Immigration Issues

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					                                                     IMMIGRATION ISSUES
                             By Kevin George

                             I am very strongly opposed to illegal immigration. This land is our land, this land is
                             not their land. If we truly believe that, we must enforce it seriously. Here is what I
                             propose to help with this issue of illegal immigration:

   1. Let’s build a fence! The Federal government won’t do it because it is filled with cowardly leaders who are
   seeking to exalt their own power base and bureaucracies. We the people can build a fence on the private land of
   any land owner who will consent to that fence being built. We can build it faster, and we can build it without a
   single dollar of taxpayer money. This land is our land, the people’s land, and we the people have a right and a
   duty to protect it. So, let’s build a fence, with or without the government’s help.
   2. We the people of the State of Texas have our own State sovereignty to uphold. Our borders are not only
   borders of the USA, they are also Texas borders. If the Federal government will not protect us, then we Texans
   retain the right and duty to protect ourselves. This is a States rights issue too, not just a Federal issue. We must
   not let our State be a puppet of the Federal government, and we must not consent to becoming dependent upon
   them, living like animals off of the crumbs that they drop from their table. We are not only Americans, we are
   Texans, too. And they need to get that message. If the Federal government won’t do its duty to protect us, then
   we the people of Texas must do our duty to protect what is first of all our land. As a State, we can build our own
   fences, we can man them with our own volunteers or paid security, we can arrest and deport illegals. We can
   even decide who gets to use our State roads. Remember, we are not a subdivision of Washington DC. The
   Constitution of the State of Texas, in Article 1, Section 1 clearly says, “Texas is a free and independent State,
   subject only to the Constitution of the United States.” Now, the Constitution of the United States does delegate
   border responsibility to the Federal government. But this does not preclude the States from also protecting
   themselves. In fact, in Article 1, Section 9, the US Constitution specifically says that a State may actually engage
   in war if invaded or if in imminent danger. Texas can, and must, defend its territory. So, my point number 2
   about immigration is that we the people of Texas have the authority, and must use it to take our own borders
   seriously and not wait on an unwilling Federal government to help us.
   3. We must recognize that we have brought some of the immigration problems upon ourselves. Our Federal
   government passed (unconstitutionally) the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that has created a
   major shift in the Mexican economy. It has displaced people from farms and has disrupted and destabilized the
   established Mexican economy. One of the things we must do to reduce the illegal immigration problem is to end
   NAFTA, so the Mexicans can live in their own independent economy once again. NAFTA has damaged Mexico
   and it has hurt the USA. We must have more leaders in Washington DC who are bold enough to take a stand
   against NAFTA.
   4. We must end all subsidies and benefits to illegals. They are benefiting from our hospitals, our schools our
   courts, and our laws. We can and must legislate an end to all of this nonsense. We must make English the official
   language of Texas and of the USA. If someone immigrates to the USA, they must understand up front that they
   are expected to proactively adopt themselves to our language, our customs, and our culture. It is not for us to
   adopt to them. We must also stop the foolishness of chain migration that allows multiple extended family
   members to enter based on one immigrant. In short, we must cut any chords that sustain or benefit illegals with
   gains that are not rightfully theirs.
   5. Repeal the 14th amendment in the Constitution . This is a punitive Constitutional amendment that was enacted
   at the close of the Civil War of 1860 to 1865. It makes anyone born in the USA an automatic citizen, and it has
   also been misinterpreted to be destructive of States rights. It is part of the cause of the Federal government
   becoming a monster. Until the 14th is repealed, any pregnant foreigner can cross the border the day she goes into
   labor, and give birth to a baby that is automatically blessed with US citizenship. That child will eventually have
   the legal right to import all its family members, and give them citizenship as well. This is total foolishness and
   we should stop it. I know that it sounds far-out to say it, but we must send people to Washington who are willing
   to repeal the 14th amendment. The 14th is coming back to haunt us. We must do something about it.

There is security in borders and national patriotism. There is security in a unified culture and language. Illegal
immigration is destructive to America and it must be dealt with aggressively if we are to sustain and maintain the
America that we have known. Paid for by Kevin George for Congress Committee