Hiring of Foreign Faculty Members HRSDC and WatPort by celeste.bertha


New Faculty SupPort Office
  & HRSDC for New Hires
             January 22, 2009
A Little Bit of History
•   June 2002 “Welcoming Women Faculty: The
    Report of the Provost’s Task Force on Female
    Faculty Recruitment”
•   Need to remain competitive with other Canadian
    & American Universities to attract the very best
    candidates for recruitment
•   Formal launch of the office made in March 2004
    after consultation with various stake-holders on
Program Mandate - 2004
•   Establish an office as a central resource
•   Establish a program to aid faculty recruitment & support
•   Assist newly hired faculty & their families/partners
    throughout their resettlement process
•   Foster cooperation between every administrative &
    academic departments & WatPort
•   Maintain & enhance the WatSource (WatPort now) website
    for prospective and/or new faculty
•   Provide a list of support services available to prospective &
    new faculty
Best Practices - 2008
•   In 2004, 4 Canadian Universities were identified as
    having robust services which UW could model our
    new faculty program/office upon
•   As of 2008, the 3 Ontario Universities are still the
    benchmark for Waterloo’s program/office to strive
•   Of the 3 Ontario Universities, Guelph is our closest
    “competitor” for which the program/office should at
    least meet their level of support & service
Present Services & Support
•   ½-hour informational meeting during the candidate
    interview with the department
•   KW & UW informational package provided either during the
    candidate interview or sent after receipt of the signed letter
    of appointment
•   Assistance through email/phone/in person with any
    questions/queries about resettlement to the Waterloo area
•   Provide support/assistance and information about
    immigration to new faculty candidates and their families
    and/or the hiring dept. as requested
Who needs a Work Permit
•   Any foreign worker requires a valid work permit before they
    can be legally paid for their employment
•   Most common cases are regular full-time faculty who do not
    hold a Canadian passport
•   However, any FULL-TIME worker that do not hold a
    Canadian passport requires a work permit; this includes
    PDFs, Research/Teaching Assistants, Research
    Professors, Lab Assistants/Technicians
•   Work permits cannot be issued for part-time work
    regardless of occupation
Hiring a Foreign Faculty
Once the Letter of Appointment is received from a Foreign new
   faculty, what happens next:
•  Application for a Labour Market Opinion must be obtained
•  The foreign new faculty must obtain a work permit with an
   LMO Confirmation
•  All LMO’s are for a maximum appointment time of 3 years
•  Upon re-appointment of the foreign faculty, a new Labour
   Market Opinion must be obtained in order for the faculty
   member to renew his work permit (unless s/he has since
   received their PR status/card)
The Labour Market Opinion
•     HRSDC forms: www.watport.uwaterloo.ca
    •   What are they: Recruitment Summary Form & the
        Foreign Worker Application – Application for Labour
        Market Opinion
    •   Where to find them:
    •   How to complete them:
    •   To Whom do they go to:
How to complete the LMO
•   Download the form from the WatPort site – this is
    necessary as there are some completed fields already
•   Follow the instructions on the step-by-step guide and there
    should be no problems – if there is, call me!
•   Once completed, follow the instructions on the first web-
    page (General Information) to send it to St. John’s, NB
•   Within 24 hours, a confirmation letter will be faxed back to
    you confirming the credentials of the hire
•   If you receive a denial of the LMO, call me!
LMO Confirmation
•   Normal turn-around time from time of fax to receipt of the
    LMO Confirmation is 24 hours
•   If you are called by HRSDC in St. John’s, they are simply
    looking to clarify a point – most likely something they could
    not read because of the fax transmission!
•   Make sure to keep a copy of the LMO Confirmation in the
    faculty’s file in either the Dean’s or Chair’s office
•   The original fax must be given to the new faculty for them to
    include with their work permit application
The Work Permit
Once the LMO Confirmation is received by your new faculty,
   they must do the following:
•  Download a work permit application form:
•  Follow the instructions given on the WatPort site:
•  The actual work permit is not issued to the new faculty until
   they enter Canada at any port of entry – they will only
   receive a Letter of Confirmation of Work Permit, which they
   must present at the port of entry
What Happens Next
Once your foreign new faculty arrive on campus:
•  Be sure to ask for a copy of their work permit to add to their
   faculty file (this will help you to remember to apply for a
   new LMO when it comes time for the re-appointment)
•  Point them to the WatPort site or refer them directly to me
   for any questions related to relocation
•  Call me or refer me to the foreign new faculty if they have
   any questions about spousal/partner work permits or are
   looking to apply for PR
Extension of LMO
When it’s time for the foreign faculty to be re-appointed:
•  Make sure that the faculty member has not already
   received PR – applying and having an application in the
   process does not negate the fact that they still need a work
   permit to be legally paid for their work!
•  Once the re-appointment letter has been signed,
   Application to Extend a Labour Market Opinion must be
   completed and faxed to St. John’s, NB
•  The form can be downloaded from the WatPort site:
New Faculty Statistics
•   Is there any other immigration matter(s) that you would like
    to see on the WatPort website?
•   Any other on-campus service that you would like linked
    from the WatPort site?
•   Are there specific services or support that your dept./faculty
    provides that you would like mentioned and/or added to
•   Is there anything else that I might have missed, omitted,
    forgotten, overlooked, ignored?
How to reach me….
•   On campus: NH 3060L
•   By phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 36332
•   By fax: 519-747-4168
•   By mobile: 519-498-4277
•   By email: fhanniga@uwaterloo.ca
•   On the web: www.watport.uwaterloo.ca

              Thank you for your time!

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