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									                                              University of Pennsylvania Health System
                                                  All Employee Discount Programs

                              UPHS is proud to offer the following special discounts and enhanced benefits
                              to you. Any questions can be directed to the telephone numbers listed.

                                   Below are some of the benefits to becoming a member of The Penn Club.
                                     Network and Learn
                                     Resources at your Disposal
                                     Travel and Save

To learn more about membership at The Penn Club, contact the Membership Admissions Office at 212-403-6627 or email

CONTACT US | Phone: 212-764-3550 | Fax: 212-403-6530 | 30 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

                                      Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
                                      Work-Life Program
                                      Behavioral Health Care Benefit Services (child & elder care)

                                  For more information please call 1-888-321-4433

                              How do you get to work? Bus? Train? Subway? Ferry?
                              Streetcar? Vanpool? Do you pay to Park?
                              If so, Wageworks can make your commute easier and save
                              you up to 40% on commuting costs.
                              You can enroll through and click on TRANSPORTATION or by visiting
                     or call 1-877-924-3967

                              Emergency Travel Assistance Services
                              Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is pleased
                              To offer you Emergency Travel Assistance services
                              provided by Assist America.
                              1-800-872-1414 Ref# 01-AA-SUL-100101

                              Work Place Banks
                              Open A New PNC Work Place Banking direct deposit account and cash in on $75, plus time saving

                              Shop Smart! Compare hundreds of plans, get side-by-side quotes, apply and buy directly from us
                              — all in a matter of minutes!
                                       Home Insurance
                                       Auto Insurance
                                       Renter Insurance
                              Affinity Group Name: UPHS or 1-888-222-4115

                              Join To Save Time & Money!
                              We invite you to discover the many benefits of membership by becoming part of the
                              U of P FCU family. To join, simply ask to speak to a Member Service Representative. You’ll be glad
                              you’re part of our family! Call 215-898-8539 for more information or visit our website at
SHOP. CALL. SAVE. "Yes! It's That Easy!" – Consumer buying service that guarantees the lowest
prices on most major purchases. Username: 815 Password: member1

Choose from gyms nationwide, all with low rates, flexible memberships options

Wireless Savings, Fantastic features from AT&T
Call 866/355-8923 and request your account be attached to your company’s Wireless Benefit
Make sure to reference this FAN number - GSM: 2560371 TDMA

Employees who have Verizon as their personal cellular carrier may obtain a 22% discount.
To obtain this discount, visit the web at\discount and fill out the form
on line, or go to that same web site and print out the form and fax it to Verizon Wireless
along with a copy of their health system ID badge.

Sprint / Nextel discount off your monthly recurring charges!

  Call Any Mobile, Anytime, on any network without using minutes!

As an employee of University Of Pennsylvania Health, you are eligible for a 23% discount
off Sprint and a 23% discount off Nextel services every month. If you are interested in
starting new service, adding a line to your account, upgrading a phone or adding the
discount to an existing account, please visit; or call 1-800-605-8910

Auto Discounts – Offered by Ford
Ford – Partner Recognition Program (X-Plan)
Accessible at
Partner Code: UVPEN
Program Information can also be obtained by calling
Ford Partner Recognition 1-877-975-2600

Auto Discounts – Offered by GM
GM – Supplier Discount Program
Accessible at
Company Code: 871211
Program Information can also be obtained by calling 1-800-960-3375

Caesars Pocono Resorts Getaway Club Discount Program is a FREE program that offers companies
and organizations exclusive discounts to their employees/members on all-inclusive vacation and
honeymoon packages. When calling for reservations, information or booking online, provide the
getaway code.
Getaway Code for Hospital of U of PA is GA-14992 or 1-800-862-9323

Six Flags Great Adventure / Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
Savings Discount Voucher can be picked up at your local HR office

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