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The Grand Prize winner of a newly launched
competition JUST AUTO LEGENDS is local Coober
Pedy resident, Dave Sawyers or Swampy as he is
fondly known by his mates.

Swampy, a self-employed electrician, entered into the
competition online with video evidence of his life’s passion
for automobiles, their parts and associated uses. As a
consequence he takes home a $6,000 Sidchrome tool kit,
and he will appear on the cover of JUST Cars – May
2012 edition.

Living underground in Coober Pedy, Swampys auto lair
takes the term “man cave” to a whole new level. Above
ground, his property looks like a scene from Mad Max -
a post-apocolyptic car yard with around 30 unique
vehicles from old racing cars, vans converted to
workshops, scooters, demolition derby cars, Fords from
previous decades and a caravan. There’s a BBQ that’s
tucked away in the boot of an old Kingswood, a hose reel
fashioned from a Ford mag, and a Ford branded doorbell.

Yes, the number one JUST AUTO LEGEND is a Ford

Inside Swampy’s man cave is realised the full extent of
this auto nut’s obsession. Everything is made from car
parts. The banister on the stair case is made from prop
shafts, the heater in the lounge made from an old engine
block, the ambient lighting is courtesy of a traffic light,
and there’s a car being rebuilt in the centre of the living
room.                                                          Local Electrician Dave “Swampy” Sawyers after winning Australia’s No 1 Just Auto Legend and being
                                                               presented with a $6,000 Sidchrome tool kit. Photo: Les Pullen
There are only two things in Swampy’s house that aren’t
connected to auto – his beloved dog and his patient wife.      with their “other loves”, and there’s three kids named    industry peers including Russell White, who runs the
                                                               after cars, one who had a car themed wedding cake and     Australian Ford Forums; the boys who started the now
“If I need more room in my workshop, I just dig out the        even a dog name Axle. The search might have even          world No. 1 online car show, Mighty Car Mods; Andrew
walls a bit further,” Swampy explained of his ever-            answered the great Aussie divide over Ford vs Holden –    Byrnes who has spent over $2 million on his car collection;
increasing man cave.                                           with one member having invested $3.5 million into his     creator of the popular motorcycle blog Bike Exif, Chris
                                                               lifelong passion for Fords.                               Hunter; and Scotty from Scotty’s Garage, who gets over
The cumulative figure that the Top 20 auto enthusiasts                                                                   17 million views on his YouTube Channel.
have spent on their auto passions exceeds $5.5 million.        Dave “Swampy” Sawyers has enjoyed a strong
Between them they have owned in excess of 1000 vehicles.       involvement with the local Speedway in Coober Pedy and    Just Auto will be starting their search for 2013’s JUST
                                                               his. absolute automotive obsession has seen him named     AUTO LEGENDS soon!
They’ve clocked up a sum total of 200,000 hours tinkering      the country’s number one auto enthusiast, ahead of cult

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                               CROSSWORD                                                                       7 DAY WEATHER at a GLANCE from 10/4/2012
                                                                                                                 Coober Pedy Oodnadatta Tarcoola Andamooka
                                                                                                                                                                          Wind          Rain       Hum     Min    Max
                                                                                                                                                                            22 km/h
                                                                                                                WED           Mostly Sunny. Cool.                                              -         32%     12     21
                                                                                                                                                                            16 km/h
                                                                                                                THU           Mostly Sunny. Cool.                               SSE            -         35%     14     22

                                                                                                                                                                            17 km/h
                                                                                                                FRI           Mostly Sunny. Mild.                                              -         35%     15     23
                                                                                                                                                                            17 km/h
                                                                                                                SAT           Mostly Sunny. Mild. Dry.                                         -         29%     14     24
                                                                                                                                                                             9 km/h
                                                                                                                SUN           High Level Clouds. Mild. Dry.                                    -         29%     15     24
                                                                                                                                                                             9 km/h
                                                                                                                MON           Mostly Sunny. Mild. Dry.                                         -         27%     16     25

                                                                                                                TUE           Sunny. Warm. Dry.                              4 km/h            -         21%     16     26

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Page 2                                                                                 Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                                     Thursday 26 April 2012
                                                    FARINA TOWNSHIP THROW
   - Coober Pedy              -                    DOWN CRICKET CHALLENGE!
  An underground city, built                       After their debut on the 1 April as a brand new
     from the profits of opal                      team, the Coober Pedy Cricket Team is shaping
                                                   up to make the Far North proud of its sportmen
                                                   after the town successfully pulled together a
                                                   winning team in April to play Prominent Hill.
 ♦       Experience life in the outback town
 of Coober Pedy, famous for its fabulous opals     Meanwhile, the neighbouring township of Farina
 and bizarre underground homes. For                - a “former” ghost town, has challenged our
 generations, miners have dug into the white       Cricket Team to a serious match to mark their
 and orange rock to extract the valuable,          Annual Picnic Event on Saturday 12 May.
 sparkling stone. The tunnels and chambers
 they dug were cool and dark, perfect to escape    Farina Station owner Kevin Dawes said,“We are
 from the desert sun.                              looking forward with enthusisam to interacting
                                                   with Coober Pedy for important cricket matches
 ♦       Guided tours of the town will take you    and we hope this will spark a new era of regular
 into an underground museum, art galleries,        District Cricket”.
 churches and shops.

 ♦       See the extravagantly built
 underground Serbian Church, with it’s
 magnificent stained glass windows and carvings

 ♦       Stay overnight in an underground
                                                                                                         Batsman for Coober Pedy Madhawa Rajapakshage (IGA) and vigilant
 dwelling and experience underground life for
 yourself, it’s very unusual!                                                                            Prominent Hill Wicket keeper Chris Murray at a recent cricket match
                                                                                                           Those interested in cricket and wish to be part of a small but powerful
                                                                                                          cricket alliance in Coober Pedy are invited to attend “Practice Cricket”
                                                                                                                          each Thursday night at the Oval - 8.30pm.

                                                                                                         Anyone wishing to support the endeavours of the new Coober Pedy Cricket
                                                                                                         Team, contact Khuram Saleem on 0433 373 156 to register your interest.

                                                                                                                                        Department of Broadband,
                                                                                                                                        Communications and the Digital Economy
 The magnificent and colourful Breakaways
 merge from the underground seabed
♦        Visit the opal fields to see one of the                                                                        ABC and SBS Board Vacancies
world’s strangest views. Join tours of local
mines to see how they work. Get the chance                                                                   The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy,
to “noodle” (fossick) for your own opal                                                                      is calling for expressions of interest from individuals who have the necessary skills, qualifications
treasure or you can find opals in many outlets.                                                              and experience to contribute to the governance of either the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
                                                                                                             (ABC) or the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) as non-executive directors.
♦        There are some amazing natural
landscapes outside the town (some of them                                                                    An independent nomination panel will assess applications under a merit-based selection
used as locations in films like Mad Max:                                                                     process and will provide the Minister with a short list. Appointments to the ABC and SBS
Beyond Thunderdome and Red Planet)                 Farina Station owner Kevin Dawes, with the                boards are made by the Governor-General, acting on advice of the Federal Executive Council.
including                                          historic Farina Cricket Shield on which Coober
                                                   Pedy may earn a spot!                                     Successful candidates will have demonstrated high-level leadership and vision, and the
♦      The Painted Desert, the colourful                                                                     ability to articulate a clear direction for a public organisation that provides broadcasting
Breakaways and the Moon Plain.                     The match results are engraved on the historic            services. They will possess an understanding of, and commitment to, public sector
                                                   Farina Cricket Shield. However Farina Station             governance and the highest ethical and professional standards. Candidates with a past
♦         Go Star Gazing on the Moon Plain;        owner Kevin Dawes says, “It’s like the British            record of effective participation on boards and a demonstrated interest in Australian
it’s an eerie place and the stars are brilliant.   Ashes, the 1887 shield never leaves our Museum.”          cultural or public life are encouraged to apply.
♦        Join the Mail Run out of Coober           Lining up for a spot on the historic shield are the       The principles of equal opportunity and diversity will apply to the selection processes. The
Pedy to deliver the mail! Drive to Anna            “Coober Pedy Cricketers” and a team from Port             nomination panel will give consideration to achieve diversity in gender and geographical
Creek, the world’s largest cattle station (it’s    Augusta.                                                  representation among board members.
the size of Belgium), to see the dog fence
(the world’s largest man-made structure) and       You can see where this is all heading, can’t you?         Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply.
follow part of the Old Ghan Railway line.          Sponsors, volunteers, buses, uniforms etc. And
Meet the people of the outback, hear their         why not, after all we are a diverse town, full of
                                                                                                             Further information on these vacancies, including detailed selection criteria and
stories and don’t forget to drop off their         talent and surprises?
                                                                                                             application information can be found at Alternatively,
mail!                                                                                                        email or contact Moiya Ford or Jeff Kelly on (02) 6260 8788.
                                                   Prominent Hill recently provided competition for          Applications close at COB on Friday 11 May 2012.         our cricket team in a friendly match at Oz

top-10-things-to-do-coober-pedy-                   Minerals oval where Coober Pedy prevailed 136
underground.aspx                                   runs to 90.                                                                      
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Thursday 26 April 2012                                                Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                                                                           Page 3
     RACE TRACK 21st FOR
 OODNADATTA’S GREGORY WARREN                                                                                                          By Gerry Nunn

Local lad Gregory Warren celebrated his 21st at the
Oodnadatta Race Course with family and friends on
Saturday 14th April 2012.

