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					ZOUAVE!               Established 2007

                  No. 22     February 2009

        “Sad News” – contemporary Civil War illustration

Newspaper of the 62nd N.Y.S.V.V. “Anderson Zouaves” Company F
              (Living History and Research Group)

VALE – JON                              January   saw    the
 LATIMER                           passing of a much loved
      Editorial                    friend     of  “Anderson
                                   Zouave” re-enactors in
                                   Australia,    Mr     Jon
                                         Jon, a native of Wales,
                                   was involved in the early days
                                   of   the     Regiment’s  living
                                   history activities in Australia.
                                   He was known to all of us as
                                   a gentleman, with a great
                                   sense of humour and a passion
                                   for history.
                                         Jon had made his name
                                   as an insightful historian and

had had a number of historical       Llanelli     Crematorium,
works published. He passed           South Wales on the 16th
away suddenly, at the age of
                                     of January, 2009.
                                            The weather had been
      This edition will be a
                                     wet and windy when I arrived
memoriam      to   Jon,     an
                                     in Wales, but this afternoon it
expression of sadness, respect
                                     eased and was quite fine
and remembrance from his
                                     before the funeral, if not a
friends in this hobby in
                                     little cool. There are quite a
                                     few funerals this time of year,
Vale, Jon, you will be sadly         and Jon’s funeral was on the
and deeply missed.                   16th because this was the first
                                     available date. Once the other
      - the Editor (Dave Sanders)    funeral had finished, we were
                                     able to make our way outside
The picture at the top of this       the chapel where we waited
editorial, shows Jon at a 1990s
                                     for Jon.
Taminick Military Encampment. (L
to R., front rank; Dom Doyle, Mary          The weather cooled, and
Lincoln, Peter Roberts, rear rank;   a light rain began while we
Dave Sanders, Veronica Glasson,      waited under the awning.
Francis Daley, Nick Potts, Bill      Even      with    my     woollen
Lincoln, Jon Latimer.)
                                     stockings, thick socks and
                                     thick leather boots, my toes
                                     still began to feel the cold.
   JON LATIMER’S                     Eventually     we     saw    the
   FUNERAL AND                       undertaker, and the chatter
                                     ceased, and a mix of silence
         by Mary Lincoln
                                     and still disbelief took hold of
                                     this crowd of Jon’s.        The
                                     undertaker in top hat led, then
                                     Jon, the British flag draped
                                     over his coffin, a spray of
                                     flowers including daffodils, the
                                     national flower of Wales, and
                                     his Fusilier cap were placed
                                     on top. His family followed in
                                     the next vehicle. With six
                                     close     friends     as    pall
                                     bearers, Jon was taken inside
Photo of Jon sitting on the hill:    and then we entered.
Taken June 2006 at Kidwelly Castle          Although Jon was not
by M Lincoln                         one to believe in god or
                                     religion, Psalm 121 was read –
     Jon’s      funeral took
                                     it is the tradition after all.
place   at       1.30pm   at

Tributes were then given, the        Lifeboat.        Mr     Thomas
first    by    Professor     John    described how Jon came to
France, Director of James            initially visit Ferryside – he
Callaghan Centre for Conflict        and his friends came for a
Studies, Swansea University          pool tournament at the White
who      described      Jon     as   Lion, and Jon liked it so
extremely popular, his courses       much, he decided to look for a
were     very      popular    with   house there. Ferryside offered
students, and his scholarly          everything Jon loved – the
ability really put the rest of       ocean with a beach, scenery,
them        (his      professional   the railway station, a local
university       colleagues)    to   pub, and a yacht club where
shame. Jon had begun as an           he could stow his beloved
amateur       historian,     being   little yacht. He also joined the
qualified as an Oceanographer.       yacht     club   and    lifeboat,
Prof France said that Jon was        contributing in many ways
just coming into his stride as a     especially to the committee by
writer and lecturer, and was         keeping meetings in hand, and
becoming more confident each         if anyone said something
year, especially with the latest     about     someone    else,   Jon
success of 1812, which the           would say “yes, we know all
Prof had seen in nearly every        that, let’s just get back to
bookshop across America on a         what we’re wanting to do
recent trip.      Jon would be       here”, and this helped the
sorely missed by everyone who        committee stay focused and
knew him at the University,          achieve the things it did. Jon
and      gave       his    sincere   was also a valued member on
condolences to his family and        the life boats themselves, Mr
friends.                             Thomas saying that “you could
                                     not ask for a better coxen, and
                                     you would always feel safer
                                     with Jon on your boat”. Jon
                                     had also bought a crabber last
                                     year - wooden sailing vessel,
                                     but had not had time to work
                                     on it. Later I heard that the
                                     club will be keeping the
                                     crabber, and donations to
                                     restore it for a training vessel
Photo courtesy of Mr Gwyn Thomas.
                                     in Jon’s memory. Jon’s loss
      The second tribute was         with be greatly felt in the
given by Mr Gwyn Thomas,             lifeboat.
President of the River Towy                 The service continued
Yacht Club and Officer in            with some prayers and hymns
charge of Ferryside Inshore          including Calon Lan, sung by

