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ICW Care Management Solution Collateral InterComponentWare AG


									The five modules of the ICW          ICW Care Management Solution
Care Management Solution:
                                     Modern healthcare organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges. They
• Analytics –                        must adopt new reimbursement models (e.g. pay for performance, or value-based
  Population analytics and patient   purchasing, meet stringent new quality measures and face penalties for poor
  risk stratification                outcomes (e.g. for preventable readmissions, or healthcare acquired conditions).
                                     Initiatives such as Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical
• Care Plans and Checklists –
                                     Homes are growing in both the public and private sectors. In essence, all of these
  A smart engine which produces
                                     changes share the same singular goal: To improve the quality of healthcare while
  a patient specific task list
                                     lowering costs. Choosing the right technology is crucial to achieving that aim.
• Care Manager –
                                     ICW’s Care Management Solution offers a modular and comprehensive set of tools
  A complete set of tools and
                                     that help to better navigate the changing landscape. From population evaluation
  information to manage patients
                                     to patient specific task lists, ICW’s Care Management Solution gives care managers
                                     the resources to more efficiently and effectively manage the health of patients
• Reporting –
                                     and populations and, ultimately, contribute to lower costs.
  Standard and ad-hoc reports for
  appropriate ACO and
  mandatory program reporting
                                     As healthcare evolves, data is increasingly valuable. ICW’s Care Management
• Data Integration –
                                     Solution includes the powerful ICW Analytics engine, which maximizes the value
  Robust data integration
                                     from available clinical, financial, administrative, and other data.
  capability including data
  obtained from financial and
                                          •    Optimizes performance management and contract negotiations through
  clinical transactions
                                               advanced population evaluation and analysis
                                          •    Patient risk stratification based on clinical condition(s), procedures,
                                               medications, assessments and financial information, using Clinical Risk
                                               Group (CRG) classification methodology developed by 3MTM Health
                                               Information Systems
                                          •    Identification of patients at risk for future cost increase and/or health
                                               condition degradation
                                          •    Highlight gaps in care at both the population and individual patient level

                                     Care Plans and Checklists

                                     Optimizing efficiencies means better utilizing resources. Different patients have
                                     different care needs. ICW’s Care Management Solution addresses this by linking
                                     care plans and checklists to patients based on such factors as e.g.:

                                          •    Evidence-based care plans
                                          •    Assessments (e.g. HRA, fall risk, depression, activation)
                                          •    Alerts (e.g. admissions, discharges, lab values, vital signs)
                                          •    Risk profiles from Analytics
                                          •    Campaigns, Goals

                                     Care plans and checklists are customizable at the organization, group, and care
  ICW provides an end-to-end         manager level, as determined by the organization policy and practice. Our smart
Care Management Solution with        engine incorporates multiple care plans, treatment/program checklists, educational
  the ability to turn data into      and individual goals into a consolidated patient specific and prioritized task list. This
 actions and make efficient use      list is dynamic: As information is entered, new tasks may automatically be generated
   of care resources through         as a result of organization specific business rules. This task list, combined with
    patient specific task lists.     additional lists identifying the priority of patients within a population, ensures that
                                     the care team is focusing on the right actions for the right patients at the right time.
The Benefits at a Glance:              Care Manager

• Manage risk in an outcome and        Effectively managing the health of individual patients requires a set of
  pay for performance based            comprehensive and effective tools. ICW Care Manager comprises task management,
  environment through predictive       medication monitoring, gaps in care, intelligent task completion, and assessments.
  modeling of patient cost. This       Information to support the care manager include history of encounters, diagnoses,
  can be a base for contract           allergies, goals, lab results, demographics, and relationships.
  negotiation, support of
                                       In addition, real-time alerting notifies appropriate parties of relevant changes in
  evidence-based guidelines and
                                       patient’s condition or circumstances that may alter their priority or task status,
  organization defined best
                                       and/or create new tasks. Alerting rules include admissions, discharges, new
  practices (care plans, checklists)
                                       diagnosis, new medications, changes in lab values, and overdue procedures, among
• Optimize patient care to achieve     others. They are modifiable and additional alerts can be added easily.
  significant care and cost impact
  through economic distribution        Reporting
  of care management based on
                                       Upcoming healthcare requirements place a heavy emphasis on reporting. ICW’s
  risk and stratification.
                                       Care Management Solution enables organizations to meet these regulations by
  Identify patients responsive to
                                       providing predefined organizational and appropriate ACO reports, and the capability
  care management using
                                       to create ad-hoc reports. All can be configured to meet the needs of the
  assessments that directly
                                       corresponding requestor, e.g. physician performance, and performance
  impact patient related tasks
                                       improvement opportunities.
  executed by a care manager
                                       Reports can be defined at the data element level, e.g. by populations, conditions,
• Intelligently coordinate care
                                       demographics, and providers and are customizable at the user level. Existing
  through a well-prioritized
                                       reporting tools can leverage the underlying data cubes.
  patient specific task list that
  automatically evaluates co-
                                       Data Integration
  morbidities, medical data and
  related events                       One of the biggest hurdles organizations face in the new healthcare environment is
                                       integrating diverse data sources. ICW’s Care Management Solution enables the
• Reduce the time required to find
                                       simple and straightforward integration and management of all data sources,
  information by turning all
                                       transactions and formats available in an organization. The solution comes with
  inbound data into information
                                       templates for demographics, claims, clinical, and other data in a variety of standards
  and actions (tasks, alerts), and
                                       (e.g. X.12, HL7, NCPDP, IHE) and is ICD-10 compliant.
  providing a comprehensive view
  of the patients medical              Our state-of-the-art integration technology covers all integration aspects, or
  information                          leverages existing integration engines.

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