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									What's Content Marketing?

                                        The foundation of the internet is good content - users and
search engines look for helpful, informative and relevant content, but what is content marketing?
Simply put, it's a way of sharing helpful information with prospects and visitors with the aim of
getting them to complete what you want them to complete.

Content is not just written material. It can be in the kind of video, blogging, free reports or via
any other means that attracts visitors and keeps them coming back. It is all about building

Content marketing will be the most powerful way of building these relationships, with the
ultimate purpose of gaining your visitors' trust. Unlike an one-hit squeeze page.

People are trying to find answers to their issues, and if they're confronted with blatant marketing
from the get-go, they'll probably leave in a nanosecond and never come back. Content marketing
is far more subtle. Yes your ultimate goal is to make a sale or to capture a visitor's e-mail address
but it has to become carried out right.

What's Content Marketing and can Excellent Copywriting Techniques be Included?

When you hear the word copywriting most people automatically think of marketing.
Copywriting methods could be employed when making content but in such a way that it is not
going to end up like an infomercial. It should be developed in a way that instills trust and offers
valuable information and builds authority and credibility.

It is not "Eat at Joe's". It is going to be "This is Joe". "This is Joe's background and experience as
a chef". "These are the ingredients Joe utilizes."

Content marketing is the opposite of interruption marketing. It should be interesting and useful
information. Not get-in-your-face-advertising delivered when the customer least wants it.

Think of content marketing as offering value for value. I offer you this and you give me your e
mail address. What you offer could be a monthly newsletter, a free e-book or a white paper.

Copywriting employed within the context of content marketing may appear to become mixing
apples with oranges. Nevertheless it isn't. This really is where the subtlety comes in. You want
your visitor to complete a desired action, let's say the purpose is to capture a visitor's e mail

In a squeeze page there is little to no content. They often finish using a Call to Action. Click
Here for More Information or Sign Up to Obtain Your Free Report Now. Content marketing
written utilizing more subtle copywriting strategies will be a call to action in its entirety.

So in answer to the question "What is Content Marketing and can Excellent Copywriting
Strategies be Included?" The answer can be a resounding yes. Here are a few tips:

What exactly is Content Marketing - a few Tips when Producing Content

Write headlines/titles that entice the reader to click through to the article. This applies to emails
also. You can write the best content in the world but you only have one opportunity to create
somebody read it.

There are a number of strategies to do that. Use questions in headers. Use the words "Tips" and
"How to". You may be amazed that just by composing an powerful title how many more click-
throughs you'll get.

Always begin your content with advantages. How your particular product can make your visitor's
life less difficult or solve her issues. Features come after benefits.

It's all about the reader and not about you.

Use your content to draw the reader naturally down the page to a call to action. If she's read your
content, seen what your product can do for her and you've explained why, then she'll want to
sign up, offer you her e-mail address and/or share your content on social media websites.

So what exactly is Content Marketing? Utilizing powerful copywriting tactics it is a greater way
of enticing your reader to complete what you want her to complete.

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