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This Scambook Group Page started on February 21st, 2012, with initial reports beginning on June 3rd, 2011

   Sample Complaints Filed Against Radio Shack

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 45938 for $199.00
Submitted by                  We waited in line on Black Friday for the Xbox360 w/ Kinect bundle. We were 3rd in line and
Nobora                        they only had 1 Xbox in the store BUT they said to everyone who wanted one it would be ok
on 12/10/2011                 because they would mail them, for free, to us. Should've known right there that we were
Complaint #45938              being scammed but we waited so long that we had to take the chance. Well 2 days later of
                              course we get a call that something went wrong and our orders didn't go through, and they
                              were sold out of the Xbox and we would get a raincheck on them but not guaranteed by
                              Xmas. However everything else that I purchased on the same order (that they also didn't
                              have available) to have shipped went through just fine. So it was just the Xbox that didn't go
                              through on my order, really? So they normally don't sell Xbox in their stores and somehow
                              they are going to get more in stock? I don't buy it. They're not going to make my family wait
                              around for nothing and collect interest on our money (and god knows however many more
                              peoples) to just cancel our order months later because they will never get any more. I also
                              don't buy that they would spend so much money to ship, for free, all these items to people
                              when they could've just had them in the store to hand out? Makes no sense. Makes you think
                              they never really had any in stock to ship to people to begin with...

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 64468 for $322.68
Submitted by
on 01/26/2012 - Group Report Generated from:

Complaint #64468

                              The have a Laptop "SALE" for 69.99 for this prices was a good deal. After I paid for my order
                              and they took my money away 30 min. later they cancel my order. It is not my fault for they
                              mistake. Now I not have my money up to 30 days. - Group Report Generated from:

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 136591 for $21.00
Submitted by                  I returned a tape recorder back to radio shack because it stopped working, and I spent extra
Lester                        on it for a replacement plan , and the company should have emailed me the card with the
on 07/18/2012                 amount of money I paid for it, a week ago , I spent $21.00 ON IT
Complaint #136591

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 14892 for $45.00
Submitted by                  Bought a net ten warrenty with phone. Battery went out and process was a total scam to try
Christine                     to get a new one. Net ten is also a scam. Could not contact their custormer service if they
on 08/25/2011                 have one.
Complaint #14892

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 55995 for $700.00
Submitted by                  i purchased 3 HTC EVO phones from radio shack thru Sprint and they gave me another 2yr
Keith                         contract i`ve been with with Sprint since the early customer i`m a Gold Priemer customer or
on 01/07/2012                 was they discontinued that program, all 3 phones i have problems with them 1 of them has
Complaint #55995              been replaced 3 times going on 4 the new one doesn`t work the other 2 problems 1 i`ve been
                              to sprint to have it checked out 4 times they tell pull the batteryout and put back in that should
                              make it work it doesn`t make a call litely touch your face and it hangs up the voice feature
                              doesn`t work properly etc. all i`m asking Sprint to do is to let me upgrade early all 3 phones
                              my bus. can`t afford to have dropped calls 1 phone is in Idaho THAT 1 HAS BEEN
                              REPLACED GOING ON 4 TIMES and he has to drive 60miles to a sprint store i`ve called
                              sprint i get hung up on or my phone disconnects or theypass me to someone else who can`t
                              help me I ask for a superviser and they tell me he`s to busy can`t change the rules so that
                              means i have to keep these phones2 of them tillJune,2013 one phone main line June 2012
                              and i have to deal with all these phone problems ITS NOT RIGHT

Complaint Title: Radioshack and Virginmobile Complaint 145368 for $55.00
Submitted by                  I purchased a Virgin Mobile Phone at Radio Shack along with other people ,Because I saw
Scott                         two or three other boxes sitting on the counter when I returned mine, I think Radio shack is
on 08/11/2012                 responsible for paying me the 55dollars, because they sold me a defective phone and I think
Complaint #145368             when they sold me the Wildfire phone They had full knowledge that Virgin mobile was going
                              to discontinue this phone because of defects,knowing they was going to stick you with air
                              time You could not use.

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 87 for $145.00
Submitted by                  Earlier this year Radio Shack had this ridiculous sale on these high end USB drives. They
Cbentley                      had the LaCie iamaKey 8gb USB Drives for sale for $20 on their site
on 06/03/2011                 Seeing that this was basically a 50% off deal on this USB drive I jumped on the deal and
Complaint #87                 ordered 6 of them!

                              Excited and cant wait to get my USB Drives (perfect stocking stuffers) I waited for my USB
                              Drives in the mail. Well 1 week went by and I received the package, once I opened it turns
                              out they were the 4gb USB Drives instead. (which was just regular MSRP). I thought they
                              made a mistake, so I called them to see what was going on.

                              Turns out they made a mistake on their website and they said they will not honor the deal
                              since they dont manage their site and products sold on their site internally. Ok so I go to - Group Report Generated from:

                     and I'm really buying from a 3rd party seller? Ridiculous! So I had to
                              return all the drives with their horrible customer care reps, which blamed me for buying so
                              many and he questioned my religious moral at the same time... WTF?

