; October 2010
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October 2010


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									                         MINUTES OF CLAS MEETING 11/10/10
                      Air Leagues Hall, Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. NSW

Meeting opened at 8.15pm

Present:          B.Hoffmann, B.Eather, J.M.McIntyre, R.Towell, P.Turner, M.Batty, J.Elias,
                  R.Justic, F.Battam

Apologies:        M.Howell, J.McIntyre, D.Keyysecker, H.Hanna

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
                 Moved R.Towell and seconded J.Elias that the minutes be accepted as read.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes:
                 It was moved R.Towell and seconded J.Elias that any business arising
                 from previous minutes is carried forward to general business. Carried.

Correspondence In:
                From MAAA:
                Receipt of payment of invoices $960.00
                Advice of receipt of MR1’s
                Membership cards
                Invoices totalling $1,050.00 for membership fees.
                Letter confirming acceptance of Team Trial Submission.
                Specifications for online membership systems.
                Fwd. Letter from Tom Linwood to MAAA.
                MAAA Directory for 2010
                Congratulations on new President of CLAS
                Request for contact details of B. Hoffmann
                Re: Special Finance Meeting.
                Advice of new MAAQ Executive.
                MAAA Newsletter 03/2010
                Other than MAAA:
                J.M.McIntyre. Invoice for secretarial expenses. (paper/stamps) $22.00
                Whalan Reserve Park Committee. Invoice for$344.00
                Oz Mowing Wodonga east. Invoice for mowing. $159.50
                M.Howell. Acceptance of invitation to attend meeting.
                J.Nolan. Details of Burford Day. (to be forwarded)
                M.Comiskey. Query re Team trials.
                MAAQ. Re Dalby Nationals.
                R.Klau. New MAAQ President.
                ACLN. No. 148
                F.Battam. Acceptance of invitation to attend meeting.
                J.Nolan. Reminder of Racing Day and Burford Day.
                R.Rdgerton. Funeral details for Ron de Chastel.
                W.Leadbeatter. Details of Dalby Nationals.
                T.Letchford. Emails re WA dates for Team Selection events.

                                            Page 2.

Correspondence In; Other than MAAA Contd.

                 R.Boyd. Change of email address.
                 Membership registrations and payments from:- (totalling $1,135.00)
                 Doonside.            $115.00      MR
                 SSME                  $85.00      MR
                 REMAC                 $85.00      MR
                 KMFC                 $255.00      MR
                 MAC (Sport)           $85.00      MR
                 NACA                 $510.00      MR

Correspondence Out:
               Minutes of previous meeting.
               Minutes of Annual General Meeting.
               Membership cards posted to Club Secretaries.
               Payment of invoices to MAAA. ($960.00)
               M.Comiskey. Response to email re Team trials.
               Dept.of Fair Trading. Returned form and payment.
               W.Shurmer. Payment by cheque. (Banner costs)
               J.M.McIntyre. Payment of secretarial expenses.
               D.Milides. Re Whalan reserve fees.
               Letters of invitation to NSW W/Ch Team members inviting them to attend the
               next CLAS meeting.
               Letters of congratulations to T.Linwood, R.Fitzgerald and M.Ellins.
               G.Potter. Request for details of State Championships events at Albury.
               Details of Dalby Nationals.

                 (Note that any correspondence item tabulated above is available from Hon.
                 Secretary upon request.)

Business Arising from Correspondence:

                 Moved to general business by consensus. Moved J.Elias and seconded

Treasurer’s Report:

                 Balance brought forward                  $43,596.05
                 Income since previous meeting               4,305.40
                 Expenditure since previous meeting          2,304.70
                 Balance carried forward                  $45,596.75
                 Moved P.Turner and seconded R.Towell that the report be accepted. Carried.

                                                Page 3.


State Titles.

R.Justic reported that the F2A and F2C events were held over the October long weekend at the
Twin Cities venue with 4 entries in F2A and 3 in F2C. Fees were $10 per person. Monies from
this event were handed to the Hon. Treasurer and Richard has advised that he will send the
results to Brian, who will contact Peter Norrie for the certificates and stickers for the medallions.

