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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Amanda Yocum and I teach the Business Management program at Basha
High School. In my class, I have created a simulated economy, the “YocOnomy”, which
is designed to increase student attendance and achievement. All of my students earn
“Yoc-Bucks” when they perform various desired behaviors such as coming to class on-
time, being prepared, asking higher level questions, etc. I have found that my students
respond well to these incentives.

Currently, I am purchasing gift cards at various stores for the students to redeem the
“Yoc-Bucks” they earn in class and with almost 100 students the financial obligation for
me is very expensive. Therefore, I am asking if your organization can assist me in my
efforts to increase student attendance and achievement by donating gift cards or other
items for my classroom “YocOnomy.”

You are more than welcome to come and see how the simulated economy works on a
daily basis in my classroom. All of my classes participate in the economy through
various jobs such as banker, insurance agent, real estate agent, sheriff, and auditor. In
addition, the students are required to record their “Yoc-Bucks” transactions on an Excel
spreadsheet which they turn in weekly for a participation grade. This classroom project is
teaching the students “real-world” skills that will help them be successful, and
responsible citizens in the future.

Thank you in advance for your support of our Career & Technical Education programs! I
look forward to working with your company to increase student achievement.


Amanda Yocum, M.Ed.
Business Cooperative Education Program Coordinator
FBLA Adviser

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