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Nardin Park United Methodist Church     29887 West Eleven Mile Road     Farmington Hills, MI 48336

                                                                                                                    April 2013
                                                                                                                    Vol. 3, No. 8

A Disciple’s Path
  Throughout the season of Lent we have examined the path that we follow as
disciples of Jesus Christ. The path has led us from the everyday ministry of Jesus to the
streets of Jerusalem, to a dinner party with friends in the Upper Room, to the palace of
Herod, to the courtyard of Caiaphas, to the top of a hill named Golgotha, to a tomb
securely guarded by Roman soldiers, and, finally, we arrive in the early morn at a tomb,
only to discover that it is empty!

  As you receive this April edition of our newsletter, we are finishing our Lenten                   Special Music
journey and looking forward to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on March 31 with                    (during
three worship experiences: an 8:00 a.m. “Son-Rise” service in the Chapel, a 9:15 a.m.                    Worship)
“Family Easter Celebration” service, and an 11:00 a.m. “Resurrection” service. Both the                April 28
9:15 and 11:00 a.m. services will feature the music of our Chancel Choir. It will be a
great day to worship God!                                                                              10:00am
                                                                                                   Worship featuring
   But even as Easter morning closes the season of Lent, it also serves as the beginning
                                                                                                      the music of
of a new season. To receive the good news of the risen Christ also means that we carry
that good news within us each and every day. As we receive God’s wonderful gift of                    Joel Raney,
new life, we also receive the God-given power to act, to leave death behind and move             who will be directing
toward a hope-filled future together. Throughout the Easter season we will claim this           Nardin Park’s musicians:
                                                                                                         Wesley Choir
power to move forward with God.
                                                                                                 New Generation Youth Choir
                                                                                                       Nardin Ringers
                                                                                                        Chancel Choir
                                Our 2013 theme for the Easter season is:                          Brass, Oboe, Guitar, Piano,
                                                                                                    Organ and Percussion

                                The Easter App:                                                 Premiere performance
                                                                                                    of a new work,
                                Empty Tomb Living                                              commissioned in honor of
                                                                                                Mel Rookus’ 35 years of
                                   Letting go of the past is no small task, but the                 music ministry.
                      E         freedom to move forward is what God promises. We are
                   FRE          to live as “Easter people,” and just when we thought                 Reception following
                                there was nowhere to go, that life was at a “dead end,”                   worship
                                God surprises us with a way forward into all kinds of
                                                                                                     IN THIS ISSUE
  We will experience together a risen Christ who can open the shut doors of our lives;
who can help us experience the divine in our everyday lives; and who can provide us           Worship Schedule            Pg. 2
the love necessary to thrive in life. I am looking forward to celebrating a revival of life   Life & Ministry             Pg. 3
with you.                                                                                     Children’s Ministries       Pg. 4
                                                                                              Youth News                  Pg. 5
                                        In hope and confidence,                               Music News                  Pg. 6
                                                                                              Ministry News               Pg. 8
                                                Dale                                          April Calendar              Pg. 10
                                                                                              Church Family News          Pg. 11
                   7    “People of the Presence”...John 20:19-31 Communion                             Dr. Dale Miller
                        Acolytes: Izzy Collazo, Kadi Riffe, Michael Riffe, Nicholas Riffe

                   14 “Breakfast with Jesus”...John 21:1-19                                            Dr. Dale Miller
                      Acolytes: Kiersten Jones, Jacob Spala, Joey Spala, Natalie Spala

                   21 Guest Preacher
                      Acolytes: James Allbery, Craig Latham, Tommy Moening, Joey Spala

                   28 “Lights, Camera, Action!”...John 13:31-35 Music Ministry Celebration             Dr. Dale Miller
                      Acolytes: Ethan Kain, Craig Latham, Hannah Latham, Scott Latham

 The Spring Rummage Sale                  will be held Tuesday evening,      April 30
 (6:00-8:00pm Pre-Sale), Wednesday May 1 (9:00-5:00) and Thursday May
 2 (9:00-3:00). You may begin to drop items off on March 18th. Preliminary set-
 up will begin on Saturday the 27th and full set-up will finish Sunday the 28th. Sun-         RUMMAGE
 day set-up will start immediately after Mel's reception. The Spring sale will be               SALE

 standard rummage. The Previously Loved Room will not be held. Those types of
 items will be held for the Fall Sale. We especially need volunteers to help setup on
 April 28, and for clean up after 3:00 on May 2.
 Please contact Tina Jensen to volunteer.
         We will no longer accept TVs or older electronic or computer
 items. Please do not drop off items you wouldn't give to your kids or grandkids. We will not accept any donations
 after Saturday, April 27.