the Welsh at rugby matches.              That afternoon, BBC
After the commendation and        Radio Wales aired a program
committal, we were lightened      Jon made as planned at the
with the sound of the tune        request of his parents. Some
from the old TV series White      went home to listen before
Horses – a song Jon sang          going to the wake. The story
along to once when I was          is about how the keys to the
visiting him.     Jon’s family    Spanish port of La Corunna
made their way out the front,     came to be kept in the Royal
and we all followed to greet      Welch Fusiliers museum in
them.    While waiting, I met     Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd
some people I’d met on my         in north Wales. Jon travelled
last    visit  to   Jon,   the    to    Spain,      England    and
Bancroft’s and Kieran.        I   northern Wales to make the
eventually met Jon’s family,      program.      A copy can be
and they were pleased to meet     emailed to anyone who would
me, had heard quite a bit         like to hear it.
about me from Jon, and were              The wake at the yacht
overwhelmed that I’d made         club was more informal, with
the journey to attend his         friends and family gathering
funeral. His father and I had     to celebrate Jon’s life, and
a laugh about what Jon would      those able to attend were
have to say about that. Jon’s     invited to bring a plate of a
parents, sister and brother-in-   favourite food of Jon’s. So on
law     attended   and    were    the spread were Welsh cakes,
overwhelmed by the number         pies (cottage and shepherd’s
of people there and their         pie a favourite of his I
sincere tributes.                 remember)        sausage    rolls,
                                  sandwiches,       mussels    and
                                  French cheeses among others.
                                  There was also a wall for
                                  photos people brought along
                                  to    give    to    the   family.
                                  Although       speeches     were
                                  planned, this didn’t eventuate
                                  as     people      were     more
                                  comfortable talking amongst
                                  themselves. I had print-outs
                                  of tributes by Stephen Gapps
                                  and Mary Hannigan with me,
                                  so gave them to Jon’s family
                                  who were very grateful and
Photo of Jon squinting at the     kept for later reading.
camera: Taken June 2006 at               There was plenty of
Kidwelly Castle by M Lincoln
                                  drinking and the band started

up giving people a chance to            intake to paracetamol and he
dance.     Another couple of            was quite happy saying he
friends did some fire twirling,         would be out in the morning
quite difficult in the strong           so not to bother my parents.
wind, but looked great in the                 I think the prospects
dark. Jon’s family stayed till          would have been slim of him
quite late, leaving about 11pm          pulling through this had it
– not a bad effort at all               been    diagnosed   and    the
considering how loud the band           outcome even if surgery was
was.     We left about 1am,             possible (which we doubt) still
going to another friend’s house         very low for survival. We
until about 4am with more               take comfort in the fact that
chat, drinks...       It was a          he did not suffer and did not
friendly, sad and memorable             have the mental anguish of
night.                                  nowing what was wrong and
       Jon’s    ashes   will be         the fact he had slim chances
scattered on the River Towy             of surviving.’
at a later date. In the mean
time Jon’s sister and brother –         Mary has also included the following
in- law are working on the              links about Jon:

final proof for Jon’s latest            http://www.timesonl
book:        ‘Buccaneers,   How         tol/comment/ obituaries/
Piracy formed an Empire’,               article5525711. ece
which is due out in May.
                                        90296645@ N00/3174459225/
        (Mary Lincoln also asked that
an email she received from Jon’s
                                        http://www.napoleon cgi-
sister, about how Jon passed away,
                                        bin/forum/ webbbs_config.
be included here – Ed)
                                        pl?md=read; id=100292

