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Summer 2012 - Australian Institute of Emergency Services


									        N A T I O N A L

        Official Journal of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services

Volume 26 No. 1 SummeR 2012/2013
Print Post Publication no. PP337586/00067

Water bonds two countries
in the fight against drowning
 the Salvos
shield those
  in need.
                                                                                                N A T I O N A L
official Publication of
australian institutE oF EMErGEncY sErVicEs

Print Post Approved
PP 337586/00067
DISClAImeR                                                                                      Official Journal of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services
Views expressed in this journal, unless specifically acknowledged,
are not necessarily those of the Publisher, of the Institute, of its
Council or of the Editor.                                                                                               Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response

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Such Approval is hereby granted, unless a specific withdrawal
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For any amendments or enquiries regarding mailing, please email:                                    2                                                                                                         aiEs news
                                                                                                    3                                                                                             President’s report
This publication is the official journal of the Australian Institute of
                                                                                                    10                                                                                                               in brief
Emergency Services. It is published by Countrywide Austral for the                                  29                                                                                              application Form
Australian Institute of Emergency Services and will be distributed
to its members.                                                                                     31                                                                                                   aiEs contacts
An illegal practice is presently operating where advertisements
from some of our publications are used to produce unauthorised
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unauthorised advertisement.
If you are approached to place an advertisement or with a request                                   4                                                                                                  i can and i care
for payment for another publication, you should verify that the
advertisement has been authorised and establish the bona fides                                      6                                                                                                 You and the rsl
of the company.
The invoice and any correspondence should have the company                                          8                                                                 applying skills to the civilian world
name, ABN, and an address (not just a PO Box) and you should ask
for proof of publication.                                                                           11                                                           Founding member keeps eye on aiEs
If you do receive a request for an unauthorised advertisement,
or have concerns about the bona fides of a company, we suggest                                      13                      Emergency services step up to the Eureka climb challenge
you refer it to the Office of Fair Trading in your capital city.
                                                                                                    16                                                     How a cold case king mapped out a killer
PuBlISHeR                                                                                           18                                                            reports puts figure on st John’s help
National Emergency Response is published by
Countrywide Austral                                                                                 20                                                                   Esa chief moves up to lead EMa
                                                                                                    22                crossing borders: building lifesaving partnerships in sri lanka
                                                                                                    25                                                                        coin presented to aiEs vollies
Level 2, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne
GPO Box 2466, Melbourne 3001                                                                        26               Principles for peer support programs in high-risk organisations
Ph: (03) 9937 0200
Fax: (03) 9937 0201
                                                                                                    28                                                      sa recognises outstanding volunteering
Email:                                                                       32                                                                                      Medical crash course
ACN: 30 086 202 093

Editor: Kristi High
Associate Editor: Bob Maul LFAIES
Contributors: Justene Cowie, Elizabeth Naylor, Loretta Watson

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The website has sections for each State as well as National
Areas. If you have ideas for State Division content, please contact
your State Registrar, for National content, email
Please be aware that all content must go past the National
Registrar prior to web publication to ensure it meets
required guidelines.
                                                                                                              Lifesaving partnerships in Sri Lanka
                                                                                                                                        (page 22).
Disclaimer Countrywide Austral (“Publisher”) advises that the contents of this publication are at the sole discretion of the National Emergency Response and the publication is offered for background information purposes only.
The publication has been formulated in good faith and the Publisher believes its contents to be accurate, however, the contents do not amount to a recommendation (either expressly or by implication) and should not be relied upon
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to any advertiser.
                                   Bobmaul, LFAIES
                                   General Secretary/Registrar
                                   The AIES National Council is pleased to announce the following emergency services, and related,
                                   professionals were elevated to Life Members, Fellows or joined the AIES between September
                                   and December 2012.

                                  Name	                                            Service	                                               State
aiEs nEWs

                                  Brett Aimers                                     DOH                                                    VIC
                                  Graham Bartlett                                  SES                                                    QLD
                                  Sonia Cuff                                       SES                                                    QLD
                                  Simon Denneen                                    Marine Rescue                                          NSW
                                  Christine Elliott                                ARC                                                    VIC
                                  Benjamin Francis                                 SES/Mine Rescue                                        QLD
                                  Peter Fryer                                      SJA                                                    VIC
                                  Jan Maguire                                      AIES/SES                                               NSW
                                  Rhys Parker                                      SJA                                                    ACT
                                  Alan Parkin                                      SES                                                    NSW
                                  Darrin Parkin                                    SES                                                    NSW
                                  Michael Plumb                                    AMSA                                                   ACT
                                  Reginald Rendall                                 SES                                                    NSW
                                  Craig Rice                                       General Council AIES (Hon)                             QLD
                                  Kenneth Ross                                     Glenelg Council                                        VIC
                                  Adrian Rossiter                                  SJA                                                    QLD
                                  Stephen Rypp                                     SLSA                                                   SA
                                  Mark Somers                                      CFA                                                    VIC

                                     Legend: AMSA – Australian Maritime Safety Authority; ARC – Australian Research Council;
                                     CFA – Country Fire Authority; DOH – Department of Health; SES – State Emergency Service;
                                     SJA – St John Ambulance; SLSA – Surf Lifesaving Association

                                  AIES invites you to join us on LinkedIn:
                                  or log in at and search for ‘Australian Institute of Emergency Services’ under ‘Companies’.

            eDIToR’S RePoRT

                       ith another Aussie summer        group of young cadets and their work        again in Melbourne to raise money
                       ahead our emergency              in Sri Lanka (see page 22). Thank you       for charity partners Whitelion and
                       services personnel are           to the team at the Australian Centre        Interplast Australia. Check out the
            preparing to fight off bushfires, assist    for Post-traumatic Mental Health for        winning team on page 13. As one
            at numerous festivals happening             submitting a condensed version of           edition of National Emergency
            around the country, patrol our beautiful    their published work on high-risk           Response finishes, another
            beaches, and keeping our streets and        organisations, like the emergency           starts immediately. The deadline
            roads safe during the peak festive/         services, responding to natural and         for Autumn is February 4. In the
            school holiday period. This issue           man-made disasters. Welcome back            meantime, thank you to all our
            covers some of the great work our           guest writer Alastair Wilson, who           contributors throughout 2012
            emergency services organisations            has contributed to the journal again,       and wishing our readers a safe
            do. A $55 million price tag has been        this time with a story welcoming            and enjoyable festive season. l
            put on the value St John Ambulance          the ACT’s new Director-General
            delivers to the health and wellbeing        of Emergency Management. Read
            of the NSW community. Read about            about Mark Crossweller’s journey
            it on page 18. Surf Lifesaving Victoria     to the top job on page 20. The
            has shared an inspiring story about a       Eureka Tower challenge took place

                                                                                      Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
Alanmarshall, LFAIES

                                                                                                                                 PrEsiDEnt’s rEPort
National President

TOWARDS	THE	                                 of the emergency, recognising the
ULTIMATE	GOAL                                complexity, being community focused,
The ultimate goal of emergency               using community-led approaches,
management is a safer, more                  ensuring coordination of all activities,
sustainable, community. Emergency            employing effective communication, and
management is performed in                   acknowledging and building capacity. As
conjunction with the community and           an understanding of emergency relief
must be community focused through            and recovery continues to evolve, best
all components. The key components           practice is identified and lessons are
of emergency management are                  learned from activation. Review your
organised to facilitate planning,            organisations recovery plans to reflect
preparedness, operational coordination       the outcome of developments, record
and community participation. What            the lessons learnt and modify training
is regularly overlooked in preparation,      plans accordingly.
planning and the haste of the response
phase to the community is, recovery.         PREPAREDNESS	–	                            prescribed statutory authorities and
Recovery, the coordination process           ARE	YOU	READY?                             which requires special mobolisation
of supporting emergency affected             Preparedness is how we change              and organisation of resources other
communities in the reconstruction of the     behaviour to limit the impact of           than those normally available to
physical infrastructure and restoration of   disaster events on people. That is         those authorities.’
emotional, social, economic and physical     the arrangements to ensure that,           Emergency: ‘An event, actual or
wellbeing. In most cases, operational        should an emergency occur, all             imminent, which endangers or
plans for providing emergency relief         those resources and services that          threatens to endanger life, property
activities will have been activated          are needed to cope with the effects        or the environment, and which
as soon as an emergency has, or is           could be efficiently mobilised and         requires a significant and coordinated
expected to have an impact. Recovery         deployed. It incorporates activities,      response.’ Is categorised into
should commence as soon as practical         which establish arrangements               natural, technological and human-
and after the threat to human life           and plans and provide education            caused events and meets at least
subsides. In many cases recovery             and information to prepare the             one of the following criteria: three
commences alongside emergency                community to deal effectively with         or more deaths, 20 injuries or
relief activities.                           such emergencies and disasters as          illnesses, significant damage to
   Incident Controllers are primarily        may eventuate. Questions on your           property, infrastructure, agriculture
responsible for determining the              preparedness: Have you prepared            or the environment: or disruption
need to activate emergency relief            your equipment, training, call out lists   to essential services, commerce or
services. Recovery must be part of           and contacts etc. Have you exercised       industry: or trauma or dislocation
the operational approach to any              your plans and activities in preparation   of the community at an estimated
emergency, reinforced with the all           for the summer? Is your organization       total cost of A$10 million or more.
hazards - all agencies approach to           ready and do you understand your role
emergency management, regardless             and responsibility? Do you now reside      JOURNAL	CONTRIBUTION	
of the type, scale and complexity.           in a safe more sustainable community?      AWARD
The	ultimate	goal	of	emergency	              Have you taken steps to mitigate           Keeping to the theme of our Journal,
management	is	to	minimise	the	loss	          the damage?                                each year the General Council awards
of	life,	property,	and	disruptions	to	                                                  a contribution of a published article
government	and	businesses,	in	the	           REVISIT	DISASTER	                          in the National Emergency Response.
community,	in	order	to	mitigate	damage	      AND	EMERGENCY                              I encourage you all to continue the
and	save	lives. Recovery analysis can        AUSTRALIAN	EMERGENCY	                      delivery of your excellent articles to
provide an opportunity to improve            MANAGEMENT	GLOSSARY.	                      your magazine.
conditions beyond recorded states.           Disaster: ‘A serious disruption to            On behalf of the General Council of
   Nationally recognised disaster recovery   community life which threatens or          the Australian Institute of Emergency
principles that are fundamental for          causes death or injury in that community   Services, all the best for the festive
successful recovery are: understanding the   and/or damage to property which is         season, stay safe and healthy and
context, focusing on the consequences        beyond the day-to-day capacity of the      continue the networking. l

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                I CAN AND
                                                                                                             Photo: Anna Anderson.

