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Contact Information for Ms. Welborn:
362-1901 (voice mail) (email) (website-- currently undergoing
rehabilitation due to benign neglect)

                              Some Ideas to Ponder

 Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
                                          – Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), The Lorax

 “Try. Try not. Do, or do not... There is no try.”
                                              – Jedi Master Yoda, Star Wars

 “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”
                                             -- Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)

 “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
                                            -- Eleanor Roosevelt

 DNF (did not finish) is not an option.
                                     Chrissy Wellington-- British Champion: Triple
                                              World Ironman Triathlon Winner

       Welcome to eighth grade science! I look forward to getting to know you and working
with you this year! Eighth grade science is part chemistry, part physics, and part technology.
In this class, we will use scientific problem-solving to address real-world problems, and to
design and conduct experiments, and the engineering design process to design and build
structures and moving objects. This class is full of labs and hands-on activities which are
designed to inspire and challenge you while helping you learn important science concepts.
       In addition, you will work on learning skills such as organizing, note-taking, reviewing,
summarizing, researching, reading and writing, oral and visual presenting, cooperating and
leading, creative thinking and problem-solving, following directions, and time-management.
You will also practice many science skills such as observing, inferring, predicting, measuring,
classifying, and making models. Finally, in class, you will be encouraged to use scientific
attitudes or habits of the mind such as curiosity, honesty, open-mindedness, skepticism, and
1. Your black, three-ring science binder (1”)
2. Your black, single-subject spiral notebook for science only
3. Your science black pocket folder
4. Several pens and sharpened pencils
5. An assignment book

1. Class attendance is expected. However, if you are absent from class for a legitimate
       reason, it is your responsibility to complete all work, including labs, you have missed.
       Check the Master Science Binder for notes and handouts given during class, the
       absentee folder for new handouts and graded work distributed when you were absent
       and your study buddy after class for any assignments you missed. In accordance with
       the school make-up policy, you will be given two days to make up work for each
       day missed.
2. If you miss class because of a field trip, an excused tardy, or a guidance appointment,
          turn in work you owe the next time you come to class.

1. You are expected to complete all assigned work* and turn it in on time. Therefore, you are
   required to keep an up-to-date assignment book listing assignments and their due dates.
2. When writing a response for an assignment, use at least one complete sentence.
3. Proofread all written work to corect erors in puctation, speling, and gramar.
4. All work is expected to be neat, legible, and done to the best of your ability. You are
   encouraged to type assignments and either print them out or email them to me.
5. Unless otherwise indicated, work may be done either in pen or pencil or on a computer.
6. If you are unable to complete an assignment on time, bring in a signed note from
7. It is expected that regular science homework assignments (not including projects, labs,
    writing assignments and studying for tests) will take about 30-45 minutes/night to
    complete. If you are working longer than 45 minutes per night on a regular science
    homework assignment, have a parent write a note on the assignment before turning it
8. Plagiarized work will not receive credit. Neither the copier nor the person who aided and
    abetted will receive credit. Avoid the temptation to copy!

1. Homework is due at the beginning of class. It is expected that homework will be
    completely finished on time to the best of your ability and that all responses will be
    written in complete sentences with few, if any, spelling, punctuation and grammar
2. If you have difficulty completing assignments on time on a regular basis, Ms.
    Welborn will invite you to attend her friendly after-school homework helpers club.
    She will discuss your attendance at this club with your parent/guardian.
Kinds of Assignments*

Description             Weight                Grading
IOT (in-on-time)        5%                    Requirements-completely finished to
assignments- reviewed                         the best of the students' ability
in class and checked                          100% = meets requirements
for completion                                70% = late (up to 2 class periods)
                                              30% = missing or > 2 class periods
GA (graded              10%                   Requirements: accurate content;
assignments)--                                thoughtful responses; complete
collected and graded                          sentences where appropriate;
                                              directions followed; minimum of
                                              spelling, punctuation and grammar
                                              errors; neat and legible

