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					                           TUESDAY                                                                 Our Lady of the Rosary School
                                                                                                   PO Box 149, Moffat Beach 4551
                                                                                                         07 5491 4522

                           NEWSDAY                                                                 F:
                                                                                                         07 5492 6225

Inside this issue                  Volume 1                       Issue 35                       Date 30 October 2012
Spirituality News      2       Dear members of OLR school community

Year 7 Photos          2       Greetings...tomorrow we celebrate our weekly Liturgy of The Word with Chil-
                               dren at the usual time (9.00 am-9.30 am) in our parish church...this celebra-
                               tion marks the beginning of our Advent Journey for 2012.
Permaculture Garden    2
                               As advised yesterday, the celebration of Zak’s life will also take place tomorrow
Students of the Week   3
                               from 1.00 pm at Our Lady of The Rosary Church, Edmund Street, Caloun-
                               dra…Zak’s family invites all OLR families to attend…might I ask you to consider
P&F AGM                3       the following:

St Joseph’s Fete       5        Could parents / caregivers (Prep-Year 5) bring a plate of food for the
                                     celebration and leave it in the Parish Centre when you arrive at school to
Community Notices      6             drop off your child / children?
Liturgy of the Word    7            Could parents / caregivers of children in Prep-Year 5 come and take their
                                     child home at 12.00 noon so that all staff can attend the celebration? if
                                     this is not possible, our Outside School Hours Care Program will operate from 12.00 noon tomorrow
                                     & there will be Relief Teachers present to look after children who are required to remain at school…
Happy Birthday                       please send a note to the class teacher if you will require your child to stay at school until 3.00 pm.
                                    Could parents / caregivers of children in Years 6 & 7 come to the celebration with their child? If
02.11 Zach Bachels                   this is not possible and you would like your child to attend with our staff, please send a note to the
04.11 Jai Steppa                     class teacher to inform of same. Year 6 & 7 children are asked to bring a beanie to wear during the
05.11 Josh Sievers                   Guard of Honour as a tribute to Zak.
                                    Could parents / caregivers whose children are in Years 6 & 7 and who will be required to stay at
                                     school until 3.00 pm without attending the celebration please send a note to the class teacher to
                                     advise of same.

Piano/keyboard        and      If it hasn’t already, Zak’s death is likely to release in us disbelief, anguish, sadness, anger and a myriad of
Skateboarding     lessons      other feelings resulting from previous ‘losses’ in our is with my deepest gratitude that I thank our staff
                               and parent communities for responding to same in a manner which has enabled us to focus on the welfare of
will be cancelled tomor-       our kids and each other...I also wish to publicly acknowledge the broader Catholic Education Community and
row afternoon, Wednes-         our Parish for the assistance provided to Zak’s family and our school community. The following article, Sui-
day 31st October 2012.         cide in Schools-Information for Parents, is attached with today’s edition of Tuesday is a very
                               valuable resource from which we each may gain something in further supporting our kids and each other.

 Is your family leaving        OLR is rolling out a new web portal for our parent / caregiver community. Access is restricted to parents /
OLR at the end of 2012?        caregivers of students at our school and a logon is required. An account has been created for all parents /
                               caregivers who have an email address on our data base. The Parent Portal will enable parents / caregivers to
                               get access more easily to information about happenings in the school, forms that need to be returned, names
Can you please advise          and contact details for staff, policy information and much more. There’s also a special section to allow par-
the School Office this         ents / caregivers to check the details we have recorded in our enrolment system about children, and if neces-
week if your family is         sary advise us of any changes. In future, Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) will also look to introduce an
                               area to provide more direct information about your child or children’s learning. We will be making increasing
leaving OLR at the end of
                               use of the Parent Portal to provide a range of information to parents in the future. We look forward to making
this year or if you are        the most relevant information conveniently and securely available to you. Year 3 parents / caregivers are
awaiting placement con-        asked to check children’s bags for letters outlining instructions and usernames / passwords for log-
firmation    at    another     ging onto the portal...please have a go and contact us if you can’t log in as per the instructions...Year 4
                               letters will be forwarded next week, Year 5 the week after etc.
A student Exiting Census       A former OLR student, Natasha Jeremy, is advertising for baby sitting work...please note same in this edi-
will be conducted by BCE       tion of Tuesday Newsday.
in early November. We
                               To close...please note the following extract from Zak’s funeral notice published in today’s Sunshine Coast
are also finalising our        Daily on behalf of his family: Please wear bright attire in memory of Zak. In recognition of the huge amount
staff and budget require-      of support from OLR School during Zak’s enrolment and from the church community this last week we prefer
ments for 2013.       OLR      the values of any tribute to Zak be donated in his name to OLR School for remedial programs of its
currently has a waiting list   choice….Zak’s favourite colours were black, red and orange!
in several grades.             Regards

