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					What is web integration?

We are being exposed to more information than in the past in various
formats on either the desktop or via the web. We are still faced with
having to learn how to use various applications to gain access to this
information. With this in mind, there is an additional option for
internet users to include web integration to their desktops through the
Windows desktop update component so that you can view local, network,
intranet, internet data faster and with a great deal of ease.

How to customize your desktop icon settings

Even through you've selected the web integration option and your windows,
icons and folders are being displayed in web view. You can still control
how you they are activated. If you wish to change any of the default
settings do the following:

1. Right click in the background of desktop, then click the Properties

2. Click the Web tab in the Display Properties dialog box, and then click
the Folder Options button.

3. A Folder options information dialog box appears, click the Yes button
to display the Folder Options dialog box.

4. Under the General tab you'll have three styles of how your windows,
folders and icons can be displayed which are as follows:

* Web style - Your computer looks and acts like a web page

* Classic style - Your computer defaults to the Windows classic settings

* Custom - Based on the settings you choose by clicking the Settings

1. Click the settings button to display the Custom Settings dialog box,
if you wish to define how you want to browse through the folders, windows
and icons.

2. The custom settings dialog box enables you to define the following

* Active desktop - You can enable or disable the web content on your

* Browsing folders - Define whether you want to open folders in separate
windows or in a single window.

* View web content in folders - This option enables you to select whether
you want to view all folders as web pages or only the ones where you have
selected as web page option from the folder's View menu.
* Click item options - These options enable you to define if you want to
use the same mouse functionality as you would when browsing through a web
a page, or as you would in a classic desktop.

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