                                 Leaving a Legacy to Nardin Park Through
                                 Charitable & Endowment Giving
                                 Guest Speakers: Paul Wakefield Esq. of Wakefield, Sutherland, and Lubera, PLC
                                                 Richard Duntley, Endowment Fund Officer for Nardin Park Church

                                 Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (rescheduled from March 11th)
                                 Time: 7 PM
                                 Location: Nardin Park UMC Chapel
                                             Light snacks and refreshments will be served

Intended audience is any member of the congregation interested in learning about endowments and charitable giving.
Topics include:
    Hear how endowment giving can give back to you while providing a legacy for your church
    Hear first hand stories how charitable and endowment giving has changed lives and made people better Christians.
    Discover new ways to give through endowments and other gifting strategies that enable spiritual and financial
Reserve your spot at this event by sending an email to Rich.Duntley@gmail.Com.

Page 2                                                 At The Park                                          April2013
LOOSE COIN OFFERING FOR APRIL will go to our new                                         SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE - If you are a
missionary, Paul Webster, serving in Zambia. ~                                           graduating high school senior, have been an
                                                                                         active youth member of Nardin Park UMC for
UMCOR / Equal Exchange Coffee Project - Don’t forget your                                3 years, and have been accepted by an
Fair Trade purchases! We have a variety of chocolate products,                           accredited school of higher education or a
several coffees and teas, both regular and decaf. Our recent                             specialized    post-high    school    training
best-seller is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our brand new products                            institution, you are eligible to apply for a
are “Geobars” -- fruity breakfast or snack bars. Why not try                             scholarship     through    our    Scholarship
these items and support the farmers who produce the goods.                               Program. Applications are available in the
Sales will be held on April 21 after worship. ~                       Church Office and on our website. Completed applications are
ANCHOR - TORCH CIRCLE - Our next meeting will be on Tuesday,          due by April 15, 2013. Notifications will go out in May, and the
April 23 at 11:00am in Mercer Hall. The program will be a             congregation will celebrate the awards during the worship
serious skit by circle members, “A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial.”   service on Mother’s Day and Graduation Sunday, May 12.
This meeting includes our major donation of the year, so please       Depending on the number of scholarships awarded to graduating
come prepared to share your donation to UMW missions. Please          high school seniors, there may also be scholarships available to
bring your sandwich. Dessert and beverage will be provided. ~         those already pursuing post-high school education. If you have
                                                                      not been a previous recipient of a Nardin Park Scholarship, you
FOCUS:HOPE - The next Focus:Hope food delivery to seniors in          are welcome to apply. The same guidelines as those outlined for
the Pontiac Area is April 13. Pick up time is between 8:00am -        high school seniors will govern the selection of awards for
8:30am. 7 drivers are still needed, with routes ranging from 5        people already enrolled in higher education programs. ~
stops to 15 stops. So if you or your group have vehicles large or
small and would like to volunteer for 2 hours on a Saturday THINK SPRING WITH YOUR JEWELRY! Cleaning out closets and
morning, please contact Robert Davis at (248) 320-7147 or see drawers? Don't forget to bring in your unused or unwanted
him in Mercer Hall after worship. ~                               jewelry for the Spring Rummage Sale. Donations can be left in
SPRING FLING - All women of the church are                        the church office marked for Sandy Cole or Dorothy Moore. ~
invited to a Salad and Dessert Buffet, followed
by a Bunco party, on Saturday,          April 6,                  RE-STOCKING FIRST AID KITS - Are you looking for a volunteer
11:30am - 3:00pm. See Nancy Gingrich or                           opportunity here at Nardin Park? We are looking for someone
Susan Miller for more information. Sponsored                      who would take the responsibility to check our first aid boxes
by the UMW.                                                       every quarter and note what supplies need replenishing. The
                                                                  office will order any items, and then the volunteer would re-
PACESETTERS - Pacesetters will be going to                        stock the first aid kits as needed. There are 6 first aid kits
the Redford Theatre on April 20. At 1:30pm there will be an       located throughout the building, and it would be a great service if
organ concert. The movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” someone would help with this need. Please contact Linda Moses
starts at 2:00pm. The tickets are $4.00 - if anyone would care to at 248-476-8860 or by email at ~
join us, please contact Barb Reid to reserve your ticket.
GRADUATING? - We would like to recognize our graduating
                      students (whether from High School,
                      College, or Graduate School). Please supply
                      a photo of yourself, the name of the school
                      from which you are graduating, and some
                      news about what you are planning for your
future. We will be recognizing our graduates during the worship
service on Mother’s Day and Graduation Sunday, May 12.
Submit information by May 3 to the church office, or email to: ~

                FIRST SUNDAY WORSHIP
                 April 7, 6:30pm, Chapel

This is a warm and welcoming service of worship
designed for those in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Trans-                            Weekly Bulletin Announcements
gendered community, their families, friends and church                                    Wednesdays — Noon
members who are supportive. Join others for a time of                               MAY Newsletter — Monday, April 15
fellowship and refreshments at 6:00 pm. ~                                                  Send information to:

