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					                     WP2: BDS
                 Beam Delivery System

                Coordinator: Susan Smith, CCLRC

Susan L Smith         EUROTeV                     13.09.2004
WP2: Overall Goal

 •   Develop and evolve a BDS optics design to allow the
     specification of beam delivery system components in
     conjunction with the output of the DIAG and BDYN WP
 •   Progress the design concept of critical components of the
     BDS, specifically the final focus quadrupoles, the
     wakefield modelling and design of collimation systems,
     fast feedback systems and the crab cavity system

     Participants: CCLRC, CERN, CEA, TU Darmstadt,
     Lancaster Uni., Queen Mary Uni, Manchester Uni

Susan L Smith         EUROTeV                           13.09.2004
BDS Goals
                   Design & Optimisation of
                     Final Focus system

                  Studies of SC Quadrupoles
                for us as Strong Final IR Quads                    FF System

                   Crab Cavity Prototyping

                   Design & Optimisation of
                     Collimation System

      Mechanical Spoiler Design                                    Coll System
           & Prototyping
                                                  Spoiler Design
    Spoiler Wakefield Calculations

                              Fast Beam-Based
                           Feedback System(s) R&D

Susan L Smith                EUROTeV                                      13.09.2004

• Name: BDS Lattice Design
• Participants: CCLRC, CEA, CERN

• Design and optimisation of final focus systems
• Design and optimisation of collimation systems
• Studies of non-linear collimation schemes
• Maintenance of BDS lattice decks

Strong links to [→ WP5,6,7]

The scope of this package remains unchanged, there has
  been a slight shift in manpower and other costs to the

Susan L Smith      EUROTeV                           13.09.2004
• Name: BDS Lattice Design
• Participants: CCLRC, ULANC

• Design of high-power crab cavities
• Development of RF system model for phase stability
• Klystron design and performance studies
• Prototyping and low-power testing
Strong links to [→ WP6]
A small shift of resource request to CCLRC, the ITRP
  decision => R&D will be directed towards a system
  suitable for long SC trains.

Susan L Smith      EUROTeV                             13.09.2004
• Name: Fast Beam-Based Feedback System Design
• Participants: QMUL, CCLRC

• Design, prototyping and testing of intra-bunch train beam-
  based feedback systems
• Development of required nanosecond BPM and kicker
• Full system tests with beam in accelerator test facilities
• Development of a fast beam-beam scan system
• Strong links to [→ WP6]

A small shift of resource request to CCLRC, QMUL
  requested travel money only, ITRP decision clarifies the
  priorities for ILC.

Susan L Smith       EUROTeV                           13.09.2004
• Name: Spoiler Wakefields & Mechanical Design
• Task coordinator: Nigel Watson

• Design / optimisation of mechanical spoiler systems
• 2/3D modelling of single- and multi-bunch wakefields
• Benchmarking of wakefield calculations against
• Studies of spoiler damage scenarios
• Material tests with high powered beams

• Strong links to [→ WP6]

CERN contribution was on long range wakefields

Susan L Smith      EUROTeV                           13.09.2004
• Name: Superconducting Final Doublet Technology R&D
• Participants: CEA

• Experiments of high-field superconducting quadrupole in a
   2T external solenoid field
• Demonstration of feasibility for LC final doublet technology

Susan L Smith       EUROTeV                             13.09.2004
WP Financial Summary

                   WP2: BDS       WP2: BDS        %
Participant     Exp. Cont Req. Exp. Cont Req.
                Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost   Req
 CCLRC          1675 1213 462 2135 1818 317      -31
   CEA           693 405 288 513 265 248         -14
  CERN           374 187 187 246 106 140         -25
  QMUL           570 546    24 570 546     24     0
TEMF,TUD         492 246 246 466 269 197         -20
 ULANC           586 293 293 716 423 293          0
  UMA            156    78  78 274 196     78     0
   TOTAL        4546 2968 1579 4920 3623 1297   -18

Susan L Smith       EUROTeV                 13.09.2004
WP Summary
•   There has been a 18% reduction in the requested costs
    for the WP.

•   The scope of the programme remains largely unchanged

•   All the tasks will benefit from the clarity given by the
    technology decision and the encouragement that this
    decision has given to wider collaborations. The crab cavity
    and fast feedback task need to carefully consider the
    impact this decision has on priority of work.

Susan L Smith         EUROTeV                            13.09.2004

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