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					                                                                                  Association of Land Surveyors - Practice Advisory Department
                                                                                                   2012 Plan Review Checklist
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                                                                 Plan title:                                                                              Checklist #                                 Your File:

                                                   Plan Item                                                            Reference                 000                     Comments
 1   Plan Title - the type of plan                                                                   GSIR 10-12
 2   Plan Title - the legal description is shown correctly                                           GSIR 10-12
 3   Plan Title - the purpose of the plan, when applicable
 4   "Pursuant to Section ______ of the ________" when applicable                                    C. Charter S 27 & 40; LTA S.120;GSIR 10-12
 5   Is the BCGS number correct?                                                                     GSIR 3-4(1)(e)
 6   standard GSI scale is used, the Barscale is correct, the plot statement is below the barscale   GSIR 3-2, 3-4(1)(a)
 7   Witness notification statement if witness is set                                                GSIR 3-4(1)(cc)(i)(ii)(iii)
 8   Legend showing only monumentation used, all symbols and any non-standard abbreviations          GSIR 3-4(1)(d), 3-6
 9   Standard abbreviations and symbols correct for evidence found & placed incl. symbol size        GSIR 1-2 to 1-7 , 3-4(1)(v) and 3-6
10   Bearing derivation: ISA, plan number or GPS. "bearing derivation" labelled on plan face         GSIR 2-5, 3-4(1)(f)
11   Grid bearing notation, ISA name and number, horizontal ground-level, NAD83 (CSRS)               use exact wording per GSIR 5-7(1)(d)
12   Notation: bearings to BT's are magnetic or plan bearing                                         GSIR 1-11(2)
13   Geodetic elevation reference, datum, volume and co-ordinate table if required
14   Is the combined factor noted? Is it computed correctly? For ISA surveys only.                   GSIR 5-7(1)(d)
15   Ties to min. of two ISA mons or to Active Control Monuments. Closed traverse?                   GSIR 5-4, 5-5 and 5-7
16   North arrow correctly oriented                                                                  GSIR 3-4(1)(b)
17   Portions numbered or uniquely ID'd (only if there are parts within the heavy outline)           GSIR 3-4(1)(u)
18   New lot numbering in series starting with 1 or A unless part of a progressive sub               GSIR 10-14(2)(h)
19   Appropriate designation for Title or Interest parcels (Lot #, Road, SRW, Easement etc.)
20   Closed roads shown hatched, identified by letter or number, areas
21   Land lying below PNB labelled as "Return to Crown" if applicable
22   Book of Reference follow C of T - separate for hatched areas, sum of portions
23   1:2500 plus/minus 0.02 m against previous work? - if not, independently verified?               GSIR 2-2(5)
24   Boundaries re-established in accordance with the Land Survey Act
25   Sufficient ties to evidence of previous surveys, method of reestablishment is clear             GSIR 3-4(1)(w)&(x) and 6-3
26   All essential dim's to enable closure, dimensions shown correctly, closures per GSI             GSIR 2-2
27   Radius, arc, radial bearing for each curve point                                                GSIR 3-4(1)(n) to (q)
28   New parcel area or volume correct and to required precision                                     GSIR 3-4(1)(u)
29   Control Monuments labelled and correct                                                          GSIR 5-7(2)
30   Plan dimensions are based on the current survey, not derived from previous plans                GSIR 2-2(6)
31    Plan dimensions are horizontal ground-level or clearly stated otherwise                        GSIR 3-4(1)(h)
32   Adequate monumentation at all corners, curve point or other points as required
33   DL, Sec & 1/4 Sec corners has existing DLS bar or type 1, 2 or 4, or was upgraded               GSIR 10-9
34   Monumentation - show all found & placed, and calculated position if not at true corner
35   Monumentation - show condition - obl., NF, Wt, Lost, Disturbed                                  GSIR definitions
36   Found monumentation is shown on previous plans - Plan No is shown
37   Monuments of unknown origin should be labelled "U" or if surveyor known "set by ___"
38   Cap diagrams for type 1, 2 & 4 monuments shown                                                  GSIR 3-4(2)(k)
39   Bearing trees, Cairns or Stone Mounds at corners of DL, Sec & lots > 4 ha                       GSIR 1-11 to 1-13 and 10-11
40   Bearing trees found - show existing markings, species & diameter                                GSIR 1-11(1)
41   Bearing trees made - show slope distance, magnetic or plan bearing, species & diameter          GSIR 1-11(1) and 1-11(2)
42   Stone Mounds & Cairns noted - found and made                                                    GSIR 1-12 and 1-13
43   "Road", "Lane", "Park" etc and road name as appropriate where there is dedication               GSIR 3-4(1)(bb)
44   Dedicated Road, Lane or RW dimensioned and widths shown                                         GSIR 10-14(2)(i)and Rule 3-4(1)(y),(z)
45   Existing road names shown                                                                       GSIR 3-4(1)(aa)
46   No text on the plan is less than 2 mm high, symbol size according to GSI                        GSIR 3-3(10) and 3-6(1)
47   Plotting to scale, drafting clear and legible                                                   GSIR 3-2 and 3-3
48   Bold outline 1.0 to 1.5 mm centred on boundary (including any detail drawings)                  GSIR 3-3(2) and 3-3(3)
49   Superseded or cancelled boundaries within the bold outline shown with broken lines              GSIR 3-4(2)(g)
50   Superseded or cancelled parcel & plan numbers shown with broken text                            GSIR 3-4(1)(t)
51   Traverse line and radial ties shown with broken lines                                           GSIR 3-4(1)(m)
52   Relevant R/W, Covenant and Easement boundaries shown with broken lines                          GSIR 3-4(1)(k)
53   Any improvements or topography shown with broken lines
54   Label Unsurveyed Crown Land including theoretical or unsurveyed portions of townships
55   Intersections with relevant RW, easement & covenant boundaries posted where required.           GSIR 10-7(1) and (3)
56   Intersections with relevant RW, easement & covenant boundaries calculated where required        GSIR 10-7(2)