Gregory was born on 9th February 1991 and is the son
of Greg Warren and Christine Lennon. He grew up in
Oodnadatta and attended Oodnadatta Aboriginal School.
He also attended school in Port Augusta and Adelaide.

                                                                                                                      Ronnie, Justin, Russell, Christopher
                                                          Christine, Gregory, Greg. Front Henry & Rj

                                                          Gregory has worked at Macumba Station for over five
                                                          years and is now a senior station hand. He is a respected
                                                          role model for Oodnadatta youth

Gregory Warren at 21 is an accomplished                   A delicious barbeque was enjoyed by 120 guests. Gregory
horseman, stockman and senior station hand                blew out his candles on a mud cake race track that was
                                                          decorated by his friends Hayley and Chloe Nunn.
Speeches reflected Gregory’s growing up in Oodnadatta
                                                          Race Wear was the theme and people dressed up in suits
and covered his transition into working life as a young
                                                          and smart dresses topped with pretty fascinators. Dancing
stockman for nearby S Kidman and Co at Macumba Cattle
                                                          was popular with all ages.
                                                          Happy 21st Birthday Gregory – we all enjoyed our evening
                                                                                                                      Justin, Robert, Harry, Gregory

                                                          Audrey & Grandson. Russell & Billy                          Carmen, Tahnee, Dolly, Hayley

Oodnadatta Nurses, Kathryn & Lana

                                                                                                                      Anna Stewart, Fran Ames, Aaron & Jodie Keogh
                                                          Eddie, Kane, Arnold

                                                                       Anna Creek
                                                                        & Nilpinna

Sophie & Chloe

Page 4                                                             Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                Thursday 26 April 2012
                                                        UnitingCare Wesley worker
                                                         challenged to apologise
      PLUMBERS                                             Publically funded UnitingCare Wesley worker Jonathon Nicholls is asked to publically
               DG & Sons                                               apologise to residents living at Mintabie for an unfounded slur

        0434657992                                      18/4/2012 Mintabie segment ABC Radio - Far North

                                                        That ABC Regional Radio has allowed unproven slurs to
                                                                                                                        considerable efforts to get that un-used APY rehabilitation
                                                                                                                        centre up off the ground. That objective would far more
                                                                                                                        constructive than causing unnecessary hurt slamming
       All forms general plumbing and                   be cast upon an innocent community disturbs me deeply.          innocent residents.     Perhaps the tax-payer money that
                                                        These slurs are further publicised, in writing, on the ABC      was given to build this rehabilitation facility would have
                 maintenance                            website while there appears to be no opportunity for the        been better spent compensating Mintabie residents to
    Specialise in blocked drains & repairs              right of reply. These unproven slurs were a direct quote        move. But we all know this will not fix the indigenous
        Gas fitting, Mini bobcat, Mini                  from UnitingCare Wesley’s Indigenous Manager                    problems.
                                                        Jonathan Nicholls, also the editor of The Papertracker.
          Excavator & 6 ton tip truck                                                                                   And APY needs Mintabie township as time after time it is
           Solar panel installations                    In attempting to refute these claims, I joined the ABC          Mintabie CFA &r SES who are called to frequent alcohol
                                                        website hoping to comment under the article/interview in        induced accidents on the highway, these do not usually
                                                        question to mitigate the damage. This process did not           involve tourists. The Uniting Church, and presumably
         Adventure                Tours                 appear to work easily. When finally registered, it appeared
                                                        I still could not leave relevant comment.
                                                                                                                        Mr. Nicholls, have been fed taxpayer money for many
                                                                                                                        years to assist the APY community; have they failed and
         Australia               Group                                                                                  are again looking for excuses and scapegoats to cover
                                                        This is extremely frustrating as Mr. Nicholls has made          their own short-comings?
               proudly supports the                     such insinuations over a number of years, but at no time
    Coober Pedy Regional Times                          has he come forward with hard evidence to the police or         Please remember Mr. Nicholls and Ms. Breuer (local Labor
         & Outback Communities                          any other party involved. What does it take to call this        MP), that Mintabie was an established town prior to APY’s
                                                        man to account over these slanderous accusations? A             creation. Long-time residents did not choose to be a part
  We are a small groups tour operator who has the       libel suit? Why is ABC Regional Radio website perpetuating      of APY and indeed have no representation on APY Council.
     greatest variety of tours catering for the         these myths?                                                    I can recall commentary on the Mabo judgement which
              adventurous traveller.                                                                                    at the time specifically said that ordinary Australians had
                                                        One does not expect those who represent a so-called             nothing to worry about – Don’t believe it, ask any Mintabie
  As well as many exclusive features we offer tours     Christian organisation to cast such unfounded and un-           resident who was gifted over to APY and have paid,
  at different levels of fitness. Accommodations from   substantiated slurs into the public arena as Mr. Nicholls       monetarily (yearly fees) and in other ways ever since.
  swags under the stars to snug beds and trip lengths   has just done. Shame on you. It is not Mintabie who is
   from one day to several weeks – the choice is        selling grog to the indigenous, we value our town too           I would like to call on Mr. Nicholls to publicly retract his
                                                        much to allow the powers-that- be any further leverage          comments re alcohol coming from Mintabie (with an
      yours!     For full details visit our website
                                                        to criticize our town yet again.                                apology to the people of Mintabie) or produce the hard or phone our                                                                                evidence. And Ms. Breuer note, with Labor's recent track
    friendly reservations team (within Australia)       Mintabie shops are probably the most scrutinized                record at elections the party may now appreciate just a
                 on 1300 654 604                        businesses in the whole of Australia. If anything had been      few more votes.
     Group charters are our speciality                  uncovered charges would have quickly followed. Mr.
        For further enquiries please email:             Nicholls you are living in a past century. Do us all a          Yours cordially,                    favour and live in the present and instead use your very        MintabieFan
                                                                                                                        E. Hooper

                                                          ANZAC Day – Australia’s National Day
                                                                                                         by Kevin Woon
                                                        I am never more proud to be an Australian than on               I was always worried about ANZAC Day losing its
                                                        the 25th of April each year. This is the day Australians        significance but thankfully the reverse seems to be
                                                        celebrate and commemorate our country, those                    happening. Twenty thousand Australians (mostly younger
                                                        who’ve served proudly and those who made the                    people) travelled to Gallipoli last year to attend the ANZAC
                                                        ultimate sacrifice.                                             Day service at dawn. Record crowds watch the traditional
                                                                                                                        ANZAC Day marches in almost every town and city in
                                                        War should never been glorified; it is an abomination and       Australia. Unfortunately, none of the original ANZACs are

     June long weekend,
                                                        a blight on humanity. Unfortunately, history is littered with   with us and time had reduced the number of Second World
                                                        these tragic conflicts to such an extent wars seem              War vets yet the interest in ANZAC Day is stronger than
                                                        inevitable.                                                     ever.
            (Queens Birthday)                           As a nation, Australia had existed for only fourteen years      I never served overseas after being conscripted into the
       Sunday 10th June                                 (and New Zealand just eight years) when the ANZACS
                                                        landed at Gallipoli on the 25th April 1915. This is arguably
                                                                                                                        army in 1971. However, I honour the family traditions;
                                                                                                                        my grandfather fought in Europe in the Great War and
                                                        the most important day in Australia’s history and the most      spent twelve months as prisoner of war with the Germans.
                   will be another                      significant day in the development of our cultural identity.    My father served in the navy during World War Two and
                                                        From that day, Australia grew as a nation and forged its        then in the army with the occupational forces in Japan

