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What is the most unforgettable moment of
Why is it highly memorable?

See the book Advanced Learning English 1, page 9. Do the
To retell events for the purpose of
informing or entertaining.
           Structure of Text
1. Orientation
   (provides the setting and introduces participants:
   who, what, where, when)
2. Events (tell what happened in chronological order)
3. Evaluation
   (comments of the writer about the experience)
4. Re-orientation
   (optional/ conclusion of the experience)
     Significant Lexicogrammatical
1.     Focus on specific participants.
2.     Use of natural processes.
3.     Circumstances of time and places.
4.     Use Simple Past Tense.
5.     Focus on temporal sequences.
         Forms of a Recount:
1.   An Excursion
2.   My Memory
3.   My Experience
4.   My Childhood
5.   Events
6.   Remembering of...
7.   Biographical
8.   Autobiography
I.   Last Tuesday, our class visited Bosscha Obervatory in
     Lembang. We left for Lembang by a luxury big bus.
II. On the way to Lembang, we had some games. Those who
     could answer the questions would get a trendy pin and a cool
     sticker. So, though our journey took time, we enjoyed it.
III. When we reached the location, our bus was not allowed to
     enter the main gate as the path road to Bosscha is very
     narrow. Therefore, we had to walk for approximately two
     kilometres to the observatory. It was so tiring! However, we
     took some pictures of beautiful views along the way.
IV. Entering the observatory, we saw a huge
    telescope. We observed it closely while filling
    out our worksheet, as the guide explaining the
    telescopes and stars. He told us that Bosscha was
    built by a Dutch named Karel Rudolf Albert
    Bosscha. That’s why it is named after him.
V. After that, we went into an auditorium to see
    slideshows of stars and other sky objects, such as
    galaxies, zodiacs, etc. It was amazing!
VI. We finished at about noon. We had so much fun!
Answer the following questions
 1.   What is the title of the text?
 2.   Who were the participants of the trip?
 3.   Mention the activities they did.
 4.   What is the re-orientation of the text?
 5.   Mention some evaluations of the text.
 6.   Mention the temporal conjunctions in
      the text.
Answer the following questions
1. When was Einstein born?
2. What is the name of university he
   graduated from?
3. How old was he when he got the Nobel
4. Why did he leave Germany?
5. Do you know other facts about Einstein?
   What is it?
      Answer the folowing questions

 1.   What kind of recount text is the previous text?
 2.   What is the purpose of the text?
 3.   What is the text organization?
 4.   What tense is used in the text?
 5.   Mention kinds of recount text.

See the book Advanced Learning English 1, page 14-17.
Then, do the exercises.
Recount text focuses on the
series of event, one event
followed by the others.
Commonly recount text is
arranged in chronological
order; whether by time or by
the essence of the event
   Write a simple recount text. Then
   submit your work to your
See “Grammar Box“ in Advanced
Learning English 1, page 24, to help you
composing the recount text.
Truth is just like star; it does not
  appear except from behind
     obscurity of the night.
                       --Kahlil Gibran--
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