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					2011 时态语态和动词
1. 时态和语态
1. (2011 北京)Paul and I                                 tennis yesterday. He did much better than I.
        A. play B. will play C. played D. are playing
2. (2011 北京)Where’s Tom ?His mother                                       him now. looking for B. will look for C. has looked for D. looks for
3. (2011 北京)My aunt is a writer. She                                 more than ten books since 1980.
        A. writes B. wrote             C. has written D. will write
4. (2011 北京)----What were you doing this time yesterday?
                       -----I                on the grass and drawing a picture.
        A. sit B. sat C. am sitting D. was sitting
5. (2011 北京)I will send you an e-mail as soon as I                                     in Canada.
        A, arrive B. arrived arriving D. will arrive
6.Rose came to Beijing in 2002. She _______ here for eight years.
 A. was living           B. live        C. will live       D. has lived
7.(2010 北京)It _______ heavily when I left the cinema.
 A. rains       B. will rain           C. is raining        D. was raining
8. (河北 2011) My sister wants a new dress. She                      it to the party,
        A. wears        B. has worn C. wore              D. is going to wear
9. (河北 2011) The Spring Festival                   in January or February.
        A. celebrates           B. is celebrated     C. celebrated        D. was celebrated
10. (河北 2011) I didn't hear you because I                    the news on the radio.
        A. listen to        B. am listening to           C. listened to      D. was listening to
11. (河北 2011) I                    my homework, I guess I can't join you.
       A. don't finish            B. didn't finish        C. haven't finished         D. won't finish
12. (2011 福州) — Where were you at 7:00 last night?
                    — I _____ to my mom at home.
             A. write            B. was writing         C. wrote
13. --What happened to Billy?
        --He __ because of his drink-driving.
       A. is caught              B. was caught             C. has caught               D. had caught
14. Yesterday evening, I _____ along the street when I suddenly met my maths teacher.
      A. walk                    B. walked               C. was walking                D. am walking
15.      —May I speak to Mary?
      —Sorry, she isn’t in. She                         to Japan and will come back in two weeks.
         A. has been                               B. has gone                         C. is going
16. I'm now in New York with my friend Jenny. We ______ by plane on Monday.
        A. arrive                  B. arrived                 C. are arriving             D. will arrive
17.(2011 江西) Mary isn't here at the moment. She _______ later.
     A. comes                B. came                       C. has come               D. is coming
18. It’s reported that Nanjing South Railway Station _______ at the end of this month.
     A.has been completed     completed
     C.was completed                   D.will be completed
19. (南京 2011) 一 I’ve not finished my project yet.
                    一 Hurry up! Our friends _______ for us.
          A. wait        B.are waiting        C.will wait D.have waited
20. (宁波 2011) — Amy, I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone.
                       — Oh, I _________ a walk with my mother at that time.
         A. take     B. took      C. am taking       D. was taking
21. (2011 上海) By the end of the last month, I _____________ all the CDs Of Justin Bieber.
     A. collect            B. collected             C. have collected              D. had collected
22. (2011 沈阳) Listen! The phone ___. Please go to answer it.
        A. rings           B. is ringing         C. rang           D. will ring
23.(2011 襄阳)---Why won't you go to the movie with me, Gina?
                        ---Because I                       it twice.
        A. see                 B. have seen                 C. saw                      D. will see
24 Don't worry. Your package _______ here until you come back, so enjoy shopping here.
        A. will keep           B. has kept              C. will be kept            D. has been kept
25.(安徽 2011)He promised to pick me up at the school gate. However, he ____ yet.
     A. didn't arrive        B. doesn't arrive             C. isn't arriving           D. hasn't arrived
26.(2011 成都)—I have to be off right now.
                       —What a pity! I                      you could stay a little longer with us.
     A. think       B. am thinking         C. thought
27.(泰安 2011)—Tom wants to know if you will have a picnic tomorrow.
                        —Yes. But if it ______, we’ll play chess instead.
          A. will rain B. rained C. is raining D. rains
1.On the next birthday.Ann                         married for twenty years.                   B.has been                C.will be               D.will have been

2. In the last few years thousands of films                   all over the word.

 A.have produced               B. have been produced

C. are producing            D. are being produced
3. - Bob has gone to California.
     - Oh, can you tell me when he _________?
     A. has left          B. left             C. is leaving            D. would leaving
4. 31.When I got on the bus, I _____ I had left my wallet at home.
           A. was realizing       B. realized         C. have realized     D. would realize
5. We arrived at work in the morning and found that somebody ______ into the office during the
A. broke               B. had broken              C. has broken             D. was breaking
6. —I hear you ______ in a pub. What’s it like?
     —Well, it’s very hard work and I’m always tired, but I don’t mind.
       A. are working        B. will work      C. were working         D. will be working
7. -Tommy is planning to buy a car.
     -I know. By next month, he ______enough for a used one.
       A. saves        B. saved            C. will save          D. will have saved
8. All visitors to this village _________ with kindness.
       A. treat               B. are treated           C. are treating        D. had been treated
9. I'll go to the library as soon as I finish what I _____.
       A. was doing              B. am doing          C. have done              D. had been doing
10. That price of music sounds quite familiar. Who _________the piano upstairs?
A. has played                  B. played              C. plays                     D. is playing
11. In the near future, more advances in the robot technology __________ by scientists.
       A. are making           B. are made            C. will make         D. will be made

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