   Police Golf Day
                                                        own identity in a rapidly changing world.                       for three years afterwards. I am proud of my father and
                                                                                                                        grandfather for serving their country; something they did
                                                        Since that day, Australians and New Zealanders remember         willingly as teenagers like most youth at those tragic times.
                                                        the sacrifice of young men and woman who have died in
       Money raised will be for charity and it          war. Initially it was the First World War, but then came        The ANZAC Day tradition must never be allowed to wane;
               is same as last year,                    World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan             it is our National Day and something Australian’s must
                  $30 per person,                       for example. It is completely appropriate we honour those       continually honour. We must honour those who have
                                                        who served and those who were killed serving their              served Australia so gallantly and we must continue showing
          teams of four ambrose event,                  country on this day.                                            that ANZAC spirit to the world and maintain that sense of
          lunch and dinner included or                                                                                  ‘mateship’ ANZACs are famous for.
                 dinner alone $10                       As important as commemorating those heroic young men
              9.30 am registration,                     and woman is, and it is essential, ANZAC Day is more            ANZAC Day – lest we forget.
                                                        than that. ANZAC Day is a day of national pride; it’s about
                   10.00 tee off.                       Australian’s celebrating our history, it’s about celebrating
                                                        that legendary ANZAC spirit Australia is famous for. It’s
        Show up on the day or numbers to
              Coober Pedy Police
                                                        about mates getting together and remembering and
                                                        honouring fallen comrades; it’s about Australians paying
                                                                                                                              Thumbs Up
                                                        a public tribute to aging veterans. It’s about maintaining
           Raffles and charity auction.                 and building tradition. It’s also a day for reflection about
                                                        the tragedies of war and hoping young men and women                 Judy Sparrow and Mark Harrison at
 We are still looking for sponsors and businesses       don’t have to endure such horrors in future protecting              Underground Books for getting in
         to donate prizes, food and drink               their country.                                                      "Gardening Australia" Mag. Well done Judy
       Contact the station if you can assist                                                                                and Mark.

Thursday 26 April 2012                                              Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                                             Page 5
Falls Prevention and Tai Chi
One in three people over the age of 65, has a                Tai Chi not only helps prevent falls, but also improves
fall each year.                                              health, self confidence, the quality of life, and may
                                                             prevent and/or improve the management of chronic
Falls is one of the major causes of injury for older         diseases, particularly for older people. The specific
people.                                                      principles of Tai Chi will result in better balance and
                                                             reduced falls.
Evidence Based Research
Research evidence shows that specific exercises              Tai chi movements appear to be gentle and graceful,
can be very effective in promoting balance and thus          but tai chi is more than that. There is power beneath
preventing a potential fall. There is strong evidence        a seemingly calmly flowing river. Tai Chi movements
to support that practicing tai chi is one of the most        contain much internal strength. The objective of tai
effective ways to prevent falls. How does Tai Chi help       chi is to achieve physical balance by strengthening               By Susan Radeka, Diabetes Coordinator
prevent falls? It does this by strengthening muscles,        muscles and improving co-ordination, while at the                CPHHS, Community Health (Coober Pedy)
improving coordination, confidence and balance. A            same time improving mental balance. This is why tai
fall prevention study conducted in Sydney involved           chi is effective for falls prevention.                                       Tel 8672 5376
702 people in the community. After 16 weeks of                                                                         References:
learning and practicing a Tai Chi program (80% of            Tai Chi is currently being taught at the Community
the participants did the Tai Chi for Arthritis program),     Health Centre by registered nurses who are certified      Dr Paul Lam, Dr Pamela Kircher and Maureen Miller,
the results showed that Tai Chi significantly reduced        instructors. Our next group starts 24/4/2012. Please      2010,
the number of falls. Tai Chi also significantly reduced      phone and register your interest with Susan Radeka        individual_article.php?id=421. Accessed 10/04/2012
the risk of multiple falls by approximately 70%.             or Christine Radford on 8672 5376. Love to see
                                                             you there.                                                Voukelatos A, Cumming RG, Lord SR, Rissel C, 2007,
The study concluded: that participation in weekly                                                                      ‘A Randomized, Controlled Trial of tai chi for the
community-based tai chi classes can reduce falls             By Susan Radeka, Diabetes Coordinator,                    Prevention of Falls: The Central Sydney tai chi Trial’
in relatively healthy, community-dwelling older                                                                        Journal of American Geriatric Society, August 2007.
people.                                                      Community Health Coober Pedy, Tel 8672 5376               55:1185–1191, 2007

Coober Pedy Street and Road Names
                 Where did the name of your street come from?                                                          Part 5 in a series - by Sue Britt

   Coober Pedy Street and Road Names -
               Marousen Drive
Marousen Drive is named for George Marousen, water
carter and cameleer.

In 1991 Pantjini Mavis Brown told her story to Janet
Skewes. In it she recalled travelling by camel with George
Marousen when she was a child. According to Peggy
Brown, “she was travelling around with George Marousen
and others on camels.

Old George Marousen used to cart 44 gallon drums of
water around for Aboriginal people who lived out bush
in humpies. People would have to pay for the water,
two bob for a 44-gallon drum. He would get the water
from Matheson Bore, and then take the water to people.”

Shirley Williams added: “His wagon he used to use for
carting water is now down at the Umoona Mine. He
came from Marree Country, an Afghan man, a good man.         George Marousen with his water cart and horse team delivers water to Jeweller’s Shop
He used to call us over when we were kids and always         homes in 1958
yarn to us. He used to smoke a pipe. He used to live
down on the Reserve in the early days of the Reserve
and he used to help us kids get ready for school. He’s       From Coober Pedylanguru Tjukurpa - Stories from the       Photo of George Marousen and his water cart taken by
get the water hot for our wash.”                             Anangu of Coober Pedy compiled by Janet Skewes, 1997      Ron Gough

   Andamooka’s Peter Allen has it covered
Port Augusta’s latest White and Yellow Pages                                                                           Peter takes care of everything in Andamooka from
is currently around the town and features on                                                                           rubbish collection and coordinating the town’s water
it’s cover Andamooka’s Peter Allen - for his                                                                           supply, to the rescue of stray dogs and the roll out
voluntary work ensuring the isolated opal                                                                              of road maintenance.
community remains viable.
                                                                                                                       The White/Yellow pages cover theme for 2012/13
With only 800 residents and no local council to get                                                                    is “A Helping Hand, The Aussie Way”.
things done, the remote town of Andamooka could
easily fall apart. In 2007, Peter stepped up as the
town’s ‘unofficial mayor’ and volunteer council
worker, and hasn’t looked back since. Volunteering                                                                     White/Yellow pages cover this year is Andamooka’s
more than 60 hours a week,                                                                                             Peter Allen at the original opal miners cottages

