as Gingko                   you are taking.                          No appointment necessary, no prescrip-
           Biloba, Glucosamine                            Carry all medications you are tak-     tion required, and at no cost to you! Care
           Chondroitin, Saw Palmetto, or St.               ing to each doctor’s appointment.     for Your Back is a convenient and private
           John’s Wort, etc.                              Keep a current list of your pre-       program, developed by medical doctors, a
           Medications prescribed by any                   scriptions and allergies in your      psychologist and talented healthcare pro-
           doctor                                          wallet in case of accident.           fessionals. You'll get personalized strate-
    ✱ Informing your doctor about any                     Take your medications in a well-       gies, videos, pictures, and exercises
allergies to foods or drugs.                               lighted area where labels can be      designed to help you successfully care for
    ✱ Asking your doctor about what is                     clearly read assuring you are tak-    your back, so you can live a full and active
being prescribed for you:                                   ing the correct medication.          life. Simply complete and submit the Care
           What is the name?                              Always read the label before tak-      for Your Back questionnaire to receive a
           What is it used for?                            ing any medication even if you        back pain management program built
           How long do I need to take it?                  take it everyday.                     specifically for you.
           What is the dose I need to take?               Always read the name on the label          HealthMedia programs are convenient,
           What are the side effects?                      to assure you are taking medica-      private, and easy to use! To get started:
           Is there a generic drug available?              tion meant for you.                       1) Go to
           Can I take this medication with                Keep all medications out of the            2) Click on Lifestyle Management
           my other medications?                           reach of children.                    Programs/Tools
           What side effects and reactions                Get to know your doctor and phar-          3) Register to access programs/tools
           you should call about?                           macist so they can help manage           4) Select a program, complete and sub-
           If your doctor writes a new pre-                 your health actively.                mit the questionnaire.
           scription to replace an existing       ✱ Avoiding the Don’ts                              Please take advantage of this extraordi-
           drug, make sure you know which                 Never take any medications in          nary opportunity. The sooner you begin,
           drug to stop.                                   the dark.                             the sooner you’ll be on your way to lifelong
           Ask your doctor to write on the                Never share medications with           back health!
           prescription for what health                    other people.                             The personal plan is not intended to
           issue the medication is being                  Never feel embarrassed about           take the place of medical advice. However,
           prescribed.                                     asking questions.                     you may find it beneficial to share the
    ✱ At the pharmacy:                                    Never assume your doctor knows         results with your physician. Doing so gives
           Check the prescription label to                 what you are taking.                  your physician a more comprehensive pic-
           make sure the label reflects           One way of assuring your own safety is to      ture of your health.
           what you and your doctor di-         know and understand your medications.
            scussed.                            You will be safer for taking an active role in
           Make sure you understand your        your medical care.
           medication(s) before you leave
           the pharmacy.

Insights, June 2004                                                                                                   3
                                            Yoga - Sun Salutation
         Fifteen million Americans include some form of yoga in their fitness program. To increase strength and flexibility, try the poses below
      in the sequence known as SUN SALUTATION. Start slowly, working at your own pace until you perfect the poses. Try to build up
      endurance to repeat Sun Salutation sequences four times. If you experience any pain while doing these sequences, stop.
         If you are pregnant or have a medical condition (for example, high blood pressure, spinal problems or asthma) consult with your physi-
      cian before trying these exercises.

                                                                                                                               4. Lunge
                                                                                                                     Place right leg back into
                                                                                                                     lunge position, left heel flat
                                                                                                                     on ground and left knee
                                                                                  3. Forward Bend                    under your chest, hands flat
                                                                             Stretch downward bring-                 on ground and look up.
        1. Mountain                                                          ing your hands flat to
Stand straight with feet                                                     the ground next to your
together and bring your                     2. Back Bend                     feet with your face
hands together at heart              Extend arms over your                   touching your legs.
level in prayer position.            head; stretch backwards
                                     arching your back and
                                     look up.