                I CARe
FEaturE storY


                          huge storm that night was           help people you don’t know, risking
                          vicious and unforgiving, like an    your own life and sacrificing your
                          infuriated gene released from       sleep and rest for no pay.” I got out
                a bottle. Powerful winds and torrential       of breath, but I did make the point.
                rain did not discriminate between             He looked pensive.
                houses, people, animals and trees,                “Why do you do this, Peter?”
                leaving as much destruction on their              “Because I can,” he said proudly,
                path as they wanted to. It was a difficult    sitting tall in the chair. “And…” he
                time for everyone, slowly coming to           paused and looked down at his
                an end.                                       nicely polished shoes searching
                   The next morning Peter came in late.       for the missing part, “and…
                Apologised for not arriving on time           because I care.”
                and slumped into a chair. Unshaven,               “That’s right. You can and you care.
                his eyes were red and tired. His              Now, remind me please from our
                breathing was deep and slow. Very slow,       earlier conversation, what’s stopping
                in fact, as if he was considering each
                time whether to take the next breath          With the racket of heavy rain pounding on the tiles,
                or not.
                   “You didn’t sleep well,” I stated,         the soft, loving murmur of the raindrops washing
                rather than asked.
                   “I was called at 2 am to a car accident.
                                                              off the trees was barely noticeable…and yet,
                A falling tree hit a car on a river bank.     it was there.
                Two people died. Two survived.” He
                wiped his face with both hands, as if         you from making the first move to                “Yes, I do” he quickly replied.
                trying to remove the memory of that           communicate with your wife and                   I poured a glass of water from the
                painful scene.                                save your marriage from falling apart.”       cooler and put it on the table right
                   “Yes, the storm… it was pretty bad,”       There was no question mark in the             next to him.
                I nodded, looking out the window. It was      tone of my voice. I simply stated                “How bad was the storm?”
                still raining quite heavily. A percussion     the fact.                                     I continued, giving him a subconscious
                of big, heavy drops crushing on the              “It’s too late, there is no point.”        choice of response.
                roof was making its presence known in         Peter closed his eyes, temporarily               “Pretty bad.” Peter opened his
                the room.                                     cutting off his painful reality. “And how     eyes and looked at me. “I think that
                   “Why do you do this?” I asked.             do you know this, exactly?” I asked.          was the most severe storm we’ve
                   “You mean…the SES job?....You              There was no escape.                          had here for a very long time. Maybe
                know,” - his eyes lit up – “it is such a         Silence.                                   ever..?” His handsome face was
                strangely fulfilling…privilege, I’d say. To      The rain joined into our                   showing engraved signs of strain.
                go and help… save someone’s life…             conversation with no apology. A               He was very tired.
                give a hand…to just be there, when            crescendo of its arguments was                   “Gosh, it was hard…the rescue
                you are needed.”                              rising and falling, with strong               seemed impossible…raging water
                   He was struggling to come up with          emotions permeating the room – anger,         in the river, the wind …so strong…
                the right words, not because he couldn’t      self-pity, regret, guilt, blame, confusion,   dangerous conditions…. We knew
                find any, but because there were too          unfulfilled expectations and more anger,      the passengers were most likely
                many flowing through his mind.                again. With the racket of heavy rain          dead.” Peter reached for the glass
                   “Ok. So after a long day at the            pounding on the tiles, the soft, loving       of water and drank it all in one
                office, where you work hard for               murmur of the raindrops washing               go. His mind wandered off again.
                your money, running your business             off the trees was barely noticeable…          “Sorry… where was I?”
                as best you can, you get up in the            and yet, it was there.                           “I can and I care.”
                middle of the night in a heavy storm,            ”Do you love your wife, Peter?”               “Oh, yes …” He dipped into
                drive to the middle of nowhere to             I asked.                                      silence again.

                                                                                             Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
“I will always go to the rescue no matter what,
                                                                                                    ABOUT	ANNA	ANDERSON	
unless it’s called off or changed to recovery…even                                                  Anna Anderson is a Certified
                                                                                                    Life Coach and Executive Coach,
then…I always check…maybe it’s not too late…”                                                       Neuro-Linguistic Programming
                                                                                                    (NPL) practitioner and

                                                                                                                                                 FEaturE storY
   “So”- I continued – “if you believed                “Oh, yes,” I smiled. “It has stopped,        trainer. She is the founder
that it was not possible to save those             indeed…well, a storm can’t last                  and Executive Director of
people under the circumstances, that               forever….” The sun, liberated by the             The Institute of Quantum MindTM
it was too late, you would quit and not            parting clouds, gently swept the room            - a professional coaching and
go.” Again, that wasn’t a question but a           through the open blinds.                         training practice based
statement on my part.                                 “I need to call my wife.” Peter               in Canberra. Anna’s key
   “Of course not!” Peter strongly                 returned his empty glass to the table            areas of expertise are one-
objected my thoughtless presumption.               and slowly got up. “I will make the first        on-one, transformational
   “I will always go to the rescue                 move. I will save my marriage.” He               coaching/mentoring
no matter what, unless it’s called                 was standing tall, strong and confident          programs based on NLP, and
off or changed to recovery….even                   in his new determination. Didn’t look            personal and professional
then…I always check…maybe it’s not                 tired anymore.                                   development group workshops
too late…”                                            “Remind me, why would you want                on a range of topics, from
   His nicely polished shoes must have             to do that?” I asked, looking him straight       managing change and
been a great source of inspiration, as             in the eye. Peter shook his head,                stress management to
Peter studied them again for a while.              somewhat embarrassed, and replied                effective communication and
   “Did you hear that?” he suddenly                with a cheeky smile.                             relationship issues. Anna can
looked up, with relief in his voice.                  “Why? There are two good reasons              be contacted via her website at
   ”Hear what?”                                    to do that - because I can and because 
   “The rain has stopped”                          I care.” l

                                                                                    If you want to change your
                                                                                    outcomes, you MUST change your
                                                                                    thinking, and use the right tools
                                                                                    and strategies to create
                                                                                    what you want…

                        Specialising in
        - Personal Injury - Medical Negligence
           - Workers Compensation Claims
          - Criminal Law - Employment Law
                                                                                         Offers coaching & training programs based on
        26 Brisbane St, Launceston, TAS, 7250                                            the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and
                                                                                                Quantum ProtocolsTM addressing:
  Ph: (03) 6328 1516 • Fx: (03) 6331 8607
                                                   •   Stress management           • Life & career direction
                                                                                     •   Time management             • Interpersonal &
                                                                                     •   Work performance              organisational
                                                                                     •   Executive coaching            communication

                                                                                                           Anna Anderson
                                                                                                          Ph 0417 996 616
                                                                                                         Ph 0417 996 616

  Proudly supporting our local SES & Emergency Service Members & Volunteers                     Proudly supporting our local SES Volunteers
                    “The Worst In Nature, The Best In Us”                                          “The worst in nature - The best in us”

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
    You AND THe RSl
    Noeleenlincoln OAM JP
    Chief Executive Officer, RSL
    (Tasmania branch) Inc.