Page 6                                                            Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                      Thursday 26 April 2012
                                                            Fr. Tony Redden- the people’s
  Homeless Cats
Campaign Launched!                                                priest is laid to rest
                                                                                                                                                      by Fr. Paul Bourke
       by Dog & Cat Management Board SA
                                                              FR. TONY REDDEN 14-6-1947 - 2-4-2012
There is a serious cat overpopulation problem
in South Australia.                                        The funeral of Fr. Tony Redden, our Catholic Priest
                                                           in Coober Pedy and the bush from 1994 to 2000 was
A significant factor contributing to the problem is        held, Friday 13th April, at St. Anacletus Catholic
people feeding cats they do not own: this is defined       Church Peterborough. He was diagnosed with a brain
as semiownership.                                          tumour 5 years ago. A crowd of over 1,000 attended
                                                           with 3 Bishops and 54 Priests.
Feeding un-owned cats maintains their reproductive
capacity and enables free-living cat colonies to           During his time in Coober Pedy Fr.Tony was involved in
regenerate.                                                all sides of the community through his work as Parish
                                                           Priest and was widely known and respected. He was a
Supporting free-living cats through the provision of       person of enthusiasm, humour and amazing energy, with
food does not acknowledge the environmental and            few quiet bones in his body.
social impacts that these cats have on the rest of
the community or the economic pressure they place
on animal shelters required to manage their rate of        His active nature saw him involved in police chaplaincy
admission and euthanasia.                                  for the Far North, junior and seniorsport, the RSL, Golf
                                                           Club (President), Race Club, Ambulance, Hospital,School        Pictured in Coober Pedy for the “Journey of the
                                                           and the daily lives of many. The eternal optimist (he fol-     Cross” on 2 July 2007 is Fr. Tony Redden with Fr.
The Dog and Cat Management Board,in association                                                                           Paul Bourke on the left
with local councils, the Local Government                  lowed Port Adelaide!), he was known and remembered
Association, the Australian Veterinary Association,        near and far, particularly in the more remote parts of SA.     was at the centre of his warm and happy friendship with
RSPCA SA and Animal Welfare League SA has                                                                                 people.
launched a campaign to promote community                   The son of a Terowie farming family, he was a priest for
discussion and inform and educate people who feed          41 years, living in retirement for the past 2 because of his   A man of God, people’s priest, who loved the bush and
cats about the impact of feeding cats that they do         declining health. His easy going nature and manner,            knew his flock. May he rest in Peace.
not own, and how their behaviour contributes to the
cat overpopulation problem.

         IN COOBER PEDY                                                                                                                        by Sue Britt

Forty-three people attended a Harmony Day Lunch at the
United Club on Sunday, 25th March.

Organised by Lydia Gonzalez, the lunch was a feast of
dishes from around the world. They included Lancashire
Hotpot, Bread & Butter Pudding, Kangaroo Tail Soup,
Damper, Scones with Jam, Tuna balls, Aussie chips,
Aussie Sponge Cake, Carmel Sticky Rice, Lentil and Rice
Balls with Horseradish Dip, Sauerkraut with Frankfurts,
Tuna Casserole, Ginatang Halo Halo, Chicken Biryani and
Yoghurt Sauce, Spring Rolls, Cucumber Pancakes, Pansit
(Rice Noodle) and Apple Slice.

Participants came from Australia, Philippines, Pakistan,
Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Greece,
Oman, Austria, Ireland, and Ecuador.

                                                           Pradeep (Miners Store) with his children Rison                 Lydia Gonzalez, organiser of the Harmony Day
                                                           and Venuki                                                     lunch, is pictured here with Jenny Davison

Khuram and Humera - Humera wore the
national dress of her native country, Oman                 Coober Pedy residents celebrate Harmony Day
Thursday 26 April 2012                                                       Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                                Page 7
    DUSTED FOR 2012                                                                                                                   by Prue Fargher

Coober Pedy, congratulations on                                                                                          A huge thank you must go to Chevahn Hoad.
another fabulous Opal Festival. The                                                                                      Chevahn is the backbone of the Opal
enthusiasm for this year’s event was                                                                                     Festival having worked tirelessly behind the
fantastic, and it was a pleasure to work                                                                                 scenes for a number of years. Chevahn’s
with you all on this significant event for                                                                               organisation and IT skills are a real asset to
Coober Pedy.                                                                                                             this event, and many other local events and
                                                                                                                         organisations – Chevahn..thank you.
I was thrilled that so many community
groups/organisations and individuals took                                                                                A special mention must go to Brett & Leanne
                                                                                                                         Hayward from Augusta Party Hire who
the time to build and enter a float in the street
                                                                                                                         provided the infrastructure for the event.
parade this year. There have been so many                                                                                Many locals were very relieved that this year
positive comments on the fun, colourful,                                                                                 they were no longer required to set up
community spirited procession. One visitor                                                                               Marquees on Friday and pull them down on
from Adelaide emailed to say “The effort of                                                                              Saturday evening.
the floats and the enthusiasm of the
participants was wonderful.”                        Crowds lined Hutchison Street for the parade... the view from Bank   Those who volunteered their time to assist
                                                    Place Cnr is always popular                                          us on the gate, in the information tent, on
At the Oz Minerals Oval the novelties were                                                                               the noodle pit and other areas of the festival
hotly contested, the entertainment terrific,                                                                             – THANK YOU! Volunteers are very difficult
exhibitors engaging, the food plentiful, and                                                                             to come by these days, and you took the
most importantly..the drinks cold! The                                                                                   time out of your busy schedules to assist us
Flaming Sambucas entertained crowds well                                                                                 make the day enjoyable.
into the night after an amazing display of
fireworks.                                                                                                               Don’t forget to put your thinking hats on for
                                                                                                                         next year. Plan you float, think about your
This remarkable event is attributable to the                                                                             stall or marquee and put your hand up to
generosity of many individuals and                                                                                       volunteer. If you have suggestions for 2013
                                                                                                                         please           email        them         to
companies and we thank you sincerely for
your sponsorship. Without the continued                                                                                  suggestions from last year were put in place
support of our generous sponsors, the                                                                                    for this year so keep providing the ideas and
Coober Pedy Opal Festival would struggle                                                                                 suggestions to make Opal Festival 2013
to continue.                                        The Flaming Sambucas at the Black & White Opal Festival Ball         bigger & better!
                                                    held at the Desert Cave

Penny Carter waves from the IGA “Float”. IGA and Cellarbrations
sponsored the Street Parade this year

Charlie Paris’ first parade appearance was a big success

Charlie said she is
still dreaming of
Dawn         Jones’
beautiful Teddy Bear
float !

Page 8                                                              Coober Pedy Regional Times                                             Thursday 26 April 2012
FIRST FLOAT FOR RACE CLUB                                                                                                                             LOCAL NEWS
                                                                                                              Be part of something big!
                                                                                                              Cavpower, the Caterpillar dealership for South Australia, is gearing up for the most significant
                                                                                                              expansion in the company’s 40 year history. This expansion is a result of the unprecedented
                                                                                                              growth in major mining, infrastructure and civil projects across Adelaide Metro and the entire
                                                                                                              state of South Australia. To support this rapid growth, we are now recruiting for key positions
                                                                                                              within our mining division based both locally in Adelaide and throughout rural South Australia.

                                                                                                              Branch Manager
                                                                                                              A superb residential position located in regional SA, providing support to local customers and
                                                                                                              key industry partners. In this role you will be responsible for the strategic operation and forecast
                                                                                                              of the Branch which will be achieved through quality customer and product support, commercial
                                                                                                              performance, market growth, and sound safety and people management. This position has a strong
                                                                                                              focus on the development and care of our customers and our people as well as maintaining and
                                                                                                              driving our Safety and Contamination Control culture.
                                                                                                              Regional Branch Development Manager
                                                                                                              This senior role is responsible for ensuring our regional branches achieve ongoing customer
                                                                                                              satisfaction, return on investment and profitable growth within mining territories and customer
                                                                                                              bases. In this position you will communicate, liaise and negotiate both internally and externally in
                                                                                                              order to facilitate the development of profitable business and sustainable relationships. Ongoing
                                                                                                              regional travel required.
                                                                                                              Product Support Manager
                                                                                                              Based locally in Adelaide this is an essential role to ensure our customers and key industry partners
                                                                                                              are maximizing profits through the use of our products and services; and adding value by providing
                                                                                                              flexible and innovative service and maintenance solutions. In this position you will assist with
                                                                                                              preparation and implementation of operational budgets, maintenance programs, corrective actions
                                                                                                              and all consignment stock and parts exchange components. Ongoing regional travel required.
                                                                                                              For more information or a confidential discussion please call the HR team on (08) 8343 7200.
                                                                                                              Various other opportunities also available.

(L to R) Fleur Clark, Prudie Clark, Gemma Hoad, Chevahn Hoad, Abby-Jane Clark,
Chantelle and Jacinta Van Poorten, Kalinda Cooke.

The Coober Pedy Amateur Horse Racing Club
held its Annual General Meeting on 21 March                    The dates for the next
2012.                                                         Coober Pedy Races are
The newly elected executive committee are Jason              the 11th and 12th August.                                 To apply please visit

Jones President, Curly Secretary and Chevahn            Locals are reminded to please add                
Hoad Treasurer.                                         this weekends date to your diaries.

Peter Rowe will still be providing significant

                                                        Goodbye to John and Tracey
assistance but he has decided it is time for him to
step aside and give someone else a go.

