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					Surfrider Foundation, Vancouver Chapter General Meeting Minutes Date: Thursday, April 30th 2009 Time: 7-9 pm Location: Rip Curl Office Executive Present: Maya, Maria, Jessica, Adrian Executive Absent: Danie, Haley, Susan Agenda: No agenda received prior to meeting. Action Items: 1. Jessica - to send out Rip Curl ST3W Facebook invite. 2. Mike - to update website. Notes: 1. Volunteer Coordinator position has opened up. Rachelle Poitras has been appointed the new volunteer coordinator. 2. The Fingerling Festival will be taking place in Port Moody this coming Saturday, May 2nd from 11:00-3:00pm. This is a family event. 3. Clean Water Classic Surf Competition in Westport Washington May 15-17th. Call for volunteers. The Vancouver Chapter has rented a room at the Chateau Westport, which sleeps six. 4. A Fly in the Champagne movie premiere is being hosted by Billabong and Quicksilver on Tuesday, May 5that Tunnel Multi-Lounge. SF will be tabling and taking donations at the door for this event. 5. The Rip Curl ST3W Pre-party is on Saturday, May 9th at the Media Club. SF will be tabling at this event as well. We are looking for anyone who wants to help out. A Ripcurl F-Bomb wetsuit will be raffled off, all proceeds going to the chapter. 6. The Rip Curl ST3W takes place May 23-24th in Tofino. A room has been rented for chapter volunteers. We will be catering the event and as such will be responsible for selling food on the beach. On Saturday night there is a party at the Community Hall with Tom Curren and Matt the Alien. 7. Mountain Clean Up - Location will be at Seymour. The chapter might try to do a BBQ. We will also plan for another one at Grouse Mountain. 8. Paddle Fest on Sunday, July 5th at Jericho Beach.


Still in the works (we have not yet registered) We may organize a beach clean up Paddle board clinic and SF table

9. International Surf Day on Saturday, June 20th. - Beach clean up / BBQ with Reef - Need volunteers and sponsors 10. O’neil WQS Surf Competition in Tofino from October 25-31st 11. Hurley Fashion Show (TBA in the fall) - Going back to school - Jessica is planning the event - Below the Belt will also be involved - 5 shirts will be showcased as part of Hurley’s sustainable clothing line 12. Rise Above Plastics - Plastic bag ban - Greenest City Action Team - submitted a statement to them suggesting a plastic bag ban - 1-2 months for the next campaign - We would like to start street petitioning/canvassing to get the message out - Vancouver City Council has voted to ban the sale of bottled water at all publicly owned sites (ie. PNE, parks, beaches, etc.) 13. Respect the Beach - more on this next meeting 14. Merchandise - Buttons have been made (both Surfrider and Snowrider) - Stickers are in the works…we are still pricing out difference companies - We would like to make more clothing…organic and better fit 15. Other -

Will create a Surfrider blog and website Surfrider Canada - waiting for charitable status to be approved May expand to more chapters in Canada Website being updated by Michael Bonner Film Industry - Keep it reel film submission and railway club events. Will work with them to possibly become their charity of choice. Doc Side - Documentary Film Festival with a water/beach theme Fierce Light documentary about activism on Wednesday, May 13th Next meeting Thursday, May 21st from 7:00-9:00pm @ Nevermind.