      'Jon died of an aortic            And this is the tune that was played
dissection - we understand he           at the end of Jon’s funeral:
did not know this so would
have not been aware of the     com/watch?
severity of his condition. The
pain he suffered was the first
stage    but    this   was   not
diagnosed. He had an ecg                  BBC TRIBUTE TO
when the ambulance arrived               “INSPIRATIONAL”
so had been told it was not a
heart attack which he first
feared.      He      was   given
morphine         and       made
comfortable and later in the                 Tributes have been
day they reduced his drug
                                        paid   to   a  university

lecturer   and    military               "He was an exceptionally
history author who died            gifted teacher, really quite
                                   inspiring, and has been an
suddenly aged 44.
                                   enormous        success     with
       Colleagues at Swansea
University have described Jon
                                         Mr      Latimer's    most
Latimer as a "gifted and
                                   recent      work      won      a
inspiring" teacher.
                                   distinguished book award from
       He had received several
                                   the    Society    for   Military
awards for his most recent
                                   History and was short-listed in
book on the 1812 war between
                                   the    US    for   the   George
Britain and America.
                                   Washington Book Prize.
       Mr Latimer was well
                                         "It's virtually in every
known         in      Ferryside,
                                   book shop in the States and
Carmarthenshire, where he
                                   really selling well - it's been
was a volunteer with the
                                   very well received," added Mr
inshore lifeboat and played
cricket and rugby.
                                         Mr Latimer had also
       Born      in   Prestatyn,
                                   served for 16 years with the
Denbighshire, and raised in
                                   Territorial    Army,    was    a
Chester,        he       studied
                                   volunteer lifeboat man, played
oceanography at Swansea in
the early 1980s.
       During a career as an
oceanographer, which included
a spell in Australia, he wrote
articles on military history for
magazines including British
Army        Review,     Military
History and Osprey Military
       Five    years   ago    he
returned        to      Swansea
University to lecture on a War
and Society degree.
       Professor John France,
director of the university's
James Callaghan Centre for
                                   cricket    and    rugby    for
Conflict Studies, said: "He was
                                   Ferryside and was a keen
a very interesting man and a
very interesting scholar.
                                          He died after a sudden
       "We at the university are
                                   and unexpected heart attack
deeply saddened and our
                                   at the weekend.
hearts go out to his family.
                                          Mr France said: "It's
                                   remarkable how active he has

been and how many lives he              talent was necessary to
has touched.                            both endeavours.
      "Our   students  picked                 I attended University
that up - he could spread his           College of Wales, Swansea, in
enthusiasm for whatever he              1982, ostensibly to study
was doing."                             Geography, but love of the sea
                                        meant that I left with a degree
                                        in    Oceanography         instead.
                                        From 1985 until 1997 I then
                                        enjoyed      a     varied      and
 JON LATIMER – IN                       interesting career working as
  HIS OWN WORDS                         an      oceanographer         with
        from Jon’s Website              Hunting         Surveys          in
                                        Borehamwood,          Hydraulics
                                        Research in Oxfordshire and
                                        Sydney     Water     Board       in
                                        Australia and the Ministry of
                                        Defence (Navy) in Bath. I
                                        have    also    been     a    shop
                                        assistant, vintner’s boy, street
                                        musician,      delivery       man,
                                        storeman, barman, labourer,
                                        driver, deckhand, painter and
                                        decorator, mystery customer,
                                        encyclopaedia            salesman
                                        (although only for three days),
                                        and    played    a    ‘discerning
                                        drinker’    in    a     television
Jon enjoying a game of pool, photo      advertisement for ‘Toohey's
from Jon’s website                      Blue’ beer.
                                              I also served in the
      I   was    born    in             Territorial Army for sixteen
                                        years after joining my local
Prestatyn, Flintshire in                TA unit, 108 (Welsh) Field
1964 and brought up in                  Squadron,                    Royal
Chester from the age of                 Monmouthshire                Royal
five. As a boy I dreamed                Engineers (Militia) - in April
variously of playing scrum              1983. I transferred to 3rd
half    for   Wales     and             (Volunteer) Battalion, Royal
                                        Welch Fusiliers in June 1985
becoming the next Jimi                  and was commissioned a year
Hendrix,      but      was              later. In January 1989, I
disappointed to learn that              served with 1st Bn., Royal
                                        Welch Fusiliers in Ballykinler,