April 2013                                                    At The Park                                                       Page 3
Page 4   At The Park   April2013
             youth ministry
             high school events                                       middle school events
High school aged youth are invited to come for                 The Middle School Ministry is focused on Faith,
dinner, games, and small group discussions from 6-             Fun, and Fellowship.
8 on Sundays. Parents can get involved by
providing the meal for us to enjoy. Starting in                April 14– Sunday School “Changed Eyes”
May, we will move to monthly fellowship events
for the summer.                                                April 14– Zap Zone

                                                               April 28– Sunday School “Re-Imagining
April 7– Common Ground “Bearing Fruit”                                Revelation”
April 12-13– ASP Training Weekend & Lock-In                    May 12– Bonfire 6-8pm. We are going to
                                                               celebrate the summer by having a bonfire. It
April 21– Common Ground “Remain”                               will be a fun night of s’mores, 4-square, kickball,
                                                               etc. Bring a friend!
May 12– Graduation Sunday during the 10am
      worship service                                          June 24-27– Middle School Service Week
                                                               Registration will open in May, but mark your
May 19– Bonfire 6-8pm What better way to kick                  calendars now!
off the summer schedule than to have a bonfire.
We’ll make s’mores, play kick ball, nookum, etc.
Bring a friend and stop by for as long as you can!                               route 56
                                                               Route 56 Connect will be meeting from 6:30-
                                                               7:30pm in The Avenue on Tuesdays. Join us for
                                                               Dinner at 5:30pm and Wesley Choir at 6:00pm.

                                                                              April 2– No Connect
                                                                            Enjoy your Spring Break
                                                                                 April 9– Judges
                                                                                 April 16– David
                                                                          April 23– Solomon’s Temple
                                                                           April 30– Movie Marathon
               Scholarships!!!                                           to celebrate our last Connect
Hey Seniors! Did you know that Nardin Park offers
scholarships for college? Pick up an application in            Faith in Action April 7 11:15-12:30 in The
the main office or online. The deadline to apply is            Avenue.
April 15.                                                      Save the Date– May 5 we will participate in the
                                                               Crop Walk for Faith In Action.

April 2013                                           At The Park                                             Page 5
MUSIC NEWS                                                                                                           LIFE OF THE CHURCH
                                                                “Trumpet Invasion”
                                                              Brandon Ridenour, Trumpet
                                                                 Rich Ridenour, Piano

                                                               Sunday, April 7, 2013 - 2:00 PM

                        Carnival of Venice                                                        Del Staigers
                        Girl with the Flaxen Hair                                                 Debussy
                        6 Romanian Folk Dances                                                    Bartok
                        Maple Leaf Rag                                                            Joplin
                        March – “The Love of Three Oranges”                                       Prokofiev
                        Adios Nonino                                                              Piazzolla
                        My Basin Street                                                           William
                        Three Preludes                                                            Gershwin
                        Habanera                                                                  Ravel
                        America                                                                   Bernstein
                        Variations on “Chopsticks”                                                Arr. B. Ridenour
                        Amazing Gifts                                                             Traditional - Shaker
                        Rhapsody in Blue                                                          Gershwin

Father and son team Rich and Brandon Ridenour have been entertaining on stage together since Brandon was 7. Rich and Brandon’s first commercial recording collabo-
ration was in 2005 with the release of Trumpet Invasion. It showcases creative adaptations of world favorite works not originally written for the trumpet. Mozart, Gershwin,
and other masterful composers come alive like never before and won the Ridenours national acclaim as a duo. Their second recording release Trumpet Encores was in
2008 with crowd pleasing favorites ranging from Flight of the Brandon Bee to Rhapsody in Blue. In addition to programming great music for all ages, Rich and Brandon
weave a comedic presence only father and son can share on a stage.

In 2006, at the age of 20, trumpeter Brandon Ridenour became the youngest member to ever join the prestigious Canadian Brass and won the International Trumpet Guild
solo competition playing his own composition, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. Brandon is an extremely prolific composer/arranger with numerous arrangements and compo-
sitions featured by Canadian Brass on recordings and in concert. As a soloist, Brandon has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra,
Aspen Festival Orchestra, Grand Rapids Symphony, Brass Band of Battle Creek, Ensemble ACJW, and the New Juilliard Ensemble, amongst others.

Brandon’s trumpet playing has lead him to perform with legendary artists such as Sting, James Taylor, Marvin Hamlisch, and an opportunity to meet former President, Bill
Clinton. Brandon has appeared frequently at Carnegie Hall and has been invited to perform with some of the world’s leading ensembles, including the New York Philhar-
monic, International Contemporary Ensemble, and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in Europe. Brandon is a graduate of the Juilliard School and an alumnus of The Acad-
emy, a two year fellowship program with Carnegie Hall, Juilliard and the Weill Music Institute. Brandon currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Pianist Rich Ridenour has built a grand career performing concerts ranging from classical masterworks to American ragtime, jazz and rock & roll. Recent orchestral en-
gagements include Detroit, Jacksonville, Tempe, Grand Rapids, Tucson, Evansville, Charleston, WV, Elgin, Owensboro, Wilmington, Mazatlan (Mexico), as well as the
Bravissimo Festival of Guatemala City. Each season Rich serves as pops conductor for the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra. Rich received a Bachelor’s degree in music
from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree from the Juilliard School of Music. Rich Ridenour is an international Steinway Artist.