                                              100% = exceeds requirements
                                              95% = meets requirements
                                              85%= nearly meets
                                              75% = average
                                              65% = redo and resubmit within 2
                                              class periods
                                              30% missing or > 2 class periods late
Projects/Labs           35%                   Grades based on rubric and/or
                                              points- late labs/projects lose 10%
                                              per class period late. 30% missing
Tests                   30%                   Grades based on points
                                              earned/possible points. 30% missing
OOMPH                   10%                   Grade based on points earned out of
(effort/preparation/                          possible points. 30% missing
E=mc2                   10%                   70% = default grade indicating no
                                              effort has been made in this
                                              category; additional percentage
                                              points are earned up to
                                              100%/trimester based on
                                              activity/project chosen by student

· Modifications/accommodations will be made as necessary.
1. You will be doing many labs this year!!!! Some of the labs will have questions to be
   answered. Other labs will require that you write a lab report to show your findings.
2. You will be expected to follow all written and oral directions for the lab and behave in a
   SAFE MANNER at all times.
3. Should you have to stop a lab activity for behaving in an unsafe manner and/or not
   following directions, you will have to either make up the lab after school under direct
   supervision or do a “dry lab.” In a dry lab, you observe the lab technique and get the data
   from your lab partner but you may not touch the equipment for that particular lab.
4. Food, candy, and drinks (without permission) are not allowed in the science room.
   Purposeful destruction of lab equipment or school property (such as writing on desks or in
   books) is also not allowed.

1. When projects are assigned, mini-deadlines will be set to help you budget your time.
2. You will receive written directions and a grading rubric for each major project.

1. You will be tested over concepts and vocabulary from labs, demonstrations and
   homework.* A study guide will be given out before each major test.
* Modifications/accommodations will be made as necessary.

If you are dissatisfied with any grade you earn, you are welcome to make an appointment
to discuss your work. Ms. Welborn will help you identify areas for improvement. Once you
revise and resubmit your work, your grade will be adjusted.

Your trimester grade will be calculated from the averages of the following categories: IOT
(in on time) homework 5%; graded homework 10%; projects/labs 35%; tests 30%, and
OOMPH 10%, e = mc2 10%

K. E = mc2 = Excellence = many challenging choices
You will be expected to challenge yourself in 8th grade science through self-directed
activities and projects and some challenge opportunities provide by Ms. Welborn for your
consideration. A more detailed explanation of E = mc2 is on another handout.

1. Wait to enter until all students from the previous class have left.
2. At the end of class, you will be given time for clean up. Once your lab station is
   clean, push in your chair and stand behind it. Wait for Ms. Welborn to dismiss you.
3. Bathroom requests: It is expected that students go to the bathroom during passing
   periods. Unless there is an emergency, bathroom passes will not be issued during class.

   In science class, it is expected that you do your best, have fun and:
       · respect yourself. Take responsibility for your learning by participating in class,
          working to the best of your ability, completing and turning in all assignments on
          time, reminding Ms. Welborn if she is moving too fast or too slow, challenging
          ideas, and asking for help whenever you need it! Your education at ARMS is free!
          Take advantage of it!
       · respect others--no name-calling, insults, bullying, copying or cheating, disrupting
          the class, etc.
       · let only one person talk at a time and listen attentively;
       · wait until you are called on for a response;
       · be cooperative and honest;
       · keep hands, feet and objects to yourself (do not throw anything at any time for
          any reason… remember: if it’s airborne, it’s Welborn! )
       · ask for permission before touching something that does not belong to you;
       · stay in your seat unless instructed otherwise (important lab safety rule);
       · understand that genuine questions are always welcome;
       · be on time; late to class = 1 warning then lunch detention
       · be prepared to learn EVERY DAY with your binder; science notebook; folder, a pen
          and pencil; and your assignment book;
       · behave in a SAFE MANNER AT ALL TIMES!
       · help out in the maintenance of the classroom such as picking up and cleaning up

       · Any student who completes all assignments on time for the week may enter a
           ticket in Welborn’s Science Homework Raffle. Drawings happen weekly. Prizes
           include coveted, but cheesy, science goodies.
When everyone is following classroom guidelines:
       · every student has the opportunity to do her/his best
       · the classroom is safe and clean;
       · everyone feels valued and respected;
       · there will usually be time for you to socialize at the very end of class;
       · more time is available to do fun activities and labs (we will be making ice-cream,
           yogurt, root beer, lip balm, soap, mini SMORES, prop cars, solar cars, cement
           boats, hot air balloons and bottle rockets, etc.)

Extra help is on Mondays after school from 2:30-3:30. I am also available on Thursdays by

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