           SL is recognised the world over as
           being associated with caring for
           veterans, ex-service personnel and
    their dependents. Standing for Returned
    and Services League, the RSL is effective
    in doing this right across Australia.
    However, there are many other facets to
    the RSL which the general public may
    not be aware of.
       The work of our members, who are
    mainly volunteers, covers a wide variety
                                                 All emergency personnel can join their local RSL as an Affiliate Member. Joining forces to attract more
    of tasks and objectives. The RSL cares
                                                 Affiliate Members are AIES Tasmania, RSL Tasmania and emergency services. (L to R) Phil Douglas (TFS),
    for our men and women in uniform             Andrew Lea (SES), Neil Wright (AIES) Ron Jones (AIES), Noeleen Lincoln (RSL), Wayne Cargill (RSL) Chris
    while they are deployed overseas             Munday (RSL), Peter Morgan (Ambulance Tasmania), David Paton (AIES).
    by sending care parcels twice a year,
    providing them with some comforts               The RSL is also active in assisting                    Sometime in the future it will be the
    from home.                                   the community with many sub-                           turn of our older veterans, and ex-service
       The RSL also aims to ensure that          branches hosting Day Clubs or                          RSL members who currently carry the
    our deployed men and women have              seniors events. Our volunteers also                    load, to be looked after themselves.
    adequate conditions of service, and          visit aged-care facilities. In addition, a             There will always be a need for those
    that their unique service-related salary     huge part of our work, and possibly                    who remain to be looked after and for
    and allowances are not eroded. It also       the most well-known, is in the area of                 the work of the RSL to be carried on into
    includes assisting them with pension         commemoration. Each year, on ANZAC                     future decades.
    claims and providing welfare support         Day and Remembrance Day (as well                          We are strongly encouraging Affiliate
    when requested.                              as various other commemorative days                    Membership so that there will always be
                                                                                                        a willing and able volunteer base to carry
    We are strongly encouraging Affiliate Membership (from                                              us forward.
                                                                                                           There are thousands of people
    emergency services personnel) so that there will always                                             spread across the emergency services
    be a willing and able volunteer base to carry us forward.                                           throughout the country, and to each and
                                                                                                        every one of you I invite you to join us.
       For those who are no longer in            during the year), the RSL conducts and                    Yes, you will be helping us, but also by
    uniform, the RSL has numerous                leads commemoration ceremonies                         becoming an RSL Affiliate you will gain
    programs in place which benefit and          across Australia.                                      the benefits associated with that class
    assist their children. Those programs           But readers, there is yet another                   of membership.
    include university scholarships as well as   side to the RSL. It is a very important                   These benefits include access to
    secondary and primary school bursaries.      side of which those of you working                     our family-friendly RSLs for dining
    The RSL even holds annual competitions       in the police, fire, State Emergency                   and activities, as well as benefits from
    where successful secondary school            Services (SES) and ambulance services,                 national sponsorship deals (involving
    students have the remarkable                 both permanent and voluntary,                          discounts with the Ambassador Card,
    opportunity to travel to Gallipoli and the   can belong.                                            the Accor Hotel chain and many other
    Western Front. By doing this, we are            You are eligible for your own                       local discounts that may apply in
    ensuring that the present generation         unique class of membership called an                   individual states).
    never loses knowledge of and respect         Affiliate Membership. This class of RSL                   More importantly, you will have a
    for the sacrifices of those who fought       membership is open to you as our way                   voice. If you truly believe in the welfare,
    and died for Australia. And of course, in    of showing our support and appreciation                charitable and patriotic objectives
    all states, our Cadet of the Year Awards     for the invaluable work that you do for                of the RSL then you will have the
    recognise the efforts of those young         the community. Similarly, we welcome                   opportunity to help us survive well
    people who actively acknowledge the          your Affiliate Membership as your way of               into the future.
    Australian Defence Forces by their           supporting us and recognising the work                    Please visit your local RSL sub-branch
    cadet service.                               that we do.                                            and ask to join as an Affiliate Member. l

                                                                                      Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
   12 - 14 March
   Adelaide, South Australia                                        2013
                                                       CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION

                                                                   BREAKING THE
                                                                     STATUS QUO:
                                                                 FREEDOM TO TRY
                                                                   NEW THINKING

20% OFF
                                       Simply register online at and
                                       enter the discount code: EMMAGAD13 on the payments page.
                                       Discounts apply to full conference registrations only.
for AIES members
                                       EVENT PARTNER      GOLD SPONSOR     SILVER SPONSOR   PROFILE SPONSOR
    APPlYING SkIllS To
                                                                                                                  “One of the philosophies I’ve bought
                                                                                                               to CFA is around Mission Command,
                                                                                                               a philosophy where decisions are
                                                                                                               encouraged to be made at lower levels
                                                                                                               of the organisation.”
                                                                                                                  The philosophy encourages the more
                                                                                                               junior staff member to take initiatives,
                                                                                                               to ‘seize the day’ and take action within
                                                                                                               a framework of operating principals
                                                                                                               and behaviours.
                                                                                                                  “We have a number of reference
                                                                                                               groups who have had serving and past
                                                                                                               ADF members provide advice as to
                                                                                                               how we design Mission Command in
                                                                                                               CFA and we’ll be testing some of our
    CFA Chief Officer and ex-Reservist Euan Ferguson talks about the similarities between serving in defence   processes for implementing Mission
    and as a civilian.                                                                                         Command back against Reservists,”
                                                                                                               Mr Ferguson said.
    By DarrenSaffin                                                                                               “We’re designing a framework
                                                                                                               around the adoption of Mission

            eservists from the Australian                   ones and those who used to serve;                  Command in CFA and we’re also
            Defence Force (ADF) bring so                    they have a distinctive way of going               talking about its adoption across
            much to their civilian workplace and            about their business, which I admire,”             other emergency services in Victoria
    the Country Fire Authority (CFA) is a                   Mr Ferguson said.                                  and indeed Australia. I see the
    clear example of this fact according to                    “I was recently involved in a flooding          philosophy of Mission Command
    the organisation’s Chief Officer.                       emergency and witnessed a briefing that            crucial to how CFA does its business
       With so many similarities between                    an Army Reservist was involved with –              in the future.”
    defence and emergency services, Euan                    and from my point of view, it was the                 It is yet another example of how
    Ferguson, Chief Officer of CFA Victoria,                perfect briefing.                                  skills and philosophies used within
    is a strong advocate for employing                         “It followed the Situation, Mission,            ADF, and also learnt as a Reservist,
    ADF Reservists, and has also been                       Execution, Administration, Command\                can be applied in other organisations
    one himself.                                            Comms, Safety briefing that CFA uses, as           like CFA.
       “It’s given me a life-long interest in the           does the ADF. For me, it was inspirational            “I take my hat off to Reservists,
    way in which defence forces organise                    to see someone who had gained that                 whether on deployment or not,
    themselves and in my line of work there                 experience with the army then bring that           they do a fantastic job. For us,
    are many similarities in the operating                  into application to the CFA.”                      we get a lot of value from the
    environment and many things I’ve been
    able to transfer to emergency services,”                The values and behaviours the ADF instils in its members
    said Mr Ferguson.
       He is not alone. ADF Reservists are
                                                            are readily transferable to the values and behaviours we
    well primed to immerse themselves into                  try to encourage in the CFA.
    the CFA culture and readily accept the
    organisation’s system and training. The                    Mr Ferguson said many elements                  experiences they gain in their work
    CFA has many employees, including some                  of defence training – particularly                 with ADF, in particular their overseas
    career fire station staff, who are Reservists.          the use of initiative, teamwork,                   deployment and that’s why we
    In addition, many CFA volunteers, who                   discipline, communication, clear thinking          encourage our members to join
    tirelessly give their time to help those in             and the ability to grasp concepts                  and support the ADF.
    dire need, also serve as Reservists.                    and make decisions – can readily be                   “Reservists come to you trained to
       “The values and behaviours                           transferred to the CFA.                            use their initiative, they’re disciplined,
    the ADF instils in its members are                         “In many ways, we’re trying to                  they’re used to picking up new skills
    readily transferable to the values and                  replicate similar concepts around the              and they follow a fine set of values
    behaviours we try to encourage in                       training of young decision makers in               and behaviours which are equally
    the CFA. I never fail to be impressed                   CFA, along a similar line to the way ADF           transferable into the community
    by Reservists, both current serving                     trains young decision makers,” he said.            and workplace,” he added. l

                                                                                                  Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
 E C U 7 4 2 0 _ R e s p o n s e Ma g . p d f           Pa ge       1   9 / 1 0 / 1 2 ,    9 : 3 1 : 3 8    AM      A WS T

      The world is fast-paced, as is the field of emergency services. Enhance your
      skills and career opportunities with an ECU postgraduate paramedical
      science qualification.
      ECU’s Master of Paramedical Science (by Coursework) gives students the
      necessary knowledge and skills to work in a broad scope of practice within
      critical or primary healthcare roles. Students not only enhance their
      individual knowledge whilst working in their selected area of specialisation
      (Critical Care Community Paramedic Disaster or Emergency Response),
      but also acquire theoretical knowledge and skills required of a paramedic in
      an extended practice role.
      The road to further study is truly open with ECU. For more details,
      call 134 ECU (134 328), email
      or visit

                                                                                                            ★★★★★ TEACHING QUALITY
                                                                                                      ★★★★★ GRADUATE SATISFACTION
                                                                                                      The Good Universities Guide 2013

 FOR ALL                                                   YOUR PROPERTY                                                         Very proud
                                                                                                                                  to support

                                                             MAINTENANCE                                                            our local

                                                                   NEEDS                                                              Service

                                                                                            Ph: 0424 639 217


       • Fences          • Painting                                                       Only Work Valued
       • Doors & Locks • Plastering                                                       at $3,300 or Less
       • General Repairs • Tiling
     IN BRIeF                                                           SAPOL	AWARDED	
                                                                        South Coast Local Service Area
                                                                        (SCLSA), Christies Beach Police
                                                                        Complex, has been recognised for
                                                                                                                                         AMBOS/fIRIES	TOGETHER