Rich has instructed piano at Aquinas College, Grand Valley State University, Calvin College and Western Michigan University. Because of his interest in music outreach and
the development of musically aspiring youth, Rich co-founded the Grand Rapids Musicians' League. Rich spent two years developing educational programs as Education
Director for the Gilmore Keyboard Festival in Kalamazoo. He developed Camp Gilmore, Keys Fest and educational piano programs in the public schools and juvenile cen-
ter. For more information, concert listings, and CD information, please visit: and

                                                                     Sunday, May 5, 2013 – 2:00 PM
                                                            “The A Cappella American Songbook”
                                                                     Chicago A Cappella
                                           Highly acclaimed and award winning 9-member vocal ensemble from Chicago, Illinois
                                                        This is their premiere appearance in the Metro-Detroit area.
                                                     Music by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and others.

Page 6                                                                        At The Park                                                                     April2013
MUSIC NEWS                                                                                                    LIFE OF THE CHURCH
“Nardin Park: Thirty-Five Incredible Years of Music Ministry”
Mel Rookus, Director of Music

In June of 1977, I attended a wedding for a cousin of my wife. It was my introduction to Nardin Park. During the beautiful organ prelude, I turned to Ann
and whispered, “Wow, what an opportunity it would be to work in a place like this.” In August, I received a phone call from a friend of Ann’s family, suggest-
ing that I apply for that very position since the current organist was relocating to Pennsylvania. Later that month, I was invited to come for an audition and
interview. Expecting a group of about 8-10 people, I was introduced to 36 people representing, in true Methodist fashion, the combined Staff Parish
Committee, the Fine Arts Committee, and the Music Committee. A few days later I was hired, and in early October, I arrived to start a wonderful journey.

Nardin Park, throughout its 83 year history, has embraced music as an integral part of the worship experience. After re-locating to Farmington Hills in
1962, the music leadership of Robert Delaney, Thurston Noe, John Phelps, Ted Still, and Ina Grapenthin continued, through 1976, to enhance both
choral and instrumental music. Their efforts provided a framework of success along with challenges and visions for the future. Over the ensuing years I
have garnished marvelous support from five Senior Ministers, Dr. Bill Mercer, Dr. Bill Ritter, Rich Peacock, Ben Bohnsack, and Dr. Dale Miller. Their
professional respect for musical excellence has always been unsurpassed and a joy to experience. I have been blest to work with dedicated volunteer
leadership from Music Committee Chairpersons: Merrill Bueltelman, Bev Notestine, Mary Behnan, Marcia Miller (3 terms), Ruth Pryor, Mary Glenn,
Cyndi Kresge, Ann-Marie Sharpe, Bev Fletcher, Tina Jensen, Brenda Bjorklund, and Donna Roemer. As the program has grown, the hiring of music
staff has produced excellent results from Linda Moses, Rob Koch, Kim Guesman, Keri Mueller, and Susan Miller, along with volunteer directors Vicki
Webster, Betty Love, Peggy Babcock, and Karen Poole. Of note is the work of Judy Hood, Music Secretary for 28 years, who has filed over 700,000
pieces of music, kept countless records involving finances and archives, run (literally) a “zillion” copies of print material for concerts/choir events, and other
tasks far beyond the basic job description.

Ah yes, the music. I may select and purchase the music, direct the music, but the essence is the final product … the music heard and experienced in wor-
ship. A rough estimate shows that I have played around 3,200 worship services. If we could have a program that exhibited all of those who have volun-
teered their talents during my tenure, the results would be awesome. The adult choirs would number 215 (75 Sopranos – 67 Altos – 31 Tenors –
42 Basses), The children’s choirs would include 280, the youth choir would reach 175, and the handbell choirs would add 89 participants. Noteworthy, are
the four adult singers who have endured my directions, jokes, and chatter for the full 35 years: Alice Avedisian, Jackie Spala, Reid Heitkamp, and
Jim Love.

Beyond the worship service, I would estimate I have played about 700 weddings and 140 funerals. Upon the expansion of the pipe organ in 1987, we
established a formal Music Series and in 1992 inaugurated the “Wednesdays at Eight” Summer Music Series. Both have hosted 388 concerts to our
community over 25 years. In addition, our own music department has added 106 special programs that have included children and youth musical plays,
benefit concerts, and major cantata and choral works by master composers. We have commissioned 6 new choral works by American composers, taken
our Chancel choir on two European tours, produced 4 recordings, and planned events for our ringers, dancers, children, and youth to other venues through
the sharing of our musical gift with others. Through the financial generosity of the Nardin Park membership, we now have the facilities, instruments, and a
music library that ranks with the best that a church musician could possibly enjoy. I’m forever grateful and humbled for such support that represents our
church through musical outreach, caregiving, and kindness.