                                                                              6. Cobra
                                                               Lift chest upwards with elbow slightly
                                                               bent towards the waist and extend
                         5. Plank
                                                               neck and look up.                                          7. Downward Dog
            Place left leg back holding
            both legs straight, arms                                                                                 Lift buttocks upward,
            straight in press up position                                                                            bring your body into an
            and look slightly forward.                                                                               inverted V shape.

              8. Lunge
 Place left leg back into lunge
 position, right heel flat on
 ground and right knee under                       9. Forward Bend                                                                11. Mountain
 your chest, hands flat on ground             Stretch downward bring-                                                      Stand straight with feet
 and look up.                                 ing your hands flat to                      10. Back Bend
                                                                                    Extend arms over your                  together and bring your
                                              the ground next to your                                                      hands together at heart
                                              feet with your face                   head; stretch backwards
                                                                                    arching your back and                  level in prayer position
                                              touching your legs.                                                          with head slightly bent
                                                                                    look up.

                                                                                               Insights, June 2004
                      Why is it such a headache?
By: Gel Detrick                                macological methods, such as yoga and
                                               biofeedback, which may work best for
   Headaches account for approximately         those whose headaches are triggered by
10 million visits to the doctor each year      stress or tense facial muscles. Keeping a
and result in nearly 157 million lost work-    “headache diary” is also a good idea. Note
days per year. It is estimated that 60 to 70   all the things you did/do prior to the onset
percent of Americans suffer from some          of a headache, food eaten, time of day,
type of headache each month. Is this           whether or not you felt stressed, how you
something we have to live with, and are we     slept, if you exercised, etc. Describe the
stuck with the pounding, throbbing pain        type of headache, level of pain experienced,
forever?                                       how long it lasted, what medication you
   Well, for most of us, the answer is no.     took, then you can discuss the diary with
There are many treatments available; the       your doctor. He/she should be able to pin-
key to preventing the discomfort or dis-       point your type of headache and recom-
solving the pain altogether is to determine    mend the best treatment possible.
what type of headache you have.                    Women may be more prone to migraines
   Tension, or stress headaches are the        because of lowered estrogen levels that
most common, and approximately 30 -80          occur around menstruation.
percent of us get one occasionally.                Approximately 60 - 70 percent of
Symptoms include mild/moderate pain            females report getting headaches along
characterized by a feeling of tightness or     with their menstrual cycle or while on birth
pressure, usually affecting both sides of      control pills. This is known as a “hormonal      episode 1-3 times a day during a period of
the head. A couple of aspirin and/or a         headache.” These headaches are generally         time (cluster period) lasting from 2 weeks
good night’s sleep will generally find us      treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammato-      to 3 months, when the headache may disap-
feeling better. Chronic tension headaches      ry medications (NSAIDS). Your physician          pear for months or years, only to recur. The
however can stick around for a while, usu-     should recommend treatment.                      cluster periods develop at the same time
ally with females and are not as easy to                                                        each year, appearing to be “seasonal” and
shake. They can be treated with stress         It is estimated that 60 to 70                    attuned to a person’s biological clock in
management/relaxation training, med-         percent of Americans suffer from                   some way.
ications, counseling and self-care. It is    some type of headache each                             The pain is almost always one sided and
best to see a doctor for treatment of        month. Approximately 1 in 10                       extremely severe, located behind one eye,
chronic tension headaches.                                                                      causing it to tear and redden. While the
   Migraine headaches appear to be
                                             Americans experience migraines
                                                                                                cause of cluster headaches is not known,
largely hereditary; they are usually         and roughly 80 percent of these                    they occur when a nerve pathway (trigemi-
identified by severe, throbbing pain on      have family members who also are                   nal nerve) in the base of the brain is acti-
one side of the head that may last a few     affected.                                          vated. This nerve is the main nerve of the
hours or several days. Approximately                                                            face responsible for sensations (heat, pain),
one in 10 Americans experience migraines           Many of us in Central Texas suffer from      and when activated, causes the eye pain
and roughly 80 percent of these have fami-      sinus headaches. When this happens, the         associated with cluster headaches.
ly members who also are affected.               sinus becomes inflamed, usually as the          Medication can help, and, in extreme cases,
Scientists have determined that problems        result of an allergic reaction (mold, rag-      surgery. As with all conditions, be sure to
regulating certain brain chemicals, such        weed, etc), causing a pain similar to that of   see your doctor for advice on the best way
as serotonin, may cause blood vessels to        a headache. Sinus headaches are usually         to treat this and other headaches.
constrict, then dilate and press on nerve       located in the cheekbones, forehead and            It’s such a headache! How many times
endings, causing inflammation and pain.         bridge of the nose. Pain usually intensifies    do we say this in everyday life? Well, some-
   Some triggers are:                           with sudden head movements and is gener-        times it is. Often the headache will go away
   ✱ Hormones released due to menses or         ally accompanied with nasal discharge,          with over-the-counter (OTC) medications,
stress;                                         blocked ears, fever and facial swelling. Be     herbal remedies, rest, relaxation, stress
   ✱ Certain substances, like caffeine,         sure to see your doctor before taking any       relief or a good soak in the bath tub, but
alcohol or nitrites;                            medications.                                    sometimes not. When do headaches indi-
   ✱ Environmental factors such as aller-          Cluster headaches are the least common       cate a need for immediate medical atten-
gies or weather changes;                        type of headache, affecting less than one in    tion? When they come on suddenly, occur
   ✱ Sleep – too much or too little.            1,000 people. They are more common in           more frequently, start to be more intense or
   There are many medications available         men and typically begin before age 30.          start to have more side effects, such as nau-
for the treatment of migraines, and mil-        They are the most severe type of headache,      sea or blurred vision. Any of these condi-
lions of migraineurs (as migraine suffer-       and can be 100 times more intense than a        tions might warrant a visit to your doctor.
ers are called) use them to great effect.       migraine. A cluster headache recurs over           Source: Webmd
Many, however, are turning to non-phar-         time, a person having one may have an

