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									What is active content (ActiveX)?

Active content is based on ActiveX, which is a set of open software
technologies that provide active content to the internet. There are three
main types of ActiveX technology to be found on the internet, and they
are as follows:

- ActiveX controls and Java applets: Reusable software components created
by a variety of software vendors that can be used to add dynamic
functionality to websites. Examples of these include live graphs, stock
tickers and various games that can be viewed inside the browser.

- ActiveX documents: Enable you to view documents created with programs
such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel directly in a browser window.

- ActiveX scripting: Provides the fastest, most comprehensive, language
independent script handling capability available on the net today. You
can view web pages that use any popular scripting language - including VB
Script and JavaScript. You can view pages that ask questions respond to
queries, check user data, calculate expressions, link to other programs
and run 3-D animations.

Controlling ActiveX content

Users and organizations that are uncomfortable with the concept of active
content can now choose to prevent it from being stored on their
computers. They can also prevent scripts, Java applets and ActiveX
Controls from executing on their computer.

Security tab options on web browsers

You can define how your browser divides your internet activity into zones
so that you can assign a website to a zone with a suitable security
level. You can also define what active content can be downloaded to your
computer using settings found in the View/Internet Options/Security tab.

Viewing web page written in a different language

Some websites offer their content in several different languages. You can
add languages to your list of languages in your browser, so that you can
view these sites in your preferred language.

1. Click the View/Internet Options in the browser window.

2. In the General tab dialog box, click the Languages button.

3. Click the Add button and select the language you want to add.

If you speak several languages, you can arrange them in order of
priority. If a website offers multiple languages, it will supply content
in the language with the highest priority.
Adding languages does not guarantee that you've a font that can display
web pages in your preferred languages. You may need to download
Multilanguage support packs from the browser download page.

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