    Attachments                Col
      Suicide for Parents
Spirituality News

                       Dear Families,

                       As we begin this new week in Your name, O God, we remember with gratitude the gift that the
                       life of Zak was for us- his friendship, his smile, and his presence amongst us. As we, family
                       and friends, mourn the death of Zak we pray that the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow
                       will bring us from this place of mourning to the light, hope and peace of a new day.

                        This week in Liturgy of the Word with Children and in our classroom Religious Education we
                        begin the Scriptures of Advent to allow us to experience the richness that this Liturgical Sea-
                        son offers us. The Scripture of Advent forms a rich tapestry of images centred on the truth
                        that God has come among us. We do not pretend we are waiting for Jesus to be born in a
stable. We remember that as we remember our own birthdays. The invitation of Advent is to heighten our awareness
of the all-pervading presence of the Risen Christ as Emmanuel - God-among-us.

Thank you for your support of SOCKTOBER.

We raised $160.00 for Catholic Missions.

This week we honour all holy men and women, known and unknown, lowly or mighty on All Saints Day Thursday
November 1st. On Friday November 2nd we remember our relatives and friends as we celebrate All
Souls day.

Best wishes for a week ahead just filled with good things!


Year 7 Parents
With Term 4 just around the corner, I will be collecting photos of Year 7 students for end of year celebra-
tions. I would like a young photo of your child (age 2ish maybe) and a family photo with your year 7 child
only, if possible please. You can either send them into me and I can scan and return them, or you can
email the “jpg” to me to my email address: If you have any queries,
you can contact me at school. These photos are required by this Friday 2nd November.

Carmel Knight

                                           Join us in the
                                        Permaculture Garden

                                        Join the children and lend a hand in the Permaculture Garden.
                                                         All helpers welcome. Come for an hour or stay all day.
                                                           We’d love to see you here.

                                                   13 November, 27 November

                           Mrs Dilger’s class (3B)               9.30 am -    10.30am
                           Mrs Fay’s class (2B)                   11.15 am   - 12.15pm
                           Mrs McKenna’s class (2Y)               12.15 pm   – 1.15pm
                           Mr Tamatea’s class (3Y)                 2.00 pm   – 3.00pm

          This week’s Permaculture Garden activities have been postponed to a date to be advised.
Students of the Week
Kelii Leahy        A reflective and self-managing learner who has made great gains in his consistency to home
                   reading. Keep it up and watch as you fly through the reading levels!
Sahara Ambrose     A reflective and self-managing learner who is showing great enthusiasm in her home
                   reading as well as in class. Keep this up Sahara!
Gabriel Stewart    An effective communicator who is producing creative pieces of writing.
Ruben Gray         A reflective and self-managing learner who has put in extra effort to learn his Jolly Phonics.
Marley Smy         An effective communicator who is showing positive growth with reading. Well done!
Liam Ralph         A reflective and self-managing learner who has taken action to improve his recount writing
                   by putting his work into paragraphs, making it easier to read. Keep working hard Liam!
Lilly Horne        A community contributor who cares for and is inclusive of others especially at play. Lilly is
                   also encouraging her friends to be their best. Thank you Lilly!
Riley Kerle        An active investigator who takes his learning seriously and is always willing to take on
                   challenges. Well done Riley!
Prue Sievers       A self-reflective learner who always takes the initiative to seek assistance when she deems
                   that it is required. Keep up the great work Prue!
Alexis Boyd        A reflective and self-managing learner who has had a seamless transition into our class
                   room. Her vibrant personality and her willingness to produce her highest standard of work
                   has made her a welcome addition to our room.
Harry Sheahan      A community contributor who models outstanding learning habits for his classmates and is
                   always friendly and reliable.