                                                      On Wednesday 18 April, the volunteer
                                                      ambulance team said goodbye to Tracey
                                                      Gordon and John Olsen over dinner at John’s
                                                      Pizza Bar. Typically, dinner was late because
                                                      John and Tracey were out on a job.

                                                      Since their arrival on 13 July 2009, they have
                                                      been dedicated to serving the town 9 to 5 Monday
                                                      to Friday but also after hours and on weekends.

                                                      Tracey will be remembered for the valuable
                                                      connections she made with the community. She
                                                      won the respect of Aboriginal clients in particular
                                                      because of her caring attitude and knowledge of
                                                      their family and health issues.

                                                      John is transferring to Ceduna where he will be
                                                      an ambulance officer as he was here, but closer
                                                      to his home. Tracey is leaving SAAS. She is
                                                      staying in Coober Pedy and will be working in a
                                                      government office.

                                                      I’m sure everyone in town will join the volunteer
Outgoing Race Club President Peter                    ambulance crew in wishing both John and Tracey        John and Tracey say goodbye to Coober Pedy
                                                      happiness in their new positions.
Rowe watches for photo opportunities at
the Opal Festival                                                                                                                                                                by Sue Britt

   Johns Pizza Bar & Restaurant                                                                                                                   Open 7 days 9am -10pm
                                                                                                                                                     10% Discount for Pensioners
                                                                                                                                                       ¨       Alfresco dining,Takeaway
                                         John’s Pizza Bar &
                                                                                                                                                               Relax in air-conditioned comfort
                                     Restaurant are the proud
                                                                                                                                                  or heated elfresco
                                    winners of the National Best
                                                                                                                                                               INTERNET ACCESS for tourists
                                          Pizza in the 2010
                                       I Love FOOD Awards -                                                                                                    Group bookings and large
                                    making Coober Pedy proud.                                                                                     functions rooms
         Follow us on                                                                                                                                          Extensive menus - breakfast, lunch
       John's Pizza Bar &                                                                                                                         and dinner .
                                          Ph:08 8672 5561
          Restaurant                       Fax:08 8672 5537                                                                                                    Large selection of pizzas and
      Appreciation Group               Email:                                                                                  a range of new regular meals available.

Thursday 26 April 2012                                                      Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                                                                    Page 9
                           WHAT’S ON & VISITING SERVICES
             WHAT’S ON around Coober Pedy ?   ACCOUNTANT DATES
                                              Waters + Younger
               & VISITING SERVICES                                                                                                2012 Visits to Coober Pedy
                                                                                                                                 Phone: 8331 9477 Adelaide
                                                                                                                               Phone: 8672 5979 Coober Pedy
                                                                                                                                      Fax: 8364 4676

                                                 Car $20, Adult $10, Child (under 16) $5                                       30 Jan - 4 February      Richard
                                    Canteen Meals Available - Hotdog Meal deals, Hamburger Meal deals                          20 - 24 February         Jack
                                                 Hot Chips, Donuts, Hot and Cold Drinks                                        16 - 21 April            Richard
                                                                                                                               21 - 25 May              Jack
                                                    SATURDAY 5 MAY                                                             11 - 17 July
                                                                                                                               6 - 10 August
                     Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the evil Capitol of the nation of Panem
                     forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games.        10 - 14 September        Richard
                     A twisted punishment for a past uprising and an ongoing government intimidation tactic, The               15 - 20 October          Richard
                     Hunger Games are a nationally televised event in which "Tributes" must fight with one another             5 - 9 November           Jack
                     until one survivor remains. Pitted against highly-trained Tributes who have prepared for these            3 - 6 December           Jack
                     Games their entire lives, Katniss is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as well as the mentorship
                     of drunken former victor Haymitch Abernathy. If she's ever to return home to District 12, Katniss        Roger The Roving Vet Dates
                     must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against
                     love. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Stanley                     Location: Coober Pedy Pound
                     Tucci, and Donald Sutherland.                                                                                        Bookings essential
                                                                                                                               *   Clinic 2: May 7th and 8th
                                              Coober Pedy School Community Library & Toy Library                               *   Clinic 3: July 23rd and 24th
     throughout 2012 may only be                                  Opening hours: School Terms:                                 *   Clinic 4: September 10th and 11th
        temporary or seasonal                                     Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 5pm                               *   Clinic 5: November 12th and 13th
                                                             Friday 8.30am – 4 pm; Sunday 11 am – 4 pm
     Contributors are reminded to                                                                                              Please phone Redgum Vet and Pet Boarding
      update or remove obsolete                                                                                                 08 86423308 for an appointment or orders
                entries                                School Holidays: Monday – Thursday 12.00pm – 5pm
                                                           Friday 12.00pm – 4 pm; Sunday 11 am – 4 pm                             (8.30am-5pm M-F; 6pm-8pm Thursday
                                                                                                                                     evening; 8.30am-11am Saturday)
      Thank you for keeping the
        community informed                                     Saturday and Public Holidays Closed
                                                                                                                                As a 2012 special for Coober Pedy
                                                               Located at Coober Pedy Area School
                                                                                                                                 clients only, Roger will offer 10%
                                                                                                                                discount on all Eukanuba dog foods.
 MONDAYS                                    THURSDAY                                  FRIDAYS                                  Please place orders at least one week
                                                                                                                              before the clinic date to ensure delivery
 BOYS GROUP 12-17 year olds                 COOBER PEDY                               CP Social Scrabble 7.30pm
 3pm – 4.30pm Home Economics                MULTICULTURAL FORUM
                                            10am-11am Social gatherings
                                                                                      United Club . All skill levels
                                                                                      welcome                                 PRACTICE
                                            for over 65’s
 TUESDAYS                                   LITTLE MUSICIANS
 PRE SEASON FOOTY TRAINING                  Coober Pedy Area School
 at 6.30 pm. New players welcome            Music Room                                Mine Rescue Training
                                            Caters for 3 to 5 year olds               (Alternate Saturdays)                                              is held
 10.30am—11.30am Lion’s Hall                ACTIVE GIRLS GROUP
                                                                                      LEGO CLUB 10am—12pm
                                                                                      5 year olds and up Lions Club
 Caters for 2-4 year olds & caregivers      3:15 till 4:30pm, age 10 -15 y/o
                                            MUSIC/HOME ECONOMICS                      CINEMA PROGRAM                                                    NIGHTS
 TJITJI TJUTA INKANYINI PUKULPA             room at school
 12pm—2pm A Playgroup for 0-5 year
                                                                                      6.30-9.30pm. Every 2nd
                                                                                      Saturday                                                              at
 olds and caregivers.                       PRE SEASON FOOTY
 Home Makers, Umoona Community,             TRAINING at 6.30 pm
                                                                                      Tina mobile: 0488 208 747 or
                                                                                      ph:8672 5642
                                                                                                                                                        The Oval
 Lunch & Activities
                                             Come and try 5 a side INDOOR                                                                                  8.30
                                             SOCCER on the 1st, 5th & 8th             CP SHOOTERS CLUB
 SOCCER Workshop 4.30pm – 6pm
                                             May. School Gym at 6pm.                  9am and 11am Pistol                                                (approx 2 hrs)
 School Oval 10-16 year olds                 More info: Carmelo Crisa
                                             Ph: 86725 579 or 0428846500                                                      Farina vs Coober Pedy Cricket Match
 3nd Tuesday each month at 7pm                                                         SUNDAYS                                   Community members and cricket
                                            FRIDAYS                                    CP SHOOTERS CLUB                         supporters interested in travelling to
 AMBULANCE TRAINING                         TINY TACKER PLAYGROUP                      Rifle 10am -                           FARINA for the day or overnight Saturday
 7.30pm Umoona Road                         0 - 2 year olds 10am—12.30pm                                                      12 May, please register your interest with
 every Tuesday except school holidays       Community Health Meeting                   Golf (CP Golf Course                   Khuram 0433 373 156; Ryan 0430 971 517
                                            Room (behind Dr. Kami’s)                   Registration 12:00 noon                         or Shane 0423 961 867
 WEDNESDAYS                                                                            Tee off time 12:30
                                            Coober Pedy Multicultural
                                            Forum: Lions club rooms                    United Bowling Club
                                                                                                                              SA STATE SCHOOL TERM DATES
 CRAFT GROUP 7.30 - 9.30pm
 Catacomb Church - BYO                      10am-12 Men over 65 - chess,               Lawn Bowls 1.30 pm
                                            card games, discussions                                                            2013 29 Jan - 12 Apr 29 Apr - 5 Jul 22
 Tel: June Maclean 86725029                                                            CFS Training 2- 5                       Jul - 27 Sep 14 Oct - 13 Dec
                                            CRICKET 5.30pm to 6.30 pm
 or Chris Challis 86723905                  at School Gym                              Alternate Sundays
                                                                                                                               2014 28 Jan - 11 Apr 28 April - 4 Jul 21
                                                                                       PLAY TIME                               Jul - 26 Sep 13 Oct - 12 Dec
 BABY BOUNCE RHYME &                        CP SHOOTERS CLUB
 TODDLER STORY TIME 10am                    Friday night shotgun 7pm -                 Catering for 0 to 5 year olds
                                                                                                                               2015 27 Jan - 10 Apr 27 Apr - 3 Jul 20
 Library Catering for 0 to 5 y/o                                                       2.00pm—3.30pm
                                                                                                                               Jul - 25 Sep 12 Oct - 11 Dec
                                            GREEK CLUB - Bingo 7.30 pm                 School Gymnasium