“Rookus, Raney, and Musicians” … Sunday, April 28 at 10:00

In late February, 2012, Donna Roemer called me to relay the desire of the Music Committee to honor my 35 years of service at Nardin Park. Specifically,
to commission a new piece by a respected American composer, with an inscription of dedication that could be seen by other church choirs when it is
published and released for distribution. This is possibly the highest honor accorded a musician. Discussion commenced with Joel Raney in March and a
contract was signed in June. The cost of the commission is completely underwritten from our Music Fund and private donations. The music, set to the text
of the hymn, “Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart,” tops my list of favorite hymns. But this piece goes far beyond a traditional choral anthem.
Scored for choir, piano, and organ, it adds the instrumentation of brass quartet, percussion, handbells and oboe. I have just received the score and am
elated that Joel Raney has created a piece that represents my theology and musical philosophy at the highest level. The text and hymn is #500 in our
hymnal. His arrangement is most inspirational.

I’m a tad embarrassed at the “Save the Date” announcements for April 28th. At the same time, I’m thrilled to be honored in creating a worship service that
involves all of the choirs that I currently direct. Five other anthems composed by Joel Raney will be sung by the Chancel Choir, Youth Ensemble, and
Wesley Singers, accompanied by the Nardin Ringers, Brass Quartet, Oboe, Flute, Guitar, Drums, Dale Miller on Piano, and directed by Joel Raney. Every
piece, including the hymns, will be familiar. It promises to be a glorious morning of musical praise to a God who has given us the talents (and voices) to
worship with spirited and renewed strength. As always, our musical heritage involves all the people of the church, young and old. I covet your attendance
on that day. Nardin Park has never been just a job; it has become my spiritual home and an incredible cadre of friendships.

April 2013                                                                At The Park                                                                     Page 7
LIFE OF THE CHURCH                                                                            COMMITTEE NEWS
     Congregational Care                                                   HISTORY & ARCHIVES
    You may call the office for a referral to our Congrega-                                Fifty Years Ago
tional Care Team. If you have knowledge of an illness or
prayer concern, you may describe how you’d like that infor-
                                                                                           at Nardin Park:
mation shared -- either only with a pastor, with the Prayer                                APRIL, 1963
Chain, or listed in the church office and the bulletin.

                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                    April began with a moving service on Palm Sunday. Dr. John
                                                                   Adam’s sermon focused on Simon of Cyrene, the “cross
                                                                   bearer,” mentioned in Luke 23:26. Dr. Adams concluded his
                                                                   message with the question: “Must Jesus bear the cross alone
                                                                   and all the world go free? No, there’s a cross for everyone and
                                                                   there’s a cross for me.” So it was for Nardin Park as the con-
  Samaritan Counseling Center Lay Caregivers’ Seminar              gregation faced serious questions about its future. The deci-
                                                                   sion to move to Farmington Township had been made, but
          Meditation: A Lay Caregiver’s Guide to                   many challenges still needed to be addressed and resolved in
         Quieting the Mind and Embracing the Heart                 the months ahead.

         Meditation means many things to many people. It is        However, even in the midst of change, traditions were main-
a practice used across religious and spiritual traditions, serv-   tained as the Palm Sunday worship service offered beautiful
ing to turn one’s attention away from the chatter of the mind      hymns, baptisms, responsive readings, and a reception of
and focus on a place of inner stillness. The practice of medi-     new members. In the evening, the Sanctuary Choir offered a
tation serves to strengthen our love and compassion for oth-       concert featuring the Easter portion of ‘The Messiah” by
ers through spiritual connection, shifting our awareness, and      George Frederick Handel.
helping us to let go of our anxieties.
                                                                   On Good Friday, the Easter Drama, “Too Little for Milo,” was
Please join SCC therapists Gail Singer, A.T.R., L.P.C. and         presented by the Nardin Park Players. Directed by Rev. Jon
Vanessa Brown, T.L.L.P. in this workshop about clearing            Clapp, the three-act play told the story of “the quest of a
one’s mind and connecting with one’s heart and spirit.             young couple for the realities of life as contrasted with the
"Meditation: A caregiver's guide to quieting the mind and          artificial relationship existing among their parents.” Does
embracing the heart" will present an explanation of medita-        this theme sound familiar?
tion, discuss its benefits, and introduce numerous meditation
practices.                                                    Easter Sunday included the established worship pattern of a
                                                              7 :00am “Sunrise Service” offered by the Methodist Youth
        When: Sunday, April 21, 2013, 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.        Fellowship followed by the serving of the Easter Breakfast by
        Where: Nardin Park UMC                                the Du Cum Class of young people. The Sunday School met
                                                              at 9:45, with worship services held at 9:45 as well as 11:00am.

