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					What is Microsoft Wallet?

Microsoft   Wallet is the electronic equivalent of a wallet or purse that
you might   keep in a pocket for holding credit cards and identification
which you   can use to store address and payment method information for use
in online   shopping transactions.

Once you've entered your address and payment information it is stored on
your computer and you can transmit it to Wallet-enabled ecommerce sites
when you're prompted for a shipping address or credit card information,
as you shop.You can store different address and credit card details in
the Wallet and select one of them during the purchasing process using
easily remembered names such as "Home address" or "My visa"

The information that you enter (such as credit card types, numbers, and
expiry dates) is stored securely on the computer. You define a unique
password for each payment method stored, so that you can use it. Then,
when you shop at a site that supports Wallet, during the shopping
process, all you need to do is select the appropriate card and authorize
payment by typing your password.

Microsoft Wallet consists of two separate interfaces called the Address
Manager and the Payment Manager which are used as follows:

- Address Manager is used to enter, store and access addresses that can
be referenced for shipping and invoicing during online order entry.
Names, email addresses and telephone numbers of Wallet users can be
viewed in the Address Book.

- Payment Manager is used to enter, securely store and access various
types of payment methods for paying for online purchases. This
information is protected with a password you define.

Click the email using plain text only checkbox if the websites you're
sending this information to do not support HTML.

Adding personal information to the Address Manager

1. Click View/Internet Options command in the browser window.

2. Click the Content tab and then the Addresses button to add your
personal email and shipping information.

3. Click the Add button in the Address Options dialog box.


Click the Edit button if you want to edit the address information you
already have.

Click the Delete button if you want to remove an address.
Keep the Warn me before sending address over the Internet checkbox
selected so that you're notified when the information is being sent.

4. Type name, postal address and email address into the Add a New Address
dialog box.

5.Type in the name you want displayed in the Address Options dialog box
in the Display name text box and select whether it is home or business.

6. Click the OK button.

Click the Address button in the Add a new Address dialog box if you've
the Address listed in the Windows Address Book.

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