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					HAVOC II ROUND 4 1.Ideas proposed in this work include the equation of Hell with despair and that no person can be confident in the sincerity of his own repentance. Another section claims that death frees sinners from all canonical penalties. This work implies that St. Peter’s Basilica should be burnt to the ground rather than be built by the work of preachers like Johann Tetzel, whose arrival in Germany selling indulgences prompted the writing of this document. FTP, name this text posted on the church door in Wittenberg in 1517, a series of points attacking the Pope and institutions of the Catholic Church by Martin Luther. A: Ninety-Five Theses 2. These entities may be described as acrocentric, while holocentric ones are found in C. elegans. One region of these objects sees the formation of the kinetochore. To allow more compact storage, they contain proteins called histones, around which their major component, a polymer, wraps. They may be visualized in karyotypes, which allow the detection of conditions like Down syndrome. These entities condense during prophase out of chromatin. FTP, identify these genetic elements, twenty-three pairs of which are found in humans, examples of which include X and Y. A: Chromosomes 3.This artist painted the St. Lazare Train Station as well as two series depicting buildings in different weather and at different times of day, his London Parliament series and Rouen Cathedral series. This man is also known for a series including a depiction of the title objects at sunset, Haystacks, and this artist of an 1872 painting of the harbor of Le Havre also produced a series mainly painted on his property at Giverny, Water Lilies. FTP name this French painter whose Impression, Sunrise is the namesake of the Impressionist movement. A: Claude Monet 4.After attacking her sister Ereshkigal, she was captured and subjected to sixty diseases. This goddess was later absorbed into Zoroastrianism as the Spotless One, Anahita, and her love of the harvest god Tammuz may have led to that god's death. This goddess, who became associated with spring, was born after an egg fell from heaven and landed in the Euphrates, with this goddess bursting from the egg. She passed through seven gates on her way to the underworld to visit her sister and was stripped of a piece of clothing at each. FTP, name this Assyrian and Babylonian fertility goddess. A: Ishtar [Prompt on Inanna until “Assyrian”] 5.This island contains such rivers as the Tone and Shinano, the longest in its country. Islands lying off it include the Oki Islands, Izu Islands, and Sado Island, and its largest lake is Biwa. The Kii Channel separates it from an island to its southwest, while the Tsugaru Strait separates it from an island to the north which is now the only home of the Ainu. The Inland Sea, once a noted pirate haven, lies between this island and Shikoku, and its cities include Kobe, Osaka, and Yokohama. FTP, name this largest Japanese island which contains Mt. Fuji and Tokyo. A: Honshu

6.Besides writing such literary works as the Mandrake, this man described how democracy was the best form of government in one work which also advocated three parts to government, the Discourses on Livy. Like Sun Tzu, he wrote an Art of War, and he opposed the use of mercenaries vehemently. In one work this man stated that it is better to be feared than loved, and that a leader should be ruthless and immoral so long as he does not gain the hate of his subjects. FTP, name this Florentine author of The Prince. A: Niccolo Machiavelli 7.This composer’s works include incidental music for Goethe’s play Egmont and his only ballet The Creatures of Prometheus, and his choral music includes his Mass in C Major and Missa Solemnis in D. Florestan is rescued by his wife Leonore in his only opera, and he depicted a Shepherds’ Song in the final movement of his Sixth Symphony. In addition to Fidelio and his “Pastoral” Symphony, he effectively began musical Romanticism with his “Eroica” Symphony and set a Schiller poem in his last symphony. FTP, name this German composer who set Ode to Joy in his Ninth Symphony, also known for being deaf. A: Ludwig van Beethoven 8.This figure's end came at the hands of the youngest son of Thyestes, who was seeking revenge for the murder of his brothers by Atreus. This figure caused trouble in the Trojan War by taking an ally's captive Briseis but eventually returned her so that Achilles would rejoin the war. This man earned the ire of his wife for a sacrifice at Aulis that may or may not have been stopped by Artemis, that of Iphigenia, and his wife was further upset when he returned from Troy with Cassandra. FTP name this man whose murder by Aegisthus, the lover of his wife Clytemnestra, was avenged by his children Electra and Orestes. A: Agamemnon 9. The sum of the squares of this property and of reactance gives the square of the impedance. This property is inversely related to its device’s conductivity, defined as the current density over the electric field. To find this property, Samuel Hunter Christie created an array of four devices where one is variable in order to test a fourth for this, called a Wheatstone bridge. In parallel, the equivalent value for this is the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of the components. FTP, name this property, the loss of potential energy per unit charge, the R in RLC series circuits. A: Resistance [Do NOT Accept Resistivity] 10.Some historians view these events as arising from rivalries between churches led by the town ministers Lawson, Bayley, and Burroughs, and the village minister Samuel Parris, who was also opposed by the Village Committee over land and taxation issues. One fatality from these occurrences resulted from an attempt to get a confession by piling stones on the chest of Giles Cordy, and the supposed activities of Sarah Osburn, Sarah Good, and Tituba were named the cause of the erratic behaviors of some adolescent girls. Eventually implicating about 150 people, FTP, name these 1692 events in which Puritan preachers in Massachusetts persecuted "agents of the Devil". A: Salem Witch Trials [accept anything involving Salem, witchery, and justice proceedings]

