Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher Quiz Wednesday_ December 5 by keara


									Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher Quiz Study Sheet
Microsoft Word Topics
1. Page Setup a. Page Orientation: Portrait, Landscape b. Margins c. Inserting ClipArt 2. Paragraph Formatting a. Line Spacing: single-space, double-space b. Alignment: left, right, center c. Indent: first line, hanging indent 3. Text Formatting a. Fonts b. Size c. Bold, Italics, Underline 4. Using Spelling and Grammar Checker 5. Copy and Paste 6. Printing a document: Print Preview, printing only one page 7. Using Help 8. Importing and Saving a document

Microsoft Publisher Topics
1. Using Templates a. Publication Designs b. Color and Font Schemes 2. Formatting the Page c. Drawing Text Boxes d. Inserting Clip Art e. Word Art f. Drawing Boxes, Lines, and Other Shapes g. Color and fonts 3. Importing text and clip art

The quiz will include online multiple choice and True/False questions on QuizStar. You will also format a document in Word and create a flyer in Publisher. You may use “Help” to complete the quiz.

Practice Word Document
Seinfeld’s Bee Movie Lives Up to the Buzz By Kyle Smith Barry B. Benson (voiced by Seinfeld) is about to graduate and become a corporation man in the honey bussiness run by Honex, which hasn't given a bee a day off in 27 million years. Fortunately for him, when he completed three days of high school and three days of college, he took a day off just to hitchhike around the hive. He's not sure what job he wants - his nerdy friend Adam (Matthew Broderick), who seems to have walked in off the set of "How To Succeed in a Bee Colony Without Really Trying," suggests something safe - but to impress girls Barry signs up with the "Pollen Jocks," the chesty heroes who fly swatter-defying air raids into the outside world to bring back nectar. Their commander (a hilerious Rip Torn) stands by yelling, "You guys did great! You're monsters, you're sky freaks!" The scenes inside the hive-like Six Flags in Jell-O, with everything blobby and bright - are terifically inventive in design, though when the bees go outside (they're in Central Park, naturally, where they could visit the casts of "Antz" and "Madagascar") the rest of the movie is visually pretty familiar. 1. Copy the text on the next page below and insert it into a new word document. 2. Save the document as “Bee Movie.” 3. Page Setup  Set margins to 1 inch (left, right, top bottom)  In the upper left-hand corner list your name, your instructor's name, the class, and the date. Double-space the text.  Double space again and center the title.  Double space between the title and the byline (By Kyle Smith)  Double space between the byline and first line of the next paragraph text 4. Paragraph Formatting  Set the line spacing of each paragraph to double.  Indent the first line of each paragraph .5 inches. 5. Text Formatting  Change the font of your name, your teacher’s name, the class and the date to Comic Sans, 12 point.  Change the font of the title to Comic Sans, 16 point, bold. Make sure the title is centered.  Change the font of the byline to Comic Sans, 12 point, italics (no bold text)  Change the body paragraph fonts to Comic Sans, 12 point. 6. Use Spelling and Grammar Check  Check for spelling and grammar errors and correct, if necessary. 7. Insert Clip Art  Insert clip art under the title that is appropriate to the text.  Center the clip art and resize, if necessary. 8. Save your document. 9. Print out your document and place it in your computer folder.

Practice Publisher Document
Students at Miller’s Hill Enjoy First-Ever Snow Day! For the first time in the history of Latrobe, snow fell heavily and steadily during the night of December 3, 2007. Residents awoke to six foot drifts of snow and impassable roads. Looks like the students at Miller’s Hill have lucked out! For the first time ever, a Snow Day has been called and the school has been closed for the next few days—until further notice. Several students have been spotted sledding down the road to Miller’s Hill and building snowmen on the field. Most families, however, are unable to leave their houses because of the snow drifts. Hopefully, they have enough food and hot cocoa to keep them safe and warm for the next several days. The sun is expected to shine again on Thursday, and temperatures are expected to reach the low 70’s. That should be plenty warm enough to melt the snow and allow the students to return to school! Most parents will be hoping for a quick thaw! In the meantime, get out there and play!!! Open a new document in Microsoft Publisher Click on Publication Design and view the Newsletter templates. Scroll down and choose the Tipped Title newsletter design. At the top of the page, insert Latrobe Lately into the red rectangle. Go to the computer page on the school website. Click on the Study Sheet link, scroll down to the Practice Publisher Document and : a. Copy and paste Students at Miller’s Hill Enjoy First-Ever Snow Day! over the Lead Story Headline. (on the b. Copy the body paragraphs above into the columns under the Lead Story Headline. 6. Insert a caption – School’s Closed for Snow Day! - under the House clipart. 7. Change the Color Scheme to Sapphire 8. Change the Font Scheme to Imprint MT Shadow 9. Use Spelling and Grammar Check  Check for spelling and grammar errors and correct, if necessary. 10. Type What Will You Do During Snow Days? as the title for the second headline/article. 11. Copy and paste the following text into the What Will You Do During Snow Days? article: The weather outside is frightful—but not if you’re young! It’s great weather to build a snowman, ice-skate on Cameron Park Lake, or sled down Miller’s Hill. Enjoy the snow while you can. If you don’t like the cold, you can always curl up with a good book or a movie and wait out the storm. 12. Draw a box in the third column of the What Will You Do During Snow Days? article. Insert a picture of a snowflake in the box. 13. Draw a Text Box at the left bottom of the page and type your name. 14. Save your document as Snow Days. 15. Print out the first page of your Publisher document and place it in your computer folder. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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