                              Ended up getting my money back minus the shipping which was around $15, they held the
                              $130 ransom for 3 weeks.

                              Great job Radio Shack, I hope they run out of business soon.

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 58885 for $65.99
Submitted by                  Radio shack touted a camera GE Digital Camera C1033 for 50.00 with 2X zoom lens. Well I
mediaresource2                needed this camera for an inspection job as my cannon camera went on the blink. Well it
on 01/13/2012                 turns out the camera does have a zoom but does not focus the object.
Complaint #58885              I tried to return the camera to the store and the manager WOULD not accept it back saying
                              the camera wasn't in the original package. (which was PLASTIC). Then I looked at my reciept
                              and it says no returns as of XMAS day! How can someone make any kind of informed
                              decision with that kind of dirty business dealing.
                               I can't dispute it with VISA because Radio Shack won't accept the camera back. SO they
                              have just taken my money and in my opinion guilty of false advertisement and selling shoddy

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 6499 for $111.00
Submitted by                  well i found out that a radioshack employee put a phone on my sprint account with out my
justin                        permission while also doing so opened up credit cards in my name i got lending cash
on 07/25/2011                 advances trying to get a hold of me for some thing they were responsible for he was in my
Complaint #6499               personal account email adresses now sprint wants me to pay for the bill on their behalf
                              because there retailers at radioshack people comited fraud on my account and radioshack
                              could only offer me a refund for my phone . what about the credit cards, invasion of privacy,
                              theft of my account, outragious sprint bill, possible cash loans under my email and social
                              security number i did not autherize ? i just want whats fair sprint still hasnt sent me back my
                              50 dallar early cancelation fee. eather sprint or radioshack i belivee should be responsible for
                              my fees considering they were the one who had access to my account the whole time. Sprint
                              notifications saying a sprint user under my account has singed up to take controll over my
                              account , and ive told sprint several times i did not autherize anyone the authority to get on
                              my account all while still hacking my emails and personal data

Complaint Title: Radio Shack Complaint 39932 for $30.00
Submitted by                  Purchased headsets that were listed as on sale for $49.99 but when got to register was told
Jill                          the sale "expired" and charged me $79.99!! Any way I can go about getting reinbursed for the
on 11/25/2011                 difference. Aren't businesses supposed to honor a sale price if that is what is being
Complaint #39932              advertised??

   Sample Comments from the Group Members

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 76727 for $5.00
Submitted by
on 04/03/2012 - Group Report Generated from:

Comment #22437

                              First off RadioShack is not a credit card company. Their credit cards are just like any normal
                              credit card. If every month you find a fraudulent charge that you did not make then why do
                              you still have that account open? Sounds like you need to make sure someone hasn't stolen - Group Report Generated from:

                              your identity.

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 67880 for $200.00
Submitted by                  Every retailer had an "RMAC" system. In other words a return center (outside of company).
Trolldestroyer                Which means that once something has been returned for being defective or simply not
on 04/03/2012                 wanted it is sent to an outside source to be wiped or repaired to be sold again- if plausible.
Comment #22438                AKA- refurbished phones go to the same outside company to be repaired and sent out again
                              to be sold again.

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 87 for $145.00
Submitted by                  I don't really think they were trying to scam you. Human error occurs all the time,but you
Malika                        should of complained about Customer service rep.
on 06/11/2011
Comment #52

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 155693 for $5.00
Submitted by                  The minutes on a cell phone is not merchandise. The money you spend of them goes to the
triscuitzop                   cell phone company, not radio shack.
on 12/04/2012
Comment #43200

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 55995 for $700.00
Submitted by                  Phones have a one year warranty for defects, and Radio Shack sells service plans on
triscuitzop                   phones in case other problems arise.
on 12/04/2012
Comment #43201

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 136591 for $21.00
Submitted by                  You can call/go into the store or the replacement plan help phone line to get the matter
triscuitzop                   resolved. If there are problems with the mail, obtain an email card instead.
on 12/04/2012
Comment #43199

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 55995 for $700.00
Submitted by                  How is it radioshacks fault for a defective phone? RadioShack does not make those phones-
Trolldestroyer                the carrier does. I think you misplaced your complaint and this needs to be directed at Sprint.
on 04/03/2012
Comment #22439

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 14892 for $45.00
Submitted by                  Net 10 warranty and RadioShack warranty are two different things... One the carrier covers
Trolldestroyer                the other the retailer covers. Weird how that works out.
on 04/03/2012
Comment #22440 - Group Report Generated from:

From Report: Radio Shack Complaint 6499 for $111.00
Submitted by                  I highly doubt a RadioShack employee found your SSN, license number, address, phone
Trolldestroyer                number, etc. to create an account on sprint. All carriers go through procedures to make sure
on 04/03/2012                 fraud doesn't happen- and so do third party retailers. It is not sprint nor radioshacks
Comment #22436                responsibility to ensure your information has not fallen to victim of identy theft.. That alone is
                              your responsibility. - Group Report Generated from:


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