Amount of Landfill Waste Decreases in UK

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					Amount of Landfill Waste Decreases in UK

A recent report issued by the Government has revealed that the amount of landfill waste generated in the UK
has fallen.

Online PR News – 18-March-2013 – The report researched and issued by the Department of Environment,
Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reveals the overall decrease in recent years of the amount of household
waste generated by households across the UK is a reduction of 15 per cent from Quarter 1 in 2011-12. The
total amount of landfill generated waste was 2.3 million tonnes.

The figures also show that more waste is being recycled than being disposed of in landfill sites. Forty five per
cent of waste collected by local authorities was recycled or composted and there was an overall increase in
the amount of waste being used for energy production by 20 per cent. Over 90 per cent of waste handled by
councils was from households with the remaining 10 per cent consisting of business and construction waste.

As a result, Lavender Clearances is seeing a marked increase in the number of house clearance waste that
can being recycled as a result of stricter policies surrounding recycling and re-using waste.

Sonya Bruce from Lavender Clearances says: "The amount of waste we are recycling is increasing
dramatically and has increased during 2012 by around 40%. Our customers are much more aware of the
environment and how their waste is having an impact. They call us in because we recycle as much of the
waste as we are able to."

The EU Landfill Directive was introduced and enforced in 1999 with the objective to minimise the damage
done to the environment through landfill waste. The targets for the UK under this directive are to reduce the
amount of landfill waste to 50 per cent of total managed waste by 2013 and to 35 per cent by 2020. England’s
target is to reduce the most waste to over 10 million tonnes, Scotland to over 1.2 million tonnes, Wales by 0.6
million tonnes and Northern Ireland to 0.42 million tonnes. Waste collected in the UK also includes industrial
and commercial waste as well as local authority waste.

Household waste that is taken into account for these statistics include household waste from regular refuse
collections, civic disposal sites, litter collections and the collection of large waste. It also includes garden
clearance waste, garage clearances and house clearances.

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