     KINGLAKE’S	NEW	                                                    their outstanding commitment to
     CfA/SES	HQ                                                         disability employment at the 2012 CRS
     A new facility that will house 80 CFA                              Australia SA Employer Awards. The
     and SES volunteers has been opened                                 awards recognise employers who have                              Queensland’s paramedics and firefighters
     in Kinglake, Victoria. The Kinglake SES                            provided training and employment                                 have joined forces in a powerful campaign
     unit lost both its building and response                           opportunities for people with a                                  to fight the state government’s recent
     vehicles in the February 2009 Black                                disability, injury or health condition                           announcement of cuts to jobs and services.
     Saturday bushfires.                                                and ensure their work environment                                Earlier this year, Queensland Premier
        “Despite the loss, Kinglake has                                 is safe. Ms Deborah Pearce,                                      Campbell Newman announced major
     remained a very active unit, responding                            Administration Manager at SC LSA said                            public sector job and service cuts in the
     to many local emergencies as well as                               working with CRS Australia to support                            2012-2013 state budget. Ambulance
     assisting in major operations such as                              a person with a disability, injury or                            officers, firefighters, and members of the
     the North East Floods in March and                                 health condition towards achieving                               community were encouraged to contact
     the 2011 Christmas Day Storms in                                   their best is rewarding for everyone                             members of Parliament (the majority of
     Melbourne,” SES Chief Executive Officer                            involved. “Having the opportunity to                             whom were newly elected) and tell them
     Mary Barry said.                                                   realise a person’s capabilities through                          of their concerns. Postcards were distributed
        “The community of Kinglake is still                             an on-the-job training placement                                 throughout the community to gather more
     rebuilding. I believe this facility will help                      is of significant benefit,” she said.                            support and to direct people to the official
     that process by providing the ideal                                “We regularly work towards placing                               website, Protest
     space to maximise future emergency                                 suitable candidates into subsequent                              actions were planned and a television ad
     response capabilities.”                                            paid employment,” Ms Pearce said.                                campaign was commissioned.

     oNlY $38.50 INCluDING PoSTAGe!
     the act Division of the aiEs is pleased to provide members with the opportunity to
     purchase institute Polo shirts at a discounted rate.
      STYLE       Mens and Ladies Short Sleeve Polo Shirt         COLOUR      Black, Navy, Light Blue, Maroon, Royal Blue, Purple, Bone        SIZES        XS to 5XL 49.50cm (XS) to 73cm (5XL)

      fABRIC      210gsm 65/35 Poly/Combed Cotton Pique           LOGO        Left Hand Front - as shown below                                 COST         $38.50 (including postage)

                                                                                                           For more information
      ADULTS         S     M      L    XL    2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL                                               on colours and styles
                                                                                                           please contact:
      CHEST          55   57.5   60   62.5   65    67.5     70   72.5
                                                                                                           Phil	Gaden
      CB	LENGTH      64    66    68    70    72    74       76   78                                        Email:
                                                                                                           Phone: 0413137761
      LADIES         8     10    12    14    16    18       20                                                                                High quality embroidered logo on left chest.

      BUST           47    49    51    53    55    57       59

      CB	LENGTH      60    62    64    66    68    70       72
                                                                             Sizing Chart: Adults = Mens

     Name:                                                                                                                  Registrar,	AIES	PO	Box	504	Civic	Square,	ACT	
                                                                                                                            oRDeR FoRm
     Delivery	Address:                                                                                                         COLOUR             SIZE           QTY         COST	PER	       $	TOTAL


     Phone:                                                                                                                                                                    $38.50

     Payment by cheque or money order or transfer to BSB 641 800 ACC #200467683                                                                                                $38.50
     Reference: (Your Surname) SHIRT *Please contact Phil by email if using funds transfer to pay for your order.

                                                                                                                   Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
  FouNDING memBeR keePS
  eYe oN AIeS

 Roger Halliday is a founding member of the AIES
 and still remains active from the sidelines.

ElizabethNaylor                                      Brian and Roger also created the logo           In retirement, Roger is studying his
                                                   that the Institute still uses today.           Masters in Archaeology, majoring in

       here are not many people who                  When asked what it means to Roger to         maritime archaeology at the Flinders
       can boast such a diverse and                have been one of the founding members          University and is now a member of the
       distinguished career like Roger             of the Institute he stated, “I’m very happy,   Tacoma Preservation Society.
Halliday’s, RFD. ED. As a founding member          very pleased to have been able to get             “I’ve been involved in [maritime
of the Australian Institute of Emergency           involved. I never thought it would turn        archaeology] ever since I was 13 when
Services, the SA/WA/NT division is fortunate       out to be like it is. …I’m very happy that     I started scuba diving and we used to go
to have him as director and treasurer.             the institute is surviving and hopefully       diving on wrecks,” he said.
   In the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy, the          we can look at more training for people.”         “Plus my brother and I used to go to the
South Australia Police Department (SAPOL)            During his 25 year policing career,          museum and there was an Egyptian room.
formed a new unit called Operational               Roger was seconded to the Papua New               “The big thing in those days was what
Planning, that was given the task of               Guinea Constabulary as a Detective             was going on in Egypt so I had an interest
developing the South Australian’s Disaster         Inspector responsible for training             in that and it has just continued on.”
Plan under the guide of the Australian             detectives in operation duties.                   Roger lives in Adelaide and enjoys both
Natural Disaster Organisation (NDO).
   The unit was headed by Major                    I never thought it would turn out to be like it is. …
General Alan Stretton, AO. CBE, who
was also the Commander of the
                                                   I’m very happy that the Institute is surviving.
Cyclone Tracy Relief Operation.                      He has received many awards including        the outback and seaside. He has two
   Due to his military experience in the           a United States Distinguished Unit Citation,   adult daughters and four grandchildren.
Australian Infantry Corp, Roger was                Battle Honours for Rabaul, Wau, and South         Along with his hobbies like gardening
transferred from the SAPOL’s Criminal              West Pacific, and the Papua New Guinea         and photography, Roger volunteers for
Investigation Branch (CIB) to assist Chief         Independence Medal for his Military service.   the Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club where
Superintendent Ernie Aston with the task.            He completed his career as a member          he skippers and operates safety vessels.
   Another member of SAPOL, Brian                  of Star Force (now Star Group) as                 He is also an operational member
Lancaster ESM, LFAIES. JP, also joined             the search and rescue coordinator              of the South Australian Sea Rescue
the unit and later became Director of the          responsible for training and search            Squadron but still finds time to balance
South Australian State Emergency Services.         coordinator in operations.                     his duties with the institute.
   With the assistance of NDO and the                “The thing that I have enjoyed most             “The thing I enjoy most about being
South Australian Government, the unit              about the emergency services is that I can     involved with the Institute is the fact that
developed the State Disaster Plan and              help get involved in the preparation and       I’m doing what I did so many years ago
successfully conducted the first disaster          the training. We need training and planning    and keeping an eye on it to make sure
exercise in Australia, Exercise Shakeup.           so we can combat problems,” he said.           it keeps on going.” l

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
    The College for Law and Justice Administration is committed to recognising Emergency Services experience,
    knowledge, skills and training to provide current and former Emergency Services Personnel with Recognition
   of Prior Learning (RPL) towards more than 70 Nationally Recognised Qualifications from the study areas below.

 R             E           C             O                G              N         I        T           I            O      N

Justice - Government - Security and Risk Management - Occupational Health and Safety - Management -
      Business - Legal Services - Training and Assessment - Investigative Services - Driver Training -
             Community Services - Corrections - Financial Services - Public Safety - Fitness

Turn your Emergency Services experience into a qualification today               1300 760 605

A revolutionary solution for large area illumination
• Simple and rapid deployment by one person in under 1 minute
• Proven performer in the harshest conditions
• Able to operate independent of infrastructure
• Easily transported in the boot of a car
• Unprecedented lighting coverage of up to 10,000m²

The Light Tower is currently in use with:
• AFP Australian Federal Police
• Department of Defence (RAAF)
• Civil Airports
• Government Emergency Services
• Roads and Traffic Authority
• Law Enforcement
• Fire Services
• Local Councils
• Advertising and Promotional
• SES (State emergency Service NSW)
• RFS (Rural Fire Service)
• CFA (Country Fire Authority
• ERGON energy (QLD)
• RoadTek (Department of Main Roads QLD)                                     For more info, photos, testimonials
Distributed By
                                                                             please visit our website
                                     Ph: (02) 9698 0177
                                     Gennady Lipkin: 0412 156 795  
STeP uP To THe euRekA

                                                                                                                                               FEaturE storY
over 200 of the fittest members of the Metropolitan Fire brigade (MFb),
cFa, ambulance Victoria, Victoria Police and australian Defence Force
completed the ultimate training challenge on sunday 18 november 2012.
By DarrenSaffin

Scott McGraw prepares to tackle the steps
of Melbourne's Eureka Tower in full uniform,
including breathing aparatus.

       outed as Australia’s biggest vertical
       race, the Eureka Climb attracted
       over 2,500 competitors who raced
up 88 floors with1,642 steps, over a
vertical elevation of 300 metres.
   As part of the annual Eureka
Climb event, the Emergency Services
Challenge attracted over 30 teams and
25 individuals, with the 2012 honours
going to team Rescue Me from the MFB           Team Rescue Me wins the Eureka Climb Emergency Services Challenge.
in a time of just under 49 minutes.            (L-R) Steve Axup, Sandy Hearn, Kylie Evans, Scott McGraw.
   The win was the second in as many
years for members Scott McGraw, Steve             The annual Eureka Climb is a unique                 This year’s Eureka Climb has raised
Axup, Sandy Hearn and Kylie Evans.             fundraising event for disadvantaged                 over $277,000 so far, with more
   Scott McGraw was also presented             young people at home and abroad,                    donations expected. If you would
with a special award acknowledging             for charity partners Whitelion and                  like to donate please head to
his incredible act of endurance for            Interplast Australia and New Zealand.     
last month’s Everest Challenge. Scott          The Emergency Services Challenge                       For a full list of results head to:
climbed the Eureka Tower 31 times in           is an integral part of the day and it is  
succession in 11 hours and 16 minutes,         hoped the enthusiasm expressed by all               Teams.aspx?CId=16&RId=28034&EId=1
the equivalent of Mt Everest, to raise         who entered continues into next year                (select emergency in the ‘type’ field and
funds and event awareness.                     and beyond.                                         hit refresh). l

