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Microsoft PowerPoint - Sri Lanka PPT presentation for CD


									Sri Lanka Case Study
Presented by R.H.W.A. Kumarasiri Project Director, World Food Program, Ministry of Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation

Country Background
• About 19 million people, mostly in Southwest and Central areas • Socioeconomic indicators at or above regional norms – but some are stagnating or worsening • Government statistics do not cover parts of conflict-affected areas – an estimated 4060% of people in those areas live in poverty

Two Decades of Violent Conflict
• Rooted in social tensions between ethnic groups • At least 60,000 killed, more than 800,000 internally displaced • Devastated infrastructure, especially in North and East • Deterioration in quality of life • Decline in foreign investment • Continued uncertainty and instability nationally

Limited Progress Since Ceasefire
• Cease Fire Agreement signed in early 2002 • $4.5 billion pledged at Tokyo in June 2003 • LTTE withdrew from peace negotiations in spring 2003 (but now participate in rehabilitation meetings) • Increase in political volatility in the South • Government, donors, and civil society searching to move the peace process forward • Increase in donor & government activities in North-East

Harmonization & Alignment
• Oslo Agreement (late 2002) created “Subcommittee for Immediate Humanitarian & Rehabilitation Needs in the North and East” (SIHRN) • Needs assessment early 2003 • Attempt to set up North East Reconstruction Fund (NERF)

Evolving Institutions/Bodies/Instruments
• Donor Assistance Coordinating Committee (DACC) • Donor Working Group (DWG) • Ministry of Relief, Resettlement, and Refugee (previous gov’t) • Ministry of Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reconciliation (current gov’t) • Planning and Development Secretariat (LTTE) • National Council for Economic Development

Key Lessons
• National ownership • Inclusiveness • Harmonization of harmonization • Focus on harmonization • Communications • Trust funds • Conflict sensitivity

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