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					Reformer Pilates Information & Policies

Our reformer Pilates classes are conducted on a six-week series basis. You must pre-register/pre-pay for the series in order for your machine to be reserved. Series packages cannot be prorated. If you want to take a class, but know you will not be able to take the full six weeks, you have the option of signing up for particular classes in a series and paying the drop in rate. If you miss a class in the series, please make every effort to make up that class during that same six weeks. We are no longer able to roll missed classes over into the next series. Beginners are required to take our reformer trial class and a beginner’s series before moving on to a more advanced class. Please note that a minimum of two pre-registered students are required in order for a class to remain on the schedule. If you are in doubt to whether your class will take place, please call ahead to confirm at 304-437-3403 Pricing: Unlimited Six Week Series of Pilates for $300. 10% discount for second family member. Classes: 30 minute classes ~ drop in/$12 or 6/$60 45 minute class ~ drop in/$15 or 6/$75 60 minute class ~ drop in/$24 or 6/$120 Boot Camp pricing is separate. Other Helpful Information: o Door will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to class starting. For the safety of all, doors are locked when class begins, so please be on time. o Please refrain from wearing heavy fragrances and perfumes during class. Some people are sensitive to fragrances. o Be sure you have a Registration/Disclaimer form on file. If you have special medical concerns, please speak with your instructor. o Each student receives a complimentary small bottle of water. If you require additional water during class, please bring your own. o Please be sure you are on our email mailing list. A weekly class schedule is sent out every Sunday or Monday alerting you to any schedule changes you may need to know. Contact Information: KO Yoga & Pilates 304-437-3403 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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