11.The title character of this novel is initially ignored by a girl he likes because of Amy Lawrence. The title character and his best friend witness the murder of Dr. Robinson and later the title character testifies in defense of Muff Potter. That character lives with Sid, Mary, and his aunt Polly. Before appearing at his own funeral, the title character runs off to Jackson's Island to become a pirate with Joe Harper and Huck Finn. FTP name this novel by Mark Twain whose title character hides from Injun Joe while lost in a cave with Becky Thatcher. A: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 12.This band's debut single features the lines, “I can feel the pressure/It's getting closer now " In addition to Pressure, another song by this band features the lines, "I wonder, how am I supposed to feel when you're not here," while yet another states that, "They taped over your mouth/ Scribbled out the truth with their lies," and their most famous song features a girl “with a body like an hourglass/ its ticking like a clock.” FTP, name this band whose singles include the aforementioned That's What You Get, Crushcrushcrush, and Misery Business. A: Paramore 13.One of this dynasty's members, Umar II, revived the custom of exempting all Muslims from taxes, except for the religious tax, thus mollifying the mawali, or non-Arab Muslims. Its founder had an oath of allegiance to his son Yazid sworn, ending the Arab custom of election of leaders, and it was ended at the Battle of the Great Zab River. However, one of its members managed to escape to Spain and restore this dynasty there. Its first leader was Mu'awiyah, the successor to the Rashidun. FTP, name this first Islamic dynasty, succeeded by the Abbasids. A: Umayyad Dynasty [accept Omayyads] 14.One character in this work sees a dead dog in the ocean while walking on the beach. The protagonist is reminded of his dead son Rudy by a letter he receives from his daughter Milly, and he fears that she will become like her mother, who is carrying on an affair with Blazes Boylan. The protagonist is displeased to see Buck Mulligan drinking with Stephen Dedalus, who appeared in the author’s novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. FTP, name this novel in which Molly is the unfaithful wife of Leopold Bloom, who spends a really long day walking around Dublin, a major work of James Joyce. A: Ulysses 15. A common use for this data structure is storing an expression, which can be viewed using a preorder, postorder or inorder traversal. A roughly symmetrical one is known as balanced, while a complete one is perfect until the last level, where paths may end at different levels. One of these structures in which the left path contains lesser values is abbreviated BST. In these structures, all elements are descendants of a root node, while a node is either a parent to daughter nodes or a leaf. FTP, name these data structures, a collection of which comprise a forest. A: Binary Trees

16.At the battle of Cynoscephalae, some of these were used by Flamininus against a Macedonian phalanx which had not yet formed up. King Porus used them at the Battle of the Hydaspes River, reducing the effectiveness of the Macedonian cavalry. One was presented to Charlemagne by Harun ar-Rashid. At the Battle of Zama, Scipio arranged his troops with alleys in between to funnel the charge of these animals back through his ranks, and most of Hannibal's died before reaching Italy. FTP, name this type of very large tusked animal often used in ancient armies. A: Elephants [accept War Elephant, also accept African Forest Elephant before "Porus"] 17.In one of this author’s novels, Joe Trace shoots his teenage lover Dorcas at a party, and in another, Son Green fears that his attraction to Jade Childs will destroy his identity. In addition to Jazz and Tar Baby, Soaphead tricks Pecola Breedlove into feeding a dog poisoned meat in the belief that she will be given the titular body part in one of her novels. In her most famous novel, Baby Suggs takes in the protagonist Sethe, who cut the throat of the title child to prevent her enslavement during an escape from Sweet Home Plantation. FTP, name this African American author of The Bluest Eye and Beloved. A: Toni Morrison Accept Chloe Anthony Wofford 18. Termed “alkaline air” by Joseph Priestley, this molecule reacts with carbon dioxide to form urea. It is combusted at the beginning of a reaction to produce nitric acid, the Ostwald process. Its trigonal pyramidal structure has bond angles of 107o, and it accepts a proton to form an unusual positive molecular ion. It is commonly produced by a reaction which uses hydrogen isolated from methane and an iron oxide catalyst which was modified by Carl Bosch, the Haber process. FTP, name this simplest amine known for its use in fertilizers with formula NH3. A: Ammonia [Accept NH3 before mentioned] 19.Prince Shovisky was the president of one of this ruler’s early councils. Gregory XIII intervened for peace talks between this ruler and Stephen Bathory, who led the Poles against him in the Livonian War. He created a new unit of musketeers named the Streltsy, after Andrey Kurbsky defected he decided to control the boyars with the Oprichnina, and he confessed his sins to the Zemski Sobor. He commemorated his taking of Astrakhan and Kazan with the construction of St. Basil’s Cathedral and his retarded son lost power to Boris Godunov during the Time of Troubles. FTP, name this violent Rurik Russian grand prince of Moscow and the first proclaimed Czar of Russia. A: Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible [or Ivan the Terrible; or Ivan Grozny] 20.One of this poet's earliest works is said to be Culex, and he wrote four books of poetry based on Hesiod's Works and Days. A poem from another collection predicts the birth of a child some claim to be Jesus, while contemporaries considered him the son of Augustus. In addition to the Georgics and Eclogues, this man wrote a twelve book epic in which Camilla and Turnus fight for the Latins against the Trojan settlers led by the son of Anchises, his nation’s national epic. FTP name this Roman author of the Aeneid. A: Virgil [Accept Publius Vergilius Maro]