Northern Ireland. While living       scheme, 'War and Society', at
in Australia in 1990-2, I was        University of Wales, Swansea.
attached to 1st/15th Royal
New South Wales Lancers of 
the Australian Army Reserve.
On returning to Swansea I was
appointed Intelligence Officer         TRIBUTE TO JON
of    4th     (V)    Bn.,   Royal         LATIMER
Regiment of Wales and from                    by Stephen Gapps
1994 until the summer of
1999,     I    was      SO3    G3
Watchkeeper attached to 4th
Armoured Brigade. I took                  The following tribute
courses in close reconaissance,      was penned by 62nd NYSV
intelligence and psychological       re-enactor, Stephen Gapps
operations and developed an          and was passed onto Jon’s
understanding         of     Joint   parents by Mary Lincoln.
operations and the importance
of the Royal Navy and sea
                                     Stephen wrote this on
power through my job at              behalf of Jon’s Australian
MoD(N), and by participation         friends.
in a high-level exercise at the            About 10 years ago, a
Maritime Warfare School at           bunch of Sydney-siders were
HMS      Dryad,      subsequently    pleasantly surprised to find a
attending the Joint Warfare          one of our friends had a new
Course at RM Poole.                  flatmate. Even though he was
       I began writing in 1994       a Pommie, he claimed to be
and have been a regular              Welsh, loved a beer and he
contributor       to    magazines    could talk endlessly about
including       British     Army     military history, so we all
Review,      Military     History,   quickly forgave him.
America’s Civil War, World                 When Jon first came to
War II, Vietnam and Osprey           Australia he stayed a fair
Military Journal. I completed        while – as most Poms do. But
two     books      for    Osprey’s   unlike    most     backpacking
Campaign Series, Operation           Poms, he kept coming back
Compass 1940 and Tobruk              and always threatening to
1941,       before      publishing   return every year or whenever
Deception in War with John           he could wrangle it. Jon
Murray in 2001 and have been         became a regular feature in
ekeing a living from writing         Sydney and very easily fell in
ever since. From September           with a bunch of wargamers
2005 I will be teaching a            and historical reenactors, and
module on 'The Desert War            their associates.
1940-42' in the new BA degree

       At this stage Jon was         place where he wanted to stay.
known more for his late night        Many of us - as cheapskate
history discussions which were       Aussie tourists do - came to
usually    -    no,    always    -   stay with him over the years.
combined with a few ales. But        And      many    of   us  came
he soon also became known as         inevitably to the White Lion
the guy who was starting to          to have a few Red Dragons
write history books. Some of         with Jon and his mates.
us, as reenactors and self                  Those    of   us   lucky
appointed historical experts,        enough to have stayed in
were enamoured with Jon’s            Ferryside could all see that
ability to talk history; not only    Jon had found not only a
his    broad    knowledge      of,   great little village in a great
particularly military history,       location, but that he was lucky
but also his passion and ability     to have also found a place
to discuss broader concepts of       with some most interesting
history with everyone he met.        and excellent comrades, who
       We were also enamoured        could talk both Rugby and
with Jon’s passion for Welsh         history.
rugby. It was always great for              We will sorely miss Jon.
us to listen to the ever hopeful     It is a tragedy that he has left
Jon go on about how Welsh            us so soon. But there is no
rugby would rise again, whilst       forgetting such a bloke. Such
we reminded him of Wales             an enthusiastic character, such
great defeats at the hands of        great person without a single
the Wallabies. Yet Wales             bad bone in his body.
quickly became for many of us
the side that we wanted to see            May you rest in peace
win, next in line to the             Jon, we loved you dearly.
Aussies. And it was great to
see the Welsh in recent years        Your Australian mates.
doing so well – every game
made us think of Jon.
       Over the years Jon                GETTYSBURG
hadn’t     made     it   out   to
Australia as much as he’d                PEACE LIGHT
liked, as he was being kept               MONUMENT
busy     writing     books    and        VANDALISM
teaching. We all kept in touch         from Shaun C. Grenan (Zouave
with Jon and watched his                    Reenactors Group)
progress as an historian with
great glee. When he found his
house in Ferryside, it sounded
fantastic and we could tell               Individuals    who
that Jon had really found a          think their opinions are

