CounselDept by hedongchenchen


									The Counselling Team
We will
        You will

Have a new perspective on
 -Relationships@home or school
-School issues
-Emotional issues
-Spiritual issues
        Drop in to say Hello@
        the Counselling Room
     (Campus Extension, Level 4)
• Wednesdays: 3: 00pm – 4:30pm
• Fridays: 2: 00pm – 3:30pm
Other days by appointment:
Ms Bharathi ( ext 348)
Mdm Jane Yeo (ext 371 )
Mrs Goh (ext 424)
      Drop in to say Hello@
   The Living Waters Methodist
            Church with
          Ms Jaimie Hang

Anytime after school
Available also at ext 328
      Special for Teachers:
Chips n Chat @ Boarding School
         Staff Lounge
 Wednesday 3:00pm – 4:30pm

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