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
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The Australian Public Service Benevolent Society (APS Benefits) is a not for profit organisation
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 Toll Free 1300 131 809   Phone (03) 9322 2000       Fax (03) 8327 8200
                                          ABN 64 077 846 809   AFSL No. 244115
FEaturE storY

                HoW A ColD
                CASe kING mAPPeD
                ouT A kIlleR
                       utting-edge mapping technology could help Australian         a given period of time, enabling us to ascertain which crimes
                       detectives breathe life into the nation’s unsolved           he was a suspect in.”
                       crimes, according to the ex-criminal profiler who               Mr King was recently in Australia for the Ozri 2012
                used the software to help catch notorious US serial killer          geospatial conference in Sydney, an event that attracted more
                Robert Ben Rhoades.                                                 than 500 GIS professionals from Australia, the Asia Pacific and
                   Mike King was part of the investigative team that captured       the United States.
                the truck-driving murderer, who was eventually convicted of            During his keynote address, Mr King said geography was
                four murders and suspected of committing up to 300 others.          essential in better understanding the probabilities amongst the
                   Now a law enforcement expert with global Geographic              possibilities when identifying suspects.
                Information System (GIS) giant Esri, Mr King said GIS                  “Often, investigators concentrate on the ‘usual suspects’
                technology was instrumental in identifying the killer.              within a jurisdiction where the crime occurs,” he said.
                   “Rhoades’ anonymity and constant movement made him                  “With the ease of mobility in today’s world, prudent
                extremely difficult to link to his crimes,” Mr King said.           enforcers must look beyond local borders for others
                   “His victims were found hundreds of miles apart,                 who could match the peculiarities of the crimes they
                sometimes dumped on the other side of the country from              are handling.
                where he first picked them up.                                         “GIS technology gives an insight into behaviour and
                   “We used advanced GIS technology to map his driving              provides valuable circumstantial evidence which assists in
                patterns and pit stops, the locations of the victims’ bodies, and   arrests and convictions.
                information from missing persons reports.                              “This methodology has been helpful in countless other
                   “This helped us determine Rhoades’ whereabouts at the            cold cases and murders being solved in the United States
                time of murders and how far he was capable of travelling in         and throughout the rest of the world.”

                                                                                           Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                                               Illustration: Kathryn Steel

                                                                             Suite 3, Level 2, East Point Plaza
                                                                                   233 Adelaide Terrace
                                                                                      Perth, WA, 6000

                                                                                  Proudly supporting the National
                                                                                       Emergency Response
                                                                                  The life they save may be yours

                                   Ex-criminal profiler Mike King.

                                                                                 Call For a Free Quote
   Mr King’s distinguished 28 year history in law
enforcement includes a Utah Attorney General’s Office Chief                      0422 452 922
of Staff post and stints with the FBI and Harvard University.          
   He has also appeared on US and international news and
talk shows, and is renowned for solving the ‘oldest and
coldest case in history’: the assassination of the Egyptian
pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1340 BC.
   Mr King will be advising several Australian law                               UPVC Window Installation Specialist
enforcement agencies on how GIS technology could help                            and Maintenance
them crack their own unsolved crimes.
                                                                                 Decks & Pergolas
   “While GIS technology is already employed by many of
the world’s leading law enforcement agencies, such as New                        Extensions
York and Los Angeles Police Departments, its use in solving
                                                                                 Aluminium Window Installation
cases is still relatively new in Australia,” Mr King said.
   “However, the technology should be an integral                                Full Insured
component of every police department’s investigative                             New Homes
tool-kit and can certainly help solve cases here, particularly
those involving missing persons.                                                 Hourly Rate Available
   “It brings more clarity to crime-solving because analysts are able
                                                                             Builders Licence Number: 2011160
to draw links between the geography of crimes, killers and victims,          ABN: 34245112193
and link it with behaviour patterns and other historical data.” l

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                RePoRT PuTS FIGuRe
                oN ST JoHN’S HelP
FEaturE storY

                                                                                                                               “St John is committed to saving lives,”
                                                                                                                            he continued. “We do this through our
                                                                                                                            volunteer activities and by training
                                                                                                                            people in first aid, and it is one of our
                                                                                                                            goals to have one person in every
                                                                                                                            household trained in first aid.”
                                                                                                                               Lynne Pezzullo, Lead Partner in
                                                                                                                            Health Economics and Social Policy at
                                                                                                                            Deloitte Access Economics, conducted
                                                                                                                            the analysis.
                                                                                                                               “The study was undertaken using
                                                                                                                            internationally accepted methodologies
                                                                                                                            and benchmarks,” she said. “It came as
                                                                                                                            no surprise that the value contribution
                                                                                                                            of St John was so high.”
                                                                                                                               St John in NSW has traditionally been
                                                                                                                            self-funded with revenue raised through
                                                                                                                            its own commercial activities such as
                St John volunteers, seen here at a recent Tough Mudder race, assist in community events across Australia.   first aid training and the sale of first aid
                                                                                                                            equipment and consumables. It has
                By St John Ambulance NSW                                                                                    not received any significant recurrent
                                                                                                                            government funding.

                   t was meant to be just another half-
                   marathon for Jamie Donaldson,                       Think of every mass gathering, community event
                   a father of three from Sydney.
                However, moments after crossing
                                                                       or festival held in cities large and small, and
                the finishing line at the end of the
                Blackmores Sydney Running Festival
                                                                       chances are that St John volunteers are there.
                last year, Jamie collapsed. On that                       Chief Executive Officer of St John                   Mr Newton suggested that these
                unseasonably warm September day,                       NSW Mark Newton explained how the                    arrangements had served the
                three St John Ambulance Australia                      large amount was estimated.                          organisation well for decades but it may
                volunteers from New South Wales                           “The figure has been reached by                   now be time to reconsider this situation
                (NSW) brought him back to life with                    looking at savings to already over-                  in conjunction with government to
                cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)                    burdened emergency departments and                   ensure the long-term continuity of the
                and three shocks with a defibrillator.                 the Ambulance Service of NSW as well                 very valuable community service that
                   Stories like Jamie’s are not                        as reduced disability and lives saved,”              St John provides.
                uncommon across Australia. Think of                    he said.                                                St John has been present in Australia
                every mass gathering, community event                     “By providing first aid and health                since 1883. The St John of today is a
                or festival held in cities large and small,            services at events like New Year’s                   modern organisation with more than
                and chances are that St John volunteers                Eve celebrations or the City2Surf in                 4,100 volunteers in NSW.
                are there.                                             addition to our wider community                         These volunteers provide first aid
                   A recent report from Deloitte Access                services, St John has generated a                    and health services at community
                Economics has put a value of close to                  contribution of close to $55 million                 events, help young children with
                $55 million on the total contribution                  towards the social and economic                      reading in schools and assist the
                of St John NSW to the health and                       wellbeing of this state.”                            NSW Health Department with its
                wellbeing of people across the state.                     “St John works very closely with                  immunisation program in schools.
                   The Economic and Social                             the Ambulance Service of NSW,                        St John also has active ophthalmic
                Contribution of St John (NSW)                          particularly in regard to the provision              programs in rural and remote north
                looks at the impact of St John                         of first aid and health services at                  western NSW.
                volunteers at events and emergencies,                  events St John is also part of the NSW                  For more information about learning
                the provision of first aid training and                State Disaster Plan and has a clear                  first aid, buying a first aid kit or
                products and Project HeartStart, a                     picture of our role in emergencies                   becoming a volunteer with St John NSW,
                nationally driven program for public                   within the state and further afield                  please visit
                access defibrillation.                                 when required.”                                      or call 1300 360 455. l

                                                                                                             Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response

                                                                                       FEaturE storY

St John NSW volunteers assist participants at a recent Tough Mudder endurance event.

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
FEaturE storY

                eSA CHIeF moVeS                                                                                      T
                                                                                                                           he Emergency Services
                                                                                                                           Commissioner for the ACT’s

                uP To leAD emA
                                                                                                                           Emergency Services Agency (ESA),
                                                                                                                     Mark Crosweller, is to become the
                                                                                                                     next Director-General of Emergency
                                                                                                                     Management Australia in the federal
                AlastairWilson                                                                                       Attorney-General’s Department in
                                                                                                                     Canberra. He will replace Cam Darby
                                                                                                                     who retired in early September.
                                                                                                                        Mr Crosweller has been head of the
                                                                                                                     ACT’s collective of emergency services
                                                                                                                     since early 2010. He came to that
                                                                                                                     position from the NSW Rural Fire Service
                                                                                                                     (RFS) where he had been an Assistant
                                                                                                                     Commissioner for several years. He has
                Above: ESA Emergency Services Commissioner Mark Crossweller talks to SES officers during the
                                                                                                                     had a long connection to the RFS having
                2011 Queensland floods.
                                                                                                                     joined as a volunteer fire fighter in the

                                                                                                          Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                                                                                            services. This same incident drew much
                                                                                            public commendation for the way ESA
                                                                                            handled the risky situation.
                                                                                               Mr Crosweller contributed to various
                                                                                            national committees and bodies during
                                                                                            his tenure with the territory’s emergency