just as important as those         the graffiti, and informed the
who     fought    on    the        National Park Service.
                                          The words covered up
battlefield in 1863, and
                                   by the plywood include the
came together to dedicate          “F” word approximately six
a monument to peace 75             times, large drawings of a
years      later,      have        significant part of the male
expressed their opinions           anatomy, and the words, “I
with    spray    paint   on        hate cops.” The National Park
                                   Service spent Friday covering
Alabama Limestone and
                                   up the words and drawings
Maine Granite.                     spray      painted      on     the
                                   monument with pieces of
                                          Due          to        low
                                   temperatures, the park can’t
                                   clean the monument using its
                                   normal solvents at this time.
                                   The National Park Service is
                                   attempting to contract with a
                                   company that cleans with a
                                   high-pressure       water     and
      On the monument on           baking soda solution to come
the    Gettysburg    Battlefield   in and clean the monument,
dedicated to peace, someone,       but at this point they don’t
or a group of individuals,         know when the company
expressed ideas of hate. The       would be able to accomplish
Eternal Light Peace Memorial       this.
and the handicapped parking               For    the      foreseeable
signs in front of it have been     future, and probably until the
vandalized with spray paint.       weather gets warmer, the
The words are profane, and         plywood will remain on the
the drawings are vulgar. The       monument.
National Park Service has                 The individuals who did
covered up the worst spots on      this should receive the full
the monument with pieces of        punishment       that    the   law
plywood.                           allows.
      The    damage     possibly          But     a      couple     of
occurred      sometime        on   questions have to be asked.
Thursday, because late that        First, if they did this in the
afternoon,      an      off-duty   daytime, why did they think
Licensed    Battlefield   Guide    that they would have the
was at the Peace Light, saw        opportunity to be able to get
                                   away with this?

       Secondly, if they did this    monuments?       When      the
in the daytime, how were they        designer came up with this
able to do this?                     model “as a memorial for
       Third, if they did this       peace and brotherhood” he
the night before (Wednesday          probably didn’t envision the
night {or} early Thursday            attention it would get from
morning), then why did it take       certain     individuals     on
until around 4:45 PM on              Thursday, January 8, 2009.
Thursday       afternoon       for
someone to notice and call the       See the original “Gettysburg
National Park Service?               Daily” report at:
Again, the people who did this
need to be caught, prosecuted,
and make restitution.                697

We hope, however, that when
they are caught, they are not
only asked why they did this,
                                          2nd ANNUAL
but why they thought that they
could get away with this.               SCHOOL OF THE
       After all, this isn’t the            SOLDIER
first time that something like
this has happened in recent
       On    the     evening    of
February      16,     2006     the
monuments       to     the    11th
Massachusetts,              114th
Pennsylvania,      and     Smith’s
                                          62nd NYSVV Co. F
New York Battery, shown
here, were severely damaged          invites you to attend the
by vandals.                          second annual "School of
       On Thursday evening,          the Soldier" from Friday
October 12, 2008 the ball on         (mid-afternoon) 6th March
the top of the monument to           to Monday 9th March
Knapp’s Pennsylvania Battery
                                     2009    (Victorian   Long
on Culp’s Hill was stolen.
       Over the spring and           Weekend).
summer,     red     cloths    were
placed     on     top    of    the         To be held at: "The
monument to the 44th New             Briars"   –    Oliver’s  Farm,
York and the Pennsylvania            Exeter St., Camden NSW
State Monument.                      (entrance at corner of Exeter
       Why do some people            and Edward St).
feel they need to destroy/act
out     on   some      of    these   Program at present includes;

Zouave Drill                           INFORMATION
Zouave Bayonet Drill
Union Army cooking
Civil War Music and Song         Editorial Desk
                                 c/- Dave Sanders
Baseball and other soldier
Company pay day                  62nd NYSVV Co. F Living History
Historical Dissertation          and Research Group website
                                 5th North Carolina State Troops
Uniform/Clothing                 Living History Group (our Rebel
Tentage                          impression)
Mess kit               
Musical instrument               i/
Civil War money/cards/dice
                                 62nd NYSVV Co. F., HQ
                                 c/- William Lincoln
Cost: $25 (fully catered)        P.O. Box 227., St. Peters. NSW 2044

Please RSVP by February          Living History Resource Group
27th 2009 (late registrations

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Dave Sanders @                   Living History       Resource Group.           Unless otherwise    stated, all content
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Post War commerative “Anderson
Zouave” medal                    The Monument at Gettysburg to the
                                 62nd NYSV “Anderson Zouaves”.


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