You may call the SCC office at 248-474-4701 for more April came to a close with the election of Leonard Wilcox as
information or to reserve a spot in the March workshop. You chairman of the building committee at the Quarterly Confer-
must register by Apr. 18th if you plan to attend.           ence held on April 28th in the Ninde Chapel of “Old Nardin
                                                            Park.” Change was coming, but the church would face even
                                                            greater challenges in the months ahead.

Page 8                                                    At The Park                                                  April2013
COMMITTEE NEWS                                                                              LIFE OF THE CHURCH
Notes from Mujila Falls Agriculture Center

                                                                     Frakes, Kentucky
(home of Rev. Paul Webster,

                                                                       May 5 - May 9
our newest Missionary)

                                                                  Calling all Young Adults! We are headed to Frakes, KY for a
                                                                  mission trip! The Young Adult Mission trip to Henderson Set-
                                                                  tlement is happening Sunday May 5 - Thursday May 9. We
                                                                  will spend 3 days working on various construction projects:
                                                                  painting, dry wall, building wheelchair ramps, etc. It will be a
                                                                  great chance to serve God and build friendships. Pick up a
                                                                  registration form in the office. The deadline to sign up is
                                                                  April 8th. For more details, please see Mandy McNeil.
         The wagon that usually brings in the corn
     harvest and carries out the manure is stripped
     down so it can carry logs for lumber for the new                                     LIFE LINE SCREENING
     chicken coop.
                                                                                        COMING TO NARDIN PARK
Paul contacted us via Facebook to let us know: "Be praying                                 You Can Avoid A Stroke!
for me. I came down with Malaria on Sunday and am still
suffering the after effects. I am trying to stay in bed, but am              Most people can’t identify a single risk factor or a warn-
always to tempted to do a little work, and this puts me back       ing sign of stroke, yet over 750,000 Americans will be affected by
in bed. I need a prayer for patience and to trust my staff to      a stroke this year alone.
get the jobs done."                                                          Life Line Screening will be at Nardin Park United Method-
                                                                   ist Church performing a day of preventive health screenings on
Please hold Rev Webster in your prayers while he recovers
                                                                             Screenings are fast, painless and offered at low cost.
from this illness.
                                                                   They involve the use of ultrasound technology and scan for poten-
                                                                   tial health problems related to: blocked arteries which can lead to
                                                                   a stroke, aortic aneurysms which can lead to a rupture, and
                                                                   plaque buildup in the arteries in the legs which is a strong predic-
                                                                   tor of heart disease. Also offered for men and women is a bone
                                                                   density screening to assess their risk for osteoporosis.
                                                                             These non-invasive, inexpensive and painless ultrasound
                                                                   tests help people identify their risk for stroke, vascular diseases or
                                                                   osteoporosis early enough for their physician to begin preventive
                                                                   procedures. Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vas-
                                                                   cular tests and osteoporosis screening from $159 ($149 with our
                                                                   member discount). Speak with the LLSA representative for more
                                                                   package options. All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to com-
                                                                             Appointments spaces are limited and pre-registration is
                                                                   required. Sign up now by calling toll free to 1-888-653-6441.

