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654584quarter_final.doc - InforMNs


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									Intro to Theatre                                    Name ________________________
Project Evaluations                                 Date _________________________

   o This assignment consists of three parts: 1) Self Evaluation 2) Peer Evaluation 3)
     Presentation. Though specific directions are given for each part below, this
     assignment will be graded both on thoroughness and thoughtfulness.
   o For each part include the assignment/ project you were assigned and any changes
     that were made in that assignment (ie: pulled from one project to do another,
     jumped in to help another group etc).
   o Parts one and two should be turned in, stapled together when you give your
     presentation (part three).
   o Presentations will begin on ___________ by random selection. If you are absent
     the day you are scheduled to present, your assignment should be completed on
     your return.

Part 1- Self Evaluation
Directions: Answer the following questions. Format should be 2-3 pages, typed, single
spaced in 12 pt font.

       1. What was your tech assignment?

       2. What were your first impressions upon receiving your assignment?

       3. Were you able to use the text, project schedule and/or the additional packet of
          information in the preparation and creation of your project responsibilities?
          Explain your answer.

       4. Did you do any additional research/prep work to better your project outcome?
          If yes, explain what effort was made.

       5. Explain what tasks you were responsible for and what steps you took to
          accomplish those tasks. Be specific.

       6. Refer to the attached tech schedule. Did you meet your project deadlines? If
          no, explain why not.

       7. Was your class time well spent during workdays? Explain your answer.

       8. In regards to your participation in the show, what are you most proud of?
          What has been your favorite part in the process?
       9. If you had your tech project to do over again, what would you do differently?
          If you could have had any project/ assignment you wanted, what would it have
          been? Explain your answer?

       10. Is there anything else regarding your project performance you would like me
           to consider?

Part 2- Peer Evaluation
Directions: Use the following rubric to grade all members of your tech team, include
yourself. Include comments and explanation if necessary. If helpful, you may copy the
rubric from the resource list of Ms. Zak’s web page.

Name                                                     Role
       5                   4                  3                  2                   1
Went above and     Took initiative,    Did the           Didn’t meet         Needed
beyond             an active role in   assignment.       deadlines, but      constant
expectations.      accomplishing       Met the           got it done.        reminders to
Finished           the project(s)      deadlines.        Needed              stay on task,
assigned task      efficiently         Didn’t need       encouragement       offered little aid
and looked for                         reminding or      to stay on task.    in
more to do                             urging to do                          accomplishing
                                       either                                the project(s)


Part 3- Presentation
Directions: In an oral presentation, be prepared to share with the class all you did for your
tech project(s). This is your chance to shine. Tell us what worked, and what didn’t work.
Use part 1 as a guide, but do not “read” your answers. This part will be graded as a
speech, so focus on clarity of thought, projection, delivery and articulation. Similar to
part 1 this is about you. Feel free to include positive comments about classmates you
worked with, but leave criticisms in part 2.

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