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     Read For Life
World Book Capital 2013

      KIS International School

         Jan’13 – Mar’13
Bangkok World Book Awards
There are 9 international schools joining the project.
Everyone reads the books from the list and votes on the blog
Everyone can also post the comments about the books at :
Closing date, March 29th, 2013.
Announce the popular titles/authors.
Some of the authors have been contacted so they know about
  this activity.
Picture Book
                       The Umbrella Queen
                            By Shirin Bridges
                 A story about a girl who lives in Chiang Mai and
                 paints umbrellas for a living, but longs to be

      Hush! A Thai Lullaby
           By Minfong Ho
A beautiful shorter picture book, celebrating
rural Thailand as a setting.
Picture Book
                              A Path of Stars
                           By Anne Sibley O’Brien
                  A longer picture book, telling the story of a
                  Cambodian refugee family

  Juk’s Adventure in Bangkok
            By Meng Lin Chen
A multilingual children’s introduction to the
sights of Bangkok
Junior Book
                          The White Elephant
                                 By Sid Fleischman
               A young boy mahout gets given a white elephant by a
               spoilt young prince – how can he and his “normal”
               elephant make enough money to take care of the white
               elephant as well? A fun story with overtones of when
               Elmer covered himself in mud…

        The Silk Umbrellas
         By Carolyn Marsden
About a girl who loves painting umbrellas, but
discovers that she needs to start working at
a radio factory to provide for her family
Junior Book
                        Tua and the Elephant
                              By R. P. Harris
               A lovely story, also from Chiang Mai, about a girl
               who rescues an elephant from an abusive mahout…
               and then has to decide how she can take care of

     The Happiness of Kati
          By Jane Vejjajiva
A gentle story about a girl who grows up with
her grandparents, and her discoveries about
her family. (Translated from Thai)
Teen Book
                   Behind the Painting and Other Stories
                                    By Siburapha
                A romantic story about post-war Thai society – a
                Thai student goes to university in Japan, and
                becomes infatuated with an older woman there
                (translated from Thai)

       Letters from Thailand
                 By Botan
Historical fiction about a Chinese boy who travels to
Bangkok to make his fortunes – set in Chinatown at the
turn of the century. The novel unfolds through his
letters to his beloved mother in China.
Teen Book
                              Carrion Floating By
                                By Chart Korbjitti
                A cynical novella about the realities of low-level
                police corruption in Bangkok (translated from Thai)

         Escaping the Tiger
           By Laura Manivong
A tense adventure story about a Laotian family who
escape to Thailand, only to find their UN refugee camp
squalid and just as dangerous.
Teen Book
        Grandad, There’s a Head on the
         Beach: A Jimm Juree Mystery
                    By Colin Cotterill

      A compelling detective story about Burmese
      fishermen in the South of Thailand – both funny
      and disquieting at the same time.

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