                       OLR A NNUA L GENERA L MEETING

                  WE'RE DELIGHTED TO INVITE YOU...
                         TO THE OLR AGM
                  WHEN: WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER,
                          TIME: 7PM—8PM
                     WHERE: OLR STAFF LOUNGE
                        ALL VERY WELCOME


                                 MANDY CARTER73@BIGPOND.COM
                                       (ALL LOWER CASE)

                              LIGHT REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED
From the Office

     If you are running late for pick-up, please advise the School Office. The children will be asked to wait in the
      School Office until collected.
     If you are visiting your child’s class or volunteering, please remember to sign in and out at Reception.
     If your child is arriving late or leaving early, please ensure you have signed the register in Reception. The
      slip is then taken to the classroom teacher.
     If your child is absent, could you please notify the school by email pcaloundra@bne, , phone
      5491 4522 or send a letter to the teacher.
     Student Medication: Under no circumstances are children to have any medication or vitamins in their school
      bag. If your child requires medication at school, a medication form must be completed and handed in at the
      School Office. The medication form is available on the school website or in the stand in Reception. All medi-
      cation must have a pharmacy label on it with the child’s name and details of dosage.
     If you have changed contact details could you please advise the School Office as soon as possible.
     The staff carpark is not available to parents for driving through or pick-up. Parking is available in Alfred and
      Edmund streets where signed and the Church carpark. Remember to reverse park in the Church carpark for
      the safety of all the students.
     Students are asked to wait for parents at pick up time in areas that are supervised by a duty teacher i.e. in
      Alfred street near bus stop and in Edmund street near the crossing. The library is not a supervised area after
     Classes are named Blue and Yellow (not teacher surname initial) throughout the school eg OB, OY 1B, 1Y…
     Can parents please ensure the students are supplied with sufficient food for snack time, morning tea and
      lunch and that they are aware of which food has been packed for which specific eating time.

Fees and Levies
Fees for the 3rd Billing period are overdue.

Please remember that the fees are now debited over 3 billing periods a year. There will be no invoices for school
fees in Term 4.

Any families on a regular payment plan (i.e. Direct Debit or regular Bpay) do not pay on this statement. As your plan
is spread over the full 2012 year, this information is an update of your account progress.

Uniform Shop
Uniform shop is open on Thursday mornings 8.30—9am or alternatively paid orders may be left at Reception and
items will be sent home with your child as soon as possible. Please keep uniform receipts as no duplicates are able
to be issued.

Parents of 2013 Prep sibling students are encouraged to order uniforms as soon as possible to ensure sufficient
stock is available.

Performing Arts
Drama Club & Junior Public Speaking with Keiran Pennisi
Contact:, or alternatively on 0488 505 636.

Piano or keyboard lessons in a solo, paired or small group format,
Contact: Julie Green on 0412 031 998 or /

Guitar lessons in solo, paired or small group format.
Contact: Michael Carlson 5446 5970 or

Percussion lessons in solo or pairs.
Contact Rob Burr on 0414 425 815 or
St Joseph’s Nambour School Fete

                 St Joseph’s Primary School, 177 Currie Street, Nambour
School Banking
Don't forget that Wednesday is School Banking Day and students should bring in their
weekly deposit for CBA.
For every deposit made at the school, no matter how big or small, students will receive a cool Dollarmites token.
Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can then be redeemed for a range of great, exclusive re-
ward items in recognition of their continued saving behaviour. This is a great way to teach your children how to save
regularly. If you haven’t got an account, just visit your local Commonwealth Bank branch to open one.

Did you know?
                           Did you know 9.30am Sunday mass at OLR church is a family friendly mass?

                  During the school term, leaders run Children’s Liturgy which provides children with an opportunity
                  to celebrate God’s word in a fun and friendly environment. Why not bring your
                  family this Sunday?

OLR Playgroup
OLR’s Playgroup operates Wednesday’s 9.30—11.30am in the Parish Centre. Any queries please ring
Jenny 0418 453 981. Playgroup families are most welcome to celebrate our Liturgy of The Word with Chil-
dren @ 9am. Children starting at 9.00am in the Church.

OLR Tennis
Do you want to join a group of OLR mums on a Tuesday between 9-10am or Thursday 9-10am for a game
of tennis at the Caloundra Tennis Centre, Arthur Street courts. Coaching is provided for $15 per person per
hour. Coffee afterwards. No tennis skills needed! Contact Lenore Newsham on 0414 556 886.

Boot Camp for Parents
                                        EXERCISE while your little ones play
                           Join other OLR parents for some exercise in a fun environment
                                                  9am WEDNESDAY
                                                   3pm THURSDAY
                                       (45min – 1 hour approx. session time)
                                           $5 per session, pay as you go
                                            All fitness levels catered for.
                                          Meet at the OLR tennis courts.

