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					                    2004 Novartis
   International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan

             主辦單位: 經濟部生物技術與醫藥工業發展小組

04/26/2004                                                 1
              Table of Content 目錄

             • Novartis Introduction 諾華簡介

             • About Summer Camp 培訓營介紹
                Program Profile 活動訊息
                Objective and Overview 主旨及大綱
                Application Process 申請流程

04/26/2004                                      2
             Swiss Based Global Pharmaceutical Company

04/26/2004                                               3
        Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland

04/26/2004                                    4
             No. 5 in global pharmaceuticals sector

04/26/2004                                            5
        No. 3 in Taiwan pharmaceuticals sector

04/26/2004                                       6
 World leader in research & development of pharmaceutical products
 to protect and improve health and well-being

        Committed to research and development 諾華致力於研發
         Invested approximately USD3.8 billion in research and
          development in 2003
         Best pipeline in industry (Source: Lehman Brothers, 2003)
          擁有藥界最優良及最具競爭力之產品線 (資料來源:2003年里曼兄弟全球證券公司)
         Novartis R&D productivity is BEST in class 諾華研發效能排名第一
         (Source: Goldman Sachs Equity Report, 2003) (資料來源:2003年高盛浮動利息股票報告)
04/26/2004                                                                    7
             Facts on Novartis Taiwan 台灣諾華簡介

             • Number of Employees
               員工人數: 400
             • Group Sales 營業額:
               US$ 112 Million
             • Divisions:
               1. Pharmaceuticals
               2. Consumer Health
               (Medical Nutrition, OTC,
               CIBA Vision, Animal Health)

04/26/2004                                     8
             Corporate Citizenship:

             “Give back to the community we serve” 回饋我們服務的社會
             •   Active engagement in society in areas where we are competent
             •   Helping where help is most needed 協助最迫切的需求
             •   Establishing and implementing transparent, ethical corporate
                 standards and policies

             Taiwan: 台灣諾華公益活動
             •   Novartis Community Day (New Light Program) 諾華關懷日(新光計劃)
             •   Five Generations in Taiwan 台灣諾華五代同堂家族活動
             •   Health Seminars 健康講座
             •   Charity Concert for our hard working doctors

04/26/2004                                                                      9
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan

             • When
               July 14-16, 2004

             • Where
                Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

             • Who can attend
                Master / Doctoral /Post Doctoral
                  Medicine Major (post senior)
                  Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology related
                  School of Management

04/26/2004                                                           10
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan

             •   To share knowledge on local biotechnology companies and global
             •   Gain insight into local and global challenges for biotechnology industry
                 in the future
             •   Gain first hand knowledge on how to manage biotechnology company
                 or organization through round table discussion, workshop and various
                 team building exercises
             •   Expose participants to international and English speaking environment

             •   Innovation in biotechnology: theoretical and practical approach
             •   Taiwan vs. Global: uncover biotechnology development in different
             •   Taiwan Biotechnology Analysis: understanding government perspective
                 and research institute’s current implementation

04/26/2004                                                                                  11
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan

                  DAY 1:              Day 2:
                                                         Day 3:
               Global Trends      Taiwan Biotech
                                                      Career Fields

             Biotech updates,    Current status,     Job market,
             Case study,         Panel discussion,   Career planning,
             Team project,       Group project       Consulting
             Key issues

04/26/2004                                                              12
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan
             Day 1- Global Trends in Biotechnology

                Time                    Topic                              Objectives                                Suggested Speaker
             09:00-09:15                                                         Register

             09:15-09:45   Opening Remarks & Overview    - Introduction: purpose of the leadership        Government official
                                                         program                                          Mr. Stefan Ziegler, General Manager of
                                                         - Program overview                               Novartis Taiwan

             09:45-10:30   Innovation in biotechnology   - Theoretical view:                              Keynote: International expert
                                                         Critical successful factors for pharmaceutical

             10:30-10:45                                                          Break

             10:45-11:45   Why Breakthrough Innovation   - Use a real case of Glivec to exemplify CSFs    Keynote: Alex Matter
                           Happens                       for biotech innovation

             11:45-13:30                                                 Lunch & Hotel Check-in

