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					            Bishop Kenny High School Course Guidelines
Course Name: Creative Photography (830), Multimedia Design I (831) and Multimedia Design II (833)

Course Instructor: Tim Yocum

Teacher Email:

Materials and Supplies: Students will need a positive attitude, a creative and collaborative mindset and be
able to work on deadline for success in these courses. Photography students should have a camera
available to them.

Grading Policy: Students earn grades for the quality of work and the timely completion of every project.
Each project will be evaluated for meeting deadline, achieving the goals outlined on the rubric/project
outline, demonstration of needed skills and originality. A total point value is assigned to each project and
broken down by the elements required in the project.

Classroom Rules/Expectations: In order for our learning goals to be achieved, school and classroom
guidelines must be followed.

        -   Do your best.
        -   Do what is right.
        -   Treat others as you would like to be treated.
        -   Live up to the expectations of the Bishop Kenny Honor Code.
        -   Be familiar with the Bishop Kenny Student Handbook and apply the rules to everything you
        -   Reverence and quiet is expected during prayers.
        -   Quiet during announcements is expected.
        -   Behave responsibly if I am unexpectedly late or absent from the classroom. If the room
            should be unattended, please wait outside. If a teacher does not arrive within five minutes
            after the opening bell, two students should report the situation to the main office. All other
            students are to remain in the hallway.
        -   All students receive a press pass. The pass is to be used only for Photography/MM Design
            business. Press passes are to be signed out and destination noted on the sign out sheet.


                Failure to follow the rules will result in a verbal warning and /or written referral and /or
                loss of privileges in the classroom.

                I will issue a referral for three unexcused tardies to class.

                I will issue pink slips for uniform/appearance guidelines that are not followed. Illegal
                outerwear (jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts) will be confiscated and sent to the deans’ office.

                I will assign detention for chewing gum, eating in the classroom and having beverages of
                any type in the classroom.

Make-up Policy for Tests and Quizzes: Work missed due to an excused absence must be made up as per
Bishop Kenny policy. Makeup tests may be completed either before or after school. Arrangements for
makeup work must be arranged by the student.

Time Available for Additional Help: I am available before and after school for additional help. Students
wishing to work in the Multimedia Lab may do so until 3:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday and on Wednesdays until 3 PM.

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