April 2013                                                At The Park                                                             Page 9
APRIL 2013
                       Sun                                      Mon                                        Tue                                              Wed                                      Thu                               Fri                                           Sat
                                              31                               1-Apr                                                 2                                           3                              4                                            5                                              6
EASTER                                             8:30 Church Office Closed           9:30 Women's Book Study                           7 Energizers                                7:30p Chancel Choir                                                         8:30 Men's Book Study
8 Easter Sonrise Service                                                                                                                 9:30 Program Staff                                                                                                      9 UMW Setup
9:15 Easter Family Worship Service                                                                                                       2:30p Congregational Care                                                                                               11 Karen Poole
11 K- 4th Grade Spiritual Formation                                                                                                      5:30p Stephen Ministry Training                                                                                         11:30 UWM Spring Fling Luncheon
11 Nursery & PreSchool Spiritual Formation                                                                                               6:30p Loving Hands Needlework
11 Easter Service
                                                7                              8                                                 9                                          10                             11                                           12                                             13
Holy Communion                                    7p SPRC                              9:30 Women's Book Study                           7 Energizers                                7:30p Chancel Choir            5p Youth Mission Training Weekend            House Work Day
9 CHF Adult Class                                 7p Youth Council Meeting             5:30p Tuesday Youth Programs Dinner               5:30p Stephen Ministry Training                                                                                         Youth Mission Training Weekend
10 K- 4th Grade Spiritual Formation                                                    6p Cherub and Wesley Choirs                       6:30p Stephen Ministry Leaders                                                                                          8:30 Men's Book Study
10 Nursery & PreSchool Spiritual Formation                                             6:30p Route 56                                    7:30p Stephen Ministry Team
10 Worship                                                                             7:30p Nardin Ringers
11:15 New Hope Bible Study
11:15 Route 56 "Faith In Action"
2p Brandon & Rich Ridenour Music Series Concert
5p Liturgical Dance
6p Common Ground
6p 1st Sunday Gathering
6:30p 1st Sunday Worship
                                               14                             15                                                16                                            17                           18                                           19                                             20
8:30 Nooma                                        Newsletter Deadline                   9:30 Women's Book Study                          7 Energizers                            7:30p Chancel Choir                                                             8:30 Men's Book Study
9 CHF Adult Class                                 1:30 Support Staff                    5:30p Tuesday Youth Programs Dinner              5:30p Stephen Ministry Training
10 K- 4th Grade Spiritual Formation               5:30p SCC                             6p Cherub and Wesley Choirs                      6:30p Loving Hands Needlework Ministry
10 Nursery & PreSchool Spiritual Formation        7p Board of Trustees                  6:30p Route 56
10 Worship                                        7:30p Missions Ministry Team          7p Legacy Giving Seminar - Endowments
10 Youth Sunday School                                                                  7:30p Nardin Ringers
10:30 5-6th Grade Spiritual Formation
5p Liturgical Dance
6p MS Common Ground at Zap Zone
                                               21                             22                                                23                                          24                             25                                           26                                             27
9 CHF Adult Class                                 7p Evening Star                       9 At the Park mailing                            7 Energizers                                7:30p Chancel Choir                                                         8:30 Men's Book Study / Conference Room
10 K- 4th Grade Spiritual Formation                                                     9:30 Women's Book Study                          5:30p Stephen Ministry Training                                                                                         3p Music Rehearsal / Sanctuary
10 Nursery & PreSchool Spiritual Formation                                              11 Anchor-Torch Circle                           7:30p Stephen Ministry
10 Worship                                                                              5:30p Tuesday Youth Programs Dinner
10:30 5-6th Grade Spiritual Formation                                                   6p Cherub and Wesley Choirs
11 Fair Trade Coffee                                                                    6:30p Route 56
11:15 New Hope Bible Study                                                              7:30p Nardin Ringers
2:30p Lay Care Givers
5p Liturgical Dance
6p Common Ground
                                               28                             29                                                30                                         1-May                                2                                            3                                              4
9 CHF Adult Class                                                                       9:30 Women's Book Study                          7 Energizers                                9 Rummage Sale                                                              8:30 Men's Book Study
10 K- 4th Grade Spiritual Formation                                                     5p Rummage Worker's Dinner                       9 Rummage Sale                              7:30p Chancel Choir                                                         4:30p Teacher's Appreciation Dinner
10 Musical Morning Worship with Joel Raney                                              5:30p Tuesday Youth Programs Dinner              9:30 Program Staff
10 Nursery & PreSchool Spiritual Formation                                              6p Rummage Sale                                  5:30p Stephen Ministry Training
10 Worship                                                                              6p Cherub and Wesley Choirs                      6:30p Loving Hands Needlework
10 MS Youth Sunday School                                                               6:30p Route 56
10:30 5-6th Grade Spiritual Formation
11 Reception celebrating Music
5p Liturgical Dance
7p Filmgoers

                                                            Please check with your committee chair, the office or the
                                                                door signs for locations of meetings and classes.

Page 10                                                                                                                                      At The Park                                                                                                                           April2013
      CHANCEL FLOWERS ARE GIVEN ON                                     April 14 ~ in memory of our son Craig Kahl’s
                                                                                        birthday on April 16
April 7 ~ in memory of my husband, Ralph                                                with love from Barbara & Dic Kahl
                from Margaret Totton
                                                                       April 28 ~ in honor of Jackie and Denny Rippet’s
April 14 ~ in memory of Marian Feehan                                                    60th Wedding Anniversary
                 with love from Dan Malanowski                                                    (on May 2nd)

         ~ in memory of Richard Huntoon                                                   OUR SYMPATHY IS WITH
                 with love from your family
                                                                                     ~ Dale Milford on the death of his father,
         ~ in memory of Elizabeth Huntoon,
                                                                                            Eldon Milford, on Feb. 13
                 from your loving family
April 28 ~ in memory of Ed & Jean Crowe                                              ~ Linda Wonn on the death of her father,
                 with love from Barry & Janet & family                                      Austin R. Soules, on Feb. 14
                                                                                ~ Gloria Knappenberger on the death of her brother,
         ~ in honor of Mel Rookus
                  for 35 years of creative musical leadership                               Charles G. Keller, on Feb. 20
                  from Mike & Mary Glenn and                                      ~ E Michelle Price on the death of her brother,
                  Marcia & John Miller
                                                                                            Charles Sewell, on Feb. 20
         ~ for Mel Rookus, with love and appreciation,
from the choirs and Music committee of Nardin Park for his                           ~ Dorcas Knox on the death of her father,
incredible dedication to the church, the inspirational music he                           Samuel Alexander, on Feb. 24
provides, and for nurturing a musical program that is without equal.
                                                                        ~ the family and friends of Ruth Ford, who died on Feb. 25. Services
                                                                                   were held at Fisher Funeral Home on March 2.
                                                                                   ~ the Shell family on the death of their niece,
April 7 ~ in memory of Kirk Rosey,                                                         Elizabeth Trame, on March 3
        from Gayle Rosey, Michael & David Edwards