Insights, June 2004                                                                                                  5
                                                                                                    Pork Loin
                                                                                                 Barbecued with
                                                                                                Sweet Chili Sauce
                                                                                               By; Chef Ben Hernandez
                                                                                               Scott & White Dietary Services
                                                                                                 1 cup bottled chili sauce
                                                                                                 1 cup peach preserves
                                                                                                 1/3 cup orange juice
                                                                                                 1 1/2 Tblsp. dijon mustard
                                                                                                 1 tsp. salt
                                                                                                 1/2 tsp. fresh cracked black pepper
                                                                                                 1/3 cup red onions
                                                                                                 2 Tblsp. chopped cilantro
                                                                                                 1 pound pork loin (this will give you four
   Add all ingredients (except pork) into a small sauce pot. Cook on medium heat for 2-3         4 oz. portions)
minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Place four pork cutlets into a bowl. Pour 1/2
of the sauce over the pork. Turn cutlets over to coat thoroughly with sauce. Marinate pork
for two hours. Remove cutlets from marinade and grill over medium coals. Turn pork as
needed. The internal temperature should reach 160 degrees.
   Chef’s note: You may also brush a little of this sauce on sliced zucchini, bell pepper,
mushrooms and corn on the cobb and grill them as well. Yummy!

Nutritional information per serving (not including the yummy vegetables):
359 Calories, 10 g Fat (3 g Saturated), 29 g Protein, 40 g Carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 1,105 mg
Sodium, 72 mg Cholesterol

Local hero campaign hopes to drive in more blood donors

                                                                             They have become local heroes for doing one simple thing that
                                                                          changed the lives of numerous people -- they donated blood. We
                                                                          have made many local residents heroes lately, and you might have
                                                                          seen their faces in the newspaper or on billboards. As part of our
                                                                          Local Hero Blood Campaign, we are honoring local blood donors
                                                                          and recipients for their contributions to our community.
                                                                             Kiara Marshall, pictured left, is one of those local heroes. A
                                                                          tragic accident claimed one of her legs and left her with serious
                                                                          internal injuries. But thanks to the numerous blood transfusions
                                                                          she received while at Scott & White, she is happy, healthy and
                                                                          grateful to be back home.
                                                                             Kiara is just one example of how important donating blood is.
                                                                          So please take the time to donate, and recruit your family and
                                                                          friends to donate too. You never know whose life you might be
                                                                             For more information on the campaign, or to find out how you
                                                                          can become a blood donor, please call the Scott & White Blood
                                                                          Donor Center at (254) 724-HERO or toll-free at (877) 724-HERO.

