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					           Partner Yoga & Couples Massage
            With Gayle Kuipers MS and Terry Madden
         Couples massage provided by Bella Vita Spa + Suites
Dates: Saturday, February 16 &     Your presence is the greatest gift!
 Saturday, February 23             Explore deeper levels of connection and
Time: Workshop:                    intimacy with this playful Yoga workshop
 5:00pm - 6:15pm                   and couple massage session! Using partner
Massage:                           poses you will explore balancing together
Day and time of choice - subject   and developing trust while opening your
to availability                    bodies and hearts more fully. You and your
Location: Workshop: Satya          partner do not have to be the same size or
                                   shape, nor do you have to have the same
Yoga Massage: Bella Vita Spa +
                                   amount of yoga experience. In fact, no yoga
Suites                             experience is required for this fun
133 Butler St.                     workshop! Come with a partner or a friend!
Saugatuck, MI, 49453               Your couples massage session will be
Cost: $149                         provided by Bella Vita Spa located directly
Includes Yoga for two and 50 min   across from Satya Yoga. Enjoy 50 minutes of
couples massage gift certificate   swedish or deep tissue massage in Bella
Registration: 269 - 857 - SATYA    Vita’s modern and luxurious day spa. You         can choose to book your appointment for        same day, or save your gift certificate for any
                                   day in 2013!
Suite packages also available!

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