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					SS Final Exam
Review Game
(Click through the questions
and answers to quiz
What is irrigation?
 bringing   water to dry land
What are nomads?
 Hunters/gatherers  who do not settle in
 one place—they travel around based on
 availability of food and resources that
 they need
What is a theocracy?
 Government   ruled by a religious leader
 (religious law=law of the land)
What is sharia?
 Islamic   Law
What is specialization?
 When a country’s economy depends on
 one product for trade
What is a tariff?
 Tax   placed on foreign goods
Name the holy books for
Judaism, Christianity, and
 Judaism=Torah
 Christianity=Bible
 Islam=Quran
What was the capital city of
the Ottoman Empire?
 Constantinople   (now Istanbul)
Which countries established
mandates in the Middle East
after WWI?
 Britain   & France
   Why have the Tigris and
   Euphrates Rivers been sources
   of conflict for many years?
 Theyare the major water supply for Turkey, Syria,
 and Iraq
How can political unrest in the
Middle East impact countries
all over the world?
 OIL/gasprices—most countries in the
 world depend on this resource from the
 Middle East
Where are the most highly
populated areas in the Middle
 Near   freshwater sources
   What is Israel’s major ethnic
   group (hint: this group is both
   an ethnicity and a religion)
 Jews
What is the major ethnic group
in the Middle East overall?
 Arabs
What is the major ethnic group
in Iran?
 Persians
   There is usually a direct
   connection between a high
   standard of living and a high
   __________ ________.
 Literacy   rate
Name the two different types
of Islam.
 Sunni   and Shia
List some reasons why the
Ottoman Empire fell.
 They couldn’t compete in trade with
 They didn’t modernize.
 They fought on the losing side of WWI.
Saudi Arabia’s government is
a _____________.
 monarchy
Which country in the Middle
East gives its people the most
democratic freedom?
 Israel
What is the name of the type of
economy where businesses are
owned by both individuals and the

 Mixed   Economy
What is OPEC and what is its
 Organization   of Petroleum Exporting
 They set and regulate how much oil is
  produced and price of the sales
    What country was created in
    1948 when the UN divided up
    Palestine’s land between the
    Arabs & the Jews?

 Israel
   The Persian Gulf War began in
   1991 when Saddam Hussein
   invaded what neighboring
 Kuwait
Explain a unitary government
    power is held by the central
 All
Explain a federal system of
 Poweris divided between central
 government and regional governments
What is a confederation?
A group of countries that unite together
 for a specific purpose (ex: UN, EU, etc.)
Explain democracy.
 Many  voting rights given along with
 individual rights
What is an oligarchy?
 Leadership and power are held by the
 wealthy elite
What is another word for
 dictatorship
   How is parliamentary
   democracy different from a
   presidential democracy?
 Theprime minister is elected by the parliament
 rather than directly by the citizens
What lake in Africa is the
source of the Nile River?
 Lake   Victoria
Why do some parts of Africa
remain underdeveloped?
 Lackof trade routes and MONEY to
 provide these resources.
What is desertification and
how is it impacting Northern
 The    spread of the desert due to
  overgrazing, drought, etc.
 It is severely limiting Northern Africa’s food
What was the result of the
Bantu migration throughout
 Culturalexchange—the Bantu culture
 and religion changed as they migrated
 and they also influenced the areas that
 they came into contact with
What was apartheid in South
 Theseparation of races in South Africa
 (racial segregation) that classified people
 as either “black,” “white,” “colored,” or
How has South Africa’s
government changed today?
 Today apartheid has been abolished and
 ALL racial groups are given equal rights.
What was the purpose of the
Pan-African movement?
 Tocreate unity among the African people
 and encourage African countries to
 govern themselves (win independence
 from European powers)
Why is the population of the
Sahara desert low?
 Lack   of access to fresh water
What is the difference
between an ethnic group and
a religious group?
 You are born into an ethnic group and it
  never changes.
 You can change your religion and decide
  your own belief system.
What did Nelson Mandela and
FW deKlerk do for South Africa
 They   fought to end apartheid
Great diversity in some parts of
Africa has led to _____
 Civil   war
Many wars have begun in Africa
because of the ________ _________
made by the Europeans when they

 Artificial   boundaries
What was the purpose of the
Berlin Conference of 1884-
   divide up Africa (among European
 To
 powers) and move forward with
Europeans wanted to colonize
Africa to gain ________
 Raw   materials
    South Africa’s independence
    movements were mainly
    conflicts between what 3

 British,   Boers, and African tribes
Which European power
tortured and maimed the
people of the Congo for its
rubber trade?