EXTRA TOSS-UP; only read if there is a tie

21.This man ordered kenchi, or land surveys, to be undertaken, and at the same time confiscated swords from the peasantry, promising them the metal would be used for a gigantic statue of the Buddha. He defeated Mitsuhide, who had caused the suicide of his predecessor through a revolt, and besieged Odawara, a castle of the Hojo. This man also expelled Jesuit missionaries from Japan, and attempted to invade Korea. He rose from peasant beginnings to become the successor of Oda Nobunaga. FTP, name this second great unifier of Japan. A: Toyotomi Hideyoshi [accept Hiyoshimaru] 1.In this work, Satan hosts a convention in Pandemonium where Beelzebub reveals God’s creation of Earth. FTPE: [10] Name this epic poem in which Adam and Eve are expelled from Eden for tasting the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. A: Paradise Lost [10] Paradise Lost was written by this poet who wrote of a blinded warrior in his play Samson Agonistes and referred to “vain deluding joys” in Il Penseroso. A: John Milton [10] This Milton poem mentions a “sanguine flower inscribed with woe” and the title figure’s “loss to Shepherds’ ear” and was written to commemorate the death of Milton’s schoolmate Edward King. A: Lycidas 2.This Egyptian pharaoh had around one hundred children. FTPE: [10] Name this pharaoh who built a temple at Abu Simbel and is known for fighting in Syria that resulted in a noted peace treaty. A: Ramses II [prompt on Ramses; accept Ramesses II or Ramses the Great] [10] Ramses II signed a peace treaty with these people known for their chariots at Kadesh. Their homeland was in Anatolia. A: Hittites [10] Ramses II erected a stele in this city, also home to a dam nationalized by Nasser. That dam's creation threatened to flood the site of Abu Simbel, which had to be moved. A: Aswan 3.This monster was born as the result of Pasiphae's lust for a bull, imposed by Poseidon. FTPE: [10] Name this creature kept in a labyrinth by the king of Crete, to whom young Athenians were sacrificed. A: Minotaur [10] This man who had killed the bandit Procrustes on his journey to Athens volunteered to be part of Athens' sacrifice to Crete in order to slay the Minotaur. A: Theseus [10] This daughter of Minos assisted Theseus but was eventually abandoned on Naxos. A: Ariadne

