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					          Bishop Kenny High School Course Guidelines
Course Name: Creative Writing

Course Instructor: Mrs. Laura Yocum

Teacher Email:

Materials and Supplies:
Materials—binder, paper, & pens

Grading Policy:
Homework                                          10%

Projects /Compositions                            50%

Prewriting Activities/Exercises                   40%

Classroom Rules/Expectations:
I expect students to enter my classroom as young adults ready to learn and willing to work hard for
success. Students will receive my full respect; I will insist that students respect fellow classmates and me.
Students must take responsibility for their behavior.

   Be familiar with and obey ALL Bishop Kenny High School rules as specified in the student handbook.
   Come prepared for class every day and be in assigned seats and ready to begin work when the bell
   Respect my personal belongings. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to use the
    computer by my desk.
   Maintain a quiet and reverent attitude during the opening prayers.
   Behave responsibly if I am unexpectedly absent or late for class. There should be a teacher in the
    classroom at all times when students are present. If the room is unattended, students must take
    assigned seat and wait quietly. If a teacher does not arrive within five minutes after the opening bell,
    two students should report the situation to the main office. All other student should remain quietly
   Bring homework, designated books, notebooks, paper and pens to class each day. Homework is due at
    the beginning of class. I will not accept late homework for credit. The penalty for submitting late
    projects, compositions, etc. will be one letter grade per day.

Make-up Policy
After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to submit any missing assignments in the time allotted.
Upon return to school, the student must schedule an appointment with me to complete missed
assignments, class work, etc.

Time Available for Additional Help:
Monday – Friday          Before and/or after school by appointment only

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