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					Working during your studies
The university recommends that you do not work more than 15 hours per week
during term time. If you are a student from a European Economic Area (EEA)
country (Except Romania or Bulgaria), you do not need permission to work in the
UK. However, you should be ready to show an employer your passport or identity
card as proof that you are a national of an EEA country.

If you are from one of the following countries, you need to visit

If you are a student from outside the EEA you will have a student visa/entry
clearance stamp/sticker in your passport. If this stamp/sticker states 'No recourse to
public funds work (and any changes) must be authorised', you will be allowed to
work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full time during vacation periods.

You are not allowed to exceed these limits, neither are you permitted to be self-

If your visa/passport stamp states, 'No work....' or '...does not enter employment....'
you will not be able to work at all during your stay in the UK.

Some newer visas may say work part time during term time, full time vacation.
Again, you can only work up to 20 hours in any week. If your visa states a number of
hours permitted i.e. 20 or 10 this is the maximum you can work in term time.

If you would like more information on this you can contact the Immigration Team via or you can meet the Team at the Immigration Surgery which
runs every Tuesday morning (term time) between 10.30am and 12.30pm in the
Business Mine room in the Central Services Building Atrium (level 4)

Overseas Students and National Insurance

If you work in the UK you may have to pay National Insurance (NI) contributions
depending on your earnings. The NI number is used by the Department of Social
Security to record a person's contributions. You do not need a NI number before you
start work.

You can apply for a NI number via the following Government webpage: Once you have applied for an NI
number, you may be asked to go to an interview to confirm your identity. At the
interview you will be given a reference number which will serve as proof that you
have applied for a National Insurance number. This entitles you to begin work before
your card actually arrives.

Some employers will require you to have your National Insurance number before you
start work - you will need to have your National Insurance number before being able
to undertake any on-campus work at the University.

Income Tax
You will automatically be subject to the same taxation rules that apply to UK
residents. You can earn a certain amount of income (known as personal allowance)
in each tax year before paying tax. The tax year starts on 6 April in one year and
finishes on 5 April in the next year.

For more information on income tax and National Insurance please see the following
Government web pages:

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