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					  Pump power consumption - compare 2 different
In this example I have assumed your run 1 pump. See below for comparing 2 different pumps

Enter the following detail from reading the pump data and your electricity bill

Amps consumed                                             1
Voltage required                                       110
Cost per unit of electricity (kWhr)                    0.08

Answers below here
Power consumed per year kWhr                       963.6      pump runs 24 hours/day 365 days/year
Money consumed per year                            77.09      pump runs 24 hours/day 365 days/year

Motto: check the label before you buy

How to choose between 2 pumps using buying cost and electricty
usage - just put your information in place of both examples data
In the example below I have used a real life example from a well known International supplier of a sump
pump being used in a situation where 1500 gallons per hour of flow at 1 metre head is required of the pump
and compared this to an average "real" submersible pond pump supplied by the same company

In this example we use US $ but any consistent money terms can be used
Choose between 2 pumps                            Pump 1        Pump 2
Amps                                                    3             1.5
Voltage                                               110            110
Cost of electricity per kWhr                       $0.083         $0.083
In 2001 USA national average electricity cost was 8.29 cents/kWhr
If pumps show the kWhrs used and not amps then you can insert these
values below otherwise insert ZERO

 IMPORTANT: If you know the exact watts consumed by the pump
enter it here for both pumps in the relevant cell. If NOT put 0 in both
Watts power consumed/hr from info
                                                          0                0
on pump or pump box

Annual electricity bill                            $239.65          $119.82
Cost of pump to buy                                 $80.00          $130.00
Total 1 year cost of pump                       $319.65         $249.82            $69.82
Total 2 year cost of pump                       $559.29         $369.65           $189.65
Total 3 year cost of pump                       $798.94         $489.47           $309.47

Conclusion: the more expensive pump to buy is the cheapest
after only 1 years! After 3 years saving in total is about $309

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