                                         Betty Barclay              Lista Hitchens             Lucile Rogers           William Sheppard
                                          Jean Becker               Dorothy Kraft               Barb Scott              Ann Whitworth
                                         Carrol Belott             Betty LaPlante                Bob Scott             John Whitworth
                                          Bob Brosch               Doris McCubbin                Ann Shell               John Wilcox
                                           Bill Frayer               Mary Raymo               Margaret Shell
                                         Doris Glencer                Don Rhoad               Jackie Simpson
                                         Ruth Heaslip               Isobel Rhoad             Phyllis Sheppard

                                   Douglas Walters              4/10   Eva Ashton                 4/18     Jake Lockledge              4/28
                                   Terry West                   4/10   Kyle Kahsin                4/18     Ken Hixson                  4/29
                                   Brendan Wesaw                4/11   Janet Lefstad              4/19     Jacqui Laskowsky            4/29
                                   Donald Saldano               4/12   Melissa Riley              4/19     Al Wujcik                   4/29
                                   Matthew Weber                4/12   Kevin Modreski             4/20     Elizabeth Morrison          4/30
Janet Freude               4/1     Dale Bjorklund               4/13   Lizzie Petoskey            4/20     Keith Weekley               4/30
Kay Marie Hill             4/1     Janet Brickey                4/13   Anne-marie Rousseau        4/20
Rene Yaroch                4/1     Cameron Ellis                4/13   Carolyn Weber              4/20
Florence Lotts             4/2     Madison Lane                 4/13   Missy Maxwell              4/21
Kit Raymo                  4/2     Richard Lefstad              4/13   Barb Williams              4/21
Jean Becker                4/3     Veronica McAuliffe           4/13   Callum Ellis               4/24
Robbie Hayes               4/3     Faith Fitzpatrick            4/14   Carl Holdampf              4/24
Emma Latimer               4/4     Lorene Juhnke                4/14   Curtis Tingle              4/24
                                                                                                            Howard & June Slade         4/7
Patrick Paquette           4/4     Noah Brackenbury             4/15   Sarah Winterbottom         4/24      John & Betty Barclay        4/25
Bob Smith                  4/4     Mill Docking                 4/15   Linda Paciero              4/25
Merry Hulslander           4/5     Melinda Polk                 4/15   Stephen Ziemba             4/25
Kristen Timpner            4/5     Abagail Ray                  4/15   Sue Genschoreck            4/26               EDITOR’S NOTE
Mark Martinez              4/6     Graham Teal                  4/15   Cathey Studnicki           4/26      The information we have in this
Evelyn Bertram             4/8     Sue Whitston                 4/15   Hal Hood                   4/27      feature comes from the church
Sam Paciero                4/8     Sherry Wright                4/15   Wesley Schwartz            4/27                  database.
Charles Petoskey           4/8     Scott Dixon                  4/16   Eva Dawn Aruffo            4/28      Please check with the office to
Annika Taylor              4/9     Doug Barrick                 4/17   Christopher Baker          4/28       see if your profile is complete.
Debbi Lockledge            4/10    Richard Hayford              4/17   Sarah Kellogg              4/28

April 2013                                                        At The Park                                                         Page 11
                                                                                                                         Non Profit org.
Nardin Park United Methodist Church
                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
29887 West 11 Mile Road                                                                                                       PAID
Farmington Hills, MI 48336                                                                                               Farmington, MI
                                                                                                                          Permit No. 25

                                                                                                 FIRST CLASS MAIL

                       centered             Nardin Park United Methodist Church
                       Spirit-led           29887 Eleven Mile Road ~ Farmington Hills, MI 48336

   Pastoral Staff                                                    Program Staff
                                                                     Melvin C. Rookus, Director of Music Ministry
   Rev. Dr. Dale Miller, Worship and Administration
                                                                     Rev. Karen Poole, Children’s Ministry Director
                                                                     Susanna Brennan, Nursery /2 Year-old Coordinator
   Mandy McNeil, Director of Youth and Outreach
                                                                     Keri Mueller, Director, Cherub Choir
                                                                     Susan Miller, Director of Liturgical Dancers
   Rev. Dr. Wes Brun, Director of Stephen Ministry
                                                                     Al Fletcher, Lay Leader
                                                                     Laura Kahsin, Lay Leader
   Rev. Bob Bough, Parish Visitor
                                                                     Support Staff
   Dr. Robert Martin, Executive Director,                            Linda Moses, Administrative Assistant
          Samaritan Counseling Center                                Maria Pajak, Office Secretary
                                                                     Susan Rose, Treasurer
                                                                     Judy Hood, Music Secretary

                23720 Farmington Rd.   These newsletters are furnished through the courtesy of     Walter R. Sundquist
                248-474-5200                         Heeney-Sundquist                                  Mark R. Ziegler
                                                Funeral Home, Inc. ~ Established 1830

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