4.It includes the soul of the title character going before Christ in heaven. FTPE: [10] Name this painting depicting the funeral of a Spanish nobleman, with bishops and the like gathering around the body. A: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz [10] The Burial of Count Orgaz was painted by this Cretan artist of View of Toledo and Opening of the Fifth Seal. A: El Greco accept Doménikos Theotokópoulos [10] El Greco was a member of this post-Renaissance school, whose other members included Parmigianino. A: Mannerism [accept word forms] 5.FTPE, answer some questions about the American reaction to Communists. [10] This senator from Wisconsin was discredited after he began searching for Communist infiltrators in the Armed Forces in 1954. He had previously dominated politics with his communist witch-hunting. A: Joseph Raymond McCarthy [10] This couple who allegedly passed nuclear secrets to the U.S.S.R. was executed in 1953 after they were convicted of espionage in a 1951 trial which was appealed in vain numerous times. A: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg [or the Rosenbergs] [10] These actions occurred in 1920 after the U.S. Attorney General ordered the rounding up of thousands of suspected communists, radicals, and the like. A: Palmer Raids [prompt on Palmer] 6. The mating of rabbits is commonly used to explain this sequence. FTPE: [10] Name this sequence of numbers, the ratios of successive terms of which have a limit of the Golden Ratio and which begins 1, 1, 2, 3. A: Fibonacci Sequence or Numbers [10] The Fibonacci Sequence can be found using this method with applications in computer science which involves defining something in terms of itself. A: Recursion (Accept word forms) [10] Recursion can also be used to find this number, defined as the largest number which divides evenly into two numbers. A: Greatest Common Factor (Do NOT Accept Greatest Common Divisor, as that is the LCM, not the GCF) 7.This 1913 ballet was choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky and is divided into two sections: Adoration of the Earth and The Sacrifice. FTPE: [10] Name this harmonically and rhythmically radical ballet which caused a riot at its Paris premiere and is subtitled “Pictures from Pagan Russia”. A: The Rite of Spring [10] The Rite of Spring is a work of this Russian composer whose operas include The Nightingale and Mavra and whose neoclassical works include Symphony of Psalms and the “Dumbarton Oaks” Concerto. A: Igor Stravinsky [10] This other Stravinsky ballet choreographed by Mikhail Fokine is set at the Shrovetide Fair and features the Moor, the Ballerina, and the title character, all of whom are puppets.

A: Petrushka

8.FTPE, it is described in the play Henry V. [10] Name this battle in 1415 near Calais in which the cramped French troops were butchered by the English, with the help of longbowmen. A: Battle of Agincourt [10] In this 1428-1429 battle, Joan of Arc led the French to a victory over the English besiegers, leading to her appellation of "Maid" of this place. A: Battle/Siege of Orléans [10] Both Orléans and Agincourt occurred during this long war between France and England. Other battles included Crécy and Poitiers. A: Hundred Years' War 9.FTPE, name these geographic features of far southern South America. [10] This archipelago was named for the cooking fires of the inhabitants. Just to its east lies Staten Island, and its cities include Ushuaia and Porvenir. A: Tierra del Fuego [accept Land of Fire] [10] This body of water lies to the south of Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn and north of Antarctica. It offers an unappealing alternative to the Strait of Magellan for travellers passing between the Atlantic and Pacific. A: Drake Passage [10] This mostly flat, rather barren region of southern Argentina extends north to around the Valdez Peninsula. Several large lakes like Viedma and Buenos Aires lie on the border of it and the Andes. A namesake type of cavy, a large rodent, lives here as well. A: Patagonia 10.This man won the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. FTPE: [10] Name this man known for experiments in which the ringing of a bell caused dogs to salivate. A: Ivan Pavlov [10] Pavlov used the classical variety of this technique to induce salivation in dogs. Its operant variety involves voluntary processes. A: conditioning [10] This author of Walden Two was in favor of radical behaviorism and used operant conditioning in a namesake box. He also invented the Air Crib and Teaching Machine. A: Burrhus Frederic Skinner

11.The author of this book claims that he is a “free spirit” and calls every other philosopher before him an idiot. FTPE: [10] Name this collection of 296 aphorisms which basically declares that science is made up and attacks the new philosophy of morality. A: Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future [10] Beyond Good and Evil was written by this crazy German philosopher famous for his ideas of eternal recurrence, the Ubermensch, and the will to power. He may be better known for stating “God is dead” in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. A: Friedrich Nietzsche [10] This supplement to Beyond Good and Evil asks “What do ascetic ideals mean?” and divides the titular idea into “master” and “slave” varieties. A: On the Genealogy of Morals: A Polemic [accept Morality for Morals] 12.In this novel, Komarovsky seduces a girl who eventually falls in love with the title character, Yurii. FTPE: [10] Name this Russian novel occurring during the Bolshevik Revolution, which contains Pasha Antipov, reborn as the warrior Strelnikov. A: Doctor Zhivago [10] This man, who rejected the 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature, wrote Doctor Zhivago, as well as the poetry collections Rupture and My Sister Life. A: Boris Pasternak [10] The daughter of a Frenchwoman who owns a clothing shop, she marries Pasha but loves Yurii and is Komarovsky’s mistress. A: Lara [or Larisa Feodorovna Guishar Antipova Accept partial name] 13. FTPE, name these phyla of the animal kingdom. [10] Including cephalopods and gastropods, this phylum is anatomically characterized by mantles, multiple nerve cords, and toothed tongues called radulae. Examples include squids and octopi. A: Mollusca [accept Mollusks] [10] Including classes Asteroidea and Holothuroidea, members of this aquatic phylum feature radial symmetry and utilize water vascular systems. Notable examples include starfish and sea urchins. A: Echinodermata [accept Echinoderms]