6                                                                                           Insights, June 2004
                         Healthy skin tips                                                       HealthMedia                 ®

                                                                                               Balance can help™

                                               oilier. Once flakes are removed, your skin
                                               will feel healthy and look more radiant.
                                                   ✱ Moisturize skin daily to soften and
                                                                                               you manage your
                                               protect your skin from dryness.
                                                   ✱ Protect skin from sun damage by
                                                                                                Scott & White Health Plan is pleased to
                                               using sunscreen, it is recommended to
                                                                                             invite you to participate in Balance, a revo-
                                               use SPF 15 or higher (the higher the bet-
                                                                                             lutionary weight management and physi-
                                                                                             cal activity program provided by
                                                   ✱ If you smoke, stop. Research shows
                                                                                             HealthMedia. Balance is an ideal program
                                               that smoking reduces the production of
                                                                                             for individuals who want to lose weight,
                                               new collagen, which is needed to keep
                                                                                             maintain a recent weight loss, or prevent
                                               your skin healthy. Reduction in collagen
                                                                                             weight gain associated with aging. By
                                               results in wrinkles.
                                                                                             maintaining a healthy weight, you can
                                                   ✱ Consume a diet that is well-balanced,
                                                                                             lower your chances of developing life-
                                               rich in whole natural foods, proteins, fats
                                                                                             threatening illnesses.
                                               and carbohydrates. Consume products
                                                                                                Balance is not a pre-set nutrition and
                                               with vitamin C, which helps in the produc-
                                                                                             exercise plan, but instead it teaches you
    No one has perfect skin. Your skin         tion of collagen. Sources of vitamin C
                                                                                             how to make your own smart decisions
may be oily, dry, acne prone, or may have      include: citrus fruits and juices, green
                                                                                             about managing your weight. Balance is
other skin problems such as eczema (dry,       peppers, strawberries, tomatoes and broc-
                                                                                             convenient, private, and easy to use.
itchy skin). Most people pay for expensive     coli. Recommended dietary allowance for
                                                                                             Simply complete and submit the Balance
skin products, but the key to healthy skin     adults per day is 75 milligrams for women
                                                                                             questionnaire to receive a Personal Plan
really begins with daily habits.               and 90 milligrams for men (+ 35 mil-
                                                                                             for Weight Management built specifically
   There are several things you can do to      ligrams for smokers).
                                                                                             for you. Your plan will provide personal-
protect and nourish your skin:                     If you have acne-prone skin:
                                                                                             ized strategies for making healthy food
   ✱ The key to healthy skin is getting            ✱ Choose a cleanser with salicylic acid
                                                                                             selections, increasing physical activity,
plenty of water to provide your skin essen-    or benzoyl peroxide and cleanse face gen-
                                                                                             and developing a positive self-image. Soon,
tial moisture from inside out. It is recom-    tly to avoid acne sores from rupturing.
                                                                                             you’ll be on your way to living a longer,
mended that adults drink at least eight 8          ✱ Wash your pillowcase often, oils
                                                                                             healthier, happier life!
oz glasses of water per day.                   from your face and hair can get absorbed
   ✱ Always properly cleanse your skin         in pillowcase fabric and cause outbreaks.        It only takes 15 minutes to start
using soap/facial cleanser and water each          ✱ Use an oil-free moisturizer and                   the path of success!
morning and evening, especially before         if you wear make-up, select an oil-free        1) Go to
and after exercising.                          foundation.                                    2) Click on “Lifestyle Management
   ✱ Exfoliate your skin to remove dead            Remember, your skin is important.          Programs/Tools”
skin flakes from the surface to allow new      Exercise healthy daily habits and always       3) Register to access programs/tools
skin cells to surface. Flaky skin can clog     address your physician about any severe        4) Select a program, complete and sub-
pores; making your skin feel drier and         skin problems you may be experiencing.         mit the questionnaire.

