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									                                 Orthodontic Practice Marketing Assessment

                                                                                           Yes   No
Your image is appropriate for your target market. (office location, exterior condition,
attractive interior, professional collateral materials). Signage is visible and easy to

Dentists and other potential referrers know you and the full extent of the services you

Your past and current patients are aware of your full range of services (through use of
brochures, new patient welcome portfolios, etc.)

You consistently make it known to referrers and patients that you accept new patients.

You have an effective follow-up system for past consults who never accepted treatment,
inactive patients, observation patients, and past inquiries.

You effectively track and review the referral sources of all new patients.

You analyze referral levels monthly to determine if you are receiving more or less
referrals from any particular source than last year and discuss why or why not with the

Your staff consistently promotes your skill level to patients and prospective referral

You maintain contact (phone, mail or in person) with each of your referring doctors on a
frequent (at least monthly) basis.

You always ask for referrals and patients are always given a brochure, business card or
other item when you ask for referrals.

Treatment rooms have printed information on procedures or products you want to
promote for yourself, or on behalf of your referral sources (Implants, anti-snoring
remedies, mouth guards, whitening, etc.)

You hold regular team meetings and discuss the status and strategies used in your
marketing efforts.

You have an incentive program, and it includes awards for patient referrals.

You consistently praise team members in front of the entire team for generating

You set and meet referral goals and reward the team appropriately.

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