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River transport needs passenger fleet! / Mineev V.I., Malyshkin A.G. // River transport
(XXI century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 53
       Resumes discussion in magazine «River transport (XXI century» published in 2005-
2009 years about problems of social implication river conveyance of passengers. Gives
proposals to develop this kind of carriage on inland waterways and to build river passenger
       Key words: conveyance of passengers, river fleet.

A scientist’s view on river transport’s problems / Kuzmichev I.K. // River transport
(XXI century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 57
       Describes a complex of problems about river transport development in economical
crisis conditions.
       Key words: economical crisis, river transport, shipping companies.

Ecoligical safety of water transport: problems, possible ways of its solving. / Novikov
V.K., Fomin V.G., Semenov A.A. // River transport (XXI century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 76
      Describes list of documents of problem areas and steps to increase ecological safety on
water transport based on national and international requirements to secure economical and
other activities: organizational, normative-legal, scientific-methodological, technical and
finance-economical fields.
      Key words: ecological sagety, water transport.

A problem of multimodal transportation management / Karavaeva E.D., Karavaev V.I.
// River transport (XXI century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 77
      Describes a process of multimodal transportation as an management object, sets a task
of management of multimodal transportation.
      Key words: multimodal transportation, management.

Application of modern acoustic frames to protect objects from airborne sound /
Scherbakova O.V., Romanchenko M.K.// River transport (XXI century).2010- № 2(44).
– p. 79
       Makes confrontation of frameworkless modules of sound-deadening systems, defines
effective vibrodamping materials use as a protection from airborne sound.
       Key words: airborne sound, sound-deadening systems, vibrodamping materials.

A rough estimate of ecological damage in case of oil emergency overflow on a tanker /
Turkin A.V. // River transport (XXI century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 81
      Proposes an analysis of ecological safety loading operations on tankers based on a
principle of conception of acceptable risk. The size of the risk estimates as a product of
frequency and accident damage. Shows formulas to calculate the value of the damage after
spill oil. In case of oil emergency overflow (triggering event) uses the method of plotting the
event tree.
       Key words: ecological safety, loading tankers, spill oil.

The analysis of the factors influencing the safety of the operating ship’s thermooil boilers
/ Arutyunov R.Y., Turkin V.A. // River transport (XXI century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 83
      Proposes the imitation model (based on logical-linguistic approach) of defining a
probability of accident in ship’s boilers operating process. Shows the formula of regression
which defines correlation between accident’s probability and main safety factors (reliability,
ergonomic) of ship’s thermooil boiler.
      Key words: ship’s thermooil boiler, method, imitation model, safety, reliability,

Shaft generator of alternating current on the basis of the electric differential gear /
Matushkin N.N., Khizhnyakov Y.N., Yuazhakov A.A. // River transport (XXI
century).2010- № 2(44). – p. 86
       Considers the design of electromechanical frequency controller based on the electric
differential gear shaft generator drive alternating current from the power shaft diesel through
the multiplier with a range 1: 0,75.
       Key words: Shaft generator peremeenogo current, electrical differential gear, an
electromechanical converter, synchronous machine, controlled by, the multiplier, the regulator
of excitation, V-belt drive, PTO.

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