Hon. Secretary referred to the account received from Twin Cities for the slashing of the grass.
She advised the meeting that she had telephoned both the contractor and the President of Twin
Cities in regard to this matter, and advised that payment should be made directly to the contractor
as requested by the Club. The meeting was also told that a huge amount of work had been done
by the Club members on a voluntary basis to ensure that the field and the surrounds were in good
order for the NSW events. Hon. Secretary to send a letter of thanks to Twin Cities.

The matter of terms of agreement in the original lease was raised and there was general
discussion. It was suggested and agreed by all members present that payments to Twin Cities to
assist with maintenance of the field be revisited, and the Secretary has been asked to confirm the
situation from previous minutes, so that an arrangement can be formalised between Twin Cities
and CLAS.

Paul Turner advised that a number of refunds needed to be paid and a list would be forwarded to
Brian so that cheques could be made out to those parties. Hon. Secretary will send out a covering
letter with the refunds.

Paul also paid tribute to the work done by Steve Rothwell in the organising of the racing

It was advised that the Canteen had made a profit of $307.40 and entries raised $1400 but this
was before refunds had been made.

World Championship Reports.

A warm welcome was extended to Frank Battam, who was a member of this year’s W/Ch Team
to Hungary. Frank spoke of the trip to Budapest via London with Murray and meeting up with
Joe Parisi, the third member of the F2B Team. He reassured the members that there had been no
difficulty with the transportation of the models or with Customs.
He mentioned the comparisons with the Aussie dollar, and the buying power of the HUF in
regard to meals. However, clothing and shoes were more expensive.
The Opening Ceremony was made very memorable by the aerobatic performance of a YAK,
which enthralled everyone at the ceremony.
His experiences were most entertaining and his telling of them was enjoyed by all members
present at the meeting.

                                            Page 4.


World Championship Reports. Contd.

He mentioned that the venue itself, with particular reference to the aerobatics fields, was
disappointing, with field surfaces and grass lengths leaving a lot to be desired. This is something
that the CIAM representatives must ensure does not happen again.
Frank spoke in depth of the fliers themselves and the various models, and spoke warmly of the
friendly atmosphere that these competitions engender. He referred to some concerns with the
judging and raised some very valid points.
In summing up, Frank reiterated what an amazing experience it had been and advocated that
being part of a World Championship is something to which our top fliers should aspire.

President, Bruce Hoffmann thanked Frank for a most enjoyable report and presented him with a
cheque with the thanks of CLAS for representing the Association at these Championships.

Murray was unable to attend because of an unexpected work commitment, but sent along his

Other members of the team from NSW had been invited to attend the meeting and it is hoped that
they will be able to come along at a future time and share their World Championship

Team trials for 2012.

Hon. Secretary reported that the proposal from the C/L Sub Committee to hold multi trials for
F2A, F2C and F2D had been approved by the MAAA and that the qualification events would be
the State Championships in 2011.
The Proposal to hold a single team trial for F2B has been approved in principle and it is now
necessary to work out all the details, as these must be given to the MAAA by early next year.
There was general discussion on how this might be put together and it was proposed that NSW
establish a working committee for this purpose. However, the Secretary, as Chairman of the C/L
Sub Committee, will seek expressions of interest from all other states before any proposal is
Once an organising group is accepted, it is expected that a firm venue and date will be organised
as quickly as possible, and all details in regard to the running of such an event will be organised
so that they may be submitted to the MAAA.

Change of Venue for Club Competition.

The SAT F2B competition will be held on Sunday, 28th November at the SAT field, Milperra
Road, Milperra. (Entry off Ashford Avenue, Milperra)

An email advising these changes will be sent to members.

                                            Page 5.


Reports and Calendar dates.

The Hon. Secretary requires clubs to submit dates for the next CLAS Calendar and also reports
on club activities for the general report required by the MAAA. Emails will be sent out to Club
Secretaries requesting this information.

Meeting closed 10.15 pm.

Joan McIntyre.
Hon. Secretary CLAS.

Postal address of CLAS Secretary:                       Email: joanmc@ozemail.com.au
19 Alston Drive,
Berowra Heights. NSW. 2082

Ph: 02 9456 1546 or Mob: 0408 92 1065           CLAS website: www.control-line.com.au


The next meeting of CLAS is scheduled for Monday, 8th November, 2010.


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