[10] Featuring a dorsal nerve cord, this phylum includes all of the vertebrates and thus everything from fish to birds to humans. A: Chordata [accept Chordates]

14.Answer the following about a show that airs Thursday nights on NBC FTPE: [10] Depicting the backstage antics of a fictional sketch comedy show, this sitcom gets its name from the GE building that serves as NBC headquarters in New York. A: 30 Rock [10] This Mean Girls writer and former Saturday Night Live star portrays Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. A: Tina Fey [10] Liz Lemon works for this network executive played by Alec Baldwin. His nagging mother blames him for the death of JFK. A: Jack Donaghy [Accept either name] 15.This Egyptian god of the Underworld was usually depicted as a human. FTPE: [10] Name this husband of Isis, who was dismembered by his brother. A: Osiris [Accept Asar, Aser, Ausar, Ausir, Wesir, or Ausare] [10] This god of chaos was the brother of Osiris and husband of Nephthys. A: Set [Accept Seth, Sutekh or Seteh] [10] This son of Osiris, a falcon-headed god, injured an eye in his fight with Set. A: Horus 16. This phenomenon is described macroscopically by Ginzburg-Landau Theory and microscopically by BCS Theory. FTPE: [10] Name this phenomenon, usually occurring at low temperatures, in which a material exhibits no electrical resistance. A: Superconductivity (Accept word forms like Superconductor) [10] Superconductors display this effect discovered by a German physicist in which they become diamagnetic and expel an applied magnetic field. A: Meissner Effect [10] Sometimes considered a fifth state of matter, these “condensates” named for an Indian and a German American demonstrate superconductivity and find application in LASERs. A: Bose-Einstein Condensate 17.The title character of this short story goes into the forest late one night. FTPE: [10] Name this story in which the title character is devastated to see his wife Faith at a gathering of Devil-worshippers.

A: Young Goodman Brown [10] This author of Young Goodman Brown and friend of Herman Melville is also known for the short stories Dr. Heidegger's Experiment and Rappaccini's Daughter. A: Nathaniel Hawthorne [10] This Hawthorne short story collection contains Dr. Heidegger's Experiment and The Minister's Black Veil, in addition to a number of other stories that had all been previously published. A: Twice Told Tales

18.This ruler caused massive inflation in Cairo while on hajj. FTPE: [10] Name this king known for spending and giving away inordinate amounts of the gold his kingdom was known for, as well as starting schools in Timbuktu. A: Mansa Musa [10] Mansa Musa ruled this African kingdom founded by Sundiata, which succeeded Ghana. A: Mali [10] This empire centered in Gao which grew out of Mali had such rulers as Sunni Ali and Askia Muhammad. A: Songhai 19. This class of particles includes the six flavors of quarks in addition to neutrinos, tauons, muons, and electrons. FTPE: [10] Name this class of particles with half-integer spin which obey a set of statistics developed by their namesake and Paul Dirac. A: Fermions [10] These values for a fermion include the principal, angular and magnetic ones which determine the location of the particle with respect to orbitals and shells. A: Quantum Numbers [10] Fermions obey this quantum mechanical principle stating that no two of them may occupy the same quantum numbers simultaneously. It explains why two electrons in the same orbital must have opposite spins. A: Pauli Exclusion Principle 20.The title character of this play is horrified to learn that Polybus was not his father and that he killed his real father, Laius. FTPE: [10] Name this play in which the title character marries his mother, Jocasta. A: Oedipus Rex Accept Oedipus the King [10] Oedipus Rex is one of the Theban plays by this Greek playwright, who also wrote Ajax and Oedipus at Colonus. A: Sophocles [10] In addition to Oedipus at Colonus, the other of Sophocles' Theban plays is this one, in which the title daughter of Oedipus is sentenced to be buried alive for disobeying Creon and burying Polynices. A: Antigone

21.FTPE, name some things about a Middle Eastern nation. [10] This country, currently led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had its government messed with by the Allies at the beginning of WWII to ensure it did not aid the Nazis. A: Iran [10] This man took over Iran in 1941 and defeated Mohammed Mossadeq, a rival. He also initiated the White Revolution, an economic movement, with the help of the U.S. A: Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi [10] This radical Islamic cleric took over the government in 1979, leading to the Shah's exile. He abandoned the pro-West policies of his predecessor. A: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini [accept Ruhallah Musawi]

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