2011 schedule by cuiliqing


									 2011 Event Schedule - This event schedule is for your reference only. It is a selection of events that the web
   master has chosen. The 2nd Kentucky Cavalry will be at many of these events. Please contact the 2nd
 Kentucky Cavalry for confirmation of which events we will be at and at what level of participation. There also
  may be events that arise from time to time that are not listed and the company may wish to attend. Please
       notify the webmaster if there are any events at which you would like to see the 2nd Kentucky.
         Event                   Dates                     Web site                           Notes
                                                                                 ACWS Membership needed,
                         February 19, 20 and                                     2nd KY participates as a unit on
Calico                   21                      http://www.acws.net/            Sat and Sun

Vista                    March 5 and 6           s.com/VistaCivilWar.html     1st mounted event of the year
                                                 emy.org/events/civilwar.asp Day trip, supports St Catherine's
St. Catherine's          March 26 and 27         x                            scholarship fund
                                                                              supports BSA scholarship and
Prado                    April 2 and 3           http://www.sccwa.com         Memorial fund
                                                                                 Co-hosted and managed
                                                                                 by the 2nd Kentucky,
                         Updated to April 16                                     maximum attendance
Costa Mesa               and 17                  http://www.acws.net/            effort
Pierce College           May 14 and 15           om/                             In the San Fernando Valley
Summer Cotillion,                                http://www.2ndcavalryreena      Hosted by the 2nd US cav. An
Yorba Linda Country                              ctors.org/index_files/Page39    excellent event, at a Yorba
Club                     June 18, 2011           9.htm                           Linda country club
Long Beach               July 30 and 31          om/                             El Dorado Park
                                                                                 Day trip on Sunday. A real place
Ft Tejon invitational    August 20 & 21          http://www.forttejon.org        with Civil war history
                                                 om/civil-war-california-     Huntington Beach Central park.
Huntington Beach         September 3 and 4       actors.html                  Maximum attendance effort

                                                                                 An excellent event on a working
                                                                                 farm. A rotary club benefit with a
                                                                                 school program on Friday
Moorpark                 Nov 12 and 13           www.forttejon.org               maximum attendance effort

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