                                                                                                                                         FEaturE storY
                                                                                            agency, including on the National
                                                                                            Emergency Management Committee
                                                                                            and on the Board of the Australasian
                                                                                            Fire and Emergency Services
                                                                                            Authorities Council.
                                                                                               In his new role with the federal agency
                                                                                            Mr Crosweller will be responsible for
                                                                                            the national Crisis Coordination Centre
                                                                                            (CCC) in Canberra where his focus will
                                                                                            be on coordinating the Commonwealth
                                                                                            Government’s disaster response
                                                                                            support to state and territory emergency
                                                                                            response agencies. This could be
                                                                                            involvement with, for example, tasking
                                                                                            the use of defence assets or working
                                                                                            with national health agencies when
                                                                                            catastrophic storms and floods occur.
                                                                                            The national CCC also becomes involved
                                                                                            when Australia is requested by a foreign
                                                                                            government disaster response agency, to
                                                                                            manage this country’s support activities.
                                                                                            These can include working with AusAID
                                                                                            to provide aid to Pacific nations when
                                                                                            cyclones and tsunamis hit, and aiding
                                                                                            near neighbours in times of crisis such as
                                                                                            coordinating the USAR teams that went
                                                                                            to Christchurch to help New Zealand’s
                                                                                            earthquake response effort. He will also
                                                                                            have responsibility for administering a
                                                                                            series of Australia’s disaster management
                                                                                            plans including helping with evacuation
                                                                                            of Australians from overseas hotspots
                                                                                            or disaster zones.
                                                                                               A new role for Mark will be
                                                                                            participation in the national security
                                                                                            arena, working alongside other national
                                                                                            agencies such as the Federal Police,
Warringah-Pittwater-Terrey Hills area of    with Canberrans being forced to understand      Customs, Immigration and Foreign
north Sydney in January 1985 at age 20,     the inevitability of such catastrophic fires.   Affairs and Trade. His involvement over a
a role he maintained until coming onto         In his time as ESA Commissioner              number of years with the development
the RFS staff in time for the devastating   Mr Crosweller has led the growth and            of emergency management policy
NSW fires of 1994. These fires were ‘a      stability of the local emergency agencies.      will no doubt become useful in his
life forming experience’ he says. In the    He was quick to contribute his officers         new role where strategic disaster
1990’s he also took on the role of local    to the Australian urban search and              management policy is formulated for
SES controller in his home suburb.          rescue (USAR) support contingent to             the national government and disaster
   He then worked his way up the ladder     the Christchurch earthquakes. He also           recovery funding is provided to
in the RFS through fire control inspector   he deployed SES, Fire and Rescue and            affected jurisdictions.
and incident commander to the assistant     mapping specialists to Queensland                  Mr Crosweller is expected to begin
commissioner rank. During the 2003          during Tropical Cyclone Yasi and that           his new and challenging role before
Canberra bushfires he was the NSW           state’s extensive flooding last year. On        year’s end while in the ACT the
RFS liaison officer based in the city to    the local scene the major chemical              acting ESA leadership has been taken
link his agency with local authorities      explosion in the city’s northern industrial     on by Tony Graham who has been
in the capital. This he says, was a         suburb of Mitchell in September of 2011         Chief Officer of the territory’s State
testing time for every agency involved,     laid extreme pressure on his agency’s           Emergency Service. l

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                                                                                                                                        Two countries bond in the water.
crossinG borDErs

                      BuIlDING lIFeSAVING
                      PARTNeRSHIPS IN SRI lANkA
                                                                                                                            In contrast, eight people on average
                                                                                                                         drown each year along the 811 kilometres
                                                                                                                         of coastal beach in Victoria, which is visited
                                                                                                                         by more than 33 million people each year.
                                                                                                                            It was this startling difference in
                                                                                                                         drowning deaths between Sri Lanka and
                                                                                                                         Australia that led to LSV developing a
                                                                                                                         long-term strategy to provide assistance
                                                                                                                         to developing nations to lower their
                                                                                                                         drowning toll, focusing first on Sri Lanka.
                                                                                                                            The Building Leaders Scholarship,
                                                                                                                         which began in 2008, aims to develop
                                                                                                                         the leadership skills of participants by
                                                                                                                         incorporating professional and personal
                                                                                                                         development, cultural awareness
                   Australian Life Savers are doing their bit to reduce the rate of drowning in Sri Lanka.               training, technical training and conflict
                                                                                                                         resolution skills.
                                                                                                                            As part of the revamped program,
                   By JenniferRoberts and LauraDunens                                                                    six young scholars were selected from
                                                                                                                         lifesaving clubs and Swim and Survive

                           group of Life Saving Victoria                     country’s drowning toll - estimated at      licensee nominees, to undertake intensive
                           (LSV) young leaders have                          around 1,000 lives lost per year.           leadership training in 2011/12, before
                           recently returned from Sri Lanka,                    According to the Life Saving             embarking on a trip to Sri Lanka in July.
                   where they delivered lifesaving training                  Association of Sri Lanka (LSASL), over         After eight intensive training sessions in
                   as part of a new initiative by the                        65 people drown each year along a           Australia, the group headed to Sri Lanka
                   organisation to assist the Life Saving                    combined 3 kilometre stretch of beach       for 16 days to apply their newly
                   Association of Sri Lanka in lowering the                  at Mt Lavinia and Preethipura in Wattala.   developed skills to deliver International

                                                                                                             Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                                                                                                             Integrating into the Sri Lankan
                                                                                                          community in and out of the water.

                                                                                                                                               crossinG borDErs
Life Saving accredited training to local            The group visited Negombo on the         importance of water safety and the
pool lifeguards and untrained participants.      west coast of Sri Lanka, where 35 local     significance of having highly trained
   The scholars also assisted in train-          participants successfully completed         pool and beach lifeguards.
the-trainer sessions conducted by LSV            24 senior first aid, CPR and rescue            The intended benefits of delivering
trainers for LSASL. These sessions,              techniques and 11 pool lifeguard awards.    international standards of training to
combined with sharing of training                   The second leg of the tour took          local lifeguards also go beyond the
resources, enabled local trainers to up-         the group to the southern city of           immediate benefit of on the job skills.
skill to international standards, with the       Galle, where a further eight pool              This training delivery is also intended
aim to improve the quality of ongoing            lifeguard awards were obtained by           to aid the community by giving locals
lifesaving training in Sri Lanka.                local candidates, as well as another        skills and awareness which they can use
   The training component in Sri Lanka           13 senior first aid qualifications.         not only at work, but also integrate into
involved the delivery of two International          LSV Director of Youth and Leadership     their own community.
Life Saving (ILS) Federation Accredited          Nancy Joseph said participants and             In addition, the project aids Sri
Awards – the Senior First Aid and the            scholars exceeded expectations.             Lankan tourism operators to provide
ILS Pool Lifeguard. The two ILS awards              “The scholars were excellent in          international standards of safety,
were conducted in Negombo and                    applying the skills they developed          increasing their appeal to western
Galle at Jetwing Lagoon and Jetwing              throughout the program and the local        tourists, and potentially helping to
Lighthouse hotels.                               participants were very eager to learn,      boost the local economy.
   The training framework was                    embracing both practical lessons and
established by the LSV’s training                theory,” she said.                          ABOUT	LIfE	SAVING	
department in consultation with Surf Life           “In fact, one of the highlights of the   ASSOCIATION	Of	SRI	LANKA
Saving Australia and LSASL.                      trip was teaching two non-swimmers          LSASL is the national body for life
   Building Leaders scholar Imogen               how to float, breathe underwater and        saving and water safety for Sri Lanka
Dingle said the group had a great time           basic swimming stoke techniques.”           and became a member of the World
working with participants in Sri Lanka.             The program helped raise awareness       Lifesaving Service in 1973.
   “They were really receptive to our training   of not only the participants, but the
and very excited to be there,” she said.         wider Sri Lankan community about the        continued on page 24

Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                     LSASL volunteers conduct over 150             Her desire and passion to help people          JESSICA	RANSOM
                   rescues each year while on duty and          is further emphasised in her work as
                   another 30-40 while off duty.                a prosthetist and orthotists, making
                     Lifesavers in Sri Lanka perform a          artificial limbs for amputees.
                   phenomenal service to the community
crossinG borDErs

                   with limited support and resources.          HAYDEN	BURCH
                     The foundation set by LSASL provides
                   a platform for developing lifesaving
                   services and water safety in Sri Lanka.

                   JESSICA	STEWART

                                                                                                                  Since becoming involved with the water
                                                                                                                  safety movement at the age of eight,
                                                                                                                  Jessica Ransom has been an active
                                                                                                                  mentor for juniors coming through LSV’s
                                                                                                                  surf education program, passing on
                                                                Since his introduction to lifesaving              valuable lifesaving skills and knowledge.
                                                                as a nipper at the age of seven,                     After obtaining her Surf Rescue
                                                                Hayden Burch has gone on to excel                 Certificate in 2007, Jessica has gone on
                                                                in lifesaving competitions.                       to receive another 26 awards, including
                                                                   He obtained his Surf Recue Certificate         her Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion,
                   Jessica Stewart recently commenced an        in 2006, his Bronze Medallion in 2008             Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Driver,
                   undergraduate degree in paramedics,          and his Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB)              Spinal Management and Senior First
                   after being involved with surf education     Crew Certificate in 2011.                         Aid awards.
                   and lifesaving for 13 years.                    In 2008, Hayden was made captain of               Jessica has ambitions to combine her
                      She is currently the co-chief             the Victorian State Development Team and          passion and dedication to lifesaving with
                   instructor and patrol captain at Apollo      is an active qualified pool and surf lifeguard.   a successful career in medicine.
                   Bay SLSC and was crowned the
                   Victorian Junior Lifesaver of the Year       JACK	LYNCH                                        MIMI	CRAIG
                   in 2008.
                      Jessica has a strong history with LSV’s
                   leadership opportunities, participating
                   in both the under 13 and under 15
                   leadership camps.