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                                                    Plan Item                                                         Reference            000   Comments
 57   Parcel boundaries (including highway, forest service road & railway) shown solid               GSIR 3-4(2)(g)
 58   Roads, trails, and Seismic Lines shown and labelled with width and posted as required
 59   Check status of adjacent roads. Have they all been dedicated?
 60   DL & Sec lines shown solid when a parcel boundary, broken when not parcel boundary             GSIR 3-4(2)(g)
 61   Scenery with descr, parcels & Plan Number, AMD, Rem, hooked and part are shown                 GSIR 3-4(1)(r)(s)
 62   Primary Parcel designations (DLs, Sections, Blocks) shown prominent on the plan                GSIR 3-4(1)(r)
 63   Access to water where applicable
 64   Separate areas calculated for bodies of water included in survey.
 65   Titled Natural Boundaries shown when not the same as the Present Natural Boundary              GSIR 3-4(2)(a)
 66   Natural boundaries shown as a sinuous line, not a series of straight lines                     GSIR 3-4(2)(h)
 67   Distances along boundaries to the Present Natural Boundary are shown                           GSIR 3-4(2)(b)
 68   Traverse & offsets, radial ties / table to Present Natural Boundary are shown                  GSIR 2-7(3) and 3-4(2)(c)
 69   Water bodies and water courses - names, direction of flow, Crown Land                          GSIR 3-4(1)(aa)
 70   Area under survey is minimum 5 on the plan                                              GSIR 3-2(3)
 71   Enlargements and details -bar scale,plot notation, north arrow, bold outline connecting dim    GSIR 3-2(4) and (5); GSIR 3-4(1)(a)
 72   Top of plan north, plan easily read facing the top of the plan                                 GSIR 3-3(5)
 73   GPS - bearing baselines are minimum 150 m                                                      GSIR 2-5(1)
 74   GPS - survey is geo-reference according to GSIR                                                GSIR 2-6 and 3-4(3)(b) and (c)
 75   GPS - convergence is filled in location noted                                                  GSIR 3-4(3)(a)
 76   GPS - combined factor filled in and location noted                                             GSIR 3-4(3)(b)(iii)
 77   GPS - UTM datum, coordinates and zone                                                          GSIR 3-4(3)(c)
 78   GPS - estimated horizontal accuracy statement                                                  GSIR 2-6(2) and 3-4(3)
 79   Signature block for owners and applicable charge holders                                       GSIR 10-13
 80   Signature block for Mayor & Clerk or as required in particular Cities or Municipalities
 81   Approval Approving Officer or statement of jurisdiction for EFS plans                          GSIR 10-15
 82   Signature block for Approval by charge holder where required (dedication of road etc)
 83   Applicable BCLS Certificate, dates, ECR number, signature or EFS equivalent                    GSIR 3-4(2)(f)
 84   Surveyor name, address and file number                                                         GSIR 3-3(6)
 85   Signature block for Surveyor General and Government file number if applicable                  GSIR 10-15, 11-9(1)(l), 12-10(1)(m)
 86   Alternate Access requires approval block                                                       GSIR 10-15(2)(u)
 87   Appropriate block for ABCLS exemption from GSI items
 88   Rem added on lot and "portion of" or "part of" in title where appropriate. Rems have access?
 89   Section 218 or 219 statement where applicable or EFS equivalent                                GSIR 10-15(1)(e)
 90   Block Outline subdivision & posting approval notations                                         GSIR 10-16
 91   Plan Number ________ (in upper right corner)                                                   GSIR 10-15(1)(a)
 92   Deposited statement in upper right corner below Plan Number (hardcopy plans only)              GSIR 10-15(1)(b)
 93   Appropriate blank space in upper right corner - 150                                     GSIR 10-14(1)
 94   This plan lies within the (name of Regional District) written near the BCLS statement          GSIR 3-4(2)(i)
 95   Check Certificate of Title if on private land for restrictive charges
 96   "Original" in lower right margin - hardcopy plans only                                         GSIR 3-3(11)
 97   Spelling check
 98   Standard plan size                                                                             GSIR 3-1(1)(2)(3)(4)
 99   No extraneous information (surveyor name & address is OK)                                      GSIR 3-3(6)
100   Approval Block for ALR                                                                         GSIR 10-15(1)(q); 10-15(2)(r)
101   The plan must have a border of solid straight lines                                            GSIR 3-3(9)

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