How much caffeine is in your drink?                                                          Insights is published four times a year for
                                                                                             Scott & White Health Plan members.
                         ITEM                      AMOUNT OF CAFFEINE (MG)                   Correspondence and inquiries can be
                                              120 - 270                                      sent to:
                                                                                                Scott & White Health Plan - Insights
Instant coffee (10 oz)                        60 - 240                                                  2401 South 31st Street
Decaffeinated coffee (10 oz)                  2 - 10                                                      Temple, TX 76508
                                                                                                            (254) 298-3000
Brewed tea (5 oz)                             20 - 110                                                      1-800-321-7947
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Insights, June 2004                                                                                                7
    SWHP leader retires and new
       leader is appointed                                                                         In Memoriam

   Henry Eckert recently retired after a     in bringing forth the new major medical
successful career at Scott & White Health    plan, MEDesign and supplemental income
Plan (SWHP) as Executive Director. Before    plans.
Mr. Eckert’s appointment to Executive            Scott & White President and CEO Alfred
Director in 2000, he started his career at   Knight, M.D., stated, “Allan is an exception-
SWHP as Operations Director in 1987.         al individual with the vision and values to
During Mr. Eckert’s tenure the Health Plan   support Scott & White through the chal-
has developed many new products,             lenging times. He has great insight into
expanded its service area and developed a    our complex future and has participated in
prescription benefit management compa-       leadership roles for the entire Scott &
ny, Scott & White Prescription Services.     White system.”
   In addition, under Mr. Eckert’s leader-       As Executive Director, Mr. Einboden will
ship, the Health Plan has been recognized    continue to work on developing new prod-           This edition of the Insights is dedicat-
for its financial strength and named         ucts to help Central Texas employers and        ed to Sandy Gerik, whose untimely death
among the top Health Plans in the nation     families afford healthcare coverage.            has left a void in our hearts and our lives.
for customer satisfaction several years in       Currently the Health Plan is working on        Sandy Gerik started her career at
a row.                                       developing a child-only policy to provide       Scott & White Health Plan in 1983; in
    Mr. Eckert’s legacy will be carried on   healthcare coverage for children who            2002 she was promoted to Assistant
by Allan Einboden. Prior to his appoint-     don’t have access to healthcare, and for        Executive Director of Sales and
ment to Executive Director, Mr. Einboden     families that cannot afford parent plus         Marketing. Sandy was very involved in
served as Operations Director at SWHP        child coverage.                                 many community events: Women in
since 2000. Before joining SWHP, Mr.             In addition to his leadership position at   Leadership, United Way, Altrusa and
Einboden served in key leadership posi-      Scott & White Health Plan, Mr. Einboden         Temple Chamber of Commerce. Sandy
tions at Primary Health in Boise, Idaho,     serves on the board of the Texas                served as president of the Temple
and Arizona-based Intergroup Healthcare      Association of Health Plans and as vice         Chapter of Altrusa in 1994-1995, was
Corporation. As Operations Director at       president of the Medicare Cost Contractors      named Altrusan of the year in 2002, pres-
SWHP, Mr. Einboden has played a key role     Alliance.                                       ident of Leadership Temple for 2002-2003
                                                                                             and was elected to the 2004 Temple
                                                                                             Chamber Board of Directors. She also was
                                                                                             a eucharistic minister at St. Luke’s
                                                                                             Catholic Church in Temple.
                                                                                                Sandy Gerik stood for so many good
                                                                                             things in life…. Thank you Sandy for
                                                                                             being a good friend, boss and mentor to
                                                                                                Scott & White extends its deepest

                         Henry Eckert               Allan Einboden

8                                                                                      Insights, June 2004

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