Page 10                                                                     Coober Pedy Regional Times                                         Thursday 26 April 2012
                                          What’s On in COOBER PEDY?
   2012 EVENT
   To help avoid clashes in dates, post
         community events here
     Black Dog Ride (1 day)
         Sunday 29 April 2012
        Leaves 10am (see ad)
      Coober Pedy - Cadney Park

         The Lions Club
       Trash and Treasure
         Saturday 28 April 2012
    Kyle Hay (President) 0400274265

     Farina v Coober Pedy
         Cricket Match
        Saturday 12 May 11am
              at Farina

  The Great Breakaways Bolt
         Saturday 30 June 2012

       Coober Pedy Races
          11th and 12th August

 Far North Footy Grand Final
      Saturday 8th September 2012

   Opal Inn Christmas Party
          Sunday 25 November.”

 GREAT Breakaways’ Bolt                                                      National Walk
                                                                            Safely To School
                 brought forward to 30 June                                 Day is on 18 May
               Book early for this amazing event!                         It’s that time of year when parents and
                                                                          primary school-aged children right
                                                                          round Australia are asked to take those
                                                                          important steps towards a healthier
                                                                          lifestyle by participating in National Walk
                                                                          Safely to School Day.

                                                                          This year, parents, carers and students can
                                                                          find the best walking route to school online
                                                                          at – the Pedestrian
                                                                          Council of Australia is providing a Google
                                                                          Maps facility.

                                                                          Parents and students can enter their home
                                                                          starting point and the school destination –
                                                                          and the new feature will plot the best walking
                                                                          route to school.

                                                                          The event asks parents, carers and their
                                                                          children to build regular walking to and from
                                                                          school into their daily routine because
                                                                          children need a minimum of 60 minutes’
                                                                          exercise each day.

                                                                          Walk Safely to School Day encourages
                                                                          children to lead a healthier, more active life
                                                                          through regular walking, reinforces safe
                                                                          pedestrian behaviour and creates regular
                                                                          walking habits at a young age.

                                                                          • SA State Coordinator: Chris Chalke 08
                                                                          8271 6099 or 0418 827 924 (email:

Thursday 26 April 2012                       Coober Pedy Regional Times                                       Page 11
FAMILY MATTERS           Child Community Links
                                                              Tanya Lauder
                                                          Child Community Links
                                                          Officer District Council
                                                              of Coober Pedy

                                                           “Child Community
                                                          Links is funded by the
                                                              Department of
                                                           Families, Housing,
                                                           Community Services
                                                             and Indigenous

Thursday 26 April 2012       Coober Pedy Regional Times                              Page 12
                                                                                                 The good, bad and ugly!
     What is the best                                         Cat
                                                              WHY IT'S GOOD Cats are like polite dogs. They can
                                                                                                                             WHY IT'S GOOD the size of an aquarium is up to you. If

      pet for you?                                            keep you company while you are having some quiet time.         you live in a small unit or have one in your room, they can
                                                              If you are curled up on the lounge watching TV your cat        take up very little space. Fish also come in lots of sizes,
                                                              will be sitting on you or very close to you purring because    shapes and colours, and they don't take a lot of work.
Puppies are so cute as soon as you see them you fall in       they are happy. You never need to walk them. They use
                                                              a litter tray for a toilet.                                    WHY IT'S BAD Let's face it, it's a fish. There aren't many
love. Puppies smell so good; they are warm and snuggle                                                                       ways you can play with a fish. They have a 15 second
into you. It is hard to resist taking them home. However,                                                                    memory, every time they swim around the bowl they think
there are lots of things to consider when you are picking                                                                    they are seeing something new. Plus, they don't live long.
a new pet. If you love long walks on the beach and                                                                           If you have more than one fish the rule is, if it’s big enough
throwing a Frisbee and you want your pet to join in with                                                                     to eat the smaller fish it will.
these activities, would you think, a Gold Fish is the best
pet for me; we can share an outdoor life together? Sadly                                                                     NEEDS You'll need to spend several hours setting up your
this relationship will not work out because Bubbles the                                                                      aquarium with a good filtration system, the right type of
gold fish will not be able to do any of that. They are cute                                                                  water and suitable decorations (treasure chest, shipwreck
but I have never heard of a gold fish bringing back a                                                                        etc, you know, classy stuff). Plan on a few minutes daily
Frisbee.                                                                                                                     feeding the fish, and at least half an hour a week changing
                                                                                                                             some of the water.
You need to look at your type of lifestyle and what kind
of pet would suit it best.                                                                                                   COST Size matters; if you have a large tank it will cost
Pets come in all shapes and sizes, Dogs, Horses, Frogs,                                                                      you more then a smaller one. If you have a large fish it
Rabbits, Birds, Fish, Lizards, other Reptiles, Cats, and                                                                     will keep you broke eating the smaller ones (try putting
Rats. They are the most common pets in Australia. If                                                                         your fish on a diet, it never works)
you lived in India you might have an Elephant or a Bengal
Tiger. If you lived in the Swiss Alps you could have a        Dennis the rescued cat. Treated like a king in his             BOTTOM LINE A fish tank is very restful and a joy to
lovely goat to play with. Pigs are house pets in American     new home                                                       watch. Fish are beautiful and colourful. Once you've
and snails are popular pets in France.                                                                                       purchased the tank, this can be the most inexpensive pet
                                                              WHY IT'S BAD Nearly all cats are more aloof than dogs.         on this list.
It’s time to choose your pet, please consider:
The size of your home? (Big dogs would be un-                 They are not playful. They never come when you call
happy in a small unit, without a yard)                        them or play with you when you want. They are                  A Rock
How many people in your house already? (If you                completely independent of you and your needs. You are          WHY IT'S GOOD Requires no work. You don't need your
are already crowded, a small pet would be best)               lucky to have them, remember that and you will get along       parent's permission to get one. Can be useful as a
The age of the children? (Children under 5 years              with your cat. Some people are allergic.                       paperweight.
old need help to look after their pets)
                                                              NEEDS Cats must be fed daily. They need an inside toilet       WHY IT'S BAD Just sits there.
Is anyone in your home afraid of any animals? ( If            (litter box). But you do need to scoop the litter box out
someone is afraid of snakes, it is not the best               daily and clean it weekly. Longhaired cats need to be          NEEDS None! Unless your rock needs more rock friends.
pet to get)                                                   brushed regularly (You may need to seek medical help if        COST Free. Especially around Coober Pedy.
                                                              you try to) You'll probably need help clipping your cat's
Has anyone an allergy to any animals?” (If a                  nails. (Do you know your blood type, and is the hospital       BOTTOM LINE You are a sad person if you think a rock
medical condition prevents you from having a                  on speed dial before you try that) If you must travel,         is the answer to your pet problem, maybe you'll feel better
certain type of pet, choose another)                          your cat can look after itself for a couple of days, as long   if you paint eyes on it.
                                                              as it has plenty of food and water. You need to take your
                                                              cat to the vet for injections and de-sexing.
WHY IT'S GOOD. A dog will play with you and love              COST If you are a cat person, you never worry about the
you more than any other pet. They are like your soul          cost, it is for love.
mate. They are the best bodyguard. All girls stop and talk
to a man with a cute fluffy dog.                              BOTTOM LINE Cats choose you, and if you are well
                                                              behaved and treat them like royalty you will have the best
                                                              relationship of your life.