             13:30-14:00   Build A Team                  - Know your teammates

             14:00-17:00   Three main topics:            - Be aware of upcoming challenges                Cooperation with School of Management
                           (1) Global Challenge          - Uncover biotechnology development in           in Cheng Chi University and Yang Ming
                           (2) Taiwan vs. Global         different countries                              Medical School
                           (3) Biotech in Taiwan         - Discuss new opportunities in Taiwan

             17:00-18:00   Feedback Session              - Get ready for the Age of Biotechnology

             18:00-19:30                                               Welcome Cocktail & Dinner
             19:30-20:00   Fun Hours                     - Establish teamwork
                                                         - Relax and have fun

             20:00-21:00   Catch the Wave                - Choose one scenario and define CSFs for:
                                                         Biotech company
                                                         Research Institute
                                                         Government Division

04/26/2004                                                                                                                                         13
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan
             Day 2 - Biotechnology Development in Taiwan

             Time                     Topic                             Objectives                            Suggested Speaker
        09:00-09:05   Taiwan and Biotech            - Discuss the current status of Taiwan Biotech
        09:05-09:40   Taiwan Biotech:               - Uncover challenges in Taiwan from government   Speech:
                      Current Status Analysis       perspective                                      Government official
        09:40-10:15   Taiwan Biotech:               - Uncover challenges in Taiwan from research     Speech:
                      Current Status Analysis       institute’s current implementation               Rep. from Research institute
        10:15-10:30                                 Break
        10:30-11:10   Moment of Breakthrough        - Innovative solutions                           Speech:
                                                    - Insight into pharmaceutical development        Business owner
        11:10-12:00   Reality vs. Dreamland         - Explore the current issues and future          Panel Discussion:
                                                    opportunities                                    Gov. official &
                                                                                                     Academic researcher
                                                                                                     Biotech company
        12:00-13:30                                                       Lunch
        13:30-14:15   Global vs. Local Experience   - Analyze the achievement and improvement on     Roundtable:
                                                    global and local Biotechnology                   Meet with experts and get advice
        14:15-16:45   Catch the Wave: Part II                -Hands-on business operation            Cooperation with School of
                      Biotech company              - Learn management skills                        Management in Cheng Chi University
                      Research Institute           - Practice marketing strategies                  and Yang Ming Medical School
                      Government Division          - Reinforce teamwork
        16:45-17:00                                                       Break
        17:00-18:00   Presentation                  - Present discussion results
                                                    - Share future plans
        18:00-19:30                                                       Dinner
        19:30-21:00   Teambuilding                  - Enlighten the power of team
                                                    - Discover individual talents

04/26/2004                                                                                                                                14
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan
             Day 3 - My Career Development

                Time                  Topic                      Objectives                      Suggested Speaker
             09:00-09:45   Case Sharing &          - Discuss key messages in the case   Dean/Faculty brief the case study
                           Review                  study                                Q&A
                                                   - Recap Day Two key points

             09:45-10:15   Career in Biotech       - Career Planning                    Sharing:
                                                   - Biotech positions                  Professionals

             10:15-10:30                                                 Break

             10:30-11:00   Join Biotech Family     - Personal experience                Sharing:
                                                   - Observations (characteristics)     Local HR professionals
                                                   - Dos and Don’ts

             11:00-11:45   Explore Opportunities   - Life at Novartis                   Sharing:
                                                   - Career at Novartis                 Novartis: Local, Global and
                                                                                        Regional HR professionals

             11:45-12:10   Conclusion              - Summarize 3-days program           Dean & Novartis
                                                   - Feedback from the participants
                                                   - Take group pictures

04/26/2004                                                                                                                  15
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan--
             Application Selection Process 如何報名 ?

                  諾華校園推廣/                       網路下載/填寫
                   學校推廣                           報名表

                   決定參加學生                        及郵寄至諾華


04/26/2004                                                             16
             International Biotechnology Leadership Camp In Taiwan

                 Please visit our website at
               program information /application
                     or call Kelly Wu at

04/26/2004                                                           17
         Novartis Vision

         With continuous efforts in research and
         development, we share a vision to
         Improve Lives, Extend Lives, Save Lives

04/26/2004                                         18

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