                   IMOGEN	DINGLE

                                                                An 18-year veteran of lifesaving, Jack Lynch      Mimi Craig holds extensive knowledge of
                                                                was introduced to the surf education              aquatic education and health promotion,
                                                                program at a young age and has been               with her current role as Wet Program
                                                                an active patrolling member since 2004.           Supervisor at Victoria University allowing
                                                                   He has enjoyed the leadership                  her to actively apply her skills.
                                                                and development opportunities                        Her love of aquatics started at an
                                                                made available to him through LSV,                early age through her participation in
                   Imogen brings to the scholarship a           participating in both the under 13 and            competition swimming and she soon
                   wealth of experience, having begun her       under 15 leadership camps, and filling            recognised her desire to become
                   involvement with lifesaving at the age of    the role of junior club captain at his            involved in aquatic education.
                   six through LSV’s surf education program.    lifesaving club for two consecutive years.           Mimi is a professional lifeguard,
                      She has previously held the roles of         Jack has achieved great success as both        having gained her accreditation in 2008
                   patrol and club captain at Fairhaven         a competitor and a coach in triathlon and         through LSV, and has been working and
                   SLSC, and has run Bronze Medallion and       has received accolades for his outstanding        teaching in the aquatic sector for over
                   Surf Rescue Certificate training squads.     contribution to community service.                six years. l

                                                                                                  Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
To AIeS VollIeS
        he Tasmanian division of the
        Australian Institute of Emergency
        Services (AIES) is making their
volunteers feel extra special with a
commemorative coin. The celebratory
20 cent coin was released last year to
commemorate the 10th anniversary of
the International Year of Volunteers (IYV).
The Tasmanian AIES has purchased the
coin for all members who are 10 year
IYV medal recipients. The coins can
also be purchased in other states. To
go with the IYV 10th anniversary medal
that all volunteers received, David and
Kim Newell, owners of The Coin and
Stamp Place in Hobart, are supporting
the Tasmania AIES with a special deal –
fitting a bar to the volunteers’ IYV
medals. Visit The Coin and Stamp Place,
Shop 3 Trafalgar on Collins, 110 Collins
                                              Top: The 20 cent celebratory coin commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.
Street, Hobart, call 03 6224 3536 or
                                              Above: Tasmania AIES members receiving their IYV 10th anniversary bar.
email l

                                                                                            GOLD MINES
   Members are entitled to a FREE
 ‘Police, Fire and Emergency Services’                                                        PROUD TO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL SES VOLUNTEERS
             New Testament.
   Contact our Resource Centre at:
      7 Rowling St Casuarina 0810
            <p> 08 8945 4352
        The Bible Society NT
       is proud to support the                                                                Kids Helpline
        NT Police Association
                  Romans 13:1-7                                                               1800 55 1800
Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                  PRINCIPleS FoR PeeR
                  SuPPoRT PRoGRAmS IN
                  HIGH-RISk oRGANISATIoNS
FEaturE storY

                TraceyVarker, AndreaPhelps and DavidForbes
                Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

                       here are several occupations in          to and management of both natural and            different types of trauma exposures) that
                       which exposure to psychological          man-made disasters. As key agents in             social support is important in boosting
                       trauma is either a possible or, indeed   any preparedness strategy, emergency             an individual’s capacity to deal with a
                a predictable event. High-risk organisations    service personnel will assume a variety          traumatic event. Peer support systems have
                - that is, organisations where personnel        of roles. Some personnel will be required        the capacity to promote social support
                are routinely exposed to potentially            to work as peer supporters, within a peer        within high-risk organisational structures.
                traumatic events - include emergency            support program, while other personnel              To date, however, there has been
                service organisations and the military.         will be the recipients of peer support.          no consistent approach to the
                Examples of other occupational settings            Peer support programs have emerged            implementation of peer support programs.
                where psychological trauma may not be           as common practice for supporting staff in          Despite their increasing popularity and
                as predictable, but where employees are         many high-risk organisations. The rationale      implementation across a range of high-
                at increased risk, include heavy industries,    for the provision of peer support programs       risk organisations, most of the published
                hospital settings, the transport industry,      often includes the goals of meeting the          literature on peer support comprises
                and retail settings at risk of armed hold-up.   legal and moral duty to care for employees,      descriptive studies, with small samples
                   Those in the emergency services              as well as addressing multiple barriers to       and cross-sectional designs, or longitudinal
                are relied upon daily to respond to             standard care (including stigma, lack of         designs without comparison groups.
                emergencies that threaten our lives,            time, poor access to providers, lack of trust,   A notable exception to this is the TRiM
                wellbeing, property peace and security.         and fear of job repercussions). The value of     program, developed by the British Armed
                Emergency services personnel also often         peer support systems is supported by the         Forces; one of the few programs to have
                play a critical role in the initial response    strong evidence in the trauma field (across      undergone a rigorous scientific trial of

                                                                                                 Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
          Peer support programs have the potential to       peer supporters and to ensure that once        GUIDELINE	RECOMMENDATIONS
   provide important support for members of high-risk       trained, peer supporters do not interfere      1. The	Goals	of	Peer	Support:	Peer
organisations exposed to potentially traumatic stressors.
                                                            with normal and adaptive coping but               supporters should: (a)provide an
                                                            do encourage referral to professional             empathetic, listening ear; (b) provide
                                                            sources of help where this is required.           low level psychological intervention;
                                                               However, peer support programs across          (c) identify colleagues who may be at

                                                                                                                                                              FEaturE storY
                                                            different organisations and industries            risk to themselves or others; and (d)
                                                            face different challenges, highlighting the       facilitate pathways to professional help.
                                                            importance of agreed principles of peer        2. Selection	of	Peer	Supporters: In order
                                                            support that can be adapted to suit the           to become a peer supporter, the
                                                            particular circumstances of each work place.      individual should: (a) be a member of
                                                                                                              the target population; (b) be someone
                                                            DEVELOPING	ExPERT	CONSENSUS	                      with considerable experience within the
                                                            PEER	SUPPORT	GUIDELINES	                          field of work of the target population;
                                                            Using a well-established method of                (c) be respected by his/her peers
                                                            enquiry that canvases opinions of                 (colleagues); and (d) undergo an
                                                            experts in a particular field (the Delphi         application and selection process prior
                                                            method), we surveyed a group of 92                to appointment that should include
                                                            international experts and peer support            interview by a suitably constituted panel.
                                                            practitioners from 17 countries.               3. Training	and	Accreditation: Peer
                                                               The Delphi method of enquiry involves          supporters should: (a) be trained in
                                                            a carefully selected group of experts             basic skills to fulfil their role (such as
                                                            answering surveys in two or more                  listening skills, psychological first aid,
                                                            rounds. After each round, a facilitator           information about referral options);
                                                            provides an anonymous summary of the              (b) meet specific standards in that
                                                            experts’ views and comments, allowing             training before commencing their role;
                                                            all raters to compare these with their            and (c) participate in on-going training,
                                                            own. The aim is that, during this iterative       supervision, review, and accreditation.
                                                            process, the range of responses will           4. Mental	Health	Professionals: Mental
                                                            decrease and the group will converge              health professionals should: (a) occupy
                                                            towards the consensus response.                   the position of clinical director; and
                                                               By using the Delphi method, we                 (b) be involved in supervision and training.
                                                            were able to develop eight guideline           5. Role: Peer supporters should: (a) not
                                                            recommendations on peer support for               limit their activities to high-risk incidents
                                                            high-risk organisations. These guidelines         but, rather, should also be part of routine
                                                            have been designed for:                           employee health and welfare; (b) not
                                                            • Peer supporters, peer support                   generally see ‘clients’ on an ongoing basis
   its effectiveness. However this program                     coordinators, clinicians, trainers             but should seek specialist advice and
   is not typical of peer support programs                     and educators                                  offer referral pathways for more complex
   in that it involves a more structured and                • Managers, administrators and                    cases; and (c) maintain confidentiality
   standardised approach than most.                            policy makers                                  (except when seeking advice from a
      Peer support programs appear to have                  • Academics and researchers                       mental health professional and/or in
   evolved in response to idiosyncratic                     • Organisations who fund peer                     cases of risk of harm to self or others).
   organisational needs, with little consistency               support programs.                           6. Access	to	peer	supporters: Peer
   in the goals of peer support, criteria for               These recommendations should not                  supporters should normally be offered
   selection of peer supporters, how programs               be interpreted rigidly but, rather, should        as the initial point of contact after
   should be implemented and supervised                     be implemented as appropriate to the              exposure to a high-risk incident unless
   and how effective they are on a range of                 specific context of the program. We               the employee requests otherwise. In
   outcomes. Achieving a clear understanding                also hope that since there is currently           other situations, employees should be
   and agreement on the goals of a peer                     an absence of objective empirical                 able to self-select their peer supporter
   support program is fundamental for                       evidence of peer support in improving             from a pool of accredited supporters.
   several reasons. First, it sets the context              psychosocial outcomes, that these              7. Looking	after	peer	supporters: In recognition
   for evaluation—only if we know what we                   recommendations will assist in the                of the potential demands of the work, peer
   hope to achieve can we design strategies                 establishment of properly designed and            supporters should: (a) not be available
   to measure the program’s effectiveness.                  controlled evaluation. The guidelines             on call 24 hours per day; (b) be easily
   Second, a shared understanding of                        presented here represent the current              able to access care for themselves from a
   goals helps to place boundaries around                   views of experts and practitioners in             mental health practitioner if required; (c)
   what is, and more importantly, what is                   the field of peer support, but we would           be easily able to access expert advice from
   not expected of peer supporters. This is                 expect them to evolve as more research            a clinician; and (d) engage in regular
   important both to direct the training of                 is conducted and knowledge develops.              peer supervision within the program.

   Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
                                                                    8. Program	evaluation: Peer support               these expert consensus guidelines will
                                                                       programs should establish clear goals          hopefully provide a clear point of reference
                                                                       that are linked to specific outcomes           for organisations with, or considering the
                                                                       prior to commencement. They                    development of, such programs and offer
                                                                       should be evaluated by an external,            guidance to approaches to evaluation. l
                                                                       independent evaluator on a regular
FEaturE storY

                                                                       basis and the evaluation should include          For more information about
                                                                       qualitative and quantitative feedback            Australian Centre for Posttraumatic
                                                                       from users. Objective indicators                 Mental Health (ACPMH) or on the
                                                                       such as absenteeism, turnover, work              implementation of peer support
                                                                       performance, and staff morale, while             programs for your organisation, please
                                                                       not primary goals of peer support                contact (03) 9936 5100 or visit our
                                                                       programs, may be collected as                    website
                                                                       adjunctive data as part of the evaluation.       A full copy of the guidelines can be
                                                                    Peer support programs have the potential to         found on our website at:
                                                                    provide important support for members of  
                It can be a long road ahead for people exposed to
                                                                    high risk organisations exposed to potentially      resources/resource-peer_support.html
                psychological trauma.
                                                                    traumatic stressors. The development of

                SA ReCoGNISeS
                ouTSTANDING VoluNTeeRING
                        10-year clasp and rosette has
                        been approved for issue by the
                        AIES to commemorate the 2001
                International Year of the Volunteer
                award – a recognition of volunteers,
                presented through a United Nations Charter.
                   The AIES National Council approved
                the issuing of 10-year clasps and rosettes
                to members who have continued to
                contribute to the running of the institute.
                   The SA Division recognised this
                important contribution by volunteers and
                nominated a number of local members
                who have since been presented awards.
                   2011 marked the tenth anniversary                (L-R) SA Division President Barry Presgrave and   (L-R) SA Division President Barry Presgrave and
                and the SA Board has continued to                   Peter Bos.                                        Robert Hegarty.
                promote these values by recognising the
                positive impact of volunteering in the                 Following the presentations, SA member            “One key initiative Bill organised was
                emergency services field by a number                and guest speaker Assoc. Prof William (Bill)      a door-to-door assessment of houses
                of current members.                                 Griggs AM, ASM, spoke on his deployment           to see if residents needed assistance,”
                   In August, the following members                 under AUSAID to provide humanitarian              Mr Presgrave said.
                attended the SA division’s bi-monthly               aid in Somoa after the 2009 tsunami.                 Prof Griggs was presented with a plaque
                dinner meeting in Adelaide to receive a                Mr Presgrave said Prof Griggs’                 to commemorate his visit and in recognition
                10-year clasp and rosette, presented by             presentation was well received.                   of his wealth of experience and dedication to
                SA Division President Barry Presgrave.                 “His (Prof Griggs) highly photographic         help people in need, anywhere in the world.
                   Peter Bos, SA Police – joined AIES               presentation amazed the audience,” he said.          The following members will be presented
                in 1997.                                               “In particular, noting he deployed a team      with 10-year clasps and rosettes at future
                   Roger Halliday, SA Police and SA Sea             of 12 South Australians to the emergency          meetings: Fred Truman (SA Police); Peter
                Rescue Squadron – joined AIES in 1977.              zone with only two hours’ notice.”                Little (SA Ambulance); Garry Coombes
                   Robert Hegarty, Health and Medical                  The deployed team’s primary task was           (St John Ambulance); Gordon Hartley
                Function of SA Department of Health –               to repatriate Australian and New Zealand          (SES); and Rex Hall (CFS). An award for
                joined AIES in 1994.                                residents from the disaster zone and              the late Bill Timm (Health and Medical
                   Gordon Weber, SA SES – joined AIES               assist locals set-up emergency medical            Function of SA Department of Health)
                in 1978.                                            treatment for victims of the tsunami.             will be presented to Bill’s wife Marcia. l

                                                                                                          Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
Completed Application forms with fees should be forwarded to the Division Registrar in the State where you normally reside. Further
information may also be obtained by contacting your Division Registrar or General Registrar of the Institute at the following addresses:

NATIONAL	COUNCIL                                                         QUEENSLAND
The General Registrar                                                    The Registrar – QLD Division of Australian Institute of
Australian Institute of Emergency Services (General Council)             Emergency Services. PO Box 590 Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
14/159 Middle Head Rd, Mosman, NSW 2088                                  Email:
Ph: (02) 9968 1226
Email:                                             SOUTH	AUSTRALIA,	WESTERN	AUSTRALIA	
National Web Site:                                       AND	NORTHERN	TERRITORY
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Emergency Services. PO Box 504, Civic Square ACT 2601
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The Registrar – NSW Division of Australian Institute of
Emergency Services. PO Box 695, Haberfield NSW 2045
Email:                                         VICTORIA
                                                                         The Registrar – VIC Division of Australian Institute of
                                                                         Emergency Services. C/O 44 Webb St, Warrandyte, VIC 3113

THE	INSTITUTE’S	AIMS                                                     • Corporate members receive a bronze plaque free of charge and
To provide a professional body for the study of the roles and              can advertise on the AIES website, as well as provide articles for
functions of Emergency Services and Emergency Management                   inclusion in the Institute’s journal.
Organisations throughout Australia, and the promotion and
advancement of professional standards in these and associated            MEMBERSHIP
services.                                                                Costs
                                                                         Nomination Fee:           $20.00
THE	INSTITUTE’S	OBJECTIVES                                               Annual Subscription:      $50.00
• To raise the status and advance the interests of the profession        Fellows:                  $60.00
   of emergency management and counter disaster services                 Corporate Subscription: $250.00
   administration.                                                       Note: Institute Fees may be tax deductible.
• To represent generally the views and interests of the profession       Classes
   and to promote a high standard of integrity and efficiency in the     There are four classes of membership:
   skills of emergency and counter disaster administration.              • Members • Fellows • Life Fellows • Corporate
• To provide opportunities for association among members and             There are five categories of affiliation with the Institute that
   students to promote and protect their mutual interest.                may be offered to persons who do not meet the requirements
• To facilitate full interchange of concepts and techniques              for membership:
   amongst members.                                                      • Associate • Student Member • Retired Member
• To bring to the notice of the public such matters that are             • Honorary Member • Honorary Fellow
   deemed to be important for safety and protection of the
   community and to promote research and development of                  Eligibility
   emergency services generally.                                         Applications for membership will be considered from persons
• To establish a national organisation to foster international           who are at least eighteen years of age and who:
   co-operation in counter-disaster services administration.             • Are members of a permanent emergency service or
•	                                                                          associated service, or
THE	INSTITUTE	OffERS                                                     • Are volunteer members of emergency or associated services.
• An opportunity to be part of a progressive Australia-wide              Admission as a member may be granted if in the opinion of
   Institute dedicated to the progression and recognition of the         the General Council the applicant meets all other conditions of
   Emergency Service role in the community.                              membership and passes such examinations and/or other tests
• An independent forum where you can be heard and your                   as may be required by General Council.
   opinions shared with other emergency service members.
• A journal with information from institutes and other sources           MEMBERS	
   around the world in addition to the interchange of views between      Our members come from
   Divisions in Australia, as well as access to the Institute website.   • Ambulance Service • Community Services • Emergency
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   Conferences and an information service supplied by                    • Fire Services • Health, Medical and Nursing Services • Mines
   professional experienced officers.                                    Rescue • Police Service • Safety Officers • SES • Transport Services
• A Certificate of Membership.                                           • Volunteer Marine Rescue • Volunteer Rescue Associations
• The opportunity to use the initials of the particular membership
   status after your name.

                                                                                 Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
GENERAL	ENQUIRIES                       Email:       the General registrar
                                                                             14/159 Middle Head road
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Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
     meDICAl CRASH CouRSe
              staff member and patient at a      parked around 350 metres away in a       a ramp and shot down a grass verge and
              medical centre in Melbourne’s      nearby shopping centre carpark when      crossed the road directly into the nearby
              eastern suburbs jumped for their   it took off without its driver, headed   pathology clinic. Cribbing was setup
     lives when a Nissan 4WD and trailer         through two car parking bays, knocked    by the rescue crews to allow the 4WD
     plowed through the front window of          over a concrete post, went through a     to be pulled out. Police blocked the
     their treatment room. The 4WD was           skate park including going up and over   roadway until the car was removed. l

                                                                              Summer2012/2013 • national Emergency response
Blue light brings police and youth together
to provide young people with positive lifestyle
alternatives and strategies to avoid becoming an offender or
victim of crime. Visit for more info.
The underlying factors governing
all Blue Light activities is that
they must be:
• Free from alcohol
• Free from drugs
• Free from anti-social behaviour
• and FUN!

We do more than just dance

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