                                                              WHY IT'S GOOD Beautiful, colourful, cheerful little
                                                              things. Easy to care for. Some can be taught to talk or
                                                              whistle. Active during the day, Cover them over at night
                                                              and you won’t hear from them until you uncover them in
                                                              the morning.

                                                              WHY IT'S BAD Cleaning their cage is a regular job, and
                                                              they like to throw their seeds around.                         Pet cows hmmm...No way! I'm not going to
                                                                                                                             share my comfy lounge with a cow!
                                                              NEEDS You'll need to give your birds good quality food
                                                              and water daily, and clean the cage weekly.                    I want a Teddy Bear for a pet, a real one. We can play
                                                                                                                             fight, but he is not sleeping on my side of the bedroom
                                                              COST The cost of feed a bird is low because they eat so        floor. If I can’t have a real one can I have a life size toy
Me as a puppy. I was adorable in every way                    little. If you need a vet you may need to find a specialist    teddy? My Mum can’t decide if she would like an elephant
                                                              vet for birds.                                                 or a camel. She could ride it to work. Dad says he has
WHY IT'S BAD It takes a lot of time and energy to care
for one. Young dogs can be annoyingly active. Dogs need                                                                      the best pets in the world, but a new pet motorbike would
                                                              BOTTOM LINE Birds are small and a joy to listen to.            be no trouble.
to see a vet for injections and de-sexing. Dogs bark at
                                                              They are good company. (My cats want one for
shadows or nothing at all and make it sound like a serious    Christmas)
threat. Some people are allergic.                                                                                            Woof Woof
                                                                                                                             Charlie Paris
NEEDS Dogs need room to run around and exercise. You          Rodent
need to feed your dog every day. Dogs love a walk with        WHY IT'S GOOD You don't need a big house or back
you at least once a day. They need to go to the toilet four   yard to keep a hamster, gerbils or mice. They are playful,
or five times a day. Long-haired breeds need to be brushed    friendly, curious and cute.
regularly. Most dogs should be bathed every month or
so. If you take a trip, you'll have to bring your dog along   WHY IT'S BAD They're small, and you can't play with
or board it at a kennel.                                      them as much as with a dog or cat. Also, most sleep
                                                              during the day and are awake at night. They can scare
COST There's a wide price range, from a free puppy/dog        people, some people have a real fear of mice and rats.
at an animal rescue shelter to $1000’s for a purebred dog.
You'll also need to buy a license, collar and leash, and      NEEDS You need to check their food and water every
take the dog to a vet for shots and de-sexing.                day. Put soft clean bedding in their cage every week or
BOTTOM LINE If you're an energetic person that needs                                                                           
a soul mate, this may be the pet for you. Puppies need a      BOTTOM LINE A good pet if you don't have much room                         Dog Reporter, Charlie Paris
lot of attention and training.                                or money but still want something warm to hold.
Thursday 26 April 2012                                                         Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                                       Page 13
                                                See page 2 for Rates, Deadlines & Publishing Dates
           Indemnity                              MINERAL LEASES                                       POSITION VACANT                                   FUNERAL SERVICE
  Advertising agencies, advertisers and                                                                                                            BRIGITTE MATTERS (Sperger), of Coober
      other contributors accept full                                                                                                                  Pedy, passed away 3rd April 2012.
    responsibility for the contents of
  advertisements and other submitted,                                                                                                               She was born in Lustenau, Austria, 28th
       signed material and agree to                                                                                                                               April 1964.
  indemnify the publishers against any
                                                      Mining Act 1971
                                            Notice is hereby given in accordance with
     claim or proceedings out of the        Section 28 (5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the                                                           Loving daughter of Kurt and Agnes
  publication of such advertisements or     Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy                                                                Sperger, and sister to Erich and Peter.
                                            proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the
                 material.                  undermentioned areas.
     Provision of material or copy for      Applicant:         Teck Australia Pty Ltd                                                                  Brigitte will be sadly missed by all
     publication in the Coober Pedy         Location:          Tallaringa area – approx 120 km                                                                   who knew her.
       Regional Times Newspaper                                west of Coober Pedy
                                            Term:              Two years
        constitutes acceptance by           Area in km2:       479                                                                                  FUNERAL SERVICE will be held at the
  advertisers, advertising agencies and     Ref:               2011/00120                                                                           Catholic Church 10am Friday 27th April
   other contributors of this condition.    Applicant:         Teck Australia Pty Ltd                                                                     2012 before proceeding to

                                            Location:          Tallaringa area – approx 110 km                                                                Boot Hill Cemetery
                                                               southwest of Coober Pedy
                                            Term:              Two years
                                                                                                                                                         FUNERAL SERVICE
                                            Area in km2:       209
                                            Ref:               2011/00125
                                                                                                                                                    DECKELMAN, Werner Gunter
                                                            Energia Minerals Limited

 Provides a Weekly Service to               Location:       Blyth Creek area – approx

        Coober Pedy &
                                                            90 km southeast of Oodnadatta
                                            Pastoral Lease: The Peake                                                                               opal miner from Coober Pedy
      Surrounding Areas
                                            Area in km2:
                                                            Two years
                                                                                                                                                    passed away on 1 April 2012
                                            Ref:            2011/00280                                                                                    at the age of 81
                                            Applicant:       IMX Resources Limited
                                            Location:        Warrina North area –
                                                             approx 40 km northeast of                                                                         Rest in Peace
                                                             Coober Pedy
                                            Pastoral Leases: Mount Barry, Anna Creek
                                            Term:            Two years
                                            Area in km2:     565
  Truckin’ Frozen, Perishable and           Ref:             2012/00029

         General Freight.                   Applicant:
                                                            Southern Exploration Pty Ltd
                                                            Commonwealth Hill area –
                                                                                                                                POSITION VACANT
  Also Specialising in Livestock,                           approx 90km north of Tarcoola

      Wool and Bulk Cartage                 Pastoral Lease: Commonwealth Hill
                                            Area in km2:
                                                            Two years
                                                                                                                      VILLAGE MANAGER
     Adelaide: (08) 82805033                Ref:            2012/00036
                                                                                                 Outback Parks & Lodges require a motivated individual for effective hands on commercial
                                            Plans and co-ordinates can be
     Mobile: 0408 859 037                   found on the DMITRE website:
                                                                                                         management of our ‘one client’ village in Coober Pedy, South Australia.
      Fax: (08) 82805788                    or by phoning Mineral Tenements on 08 8463 3103.
                                                                                                 This exciting and challenging role encompasses:
                                            J. Martin
     Address: 397 Burton Road               Mining Registrar                                     • Client liaison
                                                                                                 • Management of accommodation, public areas and village precinct
            Burton SA                       3059826               
                                                                                                 • Administration, purchasing and reporting
                                                      LIVE CRICKETS                              • Management of subcontractors
                                                                                                 • Accurate and effective communication with Regional Manager
                                           Expressions of interest is sought                     • The successful applicant must have:
                                             from locals who may wish to                         • Professional and proactive attitude
                                                                                                 • Proven IT skill set – Word, Excel, MS Outlook
                                           purchase live crickets over winter.                   • Excellent interpersonal, organisational and communication skills
                                                                                                 • Project coordination experience
                                               Orders need to be placed in                       • The ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as
                                                        advance.                                 outside clients and vendors.
                                                    The cost will be                             • Outstanding attention to detail
                                                                                                 • Ability to multi-task, meet critical deadlines and be flexible
                                                    $15 per hundred
                                                                                                        Attractive and generous salary package available to outstanding applicants.
BUSH LOGISTICS                              There will be a limited number
                                           available so register your interest
                                                                                                                                 Confidentiality assured.