 Belgians
What was Social Darwinism?
 European  racism that proposed the idea
 that the people in Africa were not as
 socially and culturally evolved as the
 people in Europe
What is the major physical
barrier in the continent of
 The   Sahara Desert
What has the Aswan High
Dam done for Egypt?
 Stoppedthe yearly flooding of the Nile
 and slowed the flow of the Nile River
What is Africa’s topography
 Very   diverse
The Arabs are mostly found in
which region of Africa?
 The   North
What role does government
stability have in the fight
against AIDS in Africa?

 Stablegovernments are better equipped to fight
 the spread of AIDS
A country that invests in
human capital usually has a
high _______.
How has oil impacted the lives
of Nigerians?
 Most Nigerians work in the oil industry.
 Their government is corrupt and the
 wealth is held by the elite even though
 they have many resources.
Where do most people live in
 Plains   and coasts
Explain Buddhism.
 Found  mostly found in China and East
 Asia; focuses on the 4 noble truths, the
 path to enlightenment, etc.
Explain Confucianism.
     not a religion—it’s a philosophy!
 It’s
  Confucianism is found throughout Asia. It
  teaches respect for learning, to have
  moral character, and responsibility to
Explain Shinto.
 Native   religion of Japan
 Belief in kami (spirits) both ancestral and in
Explain Hinduism.
 Found  mostly in India
 Includes belief in karma and reincarnation
 One great spirit can take the form of
  many gods
What is reincarnation?
    belief that one is reborn after death
 The
 and that the soul lives again
What is the major belief system
in China (despite the fact that
their government says they
are athiest)?

 Buddhism
Which river is nicknamed
“China’s Sorrow” due to the
numerous floods and loss of
 Huang   He (Yellow River)
What are kami and what
religion are they associated
        (both spirits of the dead and spirits
 Spirits
  in nature)
 Shinto
80% of Japan’s land consists of
 mountains
Japan’s climate is controlled
mainly by __________.
 monsoons
Which country in Asia had the
greatest influence on its
 China
Who were the samurai?
 Warriors   given power to govern feudal
Which country is considered to
be “the subcontinent of Asia?”
 India
Which two Asian nations are
major archipelagoes?
 Indonesia   and the Philippines
What are the three great rivers
of the Indian subcontinent?
 IndusRiver
 Brahmaputra River
 Ganges River
How does terracing help with
food production in Southern
and Eastern Asia?
 It   creates more usable land for farming
What was the name of a
social group that identified
people according to the
occupation of their ancestors
in India?

 caste
Name some of the modern
struggles facing India.
 Pollution
 Poverty
 Overpopulation
 Border   disputes (Kashmir)
Why was Japan occupied
after WWII?
 The US never wanted Japan to be a
 militaristic power again.
What was the Cultural
Mao’s program to “renew the spirit of the
Chinese people” and get rid of everything
Why does Korea remain a
divided nation?
 They disagree on governing style.
 North Korea remains a communist nation
  and South Korea is democratic.
What was a common force in
all of Indochina’s
independence movements?
 communism
Who were the kamikaze?
        pilots for Japan’s military during
 Suicide
 WWII who rammed US ships (kamikaze
 boats were also used)
In 1949, what political party
took over China?
 Chinese   Communist Party
What happened to the
Nationalists when the
Communists took over China?
     fled to Taiwan and set up their own
 They
 government there
Why did we enter the Korean
    United Nations asked us to help
 The
 defend South Korea
Why did we enter the Vietnam
 TheViet Minh fired shots at our ships in the
 Tonkin Gulf
What was President Truman’s
MAIN reason for firing our
commanding general in
He was getting too close to China
What 2 countries supplied the
communist north with supplies
to fight us in Korea?
 Russia   & China
Which leader proclaimed that
he was head of the
Democratic Republic of
Vietnam following the
Indochina wars?

 HoChi Minh (even though he was
 communist and it was NOT a “democratic
How did France try to maintain
their influence in Indochina?
 They first tried to take back their old
  colonies (once Japan fell at the end of
  WWII and lost that land)
 Then they fought the Viet Minh and set up
  monarchies in Laos and Cambodia
What was Diem’s rule like in
Southern Vietnam?
 Oppressive
 Persecuted Buddhist majority
 Wealth was held by the minority elite
Who were the Viet Cong?
 Secretrebels in South Vietnam fighting for
 the northern communists
What was the turning point in
the Vietnam War when the
American people began to
question whether or not we
could win?
 The   Tet Offensive
Who was Mohandas Gandhi?
 Theleader of India’s nonviolent
 independence movement
What was the name of the
split between India and
Pakistan? Why did they split?
 Partition
 they   split over religious differences
What was the Indian National
A nationalist movement created to help
 India gain independence from Britain
Which US president sent the
most troops to Vietnam?

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