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6E Madoka Letter.docx


									                                                                                 September 2nd,2009

Dear Mr. Wehrle,

Hello!! My name is Madoka Nishina!! I am 11 years old. My Birthday is on June the 2 nd. I take
swimming lessons every day. I do it on Saturdays and weekdays after school, only in Sundays,
the swimming school is closed, so I cannot go. I can play the flute and the piano. I play the flute
in the band. Both of those instruments I learn in school. I sometimes teach my sister how to
play those instruments, too.

My family members are my father Masayuki, my mother Orie and my little sister Karen and
me! My father’s birthday is on August the 19th, my mother’s birthday is on July 28th and my
sister’s birthday is on November 8th. She is 5 years old right now. She was born in year 2003.
With my family, I like to play games and go to many places. My father is a pottery teacher and
the head of Kanagawa international school and Yokohama Preschool. My mother is also a head.
My sister is now going to Kanagawa International School.

I like school a lot and my favorite subjects are Math, Science, Art, and English. I enjoy reading,
writing, and drawing. I like art (drawing, sculpturing) and I often like to draw pictures in my
free time. I like reading stories, especially humorous or scary stories. Sometimes I just like to
read a book of many short stories. I like to research on the computer and go on the internet. I
sometimes use Microsoft word to make collages. I also like to make videos from CDs and
pictures and videos and live cam avatars, since I have a camera on the top of my computer. I
sometimes like to play games on it, too, but not from the internet.

 I like to play with my sister with doing active games or card or board games, but often, she
makes me play with dolls with her and I don’t really enjoy that but she is very nice and funny,
so that is at least good and nice. But sometimes, she is not so nice. She tattles on me and
makes me in trouble when she did something wrong. She tries to get attention by crying or
even fake crying. But that only happens sometimes, normally she is nice and I like her. I think I
am lucky to have Karen as my sister.


Madoka Nishina
Madoka Nishina

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