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 Mention the title of
the story of the next
Snow White
Little Mermaid
          Social Function:
To amuse or entertain and deal with actual or
vicarious experiences in different ways;

Narrative deals with problematic events which
lead to a crisis or turning point of some kind
which in turn finds resolution.
1. Focus on specific and usually individualised
2. Use material processes; behavioural and
   verbal process.
3. Use of relational processes and mental
4. Use temporal conjunctions and
   temporal circumstances.
1. Use of past tense
        The Structure of the Text
1. Orientation: set the scene and introduces the
2. Evaluation: a stepping back to evaluate the
3. Complication: a crisis arises/ problems.
4. Resolution: ways to overcome the problem.
5. Re-orientation (optional)
                                          Snow White
Once upon a time, there lived beautiful princess, Snow White. Her
stepmother was jealous of her beauty. She plotted to kill Snow White.
She ordered huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart to
prove that she was dead.
The huntsman did not want to kill Snow White. "Beware of your
stepmother, she wants to kill you. So run away into the forest." He left
her in the forest. The huntsman killed a small deer and took its heart
back to the queen.
Snow White ran as far as she could until she came to a small cottage in
the forest. She knocked the door, went inside and saw that everything
was so small. Besides, there was seven of everything: seven dirty cups,
plates, knives, forks, messy beds, and chairs. She dusted the house and
got so tired that she fell asleep.
At night, seven dwarfs returned from work. They were surprised; their
home was clean. They crept into the bedroom, and saw Snow White.
Snow White woke up. "How did you find this place?” They asked. Snow
White told her story. "You must stay here with us," they said. Snow White
was very happy and the dwarfs were delighted to look after her.
                                         Adapted from:
Answer the following questions
1. What is the title of the previous
   a. The Beauty and the Beast
   b. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
   c. The Little Mermaid
   d. The Ugly Duckling
   e. Cinderella
2. What type of text is it?
   a. Recount
   b. Narrative
   c. Essay
   d. History
   e. Descriptive
3. What is the structure of the text?
    a. Orientation      -      reorientation-
    b. Orientation – steps- reorientation
    c. Orientation – events- Reorientation
    d. Goal - materials- methods
    e. Orientation-evaluation-
4. Which paragraph is the orientation?
   a. First
   b. Third
   c. Second
   d. Fourth
   e. First and third
5. What is the purpose of this text?
a. To describe the feature of Snow White.
b. To amuse the reader with vicarious
    experiences of Snow White.
c. To set the scenes of what happened to
Snow White.
d. To send the reader to spot where Snow
White ever lived.
e. To experience what happen to Snow
6. The synonim of ‘dusted’ (par. 3) is
a. to cause dirty.
b. to clean.
c. covered by dust.
d. to set.
e. to decorate.

     Read another story in the book, page 47.
     Then, do the tasks given.
Tell one your thoughts, but beware of two.
All know what is known to three. (The Elder Edda of Norse
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