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									Ecology Ottawa Annual Dinner

Type of        Inter-Sectoral Forums
Title          Ecology Ottawa Annual Dinner
Brief          October 11, 2012 is the 6th Ecology Ottawa Annual Dinner, increasingly an anticipated
Description    “gotta-be there” forum for Ottawa area environmental movers and shakers. The event
               has grown year by year and attracts influential sustainability innovators active not only
               in the local scene but nationally and internationally as well. 2011 dinner attendees
               included city of Ottawa staff, the Mayor and city councillors, members of the Ottawa
               Chamber of Commerce’s environment committee, local labour groups, environmental
               organizations, renewable energy businesses, etc. Many now see the annual event not
               only as a chance to celebrate progress but also to connect with others working in the
               field. The event has sold out every year.
Anticipated    Outcomes and impacts: While the principal aim of the Ecology Ottawa Annual Dinner is
Benefits       to celebrate the growing environmental community in Ottawa, the influence of the
               event goes well beyond that. Attendees from Ontario’s expanding renewable energy
               sector rub shoulders with Ottawa CleanTech sector entrepreneurs and committed
               community organizers and leaders. At the same time that money is being raised to
               enable the important work of Ecology Ottawa, new relationships are being forged and
               opportunities for collaboration are discussed and successes recognized.
               Metrics for assessing success: Three measures of success are in place. Attendance
               (which has grown year by year), funds raised (which similarly has increased with each
               event), and finally networking contacts achieved (to date a measure only taken
               Replicability/scaleability: As shown by the fact that the 2012 event will be the 6th
               Ecology Ottawa Annual Dinner, the initiative has proven its replicability. The 2011
               event was significantly larger than the previous year and the 2012 version is planned to
               continue this impressive growth; hence scalability too is shown to be achievable.
Status as of   Planning for the 2012 Ecology Ottawa Annual Dinner has already begun. The Saint Elias
Apr 10 2012    Hall is booked for October 11 for this year’s event, allowing for hundreds more
               attendees, elbow room, and increased networking opportunities. The dinner will
               highlight local food and local farms in both the meal and the information presented.
               The extensive volunteer base that supported the 2011 event has been kept informed
               of Ecology Ottawa activities since last year’s event and are predisposed to join in again
               in supporting the 2012 event. Two planning meetings have been held and
               arrangements are underway. We hope to sell 400 tickets to this year’s dinner.
Key needs      Early commitments for corporate/organizational purchase of an entire table worth of
               tickets, sponsorships, silent auction items, local food donations, groups that would like
               information tables at the event; help to increase the number of tickets sold to 500-600.
Contacts       Janice Ashworth Ecology Ottawa staff community organizer 613-860-5353

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