CrossFit Kids 4551

What is CrossFit Kids 4551?

     A strength and conditioning program specifically designed for kids
      and teens.
     Fun and engaging workouts in group settings
     Teaches children how to move correctly.
     Educates children and parents about food choices.
     Coached by qualified CrossFit Kids Trainers.
     Includes supervised study/homework classes.

Check out for more information and how to register or ring 0412 917 371 / email Jus-

Natasha Jeremy, 17 years old
Currently finishing Grade 12 at Siena Catholic College.
Happy to babysit any ages. Experienced. Flexible times
Contact: 5408 0241 / 0448 159 006
                                                                 Liturgy of the Word with children
                                                                       Calendar Term 4 2012
       Time                 Location                             9am    Caloundra Catholic Church
                                                        Week 1     Stage 2          Mission Month

                                                        010/10     Mr Tamatea       Feast Of Our Lady of the Rosary
Sat   4.30pm    Burke St, Golden Beach
                Indoor Bowls Club

Sat   6.00pm    61 Edmund St, Caloundra                 Week 2     Stage 2          Year of Sustainable Energy for All
Sat   6.00pm    Peachester Rd, Beerwah                  17/10      Mrs Dilger
Sun    6.30am   Caloundra
                                                        Week 3     Stage 3          International World Teachers’ Day
Sun    9.30am   Caloundra
                                                        24/10      Mr Poncini       Celebration Tracey and Marilyn’s 30 Years’
Sun    7.00am   13-15 Caloundra St,                                                 Service Award
                                                        Week 4     Stage 2          Advent 1
Sun    8.00am   Kawana Good Shepherd Ctr
                86 Undara Ave                           31/10      Mrs McKenna      Luke 21:25-28; 34-36       Watch!
                Community Hall: Nanyima St                         and Mrs          Are you willing to live God's
                                                                   Cruickshank      Dream?
Sun    9.00am   45 Cedar St, Maleny

Sun    9.00am   21 Anne St, Kenilworth                  Week 5     Stage 2          Advent 2

Sun   10.00am   Southern Cross Aged Care                07/11      Mrs Fay          Luke 3: 1-6            Prepare the Way!
                Village Way, Little Mountain                                        Can you hear God's Dream?

Sun   11.30am   28 Saffron St, Currimundi               Week 6     Stage 3          Advent 3
Sun   5.00pm    Anglican Church, Bokarina
                                                        014/11     Mrs Johnston     Luke 3: 10-18         A Mightier is Coming!
                                                                   and Mrs          Do you care about broken and un-
Sun   5.30pm    Mooloolah Hall, Bray Rd
                Mooloolah                                          Smith            fulfilled dreams?

Sun    9.30am   Children’s Liturgy                      Week 7     Stage 4          Advent 4
                (School Term Time)
Wed    9.30am   Caloundra (Liturgy of the               21/11      Mrs Marchese     Luke 1: 39- 45   Message to Elizabeth!
                Word) during school terms                                           Will you reach out and stand in soli-
                                                                                    darity with other dreamers?
                                                        Week 8     Stage 1
Sat   6.30pm    Upper Gay Tce
                                                        28/11      Year 1 and       The Birth Narrative
Sun    7.00am   Upper Gay Tce                                      Prep             Luke 2 :1-14; 15-20
                                                        Week 9     Stage 4
Sun    9.00am   Upper Gay Tce
                                                        05/12      Mrs Woulfe and   Liturgy of Thanks for 2012
        UNITING COMMUNITY                                          Mr McKenna

Sun   9.30am    Queen St, Caloundra            Community Notices
      6.00pm    (every 2nd Sunday)

                                               Girl Guides
                                               Brownies Age 5-8        Wed 4-6pm               Contact:
Sun    8.00am   14 Bombala Tce, Caloundra
                                               Guides     Age 8-12 Wed 4-6pm                   Contact:
Sun    9.30am   Pacific Lutheran, Bertinya
                                               Rangers Age 12-18 Mon 6.30-8.30pm

Sun    9.30am   1 Kalinga St, Caloundra

Sun   7.00pm    1 Kalinga St, Caloundra        Guides meet at the Guide Hut on the corner of Alfred Street & 3rd Avenue,
                                               Caloundra on the nominated days.

                                               FOUND: 1 Black Ascot digital sport watch. Please see School Office.
                                                      1 pair reading glasses in Wayfarer Ray Ban case
                                                      1 Loyal watch
Thank you to the following businesses for their support of Our Lady of the Rosary.

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