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									One Planet Living in Sutton

     Katherine Hudson
 One Planet Living
• Based on eco-footprints.
• Eco-footprint: The resources the
  planet produces for us (our bank
  balance) and how many of these
  resources we use (how much we
• Can expressed as planets.
• Sutton’s eco-footprint is 3 planets -
  but we only have one!
• Globally we exceeded 1 planet in the
  mid 80’s.
Ten Principles
One Planet Living is based on ten principles.

Sutton is the 1st Council to adopt the ten
principles in One Planet Living Action Plan
for the whole Borough
  Hackbridge Pilot

One Planet Living pilot - Aiming to transform
Hackbridge and create the UK's first sustainable suburb
using One Planet Living as a framework.
Hackbridge will combine community involvement work
with a large scale programme of environmental
upgrades to existing homes, and the development of
1100 new environmentally-friendly homes.
Projects will cover energy use, waste and recycling,
sustainable transport, health and food, water, habitats,
local identity, economic regeneration and improving
community wellbeing.
  Why Hackbridge
Hackbridge regeneration opportunities and
20% of Sutton’s new build will be in Hackbridge, 5 new
development sites, 1100 new homes and mixed use.
Home of BedZED.
Excellent rail transport links, poor bus links/interchange.
Negative effects of heavy through traffic.
Good community engagement.
Future Regional Country Park and Wandle.
1930s and Victorian suburbia with poor energy retention.
Poor external physical environment.
4 Super Output Areas - within 30% most deprived
  Why Hackbridge
80% of people in the UK live in suburbs - this is a model for the rest of
the UK.
New build is only 1-2% per annum – this project includes existing
Eco towns have had a ‘bumpy ride’ - this is a genuine alternative.
Not just ‘deep green’ issues - genuine sustainability including
economic and social sustainability (jobs, health and affordable homes).
  Master Plan

Community engagement has been a key element of the
project with numerous consultation events (SPD,
Future Hackbridge, Hackbridge Week, Masterplaning).
Currently residents are on the whole supportive:
    •90% support the One Planet Living Vision,
    •90-91% support development on 4 of the proposed
    •81% support development on the MOL,
    •other key elements of the Masterplan received between
    90%-96% support.
Home Audits
• Offered home audits to all homes
  in Hackbridge

• 200 taken up

• Results:
   – 68% of households have made a
     physical change to their home.
   – 66% have made a behavioural change
   – Champions network (and case
Low Carbon Zones

• It will bring forward our CO2 reduction plan for Hackbridge.
• Reduce CO2 by 20.21% by 2012 in the zone.
• The LCZ will include:
    –   Home Audits,
    –   Home Retrofits,
    –   Eco Teams,
    –   Multi Utility Infrastructure Strategy (MUSIS).

 We want to make Sutton a truly sustainable place by living
 within our fair share of the earth’s resources. By reinvigorating
 our commitment to tackling climate change and supporting
 wider sustainability issues via One Planet Living, we intend to
 make Sutton London’s best borough for quality of life.
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