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					Appendix 3 Summary of response to consultation on earlier draft of this report from Mr
            Edward Reeve, Chairman of Pimlico FREDA.

 Summary of comments and objections             Officer’s comment
 1. Mr Reeve sought clarification about          1. There are two petitions referred to in
    the petitions referred to in the report          the report summary. The first petition,
    summary and which bay was                        dated 10 April 2006, was signed by 69
    proposed to be removed to facilitate             residents living in two residential blocks
    the proposed pedestrian crossing.                in the Abbot’s Manor Estate requesting
                                                     a pedestrian crossing on Warwick Way.
                                                     The second petition, regarding the
                                                     experimental parking bays in Warwick
                                                     Way, was presented to Council on 9
                                                     November 2006 and sought the
                                                     removal of the bays at the junction of
                                                     Cambridge Street and Warwick Way.
                                                     The location of the parking bay affected
                                                     by the Zebra crossing is outside
                                                     Glastonbury House as shown on
                                                     drawing No. 11673004-004-P-02 in
                                                     Appendix 7.
 2.   From comments that have been made          2. The experiment was continuously
      by various members of several of               monitored by Officers, but was
      FREDA constituent Residents’                   undermined by the illegal removal of
      Associations, there are                        parking suspension notices.
      clearly conflicting views but it
      is generally thought the experiment
      was badly conducted and thought out
      in the first instance.
 3.   It seems precipitate to remove all the     3. Para. 2.7 of the report outlines the
      experimental parking bays before              reasons why the parking bay outside
      other measures have been put in               Nos. 61-65 Warwick Way was
      place in an attempt to reduce the             removed. Para. 5.4 outlines the
      amount of traffic and it's speed along        reasons why the Director of
      Warwick Way. This is especially so            Transportation is recommending the
      now that the pinch point on Ebury             removal of two more experimental bays
      Bridge has been removed.                      which have already been shortened.
                                                    (the parking bay by the Abbot’s Manor
                                                    estate has already been removed as
                                                    park of the new zebra crossing
 4.   There is general agreement that the        4. Agreed.
      5th bay on the south side of the street
      should stay as it causes little problem
      in this location and provides extra
      residents parking.
 5.   It seems a shame that the bay to be        5. The national regulations governing the
      removed to facilitate the proposed            installation of zebra crossings issued
      new pedestrian crossing should go as          by the Department for Transport do not

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     it firstly provides extra parking,            permit parking bays behind zigzag
     secondly it provides some measure of          markings. The petitioners for the zebra
     traffic calming without causing               crossing made it clear that the crossing
     problems (now that it has been                at the junction of Warwick Way and
     reduced in length by 2 spaces from            Sutherland Street is too far for the
     the original installation) and thirdly        elderly people who need to cross the
     there is an existing pedestrian               road to go to the Post Office, and for
     crossing a short distance away.               parents/carers with prams travelling to
                                                   and from the nursery behind Furness
6.   The bay near Belgrave Road has             6. The comment on the parking bay near
     already been removed and all who              Belgrave Road is noted. Responses on
     have commented agree that this is the         the suggested measures are given
     correct thing to do as it caused such         below.
     difficulties but it is suggested that
     before the others are removed that
     other measures should be introduced.
7.   Enforcement cameras should be              7. A CCTV enforcement camera was
     installed to enforce the weight limit on      installed in September 2003 for bus
     Ebury Bridge in an attempt to stop            lane enforcement and is now being
     large (in excess of 7.5 tons) from            used for enforcing the 7.5 tonne weight
     coming down Warwick Way.                      limit.

8.   Signs at both ends of Warwick Way          8. The signs were installed in 2006 in
     should be erected in an attempt to            support of the experimental parking
     direct traffic left along Buckingham          scheme and are still in place but are
     Palace Road and right along Vauxhall          due to be removed at the end of the
     Bridge Road.                                  experiment.

9.   With some adjustment of the                9. The Council has already approached
     pedestrian green phase, a left turn           Transport for London (TfL) to consider
     green phase could be introduced at            this request. Officers are negotiating
     the Ebury Bridge lights for traffic           with TfL for this to be included in their
     coming down Pimlico Road whilst the           works programme for 2007/08.
     right turn green phase for
     traffic proceeding in a westerly
     direction along Buckingham Palace
     Road was in operation for traffic
     turning into Pimlico Road. This would
     encourage traffic, in conjunction with
     the above mentioned signs, to turn left
     rather than wait for the lights to
     change for straight ahead over the

10. The open and inviting aspect of Ebury       10. This request was previously considered
    Bridge could be possibly reduced by             and was not progressed due to lack of
    further trees and even build outs with          funding. However, the City Council’s
    trees.                                          Arboricultural Officer will examine the
                                                    possibility of tree planting away from

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                                                   the bridge structure.
11. It has been suggested by members           11. Officers are aware of the conflict of
    that these measures or some of them            interest and have taken this into
    at least, should be introduced before          consideration in reaching their
    the parking bays are removed. It is, of        recommendations. As advised above
    course, accepted that there is a               the enforcement camera and the
    conflict of interests between those            suggested signs are already in place.
    who live in Warwick Way and those
    who are adversely affected by the
    experimental parking bays. We have
    been made aware of the strength of
    feeling from the residents in Warwick
    Way that this narrow road is
    too heavily used for its size but we
    have also heard from the residents of
    Cambridge Street by their petition and
    from a small number of residents who
    live at the north end of St. George's
    Drive and in West Warwick Place who
    are adversely affected by the bays.
    Perhaps this conflict of interests could
    be resolved by some or all of the
    above mentioned measures being
    introduced at the earliest opportunity.

12. One final point on the proposed            12. The zebra crossing is justified because
    additional pedestrian crossing. It             of the two separate crossing demands
    seems to be very close to an existing          for those walking along Sutherland
    crossing and as such would normally            Street and those wanting to cross
    be objected to. But it may slow traffic        Warwick Way by Winchester Street.
    down so should go ahead.

13. Can the Zebra crossing be safely           13. As outlined in point 5 above the
    designed to retain the parking possibly        Department for Transport regulations
    by a build out on the north side with          governing the installation of zebra
    the zigzag lines along side the parked         crossing do not permit parking bays to
    cars. Could this be investigated               be placed behind zigzag lines.
    please?                                        Appendix 9 shows that the Director of
                                                   Transportation has written to the
                                                   Department for Transport requesting
                                                   that the regulations governing the
                                                   installation of zebra crossings be
                                                   amended to permit parking bays
                                                   behind zigzag markings.
14. There appears to be a typing error in      14. The amount of £70,000 is correct,
    recommendation 3 of your report on             because the scheme required the
    the cost of the new pedestrian                 installation of skid resistant surfacing
    crossing which should read £7,000              on a new road surface along with the
    and not £70,000.                               provision of belisha beacons.

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