                                                                                                                               Applications close 4th May 2012
                                                    with Mick at the
                                             Coober Pedy Tyre Centre on                             Email your resume to:, or phone 08 8953 7777 for
                                                       8672 3322                                                               Position Directive
 Carriers to Outback SA.
                                                                                                                                FNHAC POSITIONS
 Adelaide - Coober Pedy-                       NEED
 APY Lands twice weekly                    TO ADVERTISE?
                                              ADVER                                                        Coober Pedy Hospital & Health Services
                                                               in the                                        Far North Health Advisory Council
                                                  Coober Pedy                                                               Call for Nominations
           email: Lee Payne
                      Regional Times                                   The Far North Health Advisory Council is seeking representatives from the Coober Pedy
                                                                                                       and Oodnadatta communities to join the Far North Health Advisory Council.
      Tel: 08 82626313                                           The Far North Health Advisory Council provides advice on health service needs, priorities
                                                                                                 and issues within their local area, advocating on behalf of the community to support the
      fax: 08 82625143                                     or/and                                planning and provision of health services and provides advice to the local health service
                                                                                                        and the Minister for Health regarding the communities issue and priorities.
       Ring for a quote
 Twice weekly from Adelaide to                                                                      If you have any further questions or would like to be nominated then , please do not
     Coober Pedy and APY                          Tel: 08 86725920                                hesitate to contact Christine Haar, Executive Officer Director of Nursing, Far North Health
                                                                                                                        Services on 86725009 during business hours.

Page 14                                                                 Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                              Thursday 26 April 2012
                                                                                              CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
            PUBLIC NOTICE - MINING ACTIVITIES                                                  FarRDA EMPLOYER WORKSHOP
                                                                                                  North Football League 2012
    NOTICE OF INITIATION OF NEGOTIATIONS WITH NATIVE                                               Lightning Cup Carnival
                       TITLE PARTIES                                                               Results played 21st April
                        SA MINING ACT 1971 S63M                                        Game 1: AFC 5 goals 5 behinds 35 points defeated CPFC 2 goals 1
                                                                                       behind 13 points
 TAKE NOTICE that RENAISSANCE URANIUM LIMITED (ACN 135 531 341)                        Game 2: RDSC 5 goals 5 behinds 35 points defeated HSC 0 goals 1
 36 North Terrace Kent Town SA 5067 is the registered holder of Exploration            behind 1 points
 Licence numbers 4676 and 4822 and proposes to carry out exploration                   Game 3: ODFC 7 goals 7 behinds 49 points defeated CPFC 0 goals 0
 activities on the following land (Land):                                              behind 0 points
                                                                                       Game 4: RDSC 7 goals 0 behinds 42 points defeated AFC 1 goals 0
 Exploration Licence 4676: WITCHELINA AREA Approximately 15km south
 of Marree, bounded as follows:
                                                                                       behind 6 points
                                                                                       Game 5: ODFC 3 goals 5 behinds 23 points defeated HSC 0 goals 1
 Commencing at a point being the intersection of latitude 29°43’S and                  behind 1 points
 longitude 138°01’E, thence east to longitude 138°07’E, south to latitude              Game 6: RDSC 11 goals 5 behinds 71 points defeated CPFC 0 goals 0
 29°46’S, east to longitude 138°10’E, south to latitude 29°54’S, east to               behind 0 points
 longitude 138°16’E, south to latitude 29°59’S, west to longitude 137°57’E,            Game 7: AFC 4 goals 4 behinds 28 points defeated HSC 1 goals 1
 north to latitude 29°52’S, east to longitude 137°59’E, north to latitude              behind 7 points
 29°49’S, east to longitude 138°01’E and north to the point of                         Game 8: ODFC 4 goals 3 behinds 27 points defeated RDSC 2 goals 2
 commencement.                                                                         behind 14 points
 TOTAL AREA: approximately 593 km²
                                                                                       Game 9: HSC      6 goals 3 behinds 39 points defeated CPFC 0 goals 2
                                                                                       behind 2 points
 Exploration Licence 4822: WILOURAN RANGES AREA Approximately 20                       Game 10: ODFC 6 goals 3 behinds 39 points defeated AFC 0 goals 1
 km west of Marree bounded as follows:                                                 behind 1 points

 Commencing at a point being the intersection of latitude 29°34’S and                  Grand Final: Roxby Districts 3 goals 3 behinds 21 points defeated
 longitude 137°45’E, thence east to longitude 137°59’E, south to latitude
 29°40’S, west to longitude 137°54’E, south to latitude 29°43’S, east to               Olympic Dam 1 goal 0 behinds 6 points
 longitude 137°57’E, south to latitude 29°46’S, east to longitude 137°59’E,
 south to latitude 29°49’S, west to longitude 137°55’E, south to latitude
 29°54’S, east to longitude 137°57’E, south to latitude 30°04’S, west to
 longitude 137°51’E, north to latitude 29°56’S, west to longitude 137°46’E,
 south to latitude 29°57’S, west to longitude 137°45’E, north to latitude
                                                                                         To Advertise in the Coober Pedy
 29°54’S, east to longitude 137°48’E, north to latitude 29°45’S, west to
 longitude 137°43’E south to latitude 29°51’S, west to longitude 137°40’E,                       Regional Times
 north to latitude 29°50’S, west to longitude 137°39’E, north to latitude
 29°47’S, east to longitude 137°42’E, north to latitude 29°38’S, east to
 longitude 137°45’E, and north to the point of commencement but excluding
                                                                                              Telephone 8672 5920
 the area bounded as follows:

 Commencing at a point being the intersection of latitude 29°43’S and
 longitude 137°51’E, thence east to longitude 137°53’E, south to latitude
 29°49’S, west to longitude 137°51’E and north to the point of                           email:

 TOTAL AREA: approximately 933 km²

 All the within latitudes and longitudes are geodetic and expressed in terms of
 the Australia Geodetic Datum as defined on p.4984 of Commonwealth Gazette
 number 84 dated October 6, 1966 (ADG66).
                                                                                             McEvoy Transport
                                                                                                 Upper Eyre Peninsula to the WA – SA Border
 In this notice a reference to a tenement includes that tenement as substituted,
 extended or re-granted and a reference to a party currently holding a tenement
 includes successors and assigns of that party’s interest in the tenement
                                                                                                                               Towns serviced daily
 Exploration operations to determine the geological structure of the land and                                                     Ceduna, Thevenard, Wirrulla,
 presence of economic mineralisation, which may include: magnetic, gravity,                                                  Smoky Bay, Minnipa and Poochera.
 electrical and seismic surveying, geochemical sampling, shallow trenching,
 auger, rotary, air blast, core, reverse circulation and/or diamond core drilling.                                            In addition, McEvoy Transport also
                                                                                                                             services towns from Ceduna to Eucla
 TAKE NOTICE that if two (2) months after notice is given to all who hold or
 may hold native title in the Land, there are no native title parties in relation to                                            including; Penong, Fowlers Bay,
 the Land to which this notice relates RENAISSANCE URANIUM LIMITED                                                            Coorabie, Nundroo, Yalata, Jacinth
 may apply ex parte to the Environment Resources and Development Court                                                           Ambrosia, Nullabor, Eucla and
 for a summary determination pursuant to Section 63N of the Mining Act, 1971
 authorising entry to the Land for the purpose of carrying out mining operations                                                         Border Village
 on the Land and the conduct of mining operations on the Land.
                                                                                        Specialising in Remote Area work in this region including Oversize
 Any person who holds or may hold native title in the Land is invited to contact       loads. Hot shots are performed as requested. Regularly arrange on
 RENAISSANCE URANIUM LIMITED through their legal advisers, McDonald                                      forwarding of goods Australia wide
 Steed McGrath Lawyers of 11-13 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

 TAKE NOTICE that if within four (4) months from the initiation of negotiations,          Our guarantee is that we will care for your customers and products as
 RENAISSANCE URANIUM PTY LTD and any native title party/ies have not                                                     our own
 reached agreement, any party to the negotiations or the Minister may apply
 to the Environment Resources and Development Court pursuant to Section
 63S of the Mining Act, 1971 for a determination in relation to the conduct of                               McEvoy’s – We Care for
 mining operations on the Land.                                                                                     Upper Eyre
 Renaissance Uranium Ltd                                                                                       ADELAIDE DEPOT
 c/- McDonald Steed McGrath Lawyers                                                                  Location: 397 BURTON ROAD BURTON
 11-13 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA 5000                                                                           Ph: 08 82808044
 Telephone:     (08) 8161 5088
 Facsimile:     (08) 8410 7266
                                                                                                                 Fax: 08 8280 3726
 Contact Person:         Abigail Steed                                                        

Thursday 26 April 2012                                                  Coober Pedy Regional Times                                                        Page 15
Page 16   Coober Pedy Regional Times   Thursday 26 April 2012

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