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					Electric Vehicle Sharing
Type of          Community Impact Project/Venture
Title            Electric Vehicle Sharing
Brief            Developing a partnership with HydroOttawa, Vrtucar, Nissan or Mitsubishi, and the
Description      Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa to add more electric vehicles to Ottawa's car sharing
                 program. Communauto in Quebec has added 50 Nissan Leaf's through this and we
                 have no such partnership in Ottawa. Toronto also has the Atmospheric Fund which
                 helped them get their own EV's as well.
Anticipated       Increased presence of electric vehicles and car sharing in Ottawa. Reduction of
Benefits         emissions in the city by participation of sponsors. World Exchange Plaza is helping with
                 the first EV arriving May 1.
Status as of     Vrtucar will add their first EV May first at the World Exchange Plaza on Wellington. I
April 9th,       have tried to reach HydroOttawa and HydroOne, Carleton, Algonquin and the Electric
2012             Vehicle Council of Ottawa. No success as of yet. Have yet to approach Mitsubishi or
                 Chevy or Nissan.

Key needs        Anyone with skills in working with finding sponsors. In speaking with Wilson Wood,
                Vrtucars co-founder, to add a new Nissan Leaf three needs are: $6-7000 for the higher
                cost of the vehicle, ~$6000 for a charging station (I hope Hydro Ottawa can help on
                that front), and a commercial parking spot for rent (businesses and universities could
                help out here).

Contacts        Adam Frey: madayerf@yahoo